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Review of Lakeshore Pecan - $0.79/SF Cheap Laminated Flooring - Home Depot
This Glueless Hand Scraped Lakeshore Pecan Flooring at only $0.79 per SF this is some really cheap floating floor. I was very impress on the Quality and how simple this floor was to install. Here I will give you a quick demo of the floor and how it handles scratchs. http://www.homedepot.com/p/TrafficMASTER-Lakeshore-Pecan-7-mm-Thick-x-7-2-3-in-Wide-x-50-5-8-in-Length-Laminate-Flooring-24-17-sq-ft-case-35947/205349795
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Best 15 Beginner Wakesurfing Tricks to Learn
For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks Checkout (http://www.reviewoutlaw.com/best-15-beginner-wakesurfing-tricks-to-learn) If you are looking for some Beginner Wake Surfing Tricks then here are some nice Tricks you can learn, the beginning tricks are easier then the last tricks.
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Frigidaire Freezer not making ICE! Replace the Ice Maker! FIXED
So all of the sudden my ice maker was no longer making ICE! I need my ICE Coffee in the some time! In this video i will quickly show you how to replace the ICE maker Part so you as well can have your ICE! Part number: 241798224 Frigidaire Appliance Icemaker This is the one i purchased to Fix Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B011P1OODQ/ref=pe_385040_215884960_TE_dp_i1
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Review of DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser
I was looking for a way to burn some calories while working a my desk that did not work out, but i did find it works great when watching TV! More Reviews (http://reviewoutlaw.com)
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How to Transfer SIM Card from iphone 6 / 6s to Iphone 7
It's Time to upgrade from the OLD iphone to the NEW magical iphone 7! Well in order to transfer the Phone number you will need to Transfer the SIM card this will allow you to receive calls from the same number as you had on your OLD Phone! Unboxing - Part 1: https://youtu.be/VN36vhpAPX0 Data Transfer - Part 2: https://youtu.be/GuiGSs4dxzY Sim Card Swap - Part 3: https://youtu.be/MiVlNvR_Y0o Transfer iphone 7 to 8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sd32Wmjj-8U
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Deck Building - P4 - How to apply penofin oil to cedar deck
I was looking for a video on How to Apply Penofin Red Label Clear Wood Stain to my New Cedar Deck and could not find one so i made this video I Hope it will help you with your project. (http://reviewoutlaw.com)
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Simple Setup Option Trade and Auto Close at 50% Profit on Tastyworks
I use this same trick on all my Option Trades, it's Dead Simple, Open the Trade at 70% Pop and around 85% Pop50% 45ish days to expiration, Put Vertical Spreads. After i place the order, I do the opposite order and close for 50% of the Max Profit. Set it and Forget it is what i say! More Option related videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkitUfeFQwA&list=PLmQBWbsf8SbLU5y4H9fx6sZC9ZG-p_vGH For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks Checkout (http://ReviewOutlaw.com)
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How to connect a propane tank to a gas stove
I was looking for a way to Connect a 20lbs standard Gas Grill Propane tank to my Inside Gas Range / Stove so i can Cook food in the summer time without having a Propane company deliver Propane. For More reviews and How To's Go to (http://www.reviewoutlaw.com)
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How to 'Sell to Close' Stock option on Scottrade
If you are looking for a Guide to "Sell to Open" a call option but are not sure how to do it then this is a great Starting point. will show you how you want to do it. I purchased a Trip advisor stock and now am closing it to make some nice profit in a short amount of time. More Great Tips (http://reviewoutlaw.com)
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How to Fix/Close a Gap/Crack/Space in Door Molding!
Quick Tip for Closing a Gap in a Door Frame, After install this door in this older building i noticed it had a bit of Space / Crack in the Molding, this quick fix worked great in hiding that eye sore. If you have a bit of a Gap after installing door molding i hope this will help you. For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks Checkout (http://ReviewOutlaw.com)
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How to Transfer Data from iPhone 6s to iPhone 7
If you are going from a Older iphone to a newer iphone then you most likely would like all your STUFF, APPS pictures, etc on your new phone! Well here is my Quick Guide on how to DO IT right! Unboxing - Part 1: https://youtu.be/VN36vhpAPX0 Data Transfer - Part 2: https://youtu.be/GuiGSs4dxzY Sim Card Swap - Part 3: https://youtu.be/MiVlNvR_Y0o
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How To Glass Blow! - LukeJohn Bernfeld!
