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Cheap DIY Propane Fire Pit - Step By Step Instructions
Step by step instructions on building a Cheap DIY Propane Fire Pit. Using an existing fire pit, and black iron pipe to create an adjustable flame fire pit. I hate when tutorials skip steps so I included everything! Total cost was just about $200 Firepit: $79 - https://goo.gl/uG6qSZ Black Glass: $22 - https://goo.gl/MF8iZ8 Grill Igniter: $9 - https://goo.gl/MJjQt3 Air Mixer: $16 - https://goo.gl/TV9KVE 12ft Propane Hose: $19 - https://goo.gl/F4m5L6 Black Iron Pipe 5 Way Fitting: $12 - https://goo.gl/AqjuEa Black Iron Pipe & Caps: Lowes Sells On Shelf 1/2" to 3/8" Reducer (For turn off valve): $4 - https://goo.gl/hJr5Rv 1/2' Ball Valve: $11 - https://goo.gl/ENtKw8
1964 Layton Vintage Camper Restoration - Part 1 of 12 -  "Demolition"
Restoring a Vintage 1964 Layton 14ft camper trailer. Part 1: Demolition. We will be restoring it completely and using it as an Airbnb rental as well as a fun camper for traveling! We call it the Tampa Campa We purchased this camper for $1,000 with title in hand from a lady on facebook marketplace. We spent the last few months looking for the perfect camper to buy and restore, but they sell so quickly and at such high prices that we almost gave up. Project Breakdown: Part 1 - Demo (Remove all the junk) Part 2 - Floor and Trailer (Remove floor, replace footings, Sand and Paint trailer, Run plumbing/wiring conduits) Part 3: Framing (Re-framing walls and ceiling Part 4: Window Repair/Replacement Part 5: Stripping and Sanding (Removing all paint, sanding roof, patching holes/replacement pieces) Part 6: Floorplan/Planning (Layout and design) Part 7: Electrical/Plumbing (Building battery pack, running electrical, install lights & power outlets. Part 8: Walls and Floor Installation Part 9: Bathroom Part 10: Kitchenette Part 11: Bed and Seating Design and Build Part 12: Final Touches
Electric Forrest Surprise Video Prank
For my girlfriends birthday I made her a video, that leads you to think we were going to Sandals Resort for a lame couples vacation. Midway through the video...well you just watch. Intro Song: Bassnectar - Noise ft Donnis The AMAZING aerial videos of the festival were borrowed from Aaron Lieber and his video: JUST DANCE || AN ELECTRIC FORREST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4X6uE5ekgGg
Bonnaroo 2012 Aftermovie (Documentary)
**TURN YOUR BASS UP *** For all of you preparing for Bonnaroo 2013, here is a little taste of what awaits you! If you are at work throw in some headphones, otherwise put this bitch in full screen mode and turn the bass up. Bonnaroo is about all types of music but for the sake of a outrageous movie I used mostly Electronic Dance Music to keep a high pace. Myself and a friend packed up 2 bags each and boarded a plane to Manchester, TN for Bonnaroo 2012. After hours and a few lay overs we arrived and picked up our rental car. A few hours later we were in line and ready to enter. Once parked at 5am we started raging out and didnt stop for days. This video is a pretty good summary of what went down those few days. HAVE FUN ON THE FARM THIS YEAR!