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The Increasing Importance of the Oil Trading Companies
Daniel Jaeggi, President & Co-Founder, Mercuria Ian Taylor, President & Chief Executive Officer, Vitol Group of Companies Torbjörn Törnqvist, Chief Executive Officer, Gunvor Moderator: Marcel van Poecke - Chairman, AtlasInvest In the oil price downturn of the last two years, the major oil trading houses have shown a remarkable ability to adapt and do quite well in an environment that has been extremely challenging for others in the oil business. In addition, with the retreat of most banks from physical commodity trading following the financial crisis, the importance and influence of these trading houses has increased significantly, along with their trading volumes. In this session of the Oil & Money 2016 conference, the heads of three of the largest oil trading companies explain their approach and elucidate how oil trading is changing and where oil markets are headed. Questions that will be addressed include: • What is the explanation for the recent remarkable success of oil trading? • How does the future competitive environment look? • What is the outlook for oil prices and market rebalancing? • Is Opec or Saudi Arabia likely to return to the role of managing oil markets? • How is financial regulation impacting the oil trading world? • What are the biggest risks and wildcards facing your companies?
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The New World of Oil and Natural Gas Trading
Oil and natural gas trading companies have expanded into the upstream, midstream and downstream areas, as well as finance. The CEOs of three of the world's largest global oil and gas trading companies will address the changing role of these organizations. Alex Beard, Director, Oil Commodity Department, Glencore Ian Taylor, President & Chief Executive Officer, Vitol Group Torbjörn Törnqvist, Chief Executive Officer, Gunvor Group Moderator: Albert Helmig, Chief Executive Officer, Grey House If you are interested in joining the 2014 Oil & Money Conference on October 29-30th at the InterContinental London Park Lane, then please register your interest here - http://www.oilandmoney.com/keep-updated.aspx
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Kuwait Energy's CEO, Sara Akbar talks to Oil & Money
Sara Akbar. Kuwait Energy's CEO shares her opinions on the role of independent oil companies and contribution women can make to the industry
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Luis Giusti examines critical issues facing the industry
International industry veteren Luis Giusti examines some critical issues facing the industry, not least profitability and cut backs
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Victor Zhikai Gao shares his view of China's role on the international stage
China National Association of International Studies Director, Victor Zhikai Gao shares his view of China's role on the international stage, energy concerns and domestic policy
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Riverstone Holdings' Partner Mark Papa discusses the outlook for a changing shale sector in the US
Riverstone Holdings' Partner Mark Papa discusses the outlook for a changing shale sector in the US
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Oil & Money | Antoine Rostand
Kayrros President and Founder Antoine Rostand explains how machine learning can offer oil market insights, including predicting US tight oil and shale growth.
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Financing Oil & Gas Projects in a Low Oil Price World
Ignacio de Calonje - Chief Investment Officer, IFC Natural Resources Peter Gaw – Managing Director, Global Head Oil & Gas, Standard Chartered Bank Julian Mylchreest - Global Head, Energy & Power, Bank of America Merrill Lynch Moderator: Jan Prins - Independent Consultant, Energy and Infrastructure Finance
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Hear Christophe de Margerie's insights on how oil and gas contribute to the energy transition
At the 2012 Oil & Money Conference, the energy industry heard worthy insights from Total's Chairman and CEO, Christophe de Margerie, about the oil, gas and energy transition. Within this presentation Christophe de Margerie expressed his views on how the oil and gas in particular contributes to the energy transition, the importance of having a diversified energy mix e.g. the use of renewables, preparing for the second generation of biofuels as well as how photovoltaic energy is narrowing the cost gap with other fuels for power generation. Within this presentation Christophe de Margerie expresses his views on how the oil and gas in particular contributes to the energy transition, how important it is to have a diversified energy mix e.g. the use of renewables, preparing for the second generation of biofuels as well as how photovoltaic energy is narrowing the cost gap with other fuels for power generation. If you are interested in joining a high level discussion and debate like the presentation above on the crucial issues facing the international energy sector, then join us at Oil & Money this October at the InterContinental Park Lane http://www.oilandmoney.com/how-to-book.aspx We are delighted that Christophe will once again be joining us as a keynote speaker at the Oil & Money Conference 2013. To hear his insights and those of global energy CEO's and ministers for high level discussions and debates on crucial issues facing the international energy sector, then join us at Oil & Money this October at the InterContinental London Park Lane. For more information visit oilandmoney.com
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Sheikh Nawaf Al-Sabah talks to Energy Intelligence at the Oil & Money 2013 Conference
Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company's CEO, Sheikh Nawaf Al-Sabah, talks to Energy Intelligence about his plans for the international upstream investor since taking over the top post earlier in 2013.
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Oil & Money | Chas Freeman
The future of the U.S.-led Order, Iran, discussed by Chas Freeman, Chairman Projects International and Senior Fellow at The Watson Institute.
