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Mining VeriumReserve with VMPC6000
VMPC6000: Verium mining personal cluster. It consists of 3 ODROID-MC1 nicely staked inside a computer case, with power supply and network switch all in it, roughly equivalent to 12 ODROID-XU4, nominal hashing power of 6kh/min for VeriumReserve, consumes less than 240 watts . Can be used to mine other CPU-Only cryptocurrencies as long as there is an ARM miner for it. For example, Yenten, Zoin. Migth work also with cryptonigth and equivalents. This can be maded upon request and configured to your needs, contact user Pilnik ar the vericoin and verium slack: https://vericoinandverium.slack.com. In this example its using a repeater as a network source, not included :)
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Death Command - En vivo el 13 de Noviembre del 2011 Junto a Vital Remains
Death command, Teatro la Mama de Bogota, junto a Vital Remains Tema: Ad Personem - Death command (doble) Origen: Bucaramanga Bateria: Pachochenta Guitarra1: Camacho Guitarra2: Brian "el tucan" Rodriguez Bajo: Crazy Harry Voz: Rene
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