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FRM: How companies can hedge commodity costs with futures
This illustrates how a company which depends on copper as an input (e.g., a computer maker) can use copper futures contracts to hedge its exposure (the anticipation of copper spot price increases). For more financial risk videos, visit our website! http://www.bionicturtle.com
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Personal Finance Advice : How to Invest in Precious Metals
When investing in precious metals, understand the difference in strategic metals, like titanium, and precious, like gold. Learn more about investing in precious metals and how they should be kept in safe places like a bank with tips from a futures exchange trader in this free video on personal finance. Expert: Mark Griffith Bio: Mark Griffith has graduated in economics and philosophy at Clare College, Cambridge. He has been a futures and options floor trader at LIFFE (London International Financial Futures Exchange). Filmmaker: Paul Volniansky
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Ratnamani Machine
NPS Drive Automation Pvt. Ltd.
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Tour of All Aluminum Company (AAC) Asheville NC
All Aluminum sells windows, doors, siding, roofing, accents, and so much more. Had to pick up 2 windows and took this video.
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Stock Market Investing Tips : Online Stock Trading Advice
When looking for an online trading broker, be sure to compare how much the cost per trade is and the charge per lot. Find an online trading company, but always read the restrictions before signing up with them, with tips from a futures and options floor trader in this free video on investing. Expert: Mark Griffith Bio: Mark Griffith has graduated in economics and philosophy at Clare College, Cambridge. He has been a futures and options floor trader at LIFFE (London International Financial Futures Exchange). Filmmaker: Paul Volniansky
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SAN International Trading HMS 1&2 Yard
Our Yards In South Carolina
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copper fittings
With a monthly production capability of more than 50 tons of copper, we specialize in manufacturing copper fitting. Our devotion to QC and R&D has led us to attain ISO9001:2000 certification. All our products are produced strictly as per American standard (ANSI/ASME B16.22) and European standard (EN1254-1). Our copper fittings sell well all over the country and are widely exported to West Europe, North America, Japan and Korea. Our main products are as follows: 1 American standard ANSI/ASME B16.22 solder joint copper fittings (size: from 1/4"to 6") 2 American standard ANSI/ASME B16.22 solder ring copper fittings (size: from 3/8"to 2") 3 European standard EN1254-1 solder joint copper fittings (size: from 6mm to 159mm) 4 European standard EN1254-1 solder ring copper fittings (size: from 8mm to 54mm) 5 Threading Copper Fitting 6 DWV Fittings 7 Air-conditioner copper fittings Inquire today and we will respond you within 24 hours. To learn more, please visit our website: http://www.chinacopperfittings.cn/ Jarky.guo Sales Manager Company: Ningbo Hengsheng Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd. Address: The West Jinshui Road, Part C of Xinxing Industrial Area, Ninghai County315600, Ningbo, China Phone: +86-0574-65338995 Fax: +86-574-65330698 E-mail: [email protected] Msn: [email protected] Skype:nbhengshen Web: http://www.chinacopperfittings.cn/
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The Coffee Trader Pt 1
Final Day Of The Coffee Trader
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mmtc company outing
technical department bonding moment
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You've Been Frooshed
The person in this video is Sagaforest(froosh) http://www.youtube.com/sagaforest in alliance with http://www.youtune.com/drgonboyx By the way, Obaid Karki is An Outcast Underdog Diogenesist Libertarian Kabbalist Spinoziste Pantheon Hexalingual Automath speed reader at 165 pages per hour. Self-taught oneself without formal instruction or help of others with an enthusiasm for self-education and a high degree of self-motivation to debate. 