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Trash Panic - Challenge Cleared - Ring The Bell 108 Times
The usual problem is the garbage filling up and covering the bell. Burning the logs to clean up trash proves to be difficult. The key of the illustrated strategy is to break the logs and make them fall out of the garbage, as dammaged junk falling out does not lead to penalty. Also, Potatoes can ring the bell so use them as well, before the speed gets out of control. But make sure those fall inside the trash. That plan to accomplish this is to build a wodden tower on top of which to lay the bell. The angle is important so the bell doesn't fall down as we heavily hit it. Also, the round tip of the bell should be on the inside in order to provide a good target for potatoes. You can even be cocky on your exit move... Matches are for sissies... pfff!
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Portrait Verner - Épisode 1 - Intro
http://GrosTabarnak.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/PortraitVerner/261736533895972 Histoire Infoman: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlYRYdWc-dA&list=PLF9B9A80B373BD715&feature=plpp_play_all Vous avez peut-être entendu parler du portrait d'elle-même que Josée Verner avait abandonné dans son bureau de compté, suite à sa défaite électorale du 2 mai 2011 ? Le tableau a été mis aux enchères sur eBay, et c'est moi qui l'ai acheté. J'ai envie de le faire voyager, un peu comme le nain de jardin d'Amélie Poulin. Vous avec un endroit à suggérer où il serait mis en valeur? Peut-être chez vous? Votre lieu de travail ? Un endroit offrant une belle vue panoramique? Un point d'intérêt touristique ou sportif? A vous de suggérer un lieu que vous aimeriez faire connaitre et je pourrais très m'y rendre pour y tourner des vidéos que je partagerai par la suite. Je suis même ouvert aux destinations exotiques. Attention aux endroits ou le tableau pourrait s'abimer, comme par exemple les lieux trop humides. Je tiens à conserver le tableau longtemps, alors seulement des endroits sécuritaires seront retenus. Faites parvenir vos suggestions, et ajoutez à vos favoris pour suivre tous les détails. Merci d'être là et à bientôt.
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Seal Wadding - French WTF!
Seals are semiaquatic marine mammals. They are being hunted in many countries around the world for their meat and their pelts, to make products such as oil supplements, waterproof jackets, coats and boots. If seals were hunted to make wadding, such a variety of wadding would most likely be called "seal wadding". Now here's where it gets funny: * Go to: http://translate.google.com * Type "seal wadding" in the text box. * Translate to French, and click on the "listen" button. "ouate de phoque" That's right. As a matter of fact, in french, a seal is called "phoque". Yes, it is really pronounced "phoque". So from now on, if you want your YouTube videos to be PG13, don't say "what the F***", say "ouate de phoque". - Pictures: -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Phoeca_groenlandica_piece_of_meat_upernavik_2007-06-26.JPG (Kim Hansen) -- http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fichier:Ringed_seal_1_2000-08-13.jpg (Ansgar Walk) -- http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fichier:Iglulik_Clothing_1999-07-18.jpg (Ansgar Walk) - Inspired by VSauce
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Street Drummer - Washington DC - 2010-09-05
On my way to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, in Washington DC, I came across this guy , jammin' on this fortune drum set, made from the usual plastic containers. I've seen several similar street drummers in my life... For some reason, this guy cought my eye (and ears for that matter). The fact that his toms are being hung on cones projects the sound, which makes them sound better than if they were laying flat on the ground. What cought my attention though was the shopping cart, which serves a double purpose: Carry the whole rig around, as well as a crash symbal.
