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IceBox Derby 2015
As the crowd roared and the checkered flag waved, the bright yellow car of Flaming Zing narrowly beat the girls of Ice Bolts. After the race, the girls said the key to advancing to the finals was communication during the STEM challenges. They also credited their victory to all the hard work they put into their preparation outside the garage. In addition to a scholarship, all five girls walked away with a laptop and entrance into a technology camp.
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ComEd CARE - Residential Special Hardship
Do you have a financial hardship due to job loss, illness, military deployment, disability, or as a senior citizen? If so, you may be eligible for assistance through ComEd's Residential Special Hardship program. An audio transcript is available for this video. Please click here to open it: https://comed.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/VideoTranscripts/eZoQyIIPq20.txt "At ComEd we truly care about our customers. That's why, through the ComEd CARE programs, we offer a range of financial assistance options to help eligible customers pay their electric bills. And, we support energy assistance agencies that help those in need. There are many reasons why some of our customers fall behind on their bills. The assistance we are able to provide, helps give customers in need a new start. ComEd’s CARE Residential Special Hardship program provides grants for eligible customers of up to $1,500 while funds are available. Customers with household incomes of up to 250 percent of the federal poverty level, which is currently just over $58,000 dollars for a family of four, may qualify for this assistance, if they can demonstrate a financial hardship due to job loss, documented illness, military deployment, senior related hardship or disability hardships, or other special circumstances. Comed’s Residential Special Hardship program is made possible by the Smart Grid law, which along with encouraging Illinois electric grid upgrade, authorized ComEd to set aside $10 million dollars per year to help eligible customers in need. If you're experiencing difficulty paying your electric bill, contact LIHEAP, Illinois Low-Income Home Energy Assistance program. In Chicago and Cook County call (800)571-2332. Outside Chicago and Cook County visit LIHEAPIllinois.com or ComEd.com/CARE or call (888)806-CARE. ComEd customers receiving traditional LIHEAP benefits are still eligible to apply. ComEd CARE offers real help for real hardships. Apply now and let us help you. ComEd-Powering Lives."
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2017 Icebox Derby Recap
Orange Flare won the STEM Cup at the 2017 ComEd Icebox Derby, which took place on Aug. 12, 2017, at Daley Plaza. Six teams of teen girls raced solar-powered electric cars and completed STEM challenges to win the STEM Cup, scholarships, and other prizes.
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Woman-Owned Recycling Business Makes its Own Luck: United Scrap
With about $200, a rented truck and extraordinary passion to succeed, Marsha Serlin started a company in the early 1980s that has grown into one of the largest recycling firms in the nation. The Chicago-based United Scrap serves customers throughout the United States and several foreign countries. Power companies are one of United Scrap’s largest customer segments – it got its first opportunity with ComEd 30 years ago. For a link to the audio transcript, please click here: https://comed.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/VideoTranscripts/5kYqQ4IeoGI.txt
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ComEd Customer Bill Video
Highlights new ComEd bill design
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Color Temperature Explained
Halogens, CFLs and LED lighting technologies come in a variety of color temperatures. Learn what color temperature is, and which one is right for the various parts of your home.
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Entry #6- Mae Jemison School: #MIYSquad
Contest is now closed for voting. Entry #6 (Click LIKE to VOTE!) Category: Its so easy being Green School: Mae Jemison School Team: #MIYSquad Go to ComEd.com/KidVidEntry to see other entries.
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Powering Lives with a NEW Outage Management System
Have you ever wondered what type of people and systems are behind restoring your power when there is an outage? Watch this video to learn more about ComEd's new Outage Management System!
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Una Comunidad que Ilumina - Dr. Rosario Cañizales y su Pasión por las Ciencias #STEMilumina
Mira cómo un experimento como quemar totopos crea interés en los campos STEM. Dr. Rosario Cañizales cree que los jóvenes Latinos de áreas de bajos recursos sólo necesitan la motivación adecuada para perseguir sus sueños. ComEd anima a los jóvenes Latinos del área de Chicago a que persigan carreras en los campos STEM (Ciencia, Tecnología, Ingeniería y Matemáticas). See how an experiment like burning tortilla chips creates interest in the STEM fields. Dr. Rosario Cañizales believes young Latinos from the inner city just need the right motivation to follow their dreams. ComEd encourages Chicago area young Latinos to pursue a career in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).
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Community of the Future
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The Doctor is In:  Meet the Brain Behind ComEd’s Microgrids!