1967-1972 EDUCATION: Alshaab Intermediate & Dubai Secondary School WORK FOR PUBLIC SECTOR: Delivery Tally Clerk & Customs Intern Officer in AKAC Jetty WORK FOR PRIVATE SECTOR: Gray Mackenzie Intern Assistant Shed Supervisor. IT PENETRATION: Before the Great Dark Cloud WIND OF CHANGE: Earn Higher Education BOTTOM-LINE EARNING: Paid Off 1972-1976 EDUCATION University of Baghdad: College of Agriculture Department of Soil Science & Water Engineering. WORK FOR PUBLIC SECTOR: Dorm Catering & Students Mass Transportation IT PENETRATION: Intel 4040 & 8080 4-bit line Zilog Z-80 - 8-bit line Pascal Design System Language FIG-FORTRAN Cobol MUMPS Scelbi & Mark-8 Altair & IBM 5100 Computers and ALGOL WIND OF CHANGE: Patriotism crap serve the infancy of Motherland get experience and change of venue. BOTTOM-LINE EARNING: paid off 1976-1984 WORK FOR PUBLIC SECTOR: UAE Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries Deputy Minister WORK FOR PRIVATE SECTOR: Condor Trading Agencies & Hydrosystems General Trading Assembly Repair & Sales of Water Supply Irrigation Equipment & Others. IT PENETRATION: Intel 8080 8-bit to 80286 Office Software and General Purpose Software Operating System Design Principles From electric typewriters to WYSIWYG WIND OF CHANGE FROM PUBLIC SECTOR: FIRED for 8 counts UAE water augmentation by trying tug an Iceberg from Antarctica to Dubai 1976 Combat desertification 1977 The landscape of the impossible 1980-1982 Use LANDSAT images to further water & soil resources and the discovery of nothing beneath UAE but oil. 1979-1984 Pioneer design & build dams to recharge aquifers. 1978-1984 Smuggle Israeli Technology of pressurized irrigation system to local farmers for free. 1980 Introduction of Telex Fax & Computer into the Federal Government. 1976 Rural Fisheries and Agrarian development project net worth USD$215 millions. with no pension or social security benefits. 1984-1985 HH SH Maktoum Bin Rashid Nadd Al Shiba Landscape & Green Belt Project WIND OF CHANGE FROM PUBLIC SECTOR: a moral sense and special favor never paid off BOTTOM-LINE EARNING: pending USD$500000.00 unpaid un-invoiced on face value. WORK FOR PRIVATE SECTOR: Condor Trading Agencies & Hydrosystems General Trading Assembly Repair & Sales of Water Supply & Irrigation Equipment & Others. Mail order business fashion show indoor plants flowers exotic pets heavy duty equipments etc. IT PENETRATION: Intel 80286 2 16-bit Applications: Aldus Pagemaker Trillian Wordstar Computer Chess VisiCalc Spreadsheet. Languages: ASCII BASIC FORTRAN HTML Java JavaScript Lingo Used in Director and Shockwave Operating Systems MS-DOS Windows Wind of change: a moral sense and special favor never paid off WIND OF CHANGE FROM PRIVATE SECTOR: Dubai Water department denied payment & never return our goods. BOTTOM-LINE EARNING: USD$10 Millions never paid. 1985-1990 WORK FOR PRIVATE SECTOR: Moved to Al-Ain City & Established a Mega Contracting Company for Landscape Sanitary Drainage and Pipeline Company IT PENETRATION: Intel 80286 2 16-bit 80386 3 to 80486 32-bit SPARC Structured programming object-oriented programming CASE tools ADA Java documentation standards and Unified Modeling Language Wind of change: New Experience Challenge & Change of Venue paid off. WIND OF CHANGE: Work Smart Total Quality New Experience. Purely Boldness. BOTTOM-LINE EARNING: Paid off nicely 1990-2006 WORK FOR PRIVATE SECTOR General Trading Metals Commodities Super Computers High End Spare Parts and Accessories for all kind of industries. Defense Contracting etc. Mainly on Overseas Market. IT Penetration Intel 80486 to 586 Pentium Intel Core 8 32-bit to 265-bit Information Superhighway Lightweight Methodologies The use of rapid-prototyping evolved to entire lightweight methodologies such as Extreme Programming XP which attempted to simplify many areas of software engineering including requirements gathering and reliability testing for the growing vast number of small software systems. to managing the development and maintenance of software calculations and algorithms information storage retrieval and display. WIND OF CHANGE: Work Smart Total Quality New Experience. Purely Boldness. BOTTOM-LINE EARNING: Paid off nicely 2007 to Present Seized work and started my own a talk show on youtube for on fitness & spirituality
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Wallstrip - Silver
(3-17-08) Silver: Not just for werewolves anymore. Pan American Silver Corp. (PAAS) and Silver Wheaton Corp. (SLW)
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Company Aims To Curb Keg Thefts
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Commodity Trading - Part 3:  Commodity Cycles
The third in a multi-part series on commodity trading. This edition looks at why commodity price cycles occur and begins to explore why money is flowing into commodity markets. For more information and a better view of the charts in this video, be sure to visit http://www.econoutlook.net
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Wetten Dass ? 04.10.2008 Madame Sarkozy Carla Bruni-L'Amoureuse live