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HITMAN Contract - Agent's 45, 46, and 48 - SA 2m45s (Method#2)
PS4 Contract ID: 2-03-9218588-30 Contract by: TNGpnchFRTbox After several attemps playing this contract, this was my final, best approach. I managed to save some time with Target #1 by luring his buddy in quicker with a dropped gun. Since I knew Target #2 was shootable through the window, I sniped him from outside, saving lots of valuable time. Also, I experimented and confirmed that I could leave the dead body there and it wouldn't be found. After exploring the ruins on foot, I found two black powder bags I could blow up to lure Target #3 in. By looking from the bags' perspective, I could see the mansion's rooftop and balcony, knowing I could blow it up from there. At the end, I found that I could same some time by knocking out the guard and taking his cloths. This would allow me to jump over the stairs, and walk out through the main door. Look at TNGpnchFRTbox's video. We've had a very similar approach, exept he killed me with his lightning fast killing of Target #1: Hall of fame: https://youtu.be/XnE3WdQ5UdU 2m10s TNGpnchFRTbox Also, see my Method #1, which is an easier, down on the ground approach: https://youtu.be/fltSdlyjLxo
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HITMAN - Landslide - SASO 43s (+ Kill Cam)
PS4 Hitman Landslide epidose
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Jerry Lee Lewis, Fox Theatre, Pomona, California, 2010-09-25
I drove on a Road Trip, all across America, from Montreal, Quebec, to Pomona, California, in my Cabriolet. I had tickets to see Jerry Lee Lewis in concert, a special event given for his 75th birthday. Obviously, the man is older than he was when he started. And when you look at his hands, you can see there is a whole lotta shaking going on... But the man's got great balls of fire that can rock your socks off, regardless of his age. And the crowd really got histerical when he kicked back his bench and started playing standing up. :) Thank you Mr Lewis. You ARE the king of Rock'n'Roll. I have seen with my own eyes, one of the very founders of Rock'n'Roll, alive and well, performing on stage. You are a true living legend. I am now complete. Should any of you people want to see Jerry Lee Lewis in concert, he gives a few concerts each year. You can pick up his tour schedule on his web site. Check frequently for updates. http://www.jerryleelewis.com/tour.php
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HITMAN Contract - Flying Daiper Leaping Agent - SASO 38s
PS4 Contract ID: 2-03-4021908-24 Contract by: neo_rah Another great contract by neo_rah. I had an idea about dropping a proximity rubber duck on the balcony right when the game starts (0 seconds taken for Target #1). She will come up the stairs and blow herself up, unattended. She'll be blown inside the apartment, so her body won't be found. Then I rush for the sniper riffle and shoot Target #2. Being the Lancer, I can shoot him in the leg and kill him. I figured the fastest escape route in with the car. Target #1 blows herself up at 35s, I escape at 38s. I can't figure out how neo_rah did it in 32s. He's a machine! See neo187rah's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY1-bKtd1mDG4cFqvQoMgOg
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HITMAN Contract - Bla Bla Bla - 2m44s SASO (Method1)
PS4 Hitman Contract ID: 2-03-7391792-94 Contract by: CHAOS_AGENT_45 Having seen many of CHAOS' contract and videos, I know he's an elite sniper. Therefore, I often look at the contract and try to figure a single vantage point where all targets could be shot from. Unfortunately, although I could kill all 5 targets in a quick manner, I couldn't reach the "No Noticed Kills" objective because of the cyclist / delivery man being to close to each other. Therefore, I reverted to this method, which was the first to allow me to reach Silent Assassin. Ultimately, after lots of trial an error, I did manage to succeed the sniper method with Silent Assassin status. See Method #2 video for alternate / quicker Sniper method: https://youtu.be/s7PlU4w404g So the method #1 consists of: - Start from the plaza. - Enter the plaza tower through the gelato shop. Timing is just perfect to avoid being seen by cook, dish washer and other personnel. - Pick up Sniper Rifle in basement. I use Sieger 300 because of the silencer. Otherwise, I could attract guards because of the loud gunshots. - Climb to the top of the tower. On the way, drop breaching charge just before the kitchen door. Two reasons: (1) On the way down, will avoid having to come face to face with smoker going back to the kitchen to wash dishes. (2) Need to get rid of 1 breaching charge before setting up Target #4 and #5. - Timing for bohemian is suboptimal. Instead, start by sniping guard on top of ruins tower. Silenced riffle requires headshot. Riffle is no longer required and cannot be carried at the same time you carry a fire extinguisher. May as well drop it here. - Timing for bohemian is now better. Easy kill with any thrown melee or silenced gun. - On the way down, destroy PVR evidence and pick up fire extinguisher. - Breaching Charge next to kitchen door will have cause dish washer guy to find it when going out for a smoke. I will have warned security about the found object. Dishwasher guy is out of the way, and timing is just perfect to knock down security guy from behind without being seen. If contract is completed quickly enough, dishwasher will not have time to go out for another smoke and will not find unconscious