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Husseini Energy President Sadad Al Husseini discusses the challenges facing the oil business
Sadad Al Husseini, President of Husseini Energy Co shares his views on some of the issues facing the industry
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Oil & Money | John Baguley
COO Magnolia LNG, and LNG Limited John Baguley highlights developments in the US LNG market.
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Future Prospects for Global Downstream Profitability
Roger Brown – CEO, Varo Energy Dawood Nassif - Board Director, The Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) Malcolm M. Turner – Chairman, Turner Mason & Co Moderator: Thomas Wallin - Editor-in-Chief and Executive Vice President, Energy Intelligence A panel discussion with three CEOs of refining companies from the US, Middle East, Asia or Europe. The downstream has outperformed the upstream since the fall in oil prices but there are signs that the best days for the refining sector may now be behind us. The panel will discuss the refining outlook of three major regions, i.e. the US, Europe and the Middle East.
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Upstream Adjustment to a New Oil Price Environment
Deborah Byers - US Oil & Gas Leader and Houston Office Managing Partner, Ernst & Young John B. Hess - Chief Executive Officer, Hess Corporation Ali Moshiri - President Africa and Latin America E&P, Chevron Moderator: Sadad Al Husseini – President, Husseini Energy Co. One of the most critical questions for the international oil and gas business is how to adjust to the lower-for-longer oil price environment that it now confronts with the days of $100 per barrel unlikely to return anytime soon. The search for new strategies and business models is especially acute for the upstream exploration and production sector. This session will hear differing perspectives from top upstream executives of leading state and private sector oil companies as well as a top consultant. Questions that will be addressed include: • What is the future of megaprojects? • What are the critical characteristics for successful upstream projects in the new price environment? • How are oil companies readjusting their strategies and upstream portfolios? • Has exploration been cutback too heavily, and what does that mean for the future? • What sort of breakeven price range is the most realistic for future investment?
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New Challenges in the High Stakes World of Oil Trading - Oil & Money 2014
How is the landscape of oil trading changing with the decreasing presence of key financial institutions? The growing importance of Asian oil demand and the changing structure of global oil trade and markets. What are the critical uncertainties around the future outlook for oil prices? CHAIR: Albert Helmig - Chief Executive Officer - Grey House PANEL: Pierre Andurand - Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner - Andurand Capital Christopher Bake - Member of the Executive Committee and the Head of Orgination - Vitol Fereidun Fesharaki - Chairman - FGE
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Dr. Subroto reflects on a changing industry
Former Indonesian Oil Minister & OPEC Secretary General, Dr. Subroto reflects on a changing oil industry at this year's Oil & Money
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Roberto Casula looks at the opportunities in East and West Africa
Eni Exploration & Production's Executive Vice President, Roberto Casula talks to Oil & Money about the opportunities in East and West Africa
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Fereidun Fesharaki speaks at Oil & Money
Fereidun Fesharaki, founder and chairman of FGE Energy Consultants discussed some issues facing the industry including Iran and the climate challenge.
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Cherry Ding & Jennifer Rosthal share their perspective as Oil & Money Leaders For Tomorrow
Cherry Ding and Jennifer Rosthal talk to Oil & Money about their perspective as Oil & Money Leaders For Tomorrow
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37th Oil & Money Highlights Video
Oil & Money, the energy industry's premier conference, is co-hosted by Energy Intelligence and the New York Times. To book for the 38th Oil & Money conference, click here http://bit.ly/2eYCm6b. If you have any questions or want to find out more information email [email protected] Since its inauguration in 1980, the Oil & Money Conference annually gathers the most significant senior executives from the petroleum and natural gas industry across the globe and continues to set the standard for candid, high-level discussion and debate on issues of the day. Each year Oil & Money continually attracts over 500 senior level executives from more than 43 countries. We look forward to seeing you at the 38th Oil & Money conference.
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Oil & Money | Sheikh Mohamed Althani
Mohajl Group Founder Sheikh Mohamed Althani, shares some insights on the oil and LNG markets, prices and OPEC.
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Ambassador Chas W. Freeman explores the geopolitics of oil
Ambassador Chas. W. Freeman, chairman of Projects International and senior fellow at Brown University's Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs discusses the US role in a changing geopolitical landscape.
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David Ledesma discusses LNG demand and US volumes
David Ledesma , independent consultant and senior fellow at the Oxford Institute of Energy Studies, discusses LNG demand, prices and future destinations for US volumes.
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David Pursell of Tudor Pickering Holt comments on the US Shale Boom, Eagle Ford
Tudor Pickering Holt & Co's managing director and head of macro research, David Pursell, comments on the US shale boom and the Eagle Ford Group.