A feature highlighting ComEd employee, Dr. Shay Bahramirad, who talks about the important work ComEd is spearheading with regards to the Bronzeville microgrid.
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Smart Streetlight Projects Drive Growth for The Will Group
When he started The Will Group (TWG), Stephen Davis had a vision of owning and operating a business that would honor his father, William Davis, by promoting the values of integrity, pride and hard work and enable him to give back to his community. With TWG’s growing role in streetlight assembly, including a new project involving up to 140,000 ComEd-owned smart LED streetlights, the company is in a good position to deliver on its vision. For a link to the audio transcript, please click here: https://comed.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/VideoTranscripts/uErRK9DLrRs.txt
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Stevenson Crane Service, Inc., Wins ComEd Supplier Diversity Award
Donna Stevenson, president of Stevenson Crane Service, Inc., talks about her company. ComEd honored Stevenson Crane with the Deborah M. Sawyer award at ComEd’s 2nd Annual Supplier Diversity Awards on April 27, 2017. For a link to the audio transcript, please click here: https://comed.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/VideoTranscripts/_e-Oh7h6_AA.txt
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5 ways UAS’s help ComEd serve our customers better
By using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), ComEd is testing how we can prevent outages from happening, restore power more quickly and look for ways to offer you more reliable service. ComEd is the first electric utility company in the US to receive FAA approval of operational use of UAS technology. Here are 5 ways UAS’s help us serve you better.
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Icebox Derby // Meet the team: #SonicDoom
Meet #SonicDoom for the 1st Annual Icebox Derby: STEM Cup. Over the next six weeks, they'll be building an electric car our of a recycled refrigerator for a race on August 23. Follow #SonicDoom each week as they take on a new challenge to build their icebox cars and help them earn the weekly bonus upgrade. They need your support to get the bonus, so tweet #Empower #SonicDoom or #Empower them at TheIceboxDerby.com #Empower your favorite team to get their next weekly bonus upgrade at TheIceboxDerby.com
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ComEd Offers Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Scammed
ComEd Senior Vice President Fidel Marquez offers ComEd customers five tips to stay scam-savvy and protect themselves against con artists.
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The Power of Peak Time Savings
If your home has a smart meter, learn how ComEd’s Peak Time Savings program can pay you back for voluntarily using less electricity during special Peak Time Savings Hours during the summer. There’s no risk to enroll, no penalties if you don’t participate and you can stay on the program as long as you like. An audio transcript is available for this video. Please click here to open it: https://comed.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/VideoTranscripts/FO38NUZ99SM.txt # ENGLISH SPANISH 1 THE POWER OF PEAK TIME SAVINGS EL PODER DE LOS AHORROS DE HORAS PICO 2 When the summer weather heats up and the humidity kicks in… Cuando llega el calor del verano y viene la humedad… 3 …most of us keep cool by turning on our air conditioners and fans. … muchos de nosotros nos refrescamos encendiendo aires acondicionados y ventiladores. 4 And when stores are open and factories are running, this can cause an increase – or peak – in the need for electricity. Y cuando las tiendas están abiertas y las fábricas están operando, esto causa un aumento, o pico, en la necesidad de electricidad. 5 During these times, more power plants are needed… Durante esas horas, se necesitan más centrales eléctricas... 6 … to make sure there is enough electricity for everyone. ... para asegurar que haya suficiente electricidad para todos. 7 YOUR ENERGY BILL And in the long term, this could mean higher electric bills and more emissions released into the environment. SU FACTURA DE ELECTRICIDAD Y a largo plazo, esto podría resultar en facturas más altas y la liberación de más emisiones en el medio ambiente. 8 SO WHAT CAN YOU DO? So what can you do? ¿QUÉ PUEDE HACER USTED? ¿Qué puede hacer usted? 9 ENROLL PEAK TIME SAVINGS Enroll in Peak Time Savings Sign up now Well, if your home has a Smart Meter, you can enroll in Peak Time Savings… INSCRÍBASE AHORROS DE HORAS PICO Inscríbase en Ahorros de Horas Pico Inscríbase Ya Si su casa tiene un Medidor Inteligente, puede inscribirse en Ahorros de Horas Pico... 10 … a ComEd program that actually pays you back for using less electricity. ... un programa de ComEd que le devuelve dinero por usar menos electricidad. 