guard. Alternatively: Do drop breaching charge. On the way down, you come face to face with the dishwasher guy coming back from a smoke. Let him reach back to the kitchen without you being seen. - Reach for Delivery Man on his cell phone. Knock him out and drop body down the cliff. If you were to leave his body there, the explosion from Targets #4 and #5 would attract attention and could cause his body to be found. I didn't try it yet, but I believe you could save a few seconds by leaving him next to the van and plan delay explosion for a quicker exit. - Pick the extinguisher back up. when next to second Delivery Man and wounded cyclist, go to the weapons menu and choose the last breaching charge. Do NOT select it. Instead, DROP it. This will cause the Fire Extinguisher to be dropped as well because it can not be handled at the same time another item is being handled. This way, you are not being seen with the "illegal" explosive in your hand. - Run for the runaway car and trigger the BC explosion. It's radius is not large enough to kill the targets, but will cause the extinguisher to explode, causing an "accident kill". Finding the bodies does not prevent reaching the "No Noticed Kill" nor the "No Bodies Found" achievement. This contract was created by CHAOS_AGENT_45. I've become a much better play by playing his contracts and watching his videos. He's an awesome sniper contract specialist and certainly one of the best Hitman players in the world. Visit his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjYH0l5NXJ7080q1gZcb6NA
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Y.A.K. Dance Crew at Faneuil Hall, Boston 2010-08-07
If you ever happen to come by Boston, you've got to stop at Faneuil Hall (on Congress street, on the corner of North Street) and watch this group of street dancers / athletes / acrobats / public entertainers. They really put up a good show and have a surprising good sense of humor. Plus, it's free! (sort of)... Watch what happened when I gave them 20 bucks. :) You guys Rock! Keep it up! http://www.yakdancecrewentertainment.com
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Taafé Fanga - Festival International de Percussions de Montréal
Vendredi 10 Juillet 2015 - TAAFE FANGA Spectacle gratuit sur le quai Jacques-Cartier du Vieux Port de Montréal. Enregistré avec mon téléphone. Je voulais juste prendre quelques minutes du spectacle, en souvenir, mais je me suis laissé emporté par la magie pendant 18 minute. Groupe de scène par excellence, uni par la même passion des rythmes de l’Afrique de l’Ouest, Taafé Fanga tient en grande partie sa réputation de ses prestations « live » aussi impressionnantes qu’énergisantes! Kora, balafon et chants, associés au djembe, doundouns, krin et sabar sont les principaux artifices de cette effervescence sonore aux arrangements résolument modernes sans oublier la danse, porteuse de toute l’énergie de la troupe. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhnaH7Si9xY
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Invitation: Bleu Nuit, Rendez-vous Érotique 27 Février
Je vous invite à participer à l'évènement "Bleu Nuit, Rendez-Vous Érotique" dans le cadre du festival de film "Les Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois". Deux court-métrages (un que j'ai produit et réalisé, l'autre sur lequel j'ai collaboré) y seront présentés. La projection aura lieu le 27 février 2015 à 23h30 à la Cinémathèque Québécoise. C'est GRATUIT ! http://rvcq.quebeccinema.ca/evenements/bleu-nuit-rendez-vous-erotique Sex Shop Party - Episode 1 - Averse dans le Back Store durée: 8 minutes De jolies employées d'un sex shop se livrent à des aventures amoureuses, sous l'oeil tyrannique de leur patron. Que l'une d'entre elles soit une femme fontaine n'est qu'une seule des surprises qu'elles nous réservent. En vedette: - Vandal Vyxen - Alyson Queen Figuration: - Kelly Summer - Kream - Mylee Cruz - Sarah Wyle
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HITMAN Elusive Target - The Twin - SASO 1m30
Hitman Elusive Target - The Twin Blow up the righ side door in order to get in. Careful: blowing up the left door blows up the moped and kills the guard. Robbed the Fire Extinguisher and ran for the twin. After a positive identification of the twin (golden wrist watch), I bumped the rest of the crew to keep them out of the way. Droped the Fire Extinguisher and blew him up in plain sight.... Accident Kill.
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HITMAN - Elusive Target - The Entertainer - SASO 2m40s
PS4 Hitman Elusive Target Contract: The Entertainer Last time I played this contract, I had never played this Marrakesh night episode. I never got to find the target and blew myself up in the shisha bar. This time, I used a secondary account (SilentAgent_47) to replay it. Strategy: I experimented a little bit on the rooftop where the target is located. I found ways I could kill him, but nothing quick enough to my taste. I knew from last time where the guest list was located: In the Shisha bar. I experimented a little bit with the target evacuation scenario and found two things: (1) The target is evacuated in the shisha bar, where the guest list is located. (2) I could blow up a rubber duck in a safe place, without too much detour and without killing innocent peuple, and still trigger the evacuation. Then I had to find a way to kill the target. Best solution I found was to attract him in the staff room. I found the perfect timing to recover the key, plus coins for distraction. I decided I should kill the target with a knife, something I don't get to do too often (often use fire extinguishers). I took a few extra seconds to hide the body, to make sure his corpse wouldn't be seen through the door when I leace (although I did try it before with a non-target and wasn't seen). Timing was good. I knew I had to attract the girl in the bathroom to recover the guest list. During previous practice, I knew she'd still be on her phone, in the perfect location. All I had to do was knock her out and get the list. I had the faucet running for safe measure, as it often was a time saver, depending on how my coin drop went. Then run for the exit... ;-)
