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Stijene - Balkanska korida (1984)
Ex Yugoslavia band from 80s
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Generacija 5  - Dolazim za pet minuta (video 1980)
Generacija 5 (Serbian Cyrillic: Генерација 5; trans. Generation 5) is a Serbian and former Yugoslav hard rock band from Belgrade
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XENIA - Troje ( Video 1984 )
Xenia was pop rock band active in period 1981--1985 in former Yugoslavia.
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Kerber - Ratne igre (1984 )
Kerber (Serbian Cyrillic: Кербер; trans. Cerberus) is a Serbian and former Yugoslav hard rock band from Niš active from 1981
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Alisa -  Kesten (1988)
Alisa (Slavic analogue to the female name Alice) were a Serbian and former Yugoslav pop rock band active from 1984 to 1991
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EKV - Oci boje meda (1985 Spot )
Ekatarina Velika (Serbian Cyrillic: Екатарина Велика, English: Catherine the Great), sometimes referred to as EKV for short, was a Serbian and former Yugoslav rock band from Belgrade, being one of the most successful and influential music acts coming out of former Yugoslavia.
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Denis & Denis - Soba 23 (video 1985)
Hit meseca
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Milan Babic - Bas Mi Se Neda (1985)
folk music
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Psihomodo Pop  - Ja Volim Samo Sebe (1988)
I love my self only
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Lepa Brena & Miroslav Ilic - Jedan dan zivota 1985
Folk music
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Dobrivoje Topalovic - Crno Vino (1986)
folk music
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Crvena Jabuka - Tuga Ti i Ja (Live 1989)
Ex Yu Rock music
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Djavoli - Dugo Toplo Ljeto   (Video 1989)
Đavoli (The Devils) were formed In 1984 and performed music inspired by 1950s rock and roll. The band successfully performed until 1991.. In 1991 Đavoli disbanded due to the outbreak of Yugoslav wars
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Denis & Denis - Ja sam Lazljiva (1985)
Live (1985)
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Crvena Jabuka - Dirlija (Live 1989)
Ex Yu Rock music
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Melania Trump childhood photos
i was bored today I dont support Trump in any way not any american president..they all the same
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Al Bano & Romina Power  1.5 hour of songs
Albano Carrisi met Romina Power, daughter of American actor Tyrone Power, during the filming of the movie "Nel Sole", named after one of his songs, in 1967. The two married on July 26, 1970 in Cellino San Marco.They have four children. After their daughter Ylenia Carrisi disappeared in January 1994 in New Orleans, Al Bano and Romina cancelled all of their concerts and dedicated all their time to the search for their daughter. Police efforts yielded no results. In 1995, the couple released their last album Emozionale, followed by a video version, Una vita emozionale. In 1999, Al Bano announced their separation in an open letter to the weekly magazine Oggi, in which he explained reasons for their break-up, related to the disappearance of their eldest.
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Novi fosili - Za dobra stara vremena (1986)
One of the most popular Pop Group in Yugoslavia in 80s
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Belgrade - Beograd (Yugoslavia)  1964
USA travel footage from 1964 Pan Am promoting its line from New York to Belgrade in new Jet Age
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Nada Topcagic  -  Mihajlo, Miki, Miki ( 1984)
Folk music
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Belgrade - Beograd (Yugoslavia)   1973
Tour in Belgrade in year 1973
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