11 GET NOTIFIED Here’s how it works. On peak days, ComEd will notify you of upcoming Peak Time Savings Hours. RECIBA NOTIFICACIONES Así es como funciona: En los días pico, ComEd le avisará del próximo Horario de Ahorros de Horas Pico. 12 REDUCE & SAVE If you reduce your electricity use – like delaying the use of your dishwasher, washer or dryer… or adjusting your air conditioning for a few hours… REDUZCA Y AHORRE Si reduce su consumo de electricidad, como retrasar el uso de sus electrodomésticos… o ajustar su aire acondicionado por unas horas… 13 …you could earn a credit on your electric bill. The more energy-saving actions you take… … usted podría ganar un crédito en su factura de electricidad. Cuanto más haga por ahorrar energía... 14 YOUR ENERGY BILL: Peak Time Savings Credit: Please Pay: … the greater the actual dollars off your electric bill! SU FACTURA DE ELECTRICIDAD: Crédito de Ahorros de Horas Pico Por favor, pague: … ¡mayor será el descuento en dólares en su factura de electricidad! 15 PEAK TIME SAVINGS There’s no cost to enroll in Peak Time Savings… no penalty if you enroll and don’t participate, and you can remain in the program for as long as you like. AHORRO DE HORAS PICO No existe costo alguno por inscribirse en Ahorros de Horas Pico… ni ninguna multa por inscribirse y no participar, y puede continuar en el programa todo el tiempo que lo desee. 16 PEAK TIME SAVINGS Deadline details: ComEd.com/pts But you must enroll soon to take part in the upcoming summer season. Visit ComEd.com/pts for deadline details. AHORROS DE HORAS PICO Detalles sobre fechas: Es.ComEd.com/pts Pero debe inscribirse pronto para poder participar esta temporada de verano. Visite Es.ComEd.com/pts para más detalles. 17 We can’t control the weather, but with a ComEd Smart Meter and the Peak Time Savings program… No podemos controlar el clima, pero con un Medidor Inteligente de ComEd y el programa de Ahorros de Horas Pico... 18 HELPS YOU SAVE ENERGY AND MONEY …you can save energy and money. LE AYUDA A AHORRAR ENERGÍA Y DINERO … usted puede ahorrar energía y dinero. 19 That’s something that helps your budget, and the environment. Eso es algo que ayuda a su presupuesto y al medio ambiente. 20 ComEd. Powering lives. For more info visit ComEd.com/pts © Commonwealth Edison Company, 2015 Visit ComEd.com/PTS to learn more and enroll. ComEd. Powering lives. ComEd. iluminando vidas Para más información visite Es.ComEd.com/pts © Commonwealth Edison Company, 2015 Para más información y para inscribirse visite Es.ComEd.com/PTS ComEd. Iluminando vidas. 400 S. GREEN, UNIT H • CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 60607 • P 312.226.7830 • F 312.226.7831 WWW.SAYHITOPACO.COM
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Monarch Butterfly Milkweed Project
Video feature on ComEd's plan to plant more milkweed in the prairie to help monarch butterflies migrate . The video will be featured on the Powering Lives Network website.
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ComEd Powering Puerto Rico
#PoweringPR is an emotional journey for both the citizens and our crews— See how we're turning the lights back on in Puerto Rico. For a link to the audio transcript, please click here: https://www.comed.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/VideoTranscripts/YdYxVIfy_VY.txt
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Net Metering & Interconnection
ComEd's Net Metering program is for residential or commercial customers who own or operate an eligible renewable electric generator of up to 2,000 kW that generates electricity for their own use. Learn more about Distributed Generation (DG), Interconnection and Net Metering in this helpful video. And then learn how to apply online or get more information. An audio transcript is available for this video. Please click here to open it: https://comed.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/VideoTranscripts/HS4n2ANif5Q.txt "Net Metering & Interconnection Distributed generation most often refers to customer generated electricity. This is electricity that the customer generates for their own use. The most common examples are from wind or solar equipment. Most distributed generation customers still have electricity delivered by ComEd. And these distributed generation systems just supplement their electric supply needs, but sometimes a customer's wind or solar generators produce more electricity than the customer can use. Where does this extra electricity go? First we need to understand interconnection. Interconnection describes the linking or the interconnecting of a customer's distributed generation facilities into ComEd system or the grid. Once a customer's electricity generating facilities are interconnected into the grid the customer can receive credits for excess electricity that they generate. This is a billing arrangement commonly known as net metering. Net metering simply describes how at the end of the customers billing cycle the customer is charged for the net amount of electricity that they consumed during that billing period. To put it another way it's the amount of Electricity delivered by comment minus the amount of electricity that the customer gave back to ComEd or simply the net amount of electricity that the customer ultimately purchased that month. ComEd’s net metering program is for residential or commercial customers who own or operate an eligible renewable electric