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HITMAN Contract - Having a BLAST! - SA 8m39s  (Method #1)
Hitman Contract By StephaneSt-Louis PS4 Contract ID: 2-03-1336824-99 Addendum: See method #2 (7m09s) : https://youtu.be/gIEUjuR8Tuc Pot smokers can't be trusted. Their drug induced paranoia is well known to trigger recurring psychosis, launching subjects on a killing spree. The town's Bohemian is exactly the kind of scum our client wants to get rid of. Frame him into having a "blast", blowing up notorious Sapienza figures with explosive devices. Justice will do the rest. Have a blast, 47. Free Sapienza from drugs. The trick is NOT to enter Caruso's manner dressed up as the Bohemian. Instead, considering most explosive devices can be triggered remotely, I knock out all of my victims and pile them up over a breaching charge. When I'm done, I dress up as the bohemian and trigger the explosions. I chose the Breaching Charge, as opposed to other explosives, as it is relatively quiet and will not attract people, who could find the dead bodies. Timing is not perfect and score could be improved. For example, There is quite a lot of time being wasted while waiting for Lafayette to drink the poisoned coffee. Maybe this time could be used to bring the Bohemian's cloths near by, for a quicker exit. That being said, the guy entering the rest room needs to be handled, so he does not come back later to find the body. #PS4Share #hitman
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HITMAN Contract - I Call Shotgun - SASO 2m22s
Hitman Featured Contract: I Call Shotgun Contract by Hitwoman4784 Thanks to hitwoman for this fun contract, and congrats for having your contract featured. That's awesome. I had never played the shotgun before. I had to learn how to use it in such a way to kill two targets at once. It took me several attempts to achieve Silent Assassin. Visit Hitwoman's channel here: https://www.youtu.be/channel/UCKfC9GqJs15JRn000Vmf46Q #PS4Share #hitman
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HITMAN Contract - Agent's 45, 46, and 48 - SA 4m22s (Method#1)
PS4 Contract ID: 2-03-9218588-30 Contract by: TNGpnchFRTbox This was my first successful attempt at reaching Silent Assassin with this contract. This is my "straight forward, on the ground" approach. Lots of time wasted on Target #1, luring in his buddy. Time wasted on Target #2, entering the mansion and hiding his body. Lots of time wasted on Target #3, getting to the ruins. At least, I took the underground pathway, and I was next to the boat after the explosion. Hall of fame: https://youtu.be/XnE3WdQ5UdU 2m10s TNGpnchFRTbox https://youtu.be/vYT_MoBygCU 2m45s (myself)
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HITMAN Contract - Bodyguards NEED Bodyguards - SA 4m36s
PS4 Contract ID: 2-02-1774308-99 Contract by: immadummee This contract is somewhat similar to one of the first contracts I've ever created called "I Will Always Love You", where instead of killing Viktor and Dahlia, you kill the respective bodyguards (hence, the reference to the movie). This time, restrictions are added: If you want the Silent Assassin bonus score, you must kill both targets using the Fiber Wire, dressed up in 47's Suit. Strategy Highlights: - Start in the garden, play whole intro for better timing behind the bar. - Poison the sushi with emetic poison. This will later lure Donovan in the near bathroom. - Run through the backdoor to climb up the gutter. On my way, I grabbed the Fire Extinguisher for quicker knockout, later. In fact, that wasn't necessary. - Run to Dahlia's bathroom and while we're waiting for target, get rid of the guard. Note: There was plenty of time to strangle him instead of the "quicker" knockout. - Wait for Target to come by and turn on the faucet to lure him in. Make sure you're not seen by Dahlia when you choke him up with the Fiber Wire. - Run back down using the gutter and back door. Distract guard with Extinguisher in order to walk pass him. - Target will eat sushi and run for bathroom. In previous attempts, sometimes he would throw up in the garbage can instead. I dumped my gun in the garbage, in case it made a difference and forced him to the bathroom (don't know for sure). - Wait for Target in restroom and choke him with Fiber Wire. Use his outfit for quicker and easier escape. See immadummee's "Friday the 13th" version of this contract: 4m48s - https://youtu.be/kkpitRTLsgA
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2009-08-06 NYC - I Love NY t-shirts
Two sympethatic fellows selling t-shirts on Times Square, on the corners of 46th and Broadway. I got souvenirs for the kids, good deal actually. Now the kids can see where I got their t-shirt from. "Three dollars, three dollars, but only tonight. All shapes, all sizes. If you've got a shape, we've got your size. Hurry! Three dollars, three dollars, but only tonight." ... As if you guys were really going to quit the business after tonight. ;-) It's been very nice meeting you guys.