http://es.video.yahoo.com/watch/2393413/7155876 Madame Sarkozy Cape Town French President Nicholas Sarkozy is to address a joint sitting of South Africa's Parliament on Thursday, as part of his two day visit to the country President and Madame Sarkozy are expected to arrive in Cape Town on Thursday, ahead of talks with President Thabo Mbeki at Tuynhuis The French delegation will include 40 Chief Executive Officers from major French companies The delegation will sign an array of bilateral agreements aimed at further strengthening relations between the two countries President and Madame Sarkozy, who will be on a two-day state visit will be received at the Cape Town International Airport by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma," the Department of Foreign Affairs said ahead of the scheduled bilateral political, economic and trade discussion President Mbeki will host President Sarkozy within the context of South Africa's priority to strengthen bilateral political, economic and trade relations with France aimed at consolidating North - South relations France is the largest donor and major investor on the continent Economic relations between South Africa and France are continuously expanding. France is South Africa's eighth largest trading partner and an important investor in the South African economy Bilateral trade totalled R25 billion in 2007, with the trade balance in France's favour. South Africa's exports were mainly minerals, metals and other commodities while imports from France included machinery, chemicals and pharmaceuticals President Sarkozy has in the months that he's been in power, spoken often about Africa and has said France will continue to be Africa's resolute advocate in Europe...and that Africa will remain a priority of France's foreign policy," said Foreign Affairs Deputy Director General Gert Grobler, in Pretoria on Thursday South Africa and France enjoy cordial relations characterised by regular high-level dialogue, diverse bilateral cooperation programmes and growing bilateral economic ties while co-operating at a multilateral level including the UN Security Council and the G8 In addition, France is a member of the Group of 8 (G-8) and a Permanent member of the United Nations Security Council President Sarkozy will on Friday address the SA-France Business Forum The SA-French Business Forum has provided an opportunity for South African and French business people to exchange views on doing business in Africa and to explore possible joint partnerships on the continent There are about 160 French companies operating in South Africa, including several French multinationals such as Total, Alcatel, Renault, Lafarge, Danone and Peugeot-Citroen The French nuclear company AREVA is currently training South African engineering graduates in project management at post-graduate level The French-South African Technological Institute for Electronics (F'SATIE), based at the Tshwane University of Technology and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, will train 167 students over the next two years The Ecole Nationale d'Administration, in association with the South African Management Development Institue, will offer training programmes to senior South African civil servants. - BuaNews Sarà anche la dama più in vista di Francia, ma madame Sarkozy non ha conquistato il cuore degli acquirenti che, a Parigi, hanno visitato la mostra di Patrick Demarchelier. Alla retrospettiva che raccoglie gli scatti del celebre fotografo di moda (autore anche di due calendari Pirelli, che è anche sponsor dellesposizione), una fotografia di Carlà è andata allasta, ma non certo a ruba. Anzi, lasta (il cui ricavato andrà in beneficenza) ha consegnato lo scettro della più desiderata a unaltra modella, Kate Moss. Così, mentre la fotografia di Carlà è stata venduta a 25mila euro, lo scatto di Demarchelier a una giovane Kate Moss (vestita di soli jeans) ha raggiunto i 32mila euro. Per la première dame, un piccolo smacco in casa propria Scandale! Okay, not really, it's France after all; what would constitute a personal scandal there? The French president, Nicholas Sarkozy (not to be confused with Jean-Pierre Jeunet's favorite actor Dominique Pinon!) and his wife, Cecilia, told everyone they were splitting up yesterday, and said they'd have no further comment on the matter. Well, Madame Sarkozy changed her mind, okay? She's allowed! She unloaded about her marriage to a French newspaper today and it was all pretty run-of-the-mill stuff, except it prompted her ex to get all pissy with Le Monde when they called him for comment, snapping that hey, the French people "ask for no comment from me. It interests them much less than you, and they are right. And perhaps they have a greater sense of propriety and more discretion, sir." Take that! If only our own Great Leaders could put the press in their place as eloquently Shes gone and married the French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Oh dear.