Today I take you to a Local Glass Blowing shop in RI, Where my little Brother LukeJohn Bernfeld shows me how to Glass Blow a Glass ornament. Also we make a Glass cup and explain the process of how it works. For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks Checkout (http://ReviewOutlaw.com)
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Intex Pure Spa Inflatable 6 Person Hot Tub Review
I purchase this Intex Inflatable Hot Tub online on Amazon Even though it says 6 person it can only really fit 4 people so be aware of that! But for a Cheap Hot Tub it does the Trick! Watch my video to find out more! Cost was around $470 including shipping
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My Iphone 7 will not Turn off! FIXED!
If you are having issue with your apple iphone where it will not shutdown / power off / Turn off! Then here is a quick Video on how to shut it down even if it does not want to shut down AKA it's Frozen on shutdown. (http://reviewoutlaw.com)
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Jet Ski won't Accelerate! - Seaweed in Impeller - FIXED!
Are you having a issue when riding you jet ski where it will not accelerate more than 10 mph, when you give it the gas it just makes a loud vibration sound but does not go any faster. It sounds like you have some Seaweed suck in you intake. Here i will show you the quickest way to remove it and get back on your way. Other Jet Ski Fix Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ox6UsLKCYxc For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks Checkout (http://ReviewOutlaw.com)
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Review of Antminer S9 / Antminer L3+ / 6x GPU Mining Rig - Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
Right now my three miners are pulling in around $1200 per month, They are mining with NiceHash and are mining Bitcoin / Litecoin / Ethereum Mining using Bitmain Antminers i purchase on ebay for $2000 for the S9 and $4250 for L3 miner. I monitor there progress with a app call Awesome Miner.
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Review of Motley Fool - Stock Advisor
If you are interested in getting started purchasing Stocks but don't know which ones are good, and if they are good when is a good time to buy? and When is a good time to Sell? Well then you might want to check out Motley Fool Stock Advisors, I've been using them for years and they are nice., For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks Checkout (http://ReviewOutlaw.com)
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How to Prime the Well on a Summer Cabin
It's Spring time and It is now time to get the water working again in the summer cabin. Every Fall we need to clear out the water so the pipes don't freeze. So naturally every spring it's time to add that water back in the pipes. Here is how we do it!
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Review of Tastyworks
Referral Link: https://start.tastyworks.com#/login?referralCode=CRM7ZJY9NX If you are looking for a quick Walk through Review of Tastyworks Options trading software / brokerage then you have come to the right place! If you are looking for Really Cheap Options Trading then TastyWorks is something you might want to try out! Only $1 to open per contract and free to Close is the cheapest i have seen. Along with some really nice Software this is pretty Sweat! For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks Checkout (http://ReviewOutlaw.com)
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How to transfer SIM / Data from Iphone 5s to Iphone 6 or 6 Plus
Check out (http://reviewoutlaw.com) for more Great iphone related Stuff! I was looking online for the correct way to switch from a iphone 5s to a iphone 6. Do I backup the iphone 5s first? Move the Sim Card first? I could not find the answers so i decided to make a little 5 minute how to guide for the correct steps. Backup Iphone 5s, don't both upgrade to 8.0, then plug in iphone 6 choice restore from itunes backup, then wait about 30min. then verify everything is on the phone, then shut off both phones, take out sim put into new phone and turn on phone, then do a test phone call. then Sync Iphone 6 again.
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Follow up Review to Fujitsu Mini Split Heat & AC
I felt i need to do a a Follow up Review to the First Video on the mini Split after some comments i had on the first Video! So here you are hope the Second video Helps you out if you are still on the Fence! First Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpeVEmK5XBI
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How to Build a Custom Live Edge Wood Office Desk
I love the way Saw Mill Lumber looks and wanted something unique for my new office so thought i would show everyone the process to build a Live Edge Wood Desk its pretty Neat when it's all finished.
