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Windows 10 How to create a new user local account
How to create a new user account that is local in Windows 10
Windows 10 How to make internet explorer default web browser and add it to taskbar
How to change default browser back to Internet Explorer 11 and add taskbar Icon in Windows 10
Windows 8   Documents library ms is not working fix
Documents Pictures Music and Video library ms is not working fix for Windows 8
How to prevent Samsung Messages from sending random pictures
This is the way to prevent the Samsung messaging app from sending random pictures from photo gallery
Windows 10 What is Onedrive cloud storage
Introduction to what is One Drive and how it can be used to backup your files and stream your music and much more 15 GB free and 1 TB with office 365 subscription
Windows 10 tips and tricks How to clear browsing data cookies after banking or online shopping
After banking or Shopping online here is how you can delete cookies and tracking data to have safe browsing
Windows 10 Tips and tricks how to add favorites bar in Microsoft Edge
adding the favorites bar to Microsoft edge and how to add and remove websites to the favorite bar
Windows 10 tips and tricks Wifi Analyzer app to view understand how to maximize signal on 2.4 and
Great app if you have some Wifi connectivity problems, or just to have a graphical view of the radio environment around you and it is free on the app store Wifi Analyzer
Windows 10 Fix Microsoft Windows search protocol and indexer high CPU load also for Windows 8.1
Possible fix to the search indexing protocol and filter making high CPU load on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
Windows 10 Basics What is the difference between Local VS Microsoft accounts
Main differences between local VS microsoft accounts in Windows 10
Windows 10 How to schedule regular Windows Defender scans
How to schedule regular scans with Windows Defender on Windows 10
How to Fix Cortana in Windows 10 Anniversary update using registry editor
This is a fix that seams to work for most people , hope it does for you to bring back Cortana on your Anniversary update PC
How to fix Windows update with the automatic troubleshooter in Windows 7 8.1 10
Using the automatic troubleshooter to fix Windows update progblems
Windows 10 Storage and how to view disk space and how it is used
View your disk space and also use the new storage feature of Windows 10 to see what takes all that space and manage files and apps
Windows update fix for failed install or no install at all after restart of PC in Windows 10
If your update fail to install after restart or nothing happens, try this quick manual fix
Windows 10 How to import bookmarks from Firefox to Microsoft Edge browser
Import of Firefox Bookmarks into Microsoft Edge browser
How to Check if your Facebook account is hacked and how to fix and or prevent hacking
How to know if your Facebook account is hacked and how to secure your account
Windows 10 Free CD DVD burn software Anyburn also extract MP3 from audio CD
AnyBurn is an easy to use software to burn CD DVD and even extract audio cd for Windows 10 http://www.anyburn.com/
Introduction to the Windows Registry Hives Keys Subkeys and values
part 3 of the windows registry and today we take a look at the Hives, keys, subkeys and data stored and how to change the value
Where are my Internet favorites after I upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or 81
Many people using Internet Explorer dont understand why they dont see the favorites in the blue E icon, here is how to get it back to normal
How to permanently delete your Facebook account
Here is how to permanently delete your Facebook account, you have 14 days to change your mind
Windows 10 Tips and Tricks Setting autoplay for USB Drives and Memory card readers
How to activate autoplay feature in Windows settings for USB drives and memory cards
Windows 8 - How to get internet explorer 10 metro back
How to get back internet explorer 10 metro style after it has been disabled
Where are my files after I upgrade to Windows 10 if they are missing
Sometimes when you upgrade and keep your files, they seem to be missing, are they really ?
How to take care of your laptop and cleaning it to remove dust and dirt
Tips on keeping your laptop clean and how to remove dust
Windows 10 How to move apps to usb thumb drive or sd card and how to change default app save locatio
In this tips and tricks video I show you how to move apps from C drive to external SDcard or USB Thumb drives to make more space available for Windows on C
Windows 10 Location of Microsoft Edge favorites folder
Location of the Microsoft Edge browser favorites folder in Windows 10, you can delete, copy or modify at this location
Windows 10 How to change Quick access in file explorer to stop adding automatic folders and files
If you are annoyed at the way Quick Access works in File Explorer why not follow these simple steps to help you change it to what you want
Windows 10 tips and tricks How to use the voice recorder to make audio files and recordings
Windows 10 has a great voice recorder that is very useful when you want to record audio, no need for anything extra
Standard user VS Administrator accounts Windows 10 Fall Creators update
There main differences between a Standard User account and Administrator account in Windows 10 Fall Creators update
Where to find Internet explorer 11 and Internet Explorer 11 64 bits in Windows 10 tips and tricks
If you cant seem to find Internet Explorer browser here is a way to find the 32 and 64 bits versions in Windows 10
Windows update Fixit tool for Windows 10 8.1 8 and 7 also for Insiders who can update builds
If you have problems with Windows updates not working or giving you a error message, download and run the Microsoft fixit tool here https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/971058
Ransomware tips and tricks How to decrypt your files without paying the bad guys
A great place to go to if you or anyone you know is victim of Ransomware and has encrypted files, many tools available to decrypt and get your files back for free https://www.nomoreransom.org/
Windows 8  How to get to system restore in safe mode
How to reach system restore in the advanced boot options menu
The Router part 3 How to change SSID name or wifi network name and password
How to change the name of your Wifi network and change the password
Windows 10 How to remove old windows installation files after you upgrade
Removing the old windows install files to reclaim disk space. Warning you will not be able to go back to the old windows version if you do this
Windows 10 tips and tricks  how to defer updates with metered connection option
Using this neat trick you can defer updates by turning on the metered connection option in Windows 10, works only for wifi users
How to get system restore from task manager ctrl alt del when computer is frozen
How to get to the system restore in a computer that boots up to desktop but seems to be frozen
Windows 10 tips and tricks  Using High Contrast mode to change Windows and screen colors
Using high contrast mode in Ease of Access you can tweak windows to add colors to the Windows experience
Windows 10 How to take a screenshot or snapshot of your screen and where is it saved
Taking a screenshop or snapshot of the screen is very easy in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
Windows 10 How to prevent top sites from showing in Microsoft Edge browser
How to prevent top sites from showing up in Microsoft edge at start and when you open new tabs
Windowss 10 How to add Google calendar account to your Calendar app
Quick video to show you how to add your google calendar account to Windows 10 Calendar app
Windows 8.1 how to logout of facebook app
How to logout of the facebook metro app for Windows 8.1
Windows 10 backups How to use file history to restore a lost file or folder
Dont forget that File History backups are fantastic to retrieve lost files or folders
How to take good care of laptop batteries and how to extend life of mobile device batteries
How to take care of the batteires in your laptop and mobile devices to have them running for years
Windows 10 feature Using the steps recorder to help pinpoint computer problems
Problem steps recorder available in Windows 7, 8 and 10 is a great feature to help pinpoint computer problems
Windows 8 Moving taskbar on desktop
How to put the taskbar wherever you like on the desktop
Windows 10 april 2018 update Check to make sure your home network is set to private not public
For some reason, upgrades change the network settings from Private to Public
Windows 10 Fall Creators update Controlled Folder Access How to add folders and apps
Part 2, using Controlled folder access, show to add personal folders and give apps permissions
Windows 8 - How to remove login password at startup
Remove the login password requirement .. so that you get directly to the start screen at boot up