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shoot house with sage dynamics
This video is about shoot house with sage dynamics. shoot house in alt air naples florida. working in a 360 degrees environment, geting out of the range mentality. amazing training with Arron Cowan from Sage Dynamics ..
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Sage Dynamics home defense. Shoothouse
Shoot house. Shoots / No Shoots targets will have arms with hands, either a knife, a gun or just a empty hands. (OODA) Good times
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FORCE on FORCE Opsfor badguy vs unNamedFederal Agency
OpsFor against officer from a unnamed Fed dept. I’m a bad guy 🧟‍♂️🤬🤪 **THIS IS NOT AIRSOFT! ** We're using UTM (universal training munitions) or sims. These go in your real gun, with conversation kit. Normally this was for military and LEO's only, but things are changing 🤗 At #homestead’s shoot-house. Force on Force Training, bad guys get hit 1/head or 2/chest=dead but Officers never die, no matter how many shots. YES IT HURTS! Man up or Gear up.. lol, Force on force with Sims is the closest thing you'll ever get to a real live fire fight! Hands down!! . The big win for UTMs was the ability for soldiers and police to train with actual duty weapons. The Simunitions technology enables the marking rounds to duplicate the full functionality of the gun, so everything that can go wrong with a gun firing duty ammo can go wrong with a gun firing Simunitions rounds. The UTM cartridge employs a dual primer system. One primer propels the projectile out (which hurts like fu^%) of the gun while the second provides the force necessary to cycle the action and load a new round. Since it does not require the plastic sabot of the Simunitions cartridge, the spent aluminum cases can simply be swept up and disposed of either in the trash or with other aluminum products. #2a #forceonforce #htc #training #violentwhennecessary #shoothouse #badguy #opsfor #merica #glock19 #glock #glockporn #utm #sims #simunition #stayreadyshootsteady #trainforthatmoment #reddottacticaltraining
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Gf Prank: Zika Virus She thinks she has to go to the ER 🏥 for an emergency shot 💉
She thinks she has to go to the ER 🏥 for an emergency shot 💉 to prevent the symptoms of the Zika Virus bc she got bit by a mosquito. We were watching the news about the Zika virus but she kept playing on her phone, so I knew she wasn't paying attention, even though she insisted she was. So, I decide to be a fun BF.. 😂😂😂 she's so fu#%€ng adorable about it though!!! 💙😘
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25 Room Shoot house (UTM's) 2 man team Room Clearing Thinking men's game
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Some simple walking and shooting drills.
Working on moving and shooting with Jon Dufresne from Kenitc-consulting @MochaBear
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Sub-second draws from concealment
Trying to draw (just hand speed) under 0.75 of a second.
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