generator of up to 2000 kilowatts that generates electricity for their own use. In the past distributed generation systems were uncommon and the process for interconnection and net metering at ComEd relied upon office processes that were manual and paper-based. Now that more and more customers are installing distributed generation ComEd has joined with the city of Chicago to streamline and simplify the interconnection and net metering application process. The result is a new online tool that allows customers to complete and submit interconnection and net metering applications to ComEd through the internet for systems that qualify for either a level one two three or four interconnection application and are less than 10,000 kilovolt amps. This does not include those that wish to enter the pjm market or transmission system interconnections. Online net metering applications may only be submitted through ComEd’s online application by customers who have ComEd as their electric supplier. Customers who receive electricity supply from an alternative retail electric supplier must apply for net metering through their retail electric supplier. This new online tool is available through ComEd’s interconnection pages at ComEd.com or directly via interconnect ComEd.com. Customers who are planning to install distributed generation and would like to interconnect to the grid or establish a net metering billing arrangement simply visit this website and establish an account, enter their customer contact information, provide information about their distributed generation system, review terms and conditions of service, print a coupon to pay via check, and submit their application. They may then come back to review the status of their application at any time. Who should take advantage of this new online process? Customers who are planning to install a distributed generation facility and who require interconnection with ComEd or who require interconnection with comed and would like to participate in net metering. Questions? If you've got questions regarding net metering for your distributed generation facilities call the 800 talk Gen toll-free number and speak with a specialist. That's 800 825 5436 If you've got questions about interconnecting your planned distributed generation facilities to the grid visit interconnect.ComEd.com or send an email to [email protected] The new online application streamlining and making the net metering and interconnection process easier. ComEd powering lives"
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Entry #8- Southeast Elementary: Spartan TV Junior
Contest is now closed for voting. Entry #8 (Click LIKE to VOTE!) Category: Its So Easy Being Green School: Southeast Elementary Team: Spartan TV Junior Due to technical difficulties we needed to re-upload this entry. The final number of votes will include the likes from this video + 182 likes from the previously uploaded video. *182 Likes on previously posted video -updated 12/8/2017*
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The ComEd Dash EV Pilot
ComEd is partnering with Innova EV and the Bronzeville Community Development Partnership to test a unique electric vehicle (EV) transportation service that will help seniors in Bronzeville get to and from the grocery store, public transit stations, the pharmacy, and other neighborhood destinations. The ComEd Dash EV Pilot is part of the Community of the Future initiative in Bronzeville where ComEd is planning to leverage smart grid technology and related services to support the community’s sustainability goals and enhance everyday life. A Transcript is available here: https://comed.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/VideoTranscripts/GZeuM-Ig2m4.txt
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National Lineworker Appreciation Day: ComEd
National Lineworker Appreciation Day is a day to recognize and honor the men and women who work day-in and day-out in the field for our customers and the communities we serve. Please take a moment today to thank our field employees, including substation, underground and overhead line workers and other areas of ComEd’s distribution system. They answer the call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in challenging conditions, on weekends and holidays, to power our customers’ lives.
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ComEd Property Manager Portal
Landlords and property managers, enjoy the convenience of tracking account responsibility for the electric service in each of your units and properties online. Count on secure access to information anytime you need it! Set up your FREE Property Manager Portal account today at ComEd.com/Landlord
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ComEd D&I – Travis
Travis, a manager in ComEd’s Meter Reading department, shares how his love for music, the saxophone in particular, is a gift he wants to provide to his son.
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It's Peak Time Savings
Looking for ways to save money? With a smart meter, you can enroll in Peak Time Savings and earn a credit on your energy bill. Learn more at ComEd.com/PTS.
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ComEd's Hourly Pricing Rate Option
Pay the hourly market price for electricity with ComEd’s Hourly Pricing program. See if you're a good fit at: ComEd.com/HourlyPricing An audio transcript is available for this video. Please click here to open it: https://comed.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/VideoTranscripts/E6XC2vKfiKk.txt ComEd’s Hourly Pricing Program Video "Are you looking for ways to save money and are flexible with when you use home appliances, like running the dishwasher in the evening? ComEd has a rate option that's a good fit for folks who pay attention to not just how much electricity they use but when they use it. If you get your electricity supply from ComEd, you can choose a fixed-price rate or you can select Hourly Pricing. On the fixed-price rate, electricity costs the same no matter what time of day you use it. Whether it's five o'clock at night or five o'clock in the morning you pay the same price. But with Hourly Pricing the price you pay varies from hour to hour and day to day based on real time market prices. The market prices are passed along to you with no markup. If you can make a few simple adjustments to how and when you use electricity, Hourly Pricing could be a good rate option for you. Hourly prices are often low for most hours of the day in the fall, winter, and spring. During the summer, prices are typically cheaper during the early morning, night, and weekend hours. You can see higher prices when there's an increase in demand for electricity. This typically occurs during hot summer afternoons. You can save money with this rate by shifting your heavier electricity usage to lower priced hours of the day. For example, do your laundry and run the dishwasher when prices are cheaper. And if you own an electric vehicle, charge your vehicle at night. The program also has knowledgeable specialists that can help answer questions and connect you with program tools and tips. By learning to shift your electricity use, you'll not only have the opportunity to reduce your electricity costs but you could also help the environment and your community. To see if you're a good fit give us a call or go online."
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CEO Series: In a Digital Economy, the Value of the Grid as a Platform
Anne Pramaggiore, ComEd president and chief executive officer, talks about how business models in a digital economy are often based on a platform model through which a company creates value for customers by connecting producers and consumers and creating interactions between them. The video interview was produced by the 2016 Energy Thought Summit.
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Let's Connect (eChannels)
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When Storms Hit
Learn about what causes power outages, how ComEd restores power and how to prepare for an outage.
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ComEd Safety - Come Home
Commit to Safety - For everyone waiting at Home
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Downed Wires Safety
Safety video on the importance of staying away from downed wires.
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ComEd’s Youth Ambassador Program
ComEd Youth Ambassador participants share their experiences in the program in the summer of 2016.
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ComEd's Mobile App
Access your account information on the go with ComEd's mobile app. Now, you can view ComEd's Outage Map within the mobile app as well. The ComEd Mobile App is available on Apple iOS and Android devices. Get more information at http://ComEd.com/App An audio transcript is available for this video. Please click here to open it: https://comed.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/VideoTranscripts/MF2NsB0wgRM.txt
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El Poder De La Red Inteligente
ComEd está modernizando el sistema eléctrico para construir una Red Inteligente, lo que significa menos y más cortos apagones de electricidad. Para saber más sobre cómo ComEd está creando un sistema eléctrico más confiable, visite Es.ComEd.com/SmartGrid
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Coal City - One Year Later
On June 22, 2015, a tornado ripped through Coal City, Ill., destroying homes and businesses, essentially changing the face of the town. Nearly a year later, ComEd employees and volunteers donated 400 saplings to local residents and planted nearly 100 trees around the city for Arbor Day on April 29, 2016.
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Your ComEd Online Account
Login or register at: https://ComEd.com/MyAccount to learn more about your energy usage, your bill details, to pay your bill and more! For a link to the audio transcript, please click here: https://comed.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/VideoTranscripts/xDEERUuFB6w.txt
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Una Comunidad que Ilumina - Mike Salazar y su Interés en Buscar Nuevos Caminos #STEMilumina
Mira cómo Mike Salazar, de Pilsen, se convirtió en ingeniero y presidente de SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) Chicago gracias a su pasión por las ciencias y los campos STEM. ComEd anima a los jóvenes Latinos del área de Chicago a que persigan carreras en los campos STEM (Ciencia, Tecnología, Ingeniería y Matemáticas). See Mike Salazar, from Pilsen, became an engineer and president of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) thanks to his passion in the sciences and STEM fields. ComEd encourages Chicago area young Latinos to pursue a career in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).
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Microgrid Benefits
Animated overview of Microgrid technology
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CEO Series: Key Drivers Transforming the Energy Industry Today
Anne Pramaggiore, ComEd’s president and chief executive officer, talks about the transformation underway in the utility industry driven by digital technology, the proliferation of distributed energy resources, and the growing needs of customers. Learn more by watching her interview produced by the 2016 Energy Thought Summit.
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ComEd Team: Puerto Rico Departure
Follow us to watch our journey as we assist in restoring power to Puerto Rico! #PoweringPR
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Osprey Nest
ComEd uses UAS to view into an osprey bird's nest in Summit, Ill., to formulate a plan to protect the birds and maintain power for customers.