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Wealth - Rockefeller Style 2
Wealth Event Toronto
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Investing in commodities, mining, metals & minerals (EN)
Empresa Minera (Bergbau) AG is your partner for attractive investments in commodities worldwirde. An excellent management and finest financial services are your guarantees for a long-term success. Visit also our website: http://www.empresa-minera.ch/en/
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Alcoa AA NYSE METALS & MINING - Aluminum
http://www.stockbat.com Alcoa AA NYSE METALS & MINING - Alum
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Money Making Stategies - Palladium
Bill Rook from Redmayne Bentley talks about his chart picks. As the Dow Jones Industrial Average and FTSE 100 fall we look for opportunities elsewhere. This week we look at Palladium. Metals and commodities have been very strong so far in 2008 - will the strength continue? What do the charts say?
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CMC Commercial and Jingle
CMC properties chose UBU Media to produce their television commercial and write their jingle.
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Blanchard Gold
Created and produced by MediaForce Creative Group.
MMTC jewelry exhibition
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Protect Yourself From The Falling Dollar With Gold & Silver
http://www.ManifestCashNow.info This video covers: Precious Metals Platinum investment finance commodities currency dollar stock Lowe business Gold Silver China Gas oil Cramer metals ETF CNBC Nasdaq euro Fox palladium NASCAR, Marketwatch, Kitco, Gold Eagle Related info to research: Gold-Stocks.com - Gold Mining Stocks and List of gold stocks, mines, gold companies, watchlist(quotes), charts, news, articles, newsletters and information for Barrick, Goldcorp, Harmony, Normandy, ... www.gold-stocks.com/ Gold Stock Center Home Page for the World's Gold Stock Investors. www.goldstockcenter.com/ Gold stocks start to shine - MSN Money What is surprising, however, is that gold stocks continue to languish even while the price of gold itself has shot back up to the $680 area. ... articles.moneycentral.msn.com/Investing/StreetPatrol/GoldSto cksStartToShine.aspx Conde Nast Portfolio METALS STOCKS Gold edges higher as dollar falls; copper surges Gold futures rose for a second straight trading day on Monday as the dollar, which tends to move ... Gold Stock Analyst - Top 10 Gold Stocks - Subscription Newsletter Gold Stock Analyst is a monthly subscription newsletter with in-depth coverage of gold stocks. A portfolio of Gold Stock Analyst's Top 10 Stocks has ... www.goldstockanalyst.com/ Gold Stocks on Seeking Alpha What Makes Golden Star an Explosive Gold Stock for 2008? on Dec 10, 2007 by Toby Hansen about GSS · Northern Peru Copper Corp. ... seekingalpha.com/sector/gold-precious Gold Stock Investing 101 Once you have established a core position in gold itself, however, you may wish to consider deploying some capital in the wonderful world of gold stocks. ... www.zealllc.com/2002/goldstk101.htm Be careful when mining for gold stocks - Oct. 30, 2007 Gold has been on a tear that few other investments can boast of, and gold miners have gone along for the ride in recent months. money.cnn.com/2007/10/29/markets/spotlight_gold/index.htm GOLD STOCKS AND THE GREAT CRASH OF 1929 REVISITED H-O-W-E-V-E-R, students of financial history took profitable refuge in gold metal stocks. The Gold Mining Index, composed of ASA, Campbell Red Lake and Dome ... www.gold-eagle.com/editorials/great_crash.html Kitco - Gold Precious Metals - Buy Gold Sell Gold, Silver ... 2008 Fundamental and Technical Review for Gold and Gold stocks - by John Lee, CFA , Dec 20 2007 10:47AM. Only Gold Can Beat the Credit Crunch - by Alex ... www.kitco.com/ Gold Stocks In Australia. Market Codes, Live Quotes, And 52-Week ... Australian Gold stock prices. The major stocks in the Gold index of the Australian Stock exchange. www.the-privateer.com/goldprod.html http://www.silverstockreport.com/ (more) (less)
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Natural Gas Inventories Below Historical Averages
http://EnergyInvestingNews.org/ Natural Gas inventories are 1 percent below the five-year average for this time of year, a government report said Thursday.