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How to Setup Antminer D3 Miner with NiceHash Pool from Stratch
So you just got your Bitmain Antminer D3 and you are all excited! Oh Wait you need to do something to get this pretty machine to spit out some Crypto! Well here is my quick guide to getting it up and running and making you some Nice $$ on NichHash Pool! Network Scanner: http://www.mitec.cz/netscan.html NiceHash: https://www.nicehash.com/miner/ Awesome Miner: http://www.awesomeminer.com/default.aspx Miner General Configuration for a Antmienr D3: pool 1 : stratum+tcp://x11.usa.nicehash.com:3336#xnsub pool 2: stratum+tcp://x11.eu.nicehash.com:3336#xnsub pool 3.: stratum+tcp://x11.hk.nicehash.com:3336#xnsub For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks Checkout (http://ReviewOutlaw.com)
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Review of Jet Ski Floating Boat Lift wave armor dock
Here is my Quick review of the Wave Armor Floating Jet Ski Lift. It keeps the Jet Ski safe from waves and nice and clean, its easy to ride on and off the Boat lift! (www.reviewoutlaw.com)
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Yamaha Tw200 - Video Review - Enduro | street Legal | Dual Sport | Motorcycle 200cc
Video Reviews and More detailed review ( http://reviewoutlaw.com/review-of-yamaha-tw200-2013-street-legal-enduro-dual-sport/) Anyone can enjoy an impressive riding experience with this Yamaha Dual Purpose TW200 because of its long list of impressive features and comfortable ride. (http://reviewoutlaw.com)
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How to "Sell to Open" Put Option on ThinkorSwim : TD Ameritrade
If you are looking to see a quick video on how to Sell to Open a Put Option on the ThinkorSwim Software Platform by TD Ameritrade then here it is. I am putting on a Option for AXP that will give me Money as long as this Stock Stays above a Certain Strike Price. Sign up for TD ameritrade Here: https://www.tdameritrade.com/client/referral/index.html?rid=323468 For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks Checkout (http://ReviewOutlaw.com)
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"Sell to Open" Option Trade on TD Ameritrade
If you want to Get into Options Trading then a Simple Sell to Open Put Option Trade might be your best bet. Here is a Quick Walkthrough Guide on How to do this. I am selling a Put Option directly on the TD Ameritrade Website. Sign up for TD ameritrade Here: https://www.tdameritrade.com/client/referral/index.html?rid=323468 For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks Checkout (http://ReviewOutlaw.com)
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How to do a 360 Spin Wakesurfing? A Beginner Guide to your first 360.
I must have tried at least at least 150 to 200 tries to get a 360 wakesurfing. It's not as easy as it is on a wakeboard or Snowboard. Here are some tips that will make it easier for you to learn that trick everyone wants to do on a wakesurf board. (http://reviewoutlaw.com)
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How to Fix a Crack on a SUP - (Stand Up Paddleboard)
So I got a Crack in my New Paddle board, No so Good... Bit it can be fixed real cheap from some products from your local hardware store and just a little bit of time you can be back out on the water in no time! For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks Checkout (http://ReviewOutlaw.com)
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Yamaha VX Deluxe 2015 vs 2016 : Part 1 - Quick Overview
In this Video I will Give you a quick Side by Side of the 2015 Yamaha VX Deluxe Jet Ski vs the 2016 model. They have Changed the Engine and it does affect the ride and performance but is that all? What are the Pro's and Con's to Each? Well you will have to watch the video to find out! Part 1:
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Traveling Abroad - Euro SIM Card Swap on Iphone 7 - International Data / Calling
So if you plan on going to Denmark or another european country where they don't support your Cellphone Carrier like ATT/Verizon/T-Mobile But you still want to be able to use Google Maps or Yelp to check out great locations around you! You could hunt for WIFI everywhere but that is a huge pain. Instead purchase a prepaid SIM card it will only cost you around $20-30 for a entire months worth of 3G/4G Service. For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks Checkout (http://ReviewOutlaw.com)
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Whats Most Profitable? Antminer S9, L3+,D3, or GPU Rig? ASIC Mining Showdown!
