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Management of Kaspersky using Security Center 9
Kaspersky Security Center 9 benefits from excellent management capabilities. This all in one console can provide granular control and superior reporting.
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Kaspersky Endpoint Control Features
A demo covering the endpoint control features of Kaspersky Endpoint Secruity 8, controlled by Kaspersky Security Center 9
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Kaspersky Web Control and 3G
Kaspersky Endpoint Secruity 8 offers great control over web content and URL filtering. This even works across 3G connections, as shown in this brief demo.
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Kaspersky Security Center 9 - Reporting
Kaspersky offers excellent reporting functions in a variet of different ways. All controlled from the one console, as shown in this video.
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Kaspersky Security for Virtualization - Overview
Kaspersky Security for Virtualization provides agentless anti-malware security for virtualized deployments, running VMware's virtualization platform. The solution is powered by Kaspersky's award-winning anti-malware engine, and is enabled under the unified management umbrella of the Kaspersky Security Center administrative console. Kaspersky Security for Virtualization effectively protects virtualized environments and provides IT security professionals with the superior performance, unified management and visibility they need.
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Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 - Quick Look
A three minute guide to the deep protection and powerful endpoint controls, available in Kaspersky Endpoint 8. Endpoint Security 8 forms the basis of comprehensive protection from Kaspersky Lab.
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Kaspersky Advanced Protection
A demo covering the superior anti-malware technologies from Kaspersky Endpoint Secruity 8
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Rip and replace - The Kaspersky Way
Rip out your existing software and install Kaspersky Endpoint 8. Automatic migration, automatic protection. EASY!
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