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Conor Charlton Actor's Showreel 2017
A showreel compiling a selection of different scenes from my time at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama https://www.spotlight.com/6214-6722-1395
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Central Homework
A little scene from In Bruges starring Aymie Lenders and Conor Charlton
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My Circumcision Part 2
In this video, I give an update of my circumcision and answer two questions, then I decide for some reason to readjust the webcam position and as a result of this the ending of the video is awful. I haven't been able to re-record it as I have since broken the webcam.
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John Logan's Red Monologue
In my own accent
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My Circumcision
Just a quick weblog
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My last pad session at Team Quest
Great gym to train at, great coaches. In the video I'm exhausted and should do a better job of keeping my hands up in future.
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More preliminary experiments
More experiments made on that fateful January night that I picked up the VLOG and decided it would be a good idea to start talking about my procedure. Pretty similar to the one already there. If you like to hear me talk mush, go right ahead and watch.
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Ko Phi Phi Reggae Bar Fight
I went easy on him as he was much smaller than me. He had kicked me in the nuts in round one though.
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Zach trying "adoha"
A legal Arabic smoke that is supposed to give a head rush. Near killed ol' Jew here.
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Rancho's Raw Rants: The Dry Gin Martini
First of my VLOG rants about hospitality jobs. Might be shite
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Boys Blues Bar Chiang Mai
Old dude singing blues
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Ice bucket challenge Laos. Drunk. Man bites gecko
This is my cringeworthy, badly filmed ice bucket challenge. Almost forgot who I was nominating because I was drunk. Money goes to Water Aid. Gecko was pickled
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BJJ Dublin No-Gi Open 2015
First BJJ match
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Condescending Prick Has Camera Stolen From Him by a MONKEY!
Monkey stole my camera - equivalent to monkey Go Pro! Steal this and I'll stab you. I got the camera back, with the flash button bit off and the monkey had ran off to eat my battery.
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One of my first experiments
This was done in the middle of January with a slight influence of alcohol. Worth a look.
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Fail: attempt to do Stone Cold beer smashing thing
Maybe I need to smash harder, or get pussy weak American beers with weak cans
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Can I tickle your bum?
Trying to teach a miner bird to ask the most important question of all.
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Belfast Buskers Part 1 - Riley plays Jack Johnson cover
Canadian traveller Riley plays a Jack Johnson cover in Botanic Avenue. Go to www.belfastbuskers.blogspot.com
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I dream of Obamacare
Thanks Obama
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Rancho Raw Review Avengers Infinity War (SPOILERS)
Don't watch if you haven't seen it.
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More gecko chewing
Probably not even worth uploading
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Attenpting to eat fermented geckos in Laos
Didn't work out. Creepy eyes intentional
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Buddhist monks backflipping into a waterfall
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SE Asia Montage
A montage of almost all of the videos I recorded in South East Asia. Music is Sa Cabo by Santana. Thanks to Nicholas Giampana, Susan How and Romana Tomljanovic for additional footage.
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Just uploading so I can delete off phone
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Big yellow spider in Don Suthep
Couldn't seem to capture it in a picture so I thought I'd swear at it in a videoinstead
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Eating fish eye
Didn't like that much either. Horrible texture
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RRR: Danger 16 OZ Sparring Glove Review
Rancho's Raw Reviews - very unimpressed by the 16 OZ Sparring Glove
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MC Black Beauty's response to Bogroll Jones
Shit got real Souf Belfast style!
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On people complaining about the Aldo/McGregor fight
Well one of you actually wanted me to make it and one of you was being facetious...
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The Crucible - Proctor's First confession of adultery
Crucible scene where Proctor admits to having an affair with Abigail. Trying to work on it for an audition piece. Probably going to need another go.
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Wat Kai Nature Documentary Or what I do when I'm on my own
Apparently I'm as bad a camera man as I am an impressionist
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Downing three shots in a row
Not a good idea, not a cool idea or a smart one.
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Club Night: Exodus
One off night organized by myself - featuring Michael Robinson, Michael Dunbar and Michael Douglass DJing. Love and Death
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Crucible Monologue gone wrong
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Bad Impressions: The Joker does Bane and vice versa
Just a little bit of fun!
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Roundhouse Project 3
RP Nervous/Scientist
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Degradation Chapter 2 Final
Short film made by QUB Film Studies students Laura Cro, Lucy Browne, Paddy Magennis, Lucy Browne, Keelan White Starring Jordan Walsh and Conor Charlton
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Degredation Chapter 1
Short film made by Laura Cro, Paddy Magennis, Lucy Browne, Keelan White Starring Jordan Walsh and Conor Charlton
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Monologue from John Logan's Red
Me attempting to do an American accent
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The Kitchen Knife
I know there are big knifes for weapons and some of you have guns, but there's something oddly terrifying about a sharp kitchen knife.
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