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HITMAN Contract - Eat Shit and Die ! - SA 19m24s
Hitman Contract ID: 2-02-1998437-99 - Eat Shit and Die ! In the famous words of legendary Duke Nukem, drown all of those criminals in the toilet and make them eat their own faeces. All those sinister individuals are part of the IAGO organization and must be stopped. Kill them all dressed as Palace Staff. Thanks to ma chérie for the inspiration. Paris - Show Stopper Philip Von Zell, Kurt Donoval, Viktor Novikov, Dalia Margolis, Helmut Kruger. Eliminate using: Drowning Accident. Wear disguise: Palace Staff This faster version requires the Antic Emetic Syringe, available where Professional Level 10 is reached in Sapienza. #PS4share #hitman
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HITMAN Contract - Scope Performer - SA 6m35s
Hitman Contract ID: 2-03-6415892-94 Contract by CHAOS_AGENT_45 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjYH0l5NXJ7080q1gZcb6NA This is my take on Chaos' contract. Took me several attempts to achieve Silent Assassin. My execution is far from being perfect, but that's close to the best time I could get using this method. I tried to save some time doing something useful while I had to wait for the Street Performer to drink the poisoned water. I chose to kill target #1 with the poison syringe instead of the sniper, taking advantage od the timing... Still, Chaos did it in 4m24s... MUCH faster! #PS4Share #hitman
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Va! Laisse couler mes larmes - Victor Café - Philadelphie
Extrait de la pièce "Werther" de Jules Massenet: Esther, dans le rôle de Charlotte nous fait le plaisir de nous interpréter "Va! Laisse couler mes larmes". Le Victor Café est un charmant petit resto italien situé sur la rue Dickinson à Philadelphie. Les amateurs du Film "Rocky" y reconnaitront peut-être le décor qui a servi de plateau de tournage lors d'une scène de Sylvester Stalone. On y sert des plats typiquement italiens, au fromage fait maison. Entre les services, les serveurs interprètent tour à tour une pièce d'opéra. Honnêtement, ça vaut la peine d'aller voir ça, même si on n'est pas amateur d'opéra. La vidéo ne rend pas vraiment justice au spectacle car c'est beaucoup plus impressionnant quand la chanteuse se tient debout, juste devant soi. http://www.victorcafe.com/ 1303 Dickinson St. Philadelphia, PA 19147 (215) 468-3040 Google Maps / Street View: http://tinyurl.com/VictorCafe
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Alla en el Rancho Grande - Mariachi
Mariachis playing "Alla en el Rancho Grande" in the Tequila restaurant of the Gran Bahia Principe Tulum hotel, Riviera Maya, Mexico.
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Sex Shop Party - Bande Annonce (soft)
Bande annonce officielle du dernier film de Production PhalliXXX, mettant en vedette Vandal Vyxen, Alyson Queen, Kelly Summer, Kream, Sarah Wild, Lily Fatale et Mylee Cruz. Et avec l'aimable participation musicale de Michel l'ingénieur informaticien.
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Suite 2610 - Embassy Suites - Niagara Falls
2008-02-21, Embassy Suites, Niagara Falls. Description de la suite que nous avions loué lors de notre séjour à Niagara Falls en février 2008. Nous avions un forfait qui incluait des billets pour aller voir le spectacle des Beach Boys au Casino. Et correction: C'est bel et bien le Rainbow Bridge... :)
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HITMAN Contract - Partners In Crime - SA 2m08
PS4 Hitman Contract ID: 2-09-8692238-09 Contract By: joshua22akhk Part of the Christmas Contract Challenge with by Brother (who beat me). He found a quicker way to enter the premises, without the need to change outfit. So much better than me, he did it Suit Only.
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HITMAN™ 2 - First glance (no spoilers)
Hitman 2 - Gold Edition https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-ca/tid=CUSA12421_00 This is a first glance at the new new Hitman, Season 2, which just cam out this morning (00h00). There is no spoiler. The video only shows the game loading, the opening cinematic and does a tour of the menues, the initial map, challenges and objectives.
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HITMAN Contract - Attack of the Clones ! - SASO 1m32s
Contract ID: 2-03-2668198-99 - Attack of the Clones! "Obviously, Caruso has secretly been working on a cloning project. He's created an army of clones and has released them out to kill you, 47. Three of them have been spotted under cover, in Sapienza. It's "killed or be killed". Good luck 47." This is my take on a simple contract I created. It's quite easy, actually. It's more intended to be funny as it shows the game's lack of NPC model diversity. The chosen targets have been chosen solely because they are identical in appearance. Enjoy. Don't hesitate to post your take on this contract in the comments. #PS4Share #hitman
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Time lapse - Niagara Falls Casino (winter)
Une vue du Casino de Niagara Falls et des chutes américaines prise de la fenêtre d'hôtel, le Embassy Suites, le 22 février 2008 lors de notre voyage pour aller voir les Beach Boys en spectacle. Le format original full HD (1920x1080) permet de voir tous les détails: les chutes en hiver, les passants sur le trotoire, la grand roue, les voitures et autobus dans le stationnement... Lors de l'installation de la caméra, je ne savais pas la direction du vent. Lors du visionnement, j'ai constaté que le vent souflait les nuages juste dans la bonne direction pour donner l'effet dramatique qui rend cette vidéo aussi intéressante. Puis au couché du soleil, le ciel qui devient sombre et les lumières dans la ville ajoutent encore plus au spectacle. Ce qui est amusant, c'est que j'ai placé la caméra et nous sommes allé souper au Skylon Tower (caché derrière le casino). Je n'avais pas réalisé encore que j'allais prendre la tombée du jour. Alors au retour, la surprise fut double: la direction des nuages et la tombée du jour. J'envisage rendre la version HD disponible un jour... Je planifie aussi faire des "time lapse" de quelques villes à travers le monde. A suivre!
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HITMAN Contract - Hot & Cold - SA 0m25s
PS4 Contract ID: 2-10-0344913-94 Contract by: CHAOS_AGENT_45 I enjoyed this contract, although it took me several attempts to succeed it "Silent Assassin". Strategy: I you shoot the targets in the head, they will die. When their bodies are found, you loose the "No Bodies Found" bonus, hens the "Silent Assassin" Achievement. But if you shoot them with a non-lethal shot, such as a leg shot, they will not die from their wound. Rather, they will simply fall face down in the water. So far, no reason to get a "Noticed Kill" or "Body Found" penalty, as no one died. A crime can be noticed, guards can be alerted, but no one has died yet, and if you shoot from the mountain, no one has spotted you either. The fun part is that after they have fallen in the water, they will drown. They don't die from being shot, they die on their own by drowning. This is considered an "Accident Kill" and will not cause a penalty if the targets are seen dying of if their bodies are found. The difficulty is to shoot all 5 targets before they get scared and run away. If so, you have to wait for them to come back, and waste lots of precious seconds. I chose a distraction on front the group of 3, then I shot the loner girl. If I'm quick shooting the group of 3, I can shoot the last target on his way out. Although I figured I could do it using this method, it tool me several retries in order to gain sufficient speed to kill them all before they escape. I ended up succeeding at 25s, just a split second behind AnthonyVilla328 who probably used a similar method. I could probably beat him if I retried again several times, considering I wasted time at the end, before I exited. Either way, awesome score Anthony! You rock this one! IronBaThor1 did a pretty impressive score too. I'm not sure if he used a different method or if he simply waited a little longer before starting to shoot. See CHAOS_AGENT_45's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjYH0l5NXJ7080q1gZcb6NA UPDATE: Improved score: 0m21s : https://youtu.be/SkvvwyhCHVI
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Christmas in Mexico with a Canon EOS 7D and a GoPro HDHero
Noel au Mexique / Navidad en México Part 1 of my Christmas trip to Mexico, escaping from the snow in Montreal. This was shot with a Canon EOS 7D and a GoPro HD Hero waterproof camera. The cool depth of field effects come from the 7D mounted with a 50mm f/1.8 lens. The SeaDoo, parasailing and water sporting clips were taken with the HDHero. I stayed at the Marival in Nuevo Vallarta, just north of Puerto Vallarta, on the Pacific coast of Mexico. I had a nice stay, met some very nice people and enjoyed every moment of it. Many thanks to Auria for inviting me to party downtown with her friends and family. :) I think I should offer my services to travel agencies: Get me there, and I'll come back with a nice promotional travel video. :-)
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HITMAN ElusiveTarget - The Angel of Death - SA 2m53s
PS4 Elusive Contract: The Agnel of Death On of the first contracts I played when I initially got the game. No skill, no knowledge of the game, I messed up without even coming close to the target. This time around, I played it with a secondary account. Had to play a few Levels up to be able to start at a better location. Used breaching charge for distration, as I can get two for the price of one and could get rid of two soldiers at once. Exit Strategy: After killing the old bitch (fall accident, no need to worry about hiding the body) , I used some Remote Explosives I picked up earlier as a distraction for suspecting soldiers. When they pick them up, they walk away to dispose of them. Note: If you don't distract the guards early enough, two of them will walk up on the rooftop terrace and stay there for ever.
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Portrait Verner - Épisode 2 - Vandal Vyxen
http://GrosTabarnak.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/PortraitVerner/261736533895972 Because my new appartment lacks proper decoration, I decided to hang the Josee Verner portrait on the wall. Whatever I do in life, I record it on camera. And when I'm shot in video, it's always by a naked chick. And why not by a famous Porn Star? Thanks to Vandal Vyxen for playing along with the concept. Not only are you my favorite porn star, but you were fun to work with. http://www.VandalVyxen.com http://www.Vandal.MesFilmsDeCul.com I have received so many good suggestions for places, celebrities and situations for the Josee Verner portrait. This is just one of them. Keep on posting your suggestions and I might pick them on my next video. Shot in 1080 HD with a Canon EOS 7D camera. No animals were killed or harmed during the shooting of this video.
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Justin Bieber stalked by Serial Killer / Hitman
Short fictional action movie shot in HD video with a Canon EOS 7D and 50mm f/1.8 MK2 lens. Thanks to FreddieW for his inspiration and enticing tutorials. Thanks to VideoCopilot.net for Action Essentials and Pro Scores, as well as their amazing tutorials. Thanks to Jean-François for the KingKong, and to Luc for molding the King Kong. ...and above all, thanks to Christopher for putting up with a big fat pedophile.
