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Energiron Sept2016
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MADE4LO - Shaping the Future of Metal Additive Manufacturing
What is Metal Additive Manufacturing and how can it shape the future of metals industry? MADE4LO is a project launched to create a “widespread” factory for the development of metal 3D printing technology covering the entire metals value chain – from equipment supply to the finished product. The project, partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund in the framework of Lombardy Region’s Research and Development Agreements, will last 30 months for a total investment of 6.6 million euros. It involves eleven partners from Lombardy, north-western Italian region, led by Tenova, specifically two Universities (Politecnico di Milano and Università di Pavia), three Big Industries (Tenova, BLM, and GF Machining Solutions), and six SMEs (TTM Laser, 3D-NT, GFM, Fubri, Co. Stamp, and Officine Meccaniche G. Lafranconi).
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Tenova High Tech Program 2017
Young, talented and creative: this the profile of the participants to Tenova High Tech Program – the initiative launched in 2012 to promote innovation and collaboration among young employees in the company. The attendees have the opportunity to enhance their technical and managerial skills and draw up innovative projects to be presented at the end of their two-year path within the Program. The 6th edition of the High Tech Week dedicated to the Program took place in the headquarters in Castellanza from June 5th to 9th 2017, and this year the focus was on Sustainability. Watch the video to find out more.
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TAKRAF - Leading solutions provider to the global resource industry
TAKRAF, a Tenova company since 2007, is a leading solutions provider to the global resource industry – operating in 150 countries, with 17 offices around the world – and boasts a history of over 250 years. Four pillars inspire TAKRAF’s daily action – safety, innovation, sustainability and reliability – always with one goal in mind: to be your mining, bulk material handling, minerals processing, air environmental and services & components partner. Find out more at: https://www.takraf. com/
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Tenova at a glance
Tenova, a Techint Group company, is your worlwide partner for innovative, reliable and sustainable solutions in the metals and mining industries. Find more information on www.tenova.com
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Tenova   10 years of Innovation
In 2017 Tenova celebrated the 10th anniversary of its brand. A milestone that sums-up years of innovations and transformation of Tenova, a worldwide partner for innovative, reliable and sustainable solutions in the metals and mining industries. Founded in February 2007 from the former Techint Technologies, the history of Tenova is a tale of growth and success driven by the passion for technology, the commitment to serving our clients and a prudent eye for expansion opportunities. Tenova is able to anticipate the trends and transformations within the industries, as demonstrated by our recent projects, products and events.
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iRecovery project
The new Consteel Evolution ® combined with Tenova iRecovery system, is able to recover the thermal energy present in the dirty fume coming from the Electrical Arc Furnace and generate steam. The Tenova new iRecovery system will deliver thermal energy to the Italian city of Brescia heat district grid during winter time (10 MW) and will feed an ORC turbo-generator to produce electric energy for Ori Martin’s internal use. The steel plant will have a saving on fuel consumption with a consequent reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 10,000 t/y.
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The Two Basic Things That Steelmakers Want - Stefano Maggiolino, CEO Tenova HYL
Innovation is a journey towards the future. Always more companies in the steel industry are ready to invest in digital technologies with the aim to increase their efficiency in terms of OpEx and of plant availability. To achieve this goal, they need a reliable partner. StefanoMaggiolino, Tenova HYL CEO, explains why Tenova is the best partner for steelmakers in an interview for American Metal Market.
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Tenova at a glance
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The Skills of Tomorrow's Managers - Andrea Lovato, TENOVA CEO, at BIP FF17 (english subtitles)
Innovation represents a great opportunity for business but poses considerable challenges as well. What skills do managers need in order to keep up with the ever-changing environment in which companies operate? Andrea Lovato, Tenova CEO, answers to this topical question in occasion of Bip Future Forum in Milan (Italy), June 2017.
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Tenova Advanced Technologies (TAT) Solvent Extraction (SX) Plant
Tenova Advanced Technologies (TAT) offers advanced Solvent Extraction (SX) solutions and proprietary technologies for the mineral and bio-process industries, complimented by in-house laboratory and pilot plant facilities. TAT operates as a combined technology developer and package plant supplier in SX and Electrowinning (EW) and our experience and expertise covers all aspects of SX-EW. For more information, visit https://www.tenova.com/about-us/who-we-are/tenova-advanced-technologies/
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Innovation and Circular Economy - Andrea Lovato interviewed by Siderweb
Better performance with reduced environmental footprint is the ultimate goal for steel producers, and Tenova is working for developing solutions to accomplish it. In this interview to Siderweb Andrea Lovato, Tenova CEO, sets the investment priorities to be competitive in the steel sector. Innovation is not adapting for survival: we must explore new paths and invest in green technologies. Find more information on www.tenova.com #innovation #sustainability
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