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KEF Infra - Film
Infrastructure and a country's development go hand in hand. One cannot survive without the other. What may seem like a small boost for infrastructure can result in a massive boost for the country's economy and development. Watch our digital film to find out how, and join the Fast Forward India revolution!
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Faizal & Shabana Foundation, Kerala Floods - House Built In 11 Hours
Our philanthropic arm the Faizal and Shabana Foundation assembled a home in 11 hours for Chandran and Sharada who lost their home during the recent Kerala floods. We love giving back in ways that make a real difference. This is our first prototype affordable home, the first step in a long journey. hashtag#rebuildkerala hashtag#affordablehome hashtag#philanthrophy hashtag#givingtomakeadifference
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Meitra Inauguration
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Meitra Hospital Calicut  Kerala
G+5 / 400,000 sq. ft. Completion: 18 months
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KEF Holdings Brand Video
KEF's think tank comprises of a panel of experts who bring with them years of experience, knowledge and new-age thinking in execution of its projects from a global perspective that is second to none. We believe in striving hard with a vision to create a world-class institution that will contribute to the benefit of the common man for years to come.
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Faizal Kottikollon On Revolutionizing The Infrastructure Industry
"We can transform India quickly only if we all collectively work together and share our knowledge." Watch Mr. Faizal Kottikollon (Chairman, KEF Holdings) talk about revolutionizing the infrastructure industry and #FastForwardIndia.
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KEF Agriculture
KEF is helping find ways to bring global solutions that use knowledge, techniques and resources readily available; thereby helping create a healthy balance between nature and farming where crops and animals can grow and thrive.
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KEF Investments
Incorporated in DIFC in 2012, KEF Investments was started as the investment arm of the KEF Group. Pursuing a balanced approach the team comprising of seasoned professionals with many years of experience focuses on the following services: • Wealth Management; • Financial Planning; • Estate Planning; • Property Management; • Tax Planning; • Legal Affairs Management; • Strategic Partnerships; and • Risk Management KEF Investments also engages in private equity placement, venture capital opportunities, and real estate development globally.
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KEF Healthcare
The KEF Company is setting up a world-class, 500 bed high-end, tertiary care hospital in the city of Kozhikode (Calicut) in Kerala, India. The hospital is being built as a joint venture with the PeeKay Group, a leading business group in Kozhikode and Dr. Faizal Ali, a renowned Cardiologist in Kozhikode. The hospital will focus on Cardiac Sciences, Neurosciences and Orthopedics, along with a well-established Rehabilitation program, and will aim to be a center of excellence in its specialties and the best hospital in Kerala. The hospital aims to be operational by mid-2014.
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Faizal Kottikollon - Giving to Create Impact
Watch Faizal Kottikollon (Chairman, KEF Holdings) talk about creating an impact faster to support education, health, and the society at the inauguration of The Panchayat Union Primary School, Kakkanpuram - in under a minute. #FastForwardIndia
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The Faizal & Shabana Foundation
Philanthropy has been a hallmark of The KEF Holdings ever since its inception in early 1990s The Shabana & Faizal Foundation is a charitable organization established by Mrs. and Mr. Faizal in line with their belief of investing in human development. It is formed on KEF's strong belief in its social responsibility towards the upliftment of those in need. The Foundation is actively involved in various charitable initiatives in India, the UAE and other parts of the World. The foundation funds and supports activities designed to improve and better the lives of those in need.
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Hospitality Industry - Infographic Animation
In part 4 of our infographics series, we explore the potential opportunities in the hospitality industry. KEF Infra is uniquely placed to meet the industry's burgeoning requirements and #FastForwardIndia. Watch the infographics animation above.
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KEF Education
The KEF Company has initiated the concept of Holistic and affordable education in the UAE and India by establishing a number of schools as a private investment. These schools will be focused on experimental, differentiated and kinesthetic learning methodologies. The schools will combine both eastern and western value systems with an aim to bridge gaps in the overall learning and development of an individual. The long-term goal is to create an inspired generation that will be equipped to design and proactively implement solutions to new challenges and set responsible leadership paradigms.
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Wow Awards Announcement HQ
The KEF Infra Industrial Park launch executed by Mosaic Live wins Gold in the "Corporate Meeting of the Year" category, among others, at the WOW Awards Asia, 2017! The launch event was also awarded Gold for "Achievement in Production Management" and ""Achievement in Audio Visual Solution" in addition to a Bronze for "Achievement in Projection Mapping." #FastForwardIndia
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KEF Metals
Founded in 1995, Al Ahamadi General Trading (AGT) is amongst the flagship companies of the KEF Group. AGT has established itself as a leading player in the metal scrap recycling industry across the entire GCC. The company has been involved in active trading operations of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal with a yearly tonnage of 120,000 metric tonnes. AGT has the expertise to collect, sort and process all forms of scrap metal with sophisticated machinery like shearing and bundling machines in order to provide foundries, mills and smelters with suitable dimensions for re-melting. Building on the vast experience of serving steel casting foundries in the region, the team at AGT prides itself in being able to deliver quality material with the right chemical composition at the correct price. With its eyes set on global markets, AGT has ambitious and aggressive expansion plans for the future.
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Faizal Kottikollon - Off-site manufactured school at Kakkanpuram
Watch Faizal Kottikollon (Chairman, KEF Holdings) talk about how Kakkanpuram's first off-site manufactured school is helping the government to #FastFowardIndia and motivating the shift to off-site manufacturing, a more adaptable and faster way of construction - in under a minute.
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