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HITMAN Contract - The Boring Contract - SASO 1m17s
Hitman Contract by CHAOS_AGENT_45 PS4 Contract ID: 2-03-8217064-94 The challenge is to kill several targets who are very near each other, without being noticed by the other targets. I chose to kill them all at once and dispose of the bodies with explosions. The targets being close to the edge, it is relatively easy to aim so that the bodies fall in the sea and are never found. The real challenge is to do all of this quickly. Got a #1 ranking on this one. Visit CHAOS' channel. He's certainly one of the best Hitman in the world. I learn a lot and become a better player by watching his videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjYH0l5NXJ7080q1gZcb6NA
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HITMAN Contract - Women with penis - 2m31s SASO
PS4 Contract ID: 2-08-7517883 Contract by: natboy55 This is my "All Accident - Silent Assassin - Suit Only" take on this contract. I tried sliding down from the balcony to get to the targets quicker, but couldn't get the timing right. I ended up going all the way around in the stairs... Maybe there's room for improvement... Explanation: - A fire Extinguisher is dropped by the sleeping guard along with a Breaching Charge. I chose to set up the sleeping guard first as nobody will see me with the remaining breaching charge in hand. I will wait for the second guard to notice the Breaching Charge, so he moves closer to pick it up. I will blow up the charge / Fire Extinguisher when he's positioned closed enough. - The gardener is killed with the syringe. I have to wait for the guard to walk by, so he keeps on walking to the sleeping guard. I also need to get to the couple before the woman notices the gardener is dead and moves away from the man. - Another Fire Extinguisher has been dropped earlier next to the couple. I left it there earlier with the intention to come back later to drop the Breaching Charge next to it (drop only, no select). This way, I'm seen with only a detonator in hand, not an explosive. The trigger will make BOTH Fire Extinguishers blow up at once, killing the two guards, and the couple. All 5 kills happen within 4 seconds, 4 of which happen all at once. "BODY FOUND" does not affect Silent Assassin bonus score, when the target dies by accident. :-)
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HITMAN Contract - Dr.Dead - SA 1m26s
PS4 Hitman Contract ID: 2-10-4851009-30 Contract by:TNGpnchFRTbox The target is in the operation theatre, surrounded by possible witnesses. Target must be killed wearing the suit, which makes it difficult to approach the target unnoticed. I used two Breaching Charges as distractions to have the two guards walk away just before the target walks out. Then I poison the target as soon as he walks out. UPDATE: Hall of fame: 0m51s https://youtu.be/TqqoMZaae1k TNGpnchFRTbox
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HITMAN Contract - Snipecycle - SA 3m59s (Method #3)
PS4 Hitman Contract ID: 2-03-6511379-94 Contract by: CHAOS_AGENT_45 This contract's main characteristic is that all 5 targets must be killed using the cyclist costume. This is final step out of 3 different attempts to improve my score. Difficult target if handled up close by starting up as a gardener. The rest is all done from the Bohemian's room. Strategy: Start on Caruso's property disguised as a gardener. Difficult Target #1 can quickly be knocked out. I placed a Remote Breaching Charge next to him and closed the door. This will allow me to kill him remotely later, after I get the Cyclist Costume. After I get the Cyclist costume the usual way, I run to the Plaza Tower and get the Sniper Rifle. Only this time, all remaining Targets are taken care of from one single location. This saves quite a lot of time. Also, considering the timing, I decided to destroy the recordings prior to entering the room. This is my best attempt so far, bringing me up 1 position in the hi-score ranks. Neo187rah did it in an amazing 1m33s, in which time I could barely get the Cyclist costume and kill 1 Target. Amazing run Neo! See alternate methods: https://youtu.be/trJ1I4opOx4 5m46s Method #1 https://youtu.be/x1UyLXUno-8 5m21s Method #2 Hall of Fame: https://youtu.be/tVyhWjGMXi8 1m33s neo187rah
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HITMAN ElusiveTarget 1 - The Forger - SA 56s
It's been a while since I've played Hitman, being too busy making a fortune in bitcoins on http://dragonfondation.com . But I had to take some time to play the elusive target, now that they have been reset. When I originally purchased the game, most of them were already gone... The execution wasn't so great. But being an elusive target, I can't replay it... Still, ranked #9 globally. I'm satisfied with my first Silent Assassin achievement on an Elusive Target. I've seen the top score was 37 seconds... My guess is: kill from the garden and exit quickly by the basement. I did some tests. I was able to escape in 25 seconds, which leaves 9 seconds for the kill. I guessed we could shoot the chandelier, but the target does not seem to walk under it. Friends' scores: 1m26 - https://youtu.be/v6Z2V4SNmDc - Marcel Brown 3m22 - https://youtu.be/9BWLOd7a1xc - SpeedsterRunner214 6m59 - https://youtu.be/r24gwqBlXi4 - CHAOS_AGENT_45
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HITMAN Elusive Target - The Identity Thief - SA 52s
PS4 Hitman Elusive Target Contract: The Identity Thief I totally messed up this one (again)... So I played it again with a secondary account (SIlentAgent_47, hens all the unlocks at the end). In order to attempt the highest possible score , I chose to start as a stylist, because (1) this was the closest I could start from the target and (2) this disguise is allowed in the basement's kitchen, which allows a quick unnoticed exit. The target begins near the catwalk, in a very crowded area, which makes it difficult to kill him unnoticed. I chose a rubber duck distraction, which has the advantage of dissipating the crowd rapidly. Downside: the crowd's reaction to explosion is chaotic. I can never tell how the crowd will evacuate, nor how the target will react. All I have to do is *wish* for the target to move to an isolated area, otherwise I restart. Once the target is in a favourable location, I drop a Fire Extinguisher next to him with breaching charges, and wait before I blown them up to leave time for the other NPCs to move away. Meanwhile, I run for the exit. Would I have killed innocent people, I would have used the "disconnect" trick to restart the contract (didn't have to). Trick: https://youtu.be/qlQovCQtdeU Achieved 7th highest score. Props to CHAOS_AGENT_45 for Score #1 ( Hail to the King ! )
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Tempete au Bistro de Paris - 2010-03-13
Extraits de la prestation du groupe "Tempete", donnée le 13 mars 2010 au Bistro de Paris, sur la rue St-Denis à Montreal. "On est tempête et on fait de l'humour. En fait, on est des humouristes poêtes."