So you are looking at Getting in to Mining Cryptocurrency but you are not sure which is the best to buy? The Bitmain Antminer S9, D3, L3+ or maybe get a GPU mining Rig? Will here i will break out the profits from each, which one i recommend, which coin you should mine. And How much Power it will cost. Lets see how a ASIC Miner Stacks up against a GPU Miner. The Software i used was: http://www.awesomeminer.com/ For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks Checkout (http://ReviewOutlaw.com)
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How to Fix Gap under a Floor Molding - Quick Fix
So maybe you are installing your own floor and left a little bit to much space under between your wall and your new floating floor. Well rather than redo the entire floor here is a neat little trick to remove that gap and still have it looking nice and clean!
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Fix Windows Cannot Search the Google Drive Folder
I was looking every where for a Fix to Windows Cannot Search the Google Drive Folder i could not find it but i ended up trying a couple of different things that finnally did the trick for me and i hope it helps you. I use the windows 10 search feature all the time it's Great so this was a must have feature for me!. For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks Checkout Quick Fix Google Drive Folder - Properties - Security - Edit - Add System User (http://ReviewOutlaw.com)
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Fix Ballast & Pump issues on Axis / Malibu Boat
If you Wakesurf or Wakeboard then you prob. have a Ballast system on your boat so you can get a nice Big Wave! Well after some time you might be having issues with the boat either not removing water or issue with the intake of the water. In this Video i will show you how you can clean up the Pump to fix those issues.
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How to fix Samsung Refrigerator Water leaking / Ice Build up!
I noticed some water on the bottom of my Samsung Refrigerator the other day and could not figure out where it was coming from until i removed the Crisper Drawer and saw a bunch of ice on the bottom of my Refrigerator. First thing i did was check the back to make sure there was no clog in the back drain, after verifying that, i clear out all the food inside so i could get the the internal coils. Here i will show you the steps very quickly so you can fix it yourself as well!
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Shower not getting hot? Adjust your shower Mixing Valve!
If you are having a issue where you shower is not very hot but your sink has very hot water then you might need to do some adjustments to your Mixing Valve. Here I will show you quickly how you can make the changes so you can have nice toasty showers!
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7 Things you MUST do in Hilton Head, SC
I went around ST. Patrick's Day to Visit Hilton Head, SC i am someone who has to Keep active and do fun Exciting stuff when i'm on a Trip... Well really at all times but even more so on a trip. Here are some Fun idea's if you are looking for something do to as well on a Trip to Hilton Head, SC! 1. Helicopter Tour! 2. See Alligators 3. Checkout Spanish Moss on Trees, and Tree Jump 4. Rent a Boat to go to Savannah and Grab some Lunch 5. Zip line 6. Biking Around the Island, Check out Some Horses 7. Check out the Beach, on Bikes and See Dolphins (Reviewoutlaw.com) for more Great STUFF
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Review of Axis A24 2014 Wakeboard Boat
(http://www.reviewoutlaw.com/review-axis-a24-2014-wakeboard-boat/) I purchase this 2014 and wanted to give a review on the Boat, Here is some pro's and Con's and a test drive on the Boat. Along with a Wakeboard and Wake Surf, so you can see the boat with the Ballast Fully loaded, with the 450HP Corvette Engine. For more Fixes, Tips and Hacks (http://reviewoutlaw.com)
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Fix yamaha Jet Ski will not accelerate. Clean out impeller of waveruuner
After driving this Brand New Yamaha VX Deluxe Jet Ski on the beach for about 1 hour all of the sudden it won't not accelerate faster than 10 miles per hour and made a loud vibration sound when i did try to accelerate. I had some trash/junk stuck in the impeller or Jet. Here are the steps you can take if you have the same issue Other Jet SKi Fix Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTlKV4O0EWs
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How to Invest in a IPO? on TD Ameritrade
Are you interested in Learning how to invest in a IPO? If you had invested $1000 in Netflix during it's IPO, you would have over $120,000 Dollars Today! That is a lof of $$. Not all stocks will take off but if you beleive in the company then why not get in early! For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks Checkout (http://ReviewOutlaw.com)
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How to restore a rusty Fire Pit
(http://www.reviewoutlaw.com/refinish-fire-pit/) Are you Interested in Removing the Rust from your Old Fire Pit and making it look like new again, Then you have come to the Right Place i will take you step by step on how to do it right. More Hacks and How to's (http://www.ReviewOutlaw.com)
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Vortex 2890 Snow Thrower Troy-Bilt - Review
Just Purchased one of these Troy-Bilt Snow Blower from Lowes and wanted to give a quick review for People looking to throw some snow around this winter.
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How to Build a Floating Dock
In this video i will show you how to Build a Floating Dock. I currently have a Floating dock but want to extend it so why not show you how i Build it in the process. This dock is build on a Lake. For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks Checkout (http://ReviewOutlaw.com)
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How to Start Mining Quarkcoins - CPU Mining Quarks the Super Simple Guide
Read more at (http://reviewoutlaw.com/how-to-start-mining-quarks-bitcoins-mining-the-simple-guide/) After looking everywhere for a Simple How to Guide on Bitcoins, i decided to make my own.To mine Quarkcoin, special software is used by your computer to solve complex algorithms or blocks. This is nice Gui Simple Background Bitcoin/Quark Mining Tool. (http://reviewoutlaw.com)
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Windsurfing Review - Bic ACE-TECH SUP Stand up Paddle Board
I purchased this 3 in 1 SUP Surf / Wind / SUP board and wanted to give everyone a Quick Review of the Windsurfing part of the board, so you can see how it handles in the Wind. I did a bit of a how to Video also on Windsurfing. SUP - Review : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Avu1jC1Qf4 Surf Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xS0XlduV7tM WindSurf Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDBq4CsgvsA
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My First Stock Option Assignment! What should you Do?
I've been trading Stock Options for a While now, and i have never been assign stock! Well It's going to happen at some point and it just did! My Short Put's Got assigned I receive 100 Stocks of Trip and My Option Broker Tasty Trade Send me a Crap load of Emails saying i need to fix it ASAP or they where going to! For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks Checkout (http://ReviewOutlaw.com)
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Review GE GeoSpring 50-Gallon Hybrid Water Heater
Model #: GEH50DEEDSR Provides the same hot water recovery as a traditional 50-gal standard electric water heater with 65-gal first hour rating Installs like a standard electric water heater with the same water and electrical connections ENERGY STAR® qualified exceeds federal guidelines for energy efficiency and provides year-round energy and money savings Demand response capability allows low energy setting to be automatically selected during high-cost periods Proudly assembled in Louisville, KY Limited 10-year warranty provides peace-of-mind and dependability purchased at lowes for $599 with instant CT Tax rebate. http://www.lowes.com/pd_386797-83-GEH50DEEDSR_0__?productId=3664968 (http://reviewoutlaw.com)
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How to Mine Darkcoin -- The GUI Friendly Simple way of mining Dark Coin
Read more at (http://www.reviewoutlaw.com/how-to-mine-darkcoin-gui-friendly-simple-way-mining-dark-coin/) Are you looking for a nice guide on How to How to Mine Darkcoin? Well here i have a step by step Video guide on CPU mining and GPU mining this coin. (http://reviewoutlaw.com)
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Tastyworks VS Scottrade VS Options House VS ThinkorSwim TD Ameritrade Brokerage Review
Tasty Trade Referral Link: https://start.tastyworks.com#/login?referralCode=CRM7ZJY9NX TD Ameritrade Link : https://www.tdameritrade.com/client/referral/redirect/index.html?rid=346964 In this review i do a Quick Break down of pricing and show you how to put on a simple Put Option Trade on Tasty Works VS Scottrade VS Options House VS ThinkorSwim / TD Ameritrade. This way you can not only compare pricing but also compare the different interfaces so you can see which one you might like best! For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks Checkout (http://ReviewOutlaw.com)
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