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Obama Stuttering Over Trump
Obama is really freaking out here :) slap a like on this video if you agree fox news owns this I do not I am just sharing it
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4th of July Tannerite Explosions
1lb and 5lb hope you enjoy like this video and I will do a slow motion video. thanks for the support
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Hydographics on a Ruger 9mm
Two tone blue then Hydrocoated. anyone caught using this footage will be found. Want your gun done? Contact me in the description.
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The Dominus Fecit
Pretty sweet mod made in southern California this has been my all day vape
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Whats A SJW? Madea is that you "call da po po hoe" :)
this was to funny sad but funny The dude in the back is like I Quit :)
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WTF Is This
Hillary gives birth to aliens
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.08 0hms 4.2 volts
Rate and comment if you want me to make one on camera.
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What do you think? Just compare the eyes when they speak
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calling Poison Control about eliquid
hey guys here is a quick video i made while on the phone with poison control. hope this helps
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k1000 that will not fire
Not a review just a video for the supplier.
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Theory X 195
Theory x 195 Red Bottom 2600kv WOW KISS 24amp hs1177 RaceKraft 5051 tris
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Funny Vaping Photos
hey guys i found some funny vaping photos online tought i would share them I dont own these I didnt make these just thought they were worth sharing if these belong to you message me ill give you credit
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Aga t4
Today we are going to look at the agat4 they did pretty good with this design two thumbs up I did purchase this it was not free.
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250 fpv run pilot hd v2 fatshark
first FPV run on the 250 with gemfan 5030 props running a 3s lipo 40c zippy battery 10mph winds not a bad day to fly
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Obama Stuttering Over Donald Trump Again
Hes at it again guys :)
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The HAM by Jailbird mods
I had put down all genesis attys and hybrids until I got this its amazing takes a 26650 and holds 12.5 ml of juice. If you can get one for under 300 get it you won't be disappointed.
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Windy RAW  RACEKRAFT 5051 props
I could not line a dive up today sorry no gopro here im running the 1800 nanotech it just keeps going unlike my Venom 1000s
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Nano qx2 Maiden Flight FPV
just a quick madien flight with the nano qx 2
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New spot Qav210
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Lets Play Metal Gear Solid
If you would like to see more live streams everyday and help me get a better facecam and mic donations are always appreciated BTC 1C2gayagePGx9fwYyk23gRvyQxr1PQb2GU ETH 0xf3cf524aea778499feebd8f5cc59f7b45a07ba7c LTC LcK4LMNBZf2T9KndjRDfeFk1UWrGJ2SbWh
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Sorry guys I lost my sd card so I haven't been able to upload any flights so here's a quick takeoff
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Fastest Colt 45 Chug 48 seconds
hey guys i hope you enjoyed this video i know its someting differnt but if i get my challenge accepted then you may see more of these vieos i am uploading this afterbthe fact so bare with me on my typing hahah thats how you know its legit hah just wanted to see if i could beat shoenice and i did go me haha sorry for all the tags i just want ths tobe seen by as many people as possibel
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Raw Enjoy
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Lets try to beat this
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Hey guys This is not my video I am just simply sharing it if you really enjoyed slap a like and go visit this guy he made it. Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PR6bzrjI1uU Your awsome Keith Feel the Bern!!!!! Hillary For Prison2016!!!!!! lyrics Clinton thinks it's in the bag Got the corporations in her pocket. But he's a coming, with a revolution Bernie's fucking awesome. Walk up to the Dems like "What Up, we got a plan to rock." We so pumped establishment is gonna close shop The banking on Clinton's so damn costly The people like "damn, this a corrupt ass party." Rolling in Hella Deep Trying to win the DNC Fighting off a party that's gone with Hillary As he stands on the stage next to good'ol Hillary Probably should remember Everything she says is: "PISSSSS." BUT SHIT. BERNIES GOT COMMON SENSE!! Revolution coming Bout to get ourselves some delegates Standing up on Bernies platform someone else keeps on copying But me and people fighting Hoping she gets indicted Crossing our fingers and we Hella happy you're a liar bitch Stealing Bernie Sanders Style Stealing Bernie Sanders Style No for real, we the peop ple, will not take this lying down. Your nice pantsuit with money from speeches Bernie got no dirt but go and keep on digging We have a broken system he'll fix the broken system It's all about the people, you all about the money Hello hello this race ain't over Bernie got nothing but the best supporters let's go We can take democracy make it cool, ya know? But media will be like "Aww Bernie should quit tho." I'm really kind of glad That there's just one other option I just can't settle For Clinton or a Donald Bernie's Fucking Awesome Clinton thinks it's in the bag Got the corporations in her pocket But hes a coming With a revolution Bernie's fucking awesome. He wears your grandads clothes. He looks incredible. He's gonna flip the votes Atthe convention down the road He wears your grandads clothes. He looks incredible. Hes gonna flip the votes At the convention down the road Clinton thinks it's in the bag Got the corporations in her pocket But hes a coming With a revolution Bernie's fucking awesome.
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July 3RD 2016 Aerial Fireworks
Not mine yet ☺
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Five Nights At Freddys Sister Location
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whoop walgreens
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Testing the DJI for the 4th of July2016
should be a pretty good 4th as long as i can keep himin the air the whole time
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I Found A leaf
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Quick DVR Run
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Random atomizers random coils and good music
Hey guys this is just me showing some random atomizers and setups first one is a phoenix rba have twisted 32 gage 3/4 wrap single coil the second one is a aga-t2 again twisted 32 3/4 wrap i use 400 mesh the third one was a aga-t with twisted 30 3/4 wraps and last but far from least probably my favorite one the phoenix rba with gaged out hole for air running dual coils the Zeus coils learned from a great guy named bishopheals check him out. And wanna see more atomizers and setups rate comment and subscribe. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V582u4Q-js0
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Hot box with vapor
. 4 ohm dual coil Vaping Saves Lives
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QAV210 Cobra 2206 2100KV
QAV210 with new Cobra 2206 2100kv these scream :) Parts Qav210 Cobra 2206 2100kv DYS 20a blhelli Naze32 Rev5 Battery 1 Venom 3s 1300mah Battery 2 Venom 4s 1000mah Spektrum Transmitter 600mw Raceband Spektrum receiver Fatshark 600tvl cmos cam GoPro Hero3+ FatShark Dominator V3 And a DX6 :) I had a Issue I dont think 20a is enough :(
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Just a quick update
heys guys thanks for sticking with me on this I will be busting out videos everyday now just got the crazyness out of my life hahaha
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Double Rainbow.
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PUP V2 6inch
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