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Inter-Market Analysis: It's Practical Application to Gain Profitable Edge for Beginner & Intermed...
Agenda - with focus on end results   1. What is Inter-Market Analysis?             (a) Direct comparison for both positive and negative correlation.             (b) Ratio comparison for historical extreme relative valuation & reversals. 2. What can it reveal? 3. How can it be employed in everyday analysis for :             - big picture view             - micro view             - warning             - confirmation 4. How can it help manage trade entry & exit. 5. Conclusion, Q&A
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Correct Approach to Fractal & Cycle Analysis using basic tools
"Fractals & Cycles" appear all over, in varying time-frames. While they can in theory be helpful to illuminate or anticipate likely turns (i.e. potential future moves), these tools are often misapplied. Although this is an expansive subject, we will attempt to examine some of the basic points one should try to keep in mind when dealing with this form of Technical Analysis (TA)."
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What are Flat Waves correction & It's Implication   18th January 2014
Exploring Flat Wave corrections, their features and implication as they resolve for planning profitable relatively low risk trade set-up. Bitcoin right now in wave c of minor flat wave which in turn will be setting for larger flat wave b top to trade larger wave c for live example. Exploring and dissecting real examples from historical charts to gain insight into this pattern. For those of you who are asking for link for donation, here it is and thank you in advance - 1Q1jYasGiJxvvYNX2KwwmX8KGoXRMu9rAW
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Basics of Options - its use in trading and managing risk
In short Options can be very high risk trading instruments. Improper use could mean guranteed way of loosing money. So we will briefly explore basic of Options, some of their uses in profitable trading and managing risk. Exploring its practical application to trader with modest trading capital and limited time to monitor the market.
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Elliotte Wave Technical Analysis Applied to Bitcoin
Is Elliott Wave or any Technical Analysis applicable to Bitcoin and other markets? What is the likely out come of the current correction in Bitcoin and possible longer term scenarios? How might you plan a trade or manage one using the Elliott Wave and complementary Technical Analysis?
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Bitcoin - It's likely prospects for 2015 and beyond
Reviewing price action leading to Nov 2013 high and exploring how the bearish cycle to date fits in. What conclusions could be drawn of its prospects for the remainder of 2015 and beyond purely from technical analysis view point.
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Bitcoin   It is in a Flat correction, its significance   6th January 2014
Explains what are flat the corrections, how do they resolve with historical examples and could Bitcoin be in one and likely out come.
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Bitcoin, its state in larger cycle - UPDATE from EW perspective
It is almost 4 months (link to last Hangout recording  - Bitcoin - Its State in larger Cycle   )  since we discussed the Bitcoin's price action at the time in larger cycle. Many have continue to ask if we have bottomed yet. Other have entered the realisation phase and are wondering if we will ever have an up cycle.   Join me for an Update: as we explore what the twists and turns of the price action so far since Nov 2013 Top and possible paths that could unfold over next several months, from standard Technical Analysis with Elliottwave Wave overly.
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Bitcoin In Double Zigzag Correction - exploring It's likely upside.
Bitcoin In Double Zigzag Correction - exploring It's likely upside Bitcoin has declined from its all time high in Nov 2013 to low formed in Jan 2015. Since that low it appears to progressing in retracement bounce in double zigzag to the upside. In this video we explore likely upside from where upon completion a reversal could develop. This follows the analysis presented in February webinar link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONAVpw-SL9A ) in conjunction with the published charts https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/XNGkAb8M-BTCUSD-Outlook-for-2016-17-with-4-possibilities/ AND https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/8rMWdggf-BTCUSD-IN-INTERMEDIATE-TERM-BEARISH-CYCLE/ updating the idea taking into account subsequent price data clarifying somewhat the likely out come. Tradingview chart link - https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/DlxDNrQ6-Bitcoin-In-Double-Zigzag-Correction-Bullish-Bias/
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Bitcoin - What are its prospects for 2016 - 17?
An update to analysis presented in early 2015 ( see video https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/ci8d2v0ges85muprvhvtjv1c938)  and exploring likely scenarios for 2016/2017 for Bitcoin and alternative assets to grow wealth  relatively safely with the launch of Options Trading Group.
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Bitcoin - Its State in larger Cycle
Has the Bitcoin bottomed
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Where To From Here   for the financial markets   10th August 2014
Where To From Here - for the financial markets? 1. Fundamentals - whilst important, could they alone be your guide? a) Consider historical examples from Central Banks & Financial Analysts or Fund Managers. b) Compare this with the outcome. 2. How effective is Technical Analysis? a) Is the market Random? b) Is it just a self-fulfilling prophecy? c) Why some scoff at it - dismissing it as tea leaf reading? d) Why should it work? 3. What does it suggest for larger trend over next 18 - 24 months? • Detailed look at Nikkie 225 Index • USDJPY Currency Pair • Correlation Implication. 4. How could you plan to benefit from this?
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Importance  Of Having Right Platform For Stock Trading Options
Once the technical analysis on the price chart of an instrument is completed and potential trade is identified, it then becomes necessary to select correct series from options chain. This included strike price, expiry period taking into account open interest and volatility and options spread. To do this properly you need to have correct Options Trading Platform as explained in this video.
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BITCOIN - Could it confound the BULLS?
There is lot of excitement as traders compare previous "Bubble" and subsequent price bottoming from which the price plotted bullish path and its apparent resemblance to  the recent low at 340. This has given many Bullish traders to start talking about new bullish trend and price projection north of $2000 by August 2014 and yet other $5,000 by Dec 2014 etc   Could, the price continue to meet the bullish expectation or is it going to confound the bulls? What does the correct application of Technical Analysis and Elliot Wave Principle suggest for the Bitcoin's intermediate term price action?   Join me live on Sunday as we explore the Technical Analysis of Bitcoins price action alone, devoid of any fundamentals consideration.
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Bitcoin   Technical Analysis & Psychology 11th Janaury 2014
Does Technical Analysis work on Bitcoin? Many think it is pure fundamental. Well see some sample of Technical Analysis and make up your own mind. Likewise Pschology is big in trading but it is all the time or are there specific times when they are relevant. Check it out.
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Bitcoin   Intermediate Term Bearish Expectation   5th January 2014
Very short term, we are in strong bear market rally in the form of wave B, of ABC correction (possibly flat). On completion of wave B, we expect wave C decline in 5 wave which could retest the 450 low. I has Technical Issues, so the recoding is not perfect, but hope will help you to see possible outcome whilst you do your own analysis.
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Use of Options   Reviewing Trade on Gold & Planning New Trade on Nikkei Index 25 08 2014
Rewview of Options Trade on Gold from May 2014 with Adjustment in June and what to expect. Considering potential new trades on Nikkei Index.
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Is Bitcoin so unique for application of Technical Analysis?
TA - does not work on Bitcoin due to its uniqueness & Ecosystem supporting it. Is that so?   Harmonising Fundamentals and Metcalfe's Law with TA on Bitcoin.   Why are some Elliot Wave practitioners  have significant flaws in major analysis?   Since Elliot Wave analysis was founded world has changed technologically and traders react differently. So is still valid for today's market and in particular Bitcoin?   Using Correlation analysis to help clarify larger Big picture view.
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Bitcoin   In Triangle in Wave 4 Consolidation & its Significance 16th March 2014
Symmetrical Triangles develop in specific place , wave 4 or wave B. Explore the likely outcome upon it being resolved.
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Options as powerful tool in growing wealth   LNKD 07 02 2016
This sort of trade do not come along every day, but is an example of how Options could be very profitable. However, correct use of Options and timing entry often produces 3 - 5 time reward per unit of risk taken.
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Building wealth with correct use of Options trading 14 02 2016
Building wealth with correct use of Options trading - whilst this video is valuable as a stand alone, it is release in conjunction with forth coming Webinar "Equity Market making generational top & How you can benefit from it?" to be scheduled on the weekend 27th - 28th February 2016. Please ensure you register for the webinar at http://www.danv-charting.com/live-webinar.html for receiving the details and joining instruction.
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Are we witnessing a generational top in financial markets?
Apologies for the poor quality of sound due to internet connection I assume on the live GoogleHangout on Air - recording. So this is a replacement having recorded it on my PC. Big picture review of major equities forming a significant high and opportunities it offers.
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Dollar Index & EUR Intermidiate to longer term - 24th March 2013
Use or Longer Term Dollar Index chart and Intermarket relationship to project likely path of EURUSD over Short , Intermediate and Longer Term.
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Are we witnessing a generational top in financial markets?
Originally discussed in October 2014 suggesting that we either had the top or were close to making a generational top, Please see the video link:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFtnRCo9Ww0 In this Updated Analysis - we will review the subsequent price data and explore possible outcomes. What action we need to take to protect our wealth? What opportunities will potential change in trend offer us? How might we be able to take advantage of this with relative safety? And a launch of long awaited Options Trading Group
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Daily Market Review & Analysis EUR Pairs and Other Potential trade setup-12th February  2013.avi
Dollar Index, EUR pairs and review of GBPUSD possible bottom along with potential long trades on GBPAUD, GBPNZD. Ways to leverage longer term trend with relatively limited risk by use of Options
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Daily Market Review & Analysis of Broader Overview of Dollar Index & Equity Market and USD Pair etc
Overview of Major Directional Call for USD weakness leading to new lower low in due course.
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Exploring Likely Future Strength & Weakness of Currency Pairs 01 02 2013
Comparing Dollar Index and major groups of Currencies to gain insight into which of the currencies or groups are likely to be stronger or weaker going forward for intermediate to longer term swing trades.
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