Buying & Selling American Eagle Gold Coins
http://www.AmericanEagle-GoldCoins.com shows the current american eagle gold coin trading prices live all in one place. Easily tap into this lucrative market by snapping up bargains and reselling them only a few weeks later. visit the website for more...
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Asia Mixed in Holiday Trade
CHAN: The Lunar New Year holidays closed most markets, but the Nikkei eased ahead of a three-day weekend. ZHANG: Japan and Australian shares finished mixed Friday, as holidays in most other markets thinned regional trading activity. The Nikkei edged lower, tripped up by weaker-than-expected machinery orders that hit robot-maker Fanuc. A system glitch in Tokyo futures trading forced an early halt ahead of a 3-day weekend Internet giant Softbank, though, rose again after Japan's No.3 telecom player posted $860 million in quarterly profit. Australia's share benchmark rose nearly 1% as Commonwealth Bank and other financial institutions followed Wall Street higher. Both BHP Billiton and takeover target Rio Tinto ended lower, despite higher metals prices, on talk that any possible deal would take months to materialize.
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Gold Market Outlook December 2008
Barry Dawes, Managing Director of Martin Place Securities, talks about the outlook for Gold, investing and the resources sector. As we move into 2009, we have to reflect on a turbulent 2008, which took commodity prices up to some very high levels, Gold well over $1000, oils prices 147; Performances of the big stocks were very good, we saw BHP at $50 in June, and that was against a back drop of a US equity market which was quite weak, with a number of sell offs staring in January and following through all the way through the year and seeing that index basically in the states falling by 50% The third quarter and fourth quarter in Australia for resource stocks and in the commodities sector was just diabolical. It fell a lot more than 50% and a lot of stocks would have fallen as much as 75%, even 80 or 90% for some smaller stocks with a low level of liquidity. But since that period, since the lows that we saw in late November, weve seen the US indices steady. Weve seen commodity prices bottom out, sort of, and weve certainly seen a strong Gold price, with gold rising over $900 an ounce again. All these things are suggesting to us that there probably is a bottom coming in the stock market. Now the news that you see on your TV every night, and in newspapers every day is certainly still very, very negative, problems everywhere around the world and one would think that that would be sufficient to undermine confidence in the equity markets but performance of the equity markets over the last 2 ... 2 and a half months certainly suggest that maybe a lot of that has already been discounted. Risks are still there and no one really knows where its going, but we can only follow what the markets are telling us.... More information can be found on our website: www.mpsecurities.com.au
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Precious Metal Investment Works!
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Interview with Keith Neumayer from First Majestic in Oktober
Smallcap Investor presents you an Interview with Mr. Keith Neumeyer President and CEO from First Majestic Silver Corp.
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Gold and Silver
The videos on this channel where created for the web site www.newworldorder1.weebly.com It is time to wake up and take the Red Pill America, go to the web link www.newworldorder1.weebly.com for the videos I am talking about. I have gathered videos from you tube and organized them into categories by subject, New World Order, North American Union , Amero, CRF, Illuminati, Marshal law, Gold and Silver, Food shortage, 911 truth, Federal reserve , Economy Crisis. I have made it real easy to get educated on what is really going on in the world.
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Nymex Commodities Challenge 2008
Highlights from the 2008 Nymex Commodities Challenge.
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Stock Market Investing Tips : Investing in Gold Mining
Investing in gold mines can be risky due to problems, like the mine being badly managed, and the instability of the countries where the mines reside. Make sure to research any potential gold mine investments before making a decision with advice from a futures and options floor trader in this free video on investing. Expert: Mark Griffith Bio: