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Caab cs video
just another cs video
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Grav Rounds (a bwar film)
0 expertise 0/11/0 Commando pvp video. I just want to show everyone that even if you have absolutely no skill at online video games there is still hope for you. Dream big and never give up. If you only have one finger you can still do solid dps in swtor. In summary, did just over 200k dmg on voidstar. Biggest crit was 3300 I think. Didn't get interrupted once the entire bg. Also fairly sure we were playing a GRIEF premade and I was solo queueing. Not that any of this information matters I just feel like the more info I give you the better it will allow you to visualize being me while you watch this atrocity of a pvp video. I would like to apologize for neglecting to use any death metal in this video, I especially want to apologize to drowning pool who I know makes a living off of having their classic hit 'let the bodies hit the floor' featured in various pvp videos that are scattered across the internet. I hope the one day you will find it in your heart to forgive me. Don't do drugs. Freeze frame.
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I like rocks
Commando was too easy so I decided to level a sage. Since I'm progressing into a better player every passing day, I decided I would get a little adventurous and attempt to use 2 skills in this video. I went with a classic 0/0/14 build and chose Telekinetic Throw and Project as my attack spells. I assigned these skills to buttons 2 and 3 on my keyboard (clealy the two best dps buttons on any keyboard). This footage is from 2 voidstars I did. Entered late in both games but still managed to put up respectable numbers. Our more observant viewers will noticed that in one game I ever gave another player an mvp vote, I would like to think that this helps to show I'm getting a better understanding of the game all the time. Also to every one who did less damage than me, you are terrible and damage is the only thing that matters in video games. Healing is for rejects who can't handle blindly mashing the 2 key all day. I would like to note that healers can't mash the 2 key because every decent mmo player knows that the E key is the optimal healing button. Once again I was unable to find a good place to download some Drowning Pool so I had to grab a song off of my drunken step dads favorite cd while he was passed out. NO ONE CAN STOP US NOW TONIGHT WE'RE ON THE LOOSE! NO ONE CAN TELL US HOW TONIGHT WE'RE ON THE LOOSE!
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Cooking with Cor: An Azure Twilight recruitment video
Today on Cooking with Cor, Cor tackles a sweet treat perfect for any holiday gathering, Creme Brulee Tarts!
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S6 Contra
cs:s video
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Created on October 14, 2010 using FlipShare.
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Bwar Robo Awesome
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A short film by Caab
I heard this video has over 9000 diggs
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Triple Swag-7 Kill
I got them like really good on this one.
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1Glock on Nuke. Pretty much a pretty ok kill.
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Cache Kill
I get this one guy pretty good.
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