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Oh !!!! Pokemon Go 10km Egg opening. Finally Mr Mime !!
After 20+ 10km Eggs finally got the Mr Mime I was after.
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Barney Beans Wet Labrador Puppy
6 Month old Barney playing with water...again...
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Close Lightning strike, looking for some Photo expert opinion
A couple of years ago I got a new camera, was just playing around with it. This movie still bothers me to this day. I set it down before going for a shower. I heard the thunder but thought nothing of it. The lightning is in the first few seconds, not much else happens in the remaining minute. The lightning appears very close. From the video it looks as though it was between the camera and opposing building. But it can't of been, I would of felt it? Any photo buffs out there who can give me their verdict? the roof opposite looks lit up, suggesting it was on this side of the ridge, and the camera seems to move, suggesting some electrical interference? But I still suspect some camera magic made it look more interesting than it was. Any ideas?
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Jászárokszállás 2016 Augusztus 20-ai tűzijáték
Jászárokszállás 2016 August 20th fireworks. Hungary.
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Hungary August 2014.
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The Zebra who know hows to secure his snacks.
This Zebra knows how to make sure his snacks hit the target
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My 2 Labradors beating the heat.
34 Degrees in the garden, Dogs keeping cool !!!
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