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The Global Oil Market outlook debated by Ministers from OPEC, IEA, IEF, NALCOSA and ACTA Qatar
See the debate from Oil Ministers as they debate the Global Oil Market and its outlook at the 2012 Oil & Money conference. The conference was themed 'Energy Strategies in Turbulent Times' and this session directly addressed issues of an increasingly uncertain environment. Nordine Ait-Laoussine, President, NALCOSA poses key questions to a distinguished panel of Oil Ministers including H.E. Abdulla Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, Chairman, Administrative Control and Transparency Authority, Qatar, H.E. Abdalla Salem El-Badri, Secretary General, OPEC, Maria van der Hoeven, Executive Director, International Energy Agency, Aldo Flores-Quiroga, Secretary General, International Energy Forum. Come and hear this year's Ministerial Discussion session at Oil & Money Conference 2013, where Nordine Ait-Laoussine, President, NALCOSA will pose game-changing questions on how the industry in in a period of revolution to the distinguished panel of ministers including:H.E. Abdulla Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, Chairman, Administrative Control and Transparency Authority, Qatar, H.E. Abdalla Salem El-Badri, Secretary General, OPEC and H.E. Youcef Yousfi, Minister of Energy and Mines, Algeria. See the full agenda now at oilandmoney.com
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Oil & Money | Shaun Davison
Shaun Davison, Senior Vice President - Development and Regulatory Affairs at NextDecade, talks about gas development strategy in an uncertain market.
Oil & Money | Antoine Halff
Founding Partner of Kayrros, Antoine Halff, talks about the pressures faced by the oil and gas sector.
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Jonathan Stern talks to Oil & Money 2013
Chairman and Senior Research Fellow, Natural Gas Research Program, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies's Jonathan Stern looks at the potential for market convergence and oil indexation
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H.E. Abdalla Salem El-Badri shares his views on oil markets and shale oil
H.E. Abdalla Salem El-Badri outlines the current state of oil markets from the view of the 12-member producer group, and explains why he thinks shale oil is not going to have much of an impact on global markets after 2017
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Technology to the Rescue in a World of Low Oil and Gas Prices
Andrew Gould - Board Member, Saudi Aramco Moderator: Herman Franssen - Executive Director, Energy Intelligence and Conference Chairman Development of new technology and widespread application of existing technology has enabled the global oil and oil services industry to develop oil from hostile environments (such as ultra-deep water), improve recovery of oil-in-place and profitably develop oil from source rock (tight oil and shale gas). All this was possible in a world of $80- $100 oil. Can technology come to the rescue once more and find ways to cut costs and enable the industry to develop high cost oil (like deep water) in a low oil price environment? A new mindset is required from the E&P sector, learning from other industries such as the aerospace industry.
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Oil and Money Leaders for Tomorrow talk about their hopes for the industry
Oil and Money Leaders for Tomorrow Christian Richmond, Abdul Saboor Khan, Akos Losz and Anna Tikhonova discuss their experience of the conference and hopes for the future of the industry.
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Musabbeh Al Kaabi talks oil industry challenges and strategy
Mubadala Petroleum chief executive Musabbeh Al Kaabi talks oil industry challenges and strategy
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Coping With a Medium-Term Surplus in LNG
Frédéric Barnaud - Chief Commercial Officer, Global LNG, Oil, LPG, Helium & Shipping, Gazprom Marketing and Trading David Hewitt - Managing Director, Equity Research Division and Co-head of Global Oil and Gas Research, Credit Suisse David Ledesma - Independent Energy and Strategy Consultant, South-Court Ltd Moderator: Mark Davidson - Washington Bureau Chief, Energy Intelligence • At the time of the Fukushima nuclear power plant crisis in Japan, LNG prices in the Far East, largely based on oil price formulae, reached record highs. Slower growth in demand coupled with rapid growth in LNG supplies from Australia and more recently the US, have set the stage for several years of oversupply in LNG markets. • Will East Asian buyers succeed in signing new and renegotiating old supply contracts based increasingly on gas-to-gas competition? Is the world gradually moving from regional to global natural gas prices?
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Oil & Money | David Hewitt
David Hewitt, Global Head of Energy Research at Credit Suisse, offers an insight into LNG and gas market trends.