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HITMAN Contract - See You In Hell - SA 0m52s
Contract ID: 2-02-7615910-21 This is my take on hitwoman4784 's Paris contract, taking out Jose Routhier. (should be spelled Josée). Thanks hitwoman for this contract. I enjoyed playing and trying to perfect my score. You should visit hitwoman's channel. See her own take on this contract: https://youtu.be/kf6e9z2SEXQ #PS4Share #hitman
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HITMAN Contract - Hot & Cold - SA 0m21s
PS4 Contract ID: 2-10-0344913-94 Contract by: CHAOS_AGENT_45 After reviewing the first video I posted, I found there were several places where the score could be improved, while still using roughly the same method. Speedster was ahead of me by a split second, therefore every slight improvement counts... First Video Here: 0m25s https://youtu.be/GfnUKsbLEuY Improvements: - Wait for the whole intro to finish. I even waited four the mission timer to show up. This is because I wait for 1 of the targets to join the rest of his group before I start shooting. I have plenty of time to get in position, but the target will be in position sooner after the mission timer starts. - Vantage Point: I position myself right on the exit point. Meaning that I will be able to exit right away after the last target is dead. No need to walk to the exit. Since I have to wait for the target to join his group, might as well use this time to position myself at the exit point. - The rest is identical to the first video. By repeating the contract several times, I kind of improved my sniping skills and got better "chain shooting" speed, and improve my time further more. Strategy Reminder: I you shoot the targets in the head, they will die. When their bodies are found, you loose the "No Bodies Found" bonus, hens the "Silent Assassin" Achievement. But if you shoot them with a non-lethal shot, such as a leg shot, they will not die from their wound. Rather, they will simply fall face down in the water. So far, no reason to get a "Noticed Kill" or "Body Found" penalty, as no one died. A crime can be noticed, guards can be alerted, but no one has died yet, and if you shoot from the mountain, no one has spotted you either. The fun part is that after they have fallen in the water, they will drown. They don't die from being shot, they die on their own by drowning. This is considered an "Accident Kill" and will not cause a penalty if the targets are seen dying of if their bodies are found. See CHAOS_AGENT_45's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjYH0l5NXJ7080q1gZcb6NA See another great approach by IronBaThor1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLapNO8QXDE
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Extreme Kiting - GoPro mounted on a kite
Ordinary kiting is for pussies. We do extreme kiting. Le cerf-volant ordinaire, c'est pour les tapettes. Nous, on fait du cerf-volant extrème. El ciervo-volante ordinario, está para los maricas. Hacemos kiting extremo. 普通のたこ揚げは、pussies のです。我々 は、極端なたこ揚げを行います。 普通的打法是什麼鳥人。我們做極端的打法。 Kiting רגילים הוא pussies. אנחנו עושים kiting קיצוני. الطيران الورقي العادية الهرات. ونحن نفعل الطيران الورقي المدقع.
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Hitman2 - Elusive Target - The Undying - 2m52s SA
This is the "Sean Bean" contract. Very fun to play with so many entertaining ways to kill the target. Congrats to IOI for this contract, which is setting very high expectations for the rest of the season. This is my best attempt so far, ranking me #2 at this point. #1 is 15 seconds faster, which will get me thinking of other approaches, and maybe give it another try with one of my secondary accounts. SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-ca/tid=CUSA00572_00
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HITMAN Contract - KillOrder 2-10-3457135-10 - SASO 16s
PS4 Hitman contract ID: 2-10-3457135-10 Contract by: Backreaper98 Part of the Christmas contract challenges with my brother. A quicky...
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HITMAN - A Guilded Cage - SASO 15m43 (No Loadout)
PS4 Hitman Contract: A Guilded Cage Location: Marrakesh
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HITMAN Elusive Target - The Gunrunner - SA 5m51
Far from being the best achievable score, this was my most obnoxious way of killing the target while still achieving Silent Assassin. I first started near the school in order to get myself an officer suit. After running to the target's location, I through a bunch of weapons on the floor to get all the soldiers out of the way. I could I taken down the target near the radio and save lots of time, but I felt blowing him up while he's throwing up was funnier.
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