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World Cup Market Cycles
Geopolitical events & market volatility aren't strangers to football World Cup tournaments. Here is what happened during and after each of the last 13 World Cup.
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Ashraf Laidi on CNBC Discussing FX & Equity Correlations - Jan 9, 2013
The notion of a positive trifecta (US dollar, US bond yields and US equities will rise in tandem) may materialize only briefly in H2, before Eurozone markets catch up alongside EURUSD once Greece and Italy GDP growth hits positive territory (thanks to comparative element and friendly market conditions in capital markets). For the latest tradable ideas on FX, gold, silver and oil, please click here: http://www.ashraflaidi.com/account/logon?ReturnUrl=%2fpremium%2fa-little-trade-diversification
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Ashraf Laidi on BNN - July 23, 2018
Ashraf Laidi, chief executive officer of Intermarket Strategy in London, discusses his outlook for interest rates and the bond market and why it's all adding up to an end in the rise of the U.S. dollar.
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Ashraf Laidi on Bloomberg TV - Mar 22, 2013
Telling Bloomberg TV that gold rallies resulting primarily from Eurozone woes are more short-lived than gold rallies resulting from announcements of fresh QE. The current gold bounce is a result of Eurozone investors seeking haven into the metal (as was seen in the Greece & Italy episodes in the chart below), but it does NOT imply a prolonged gold rally vs USD. It's imortant to distinquish gold in USD & euro terms.Ashraf also gives his view on EUR and JPY. For tradable ideas, please the latest Prmeium Insights. http://ashraflaidi.com/premium/trades
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Ashraf Laidi  on BNN
Yield party might be getting out of hand: Laidi
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Ashraf Laidi on CNBC Squawk Box Sep 18, 2012
Ashraf Laidi discusses the 3 secular moves of the euro over the past 5 years, including the upcoming one as well as distinguishes the latest ECB plan from prior bond purchases programs and its implications for the currency. He also talks Aussie, loonie, Malaysian Ringgit & Singapore USD.
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Ashraf Laidi on CNBC, talking April Tops, Ezone Volatility & Fed - Apr 16, 2012
Ashraf reiterates is March warning that April may prove a difficult month in equities as was the case in over the last 2 years. Also adding his take on China's currency, Eurozone volatility, solvency vs. liquidity & nervousness ahead of the April 25 FOMC.
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Ashraf on Bloomberg - August 24, 2016
Ashraf Laidi, chief executive officer at Intermarket Strategy, discusses the expectations from Janet Yellen in Jackson Hole, the outlook for the U.S. dollar, which G-10 currency will be most sensitive to the Fed's comments and his top currency trade. He speaks to Yousef Gamal El-Din and Angie Lau on "Bloomberg Markets Middle East." (Source: Bloomberg)
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Ashraf Laidi 's $1.29 EURUSD Call on CNBC - Forex, Debt
Reiterating my $1.29 call for EURUSD on CNBC, basing it on the inadequacy of the EFSF, interest rate cycles and lack of aggressive easing from the Federal Reserve. September, 28, 2011
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Ashraf Laidi on CNBC January 29, 2013
Telling CNBC the ECB balance sheet has in shrunk by 5% over the last 6 months compared to increases of 5-15% for the other big three. The ECB's refraining from currency wars may not be the only reason to the euro's sharp rebound. 32-month highs in Germany's business surveys and solid auctions by most periphery Eurozone nations as of late can be categorized among "stabilizing fundamentals" for the Eurozone. The road to $1.37 in EURUSD remains intact as suggested in our Dec 4 note "1.35 Euro Target Revised up". .$1.40 is no longer deemed an aggressive forecast, and is considered baseline objective for early Q2 2013. For tradable ideas on FX and commodities, please our Premium Insights here: http://ashraflaidi.com/premium/trading-the-pause-in-jpy-euro
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