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JC Parets on the USA Next 50 Index
JC breaks down the construction of the All Star Charts USA Next 50 Index and how we can use it as part of a weight-of-the-evidence approach to the US Stock Market
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All Star Options Monthly Conference Call - August 2018
This is the monthly conference call for members of All Star Options hosted by J.C. Parets and Sean McLaughlin
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I'm a Technician - JC Parets
Stocktoberfest Presentation 10-26-12
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JC Parets on Fox Business Talking About Coal
JC discusses Coal stocks with David Asman and Liz Claman on Fox Business 7-30-14
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JC Parets on Consumer Discretionary Stocks 7-12-18
JC discusses the upside potential for the Consumer Discretionary Sector and what that means for the U.S. Stock Market
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JC Parets Technical Analysis on Allstarcharts
This is the full video of the webinar hosted by JC Parets of Allstarcharts for the Autumn 2015 AlphaShark Trading Symposium on Saturday September 26th 2015
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JC Parets on Business News Network 1-8-15
JC chats with Frances Horodelski about Interest Rates, Crude Oil and Homebuilding Stocks
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JC Parets on Railroad Stocks 7-23-18
JC discusses the relative strength and positive momentum in the railroad stocks as well as the implication this could have on the overall U.S. stock market.
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JC Parets: The 10 Best Charts In The World
Start Your 30 Day Risk-Free Trial Today http://allstarcharts.com/premium-membership/ JC Parets discusses what he thinks are the Best 10 Charts in the World as we head into 2016 S&P500 US Dollar Gold Crude Oil Natural Gas Cocoa Apple Nasdaq Composite US Treasury Bonds
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JC Parets on FOX Business: U.S. Stocks, Bitcoin & Steel
This is the video clip of JC Parets, CMT chatting with Liz Claman on Fox Business 12-22-17
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BNN Bloomberg Interview: Technical Take On The Markets
JC chats with Catherine Murray on BNN Bloomberg. This discussion includes Technology stocks, Medical Devices and where we are in this secular bull market.
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JC Parets MTA Educational Webcast
JC Parets hosts a live webcast for the Market Technicians Association Educational Series. JC discusses Momentum Divergences and Social Media's impact on the Technical Analysis community. March 27, 2013
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ChartSummit2018 JC Parets Presenation: Top/Down Approach & Trade Ideas
JC Parets goes over the top/down approach starting with US and Global Indexes, the specific sectors & industries and finally the individual stocks and ETFs themselves
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JC Parets Chart Summit 2018: First Presentation - Process
This is the video presentation of JC Parets, CMT at ChartSummit 2018: How I use tools like momentum, fibonacci, trend recognition and risk management techniques.
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JC Parets & Joe Fahmy Live on Fox Business 2-16-15
JC and Joe make the bullish case for the US Stock Market with Liz Claman on Fox Business
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JC Parets Live From The Nasdaq: Bitcoin, Gold & The U.S. Stock Market
This is the video from my interview on BNN on December 19th 2017 where I discuss the risk vs reward propositions in Bitcoin, Gold and the S&P500
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JC Parets on FOX Business 4-25-14
JC Charts with David Asman and Liz Claman about Energy and Late Cycle Sector Rotation
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JC Parets on Bloomberg TV - Januarty 25, 2016
JC chats with Joe Weisenthal, Alix Steel and Scarlet Fu about the S&P500, Apple and Sector Rotation in U.S. Stocks
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SuperBowl 50 Countdown: The Best Chart in the World
JC Parets of All Star Charts goes in order discussing the best 50 charts on earth
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JC Parets on ABC News Discussing Gold and other Metals
JC sits down with Dan Kloeffler from ABC news to talk about whether or not investors should be looking to buy Gold
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JC Parets on Bloomberg TV 12-21-15
JC sits down with Joe Weisenthal and Alix Steel to discuss the U.S. Stock Market, U.S. Interest Rates and shares of Apple http://allstarcharts.com/premium-membership/
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Joe Fahmy & JC Parets 5-21-13
Joe Fahmy & JC Parets 5-21-13
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JC Parets Live From the Nasdaq on BNN 6-26-15
JC chats with Frances Horodelski on Business News Network about Large-cap stocks, Apple and US Treasury Bonds
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Zero Point Zero
Mr. Blutarsky
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JC Parets Takes Chart Requests 2-19-15
Readers and followers submitted different ticker symbols and today we're going to take a look at them
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Top Down Technical Analysis of Global Markets
JC Parets breaks down how and why he looks at stock markets all over the world to find trends in money flow, manage risk, and find uncorrelated opportunities
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Investing in 2016 Using Intermarket Analysis
Discounted Membership: http://allstarcharts.com/newyearoffer/
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Allstarcharts Stock Market Video 8-17-2017
This is a video showing some of the charts I was looking at today
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JC Parets Looks at Gold Futures 7-20-15
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JC Parets Live From The Nasdaq on BNN 2-24-15
JC stis down with Frances Horodelski from Business News Network to discuss the US Stock Market, Internet Stocks, Social Media and Natural Gas Futures
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JC Parets Takes Charting Requests 5-26-13
JC Parets Takes Charting Requests 5-26-13
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JC Parets on Fox Business 2-26-14
JC discusses shares of Blackberry and Apple with Liz Claman and David Asman on Fox Business
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JC Parets on Fox Business Discussing Brazil and Germany
JC Parets sits down with Cheryl Casone to talk about how to appoach the dog days of summer. With volatility likely to spike from a seasonal perspective, Buying Brazil and Selling Germany keeps an equities neutral position.
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Art Cashin on Pattern Recognition
Art Cashin, a legend on the floor of the NYSE, receives award of recognition by the Market Technicians Association
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JC Parets of Allstarcharts.com on US Treasury Bonds 7-21-15
TLT www.allstarcharts.com
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JC Parets on BNN Live from the NASDAQ
JC Parets sits down with Frances Horodelski to talk about the recent strength in US Dollars and the bearish sector rotation in US Stocks
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The Corn Trade 8-12-14
JC Talks Corn
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JC Parets of Allstarcharts.com Looks at Apple Shares
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JC Parets of Allstarcharts on Shares of Google 7-21-15
JC uses a top/down technical approach to Google www.allstarcharts.com
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JC Parets Live From The Nasdaq April 11, 2016
JC chats with Frances Horodelski at BNN about where to take profits on U.S. Stocks and offers a couple of market neutral opportunities on the horizon
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Use Technical Analysis to Find Profitable Opportunities Around the World 10-22-14
JC Parets goes over stock markets and asset classes around the world in order to look for the most optimal risk/reward opportunities.
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JC Parets Live From The Nasdaq MarketSite on BNN 5-13-15
JC sits down with Frances Horodelski to discuss the Agribusiness sector, the Falling US Dollar and US Stocks as a group
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JC Parets on Treasury Bonds & Interest Rates
JC Parets from Eagle Bay Capital talks about a possible upcoming breakout in Government debt that should coincide with lower interest rates.
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NYC MoneyShow: Debunking Technical Analysis Myths
JC Parets sits down with Rob Booker at the New York City Money Show 2014 to debunk Technical Analysis Myths
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J.C. Parets on Twitter and Kohls
J.C. Parets, CMT from Eagle Bay Capital discusses the technicals in shares of TWTR and KSS
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JC Parets Live From the NYSE
JC Parets talks Energy and Sector Roation with Jessica Menton from International Business Times
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JC Parets and the Japanese Yen 3-14-14
JC goes over the important levels on USDJPY and FXY
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