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Middle East and North Africa: A Region in Transition
Major geopolitical events are transforming the world. This panel brings together regional experts to discuss the situation in the Middle East and possible outcomes of current and future conflicts. Alastair Crooke, Director and Founder, Conflicts Forum Victor Zhikai Gao, Director, China National Association of International Studies Ghassan Salamé, Dean, Paris School of International Affairs, Sciences Po Moderator: Herman Franssen, Executive Director, Energy Intelligence If you are interested in attending the 35th Oil & Money Conference, then register your interest here - http://www.oilandmoney.com/keep-updated.aspx
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Ali Moshiri comments on Oil & Money
President of Chevron Africa and Latin America Exploration and Production co. comments on Oil & Money
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Strategies for Financial Recovery and Future Growth
David Foley - Senior Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Blackstone Energy Partners David Pursell - Managing Director, Head of Macro Research, Tudor Pickering Holt & Co Colin Welsh - Head of International Energy Investment Banking, Simmons & Company International, Piper Jaffray Moderator: Bob Maguire - Managing Director, The Carlyle Group For the past two years, financial strategies in the industry have been more about survival than growth. It has been a period of unusually low levels of strategic activity. The central question for this panel is whether there is reason to believe the industry is starting to see beyond the crisis. Are we seeing strategies for recovery? Or is the emphasis still on weathering the storm? Is growth back on the agenda? Will the stronger players begin to take advantage of their strength over the weaker players? What form might that take? For some time, the industry as a whole has been unwilling to transact. Why has that been the case? And why might it change? Has the bid/ask spread between buyers and sellers narrowed? And what about exploration? When will the industry begin to worry about new barrels again? This panel will work through these and other related issues from several angles: a macro view of the industry drivers, current engagement with the strategic priorities of the industry players and the opportunities and challenges the changing environment creates for principle investing in energy.
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Keynote: Shaping the Transition to a Low Carbon Future
Keynote: Eldar Saetre, President & Chief Executive Officer, Statoil Moderator: Jane Collin - Editor - World Gas Intelligence, Energy Intelligence
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Exploration and Production successes in Africa
Africa has been at the forefront of exploration successes in recent years. Many of the discoveries were made by small- and medium-sized exploration companies. This panel focuses on recent upstream successes. Michael Blaha, Executive Chairman, Discover Exploration Roberto Casula, Head of Africa and the Middle East, ENI Exploration & Production Ali Moshiri, President, Chevron Africa and Latin America Exploration and Production Company Moderator: Peter Kemp, London Editorial Director, Energy Intelligence
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Oil and Money Leaders for Tomorrow share their thoughts
Oil and Money Leaders for Tomorrow Kyndall Semones, Alex C. Lambros, Mariano Berkenwald and David Mubarak discuss what attracts them to the industry and how it can rise to the climate challenge.
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Christophe de Margerie Q&A
Hear Christophe de Margerie Q&A's in relation to his presentation on how oil and gas contributes to the energy transition
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Oil & Money's Leaders for Tomorrow talk about the future of the industry
Oil & Money's Leaders for Tomorrow talk about the future of the industry and how they may help shape it
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Prospects for Non-Conventional Oil and Gas Outside of North America
North America is in the midst of a non-conventional oil and gas revolution, providing low-cost natural gas for industry and significantly reduced imports of oil. This panel will explore the possibilities of this "game changer" expanding to other parts of the world in this decade. Miguel Galuccio, President & Chief Executive Officer, YPF Greg Leveille, General Manager, Unconventional Reservoirs Technology Program, ConocoPhillips Tim Probert, President, Strategy and Corporate Development, Halliburton Moderator: Andrew Gould, Chairman, BG Group If you are interested in joining us at the 2014 Oil & Money Conference
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Keynote: The Path Forward in Today's Energy Environment
Rex W. Tillerson - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, ExxonMobil Moderator: Casey Sattler - News Editor - Western Hemisphere, Energy Intelligence
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Shell Breakfast Briefing: Fit for the Future - Building a Sustainable Upstream Business
Andy Brown - Upstream Director, Royal Dutch Shell Moderator: Oliver Klaus - Dubai Bureau Chief, Energy Intelligence
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The US Upstream Revolution: Its Global Impact and Its Future
Dr Mario Ruscev - Executive Vice President, President Global Product Lines & Chief Technology Officer, Weatherford International Scott Sheffield - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Pioneer Natural Resources Lorenzo Simonelli - Chief Executive Officer, GE Oil & Gas Moderator: Casey Sattler - News Editor - Western Hemisphere, Energy Intelligence The US shale revolution has emerged as a transformative force for the global oil and gas industry. It is one the primary reasons for the current global oversupply of both oil and gas. Understanding the resilience of the US shale sector, its performance and its potential at lower oil prices is critical. There are questions about US shale oil production as a potential to act as a swing supply source to the market with its short-cycle economics. In the long term, it may have significant potential as a supply source outside the North America. In this session we will hear from a group of top executives from US companies with great experience in this sector. Among the key questions that will be addressed are: • How is the US shale sector faring at current prices for both oil and gas? • How large is the price range between the best and the average plays for both tight oil and shale gas? • What are the economics of US shale oil two years after the price slide? • Are the huge efficiency gains of recent years expected to continue and what will be the impact on price and production? • What lessons have been learned? • Can US shale oil act as a global swing supply source like Saudi Arabia? • What is the future potential, both in North America and elsewhere? • How transformational is shale for the global oil business?
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