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Entry #1- Le-Win Elementary School: Student Energy Squad
Contest is now closed for voting. Entry #1 (Click LIKE to VOTE!) Category: Lights On! School: Le-Win Elementary School Team: Student Energy Squad Go to ComEd.com/KidVidEntry to see the other finalists.
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MZI Group Wins ComEd Supplier Diversity Award
Arthur Zayas Miller, president and chief executive officer of MZI Group, talks about his company. ComEd honored MZI Group with the Overall Performance for Construction and Material Servces award at ComEd’s 2nd Annual Supplier Diversity Awards on April 27, 2017. For a link to the audio transcript, please click here: https://comed.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/VideoTranscripts/esa390kIBTY.txt
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Small Business Energy Efficiency Incentives  (2012)
Small Business Energy Savings Program provides FREE installation of energy-saving products and a list of recommendations for additional energy-efficiency capital investments that qualify for incentives of up to 70 percent. Call 888-806-2273 or visit ComEd.com/SmallBiz.
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Local, Diverse and Growing: PMI Energy Solutions
George Williams, chief executive officer of PMI Energy Solutions, LLC, of Batavia, talks about his company’s long-term relationship ComEd. PMI is one of four ComEd suppliers in the running to be honored with ComEd’s Rising Star Award on April 27, 2017, during ComEd’s 2nd Annual Supplier Diversity Awards. For a link to the audio transcript, please click here: https://comed.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/VideoTranscripts/b4fsdWpurVo.txt
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Building Energy Savings from the Ground Up
A promotional video that demonstrates the increasing success the of New Construction Energy Efficiency program and its continued value in energy and cost savings. An audio transcript is available for this video. Please click here to open it: https://comed.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/VideoTranscripts/ePTQLnHNSss.txt "The ComEd energy efficiency program has been helping owners save energy and reduce their operating expenses in new buildings and buildings undergoing major renovation, since the start of the new construction offering in 2009. The program's impact has been tremendous. What you are seeing is a graphic representation of projected annual savings in kilowatt hours for new construction projects that have received both technical assistance and financial incentives from the ComEd new construction service from 2009 to 2016. The colorful bars illustrate the variety of building types that have benefited from the program - including manufacturing, higher education, retail, health care, and more. The program supports the transformational work of developers, building owners, and design teams. Here are a few highlighted projects. The Douglas Perry student life and recreation center at Olivet Nazarene university received over two hundred seventy five thousand dollars in incentives for integrating geothermal, advanced variable refrigerant flow, high performance envelope and lighting measures, ventilation heat recovery and demand control ventilation into the design. G&W electric corporation received over 300,000 dollars in incentives for a major renovation and expansion of their headquarters by incorporating improved insulation, high-performance glazing, beyond-code lighting, advanced HVAC systems, and variable speed drives for air compressors. State and Chestnut, one of many high-rise multifamily projects that have been served by the program, received over 90 thousand dollars in incentives for implementing high-performance envelope measures, above code lighting controls, high-efficiency heat pumps, enhanced exhaust controls, and open cooling tower efficiency measures. Before you begin to design your next project, contact us! ComEd will support you in achieving or exceeding your energy efficiency goals! - ComEd powering lives -"
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Hot Dog/Cool Cat – Smart Thermostat Benefits
Did you know that a Smart Thermostat can save about 20% on your annual heating and cooling costs? Save even more with ComEd rebates on select Smart Thermostats. Please visit https://ComEd.com/Rebates to learn more. For a link to the audio transcript, please click here: http://bit.ly/2Ikx4NY
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Una Comunidad que Ilumina - Josemanuel Hernandez y el Genio de un Solo de Batería #STEMilumina
De los misterios de una molécula al genio de un solo de batería, Josemanuel Hernandez, un estudiante de Archer Heights, es un ejemplo de cómo el interés en los campos STEM puede llevar a carreras con mucho futuro. ComEd anima a los jóvenes Latinos del área de Chicago a que persigan carreras en los campos STEM (Ciencia, Tecnología, Ingeniería y Matemáticas). From the mysteries of a molecule to the genius of a drum solo, Josemanuel Hernandez, a student from Archer Heights, exemplifies how developing an interest in the STEM fields can lead to future great careers. ComEd encourages Chicago area young Latinos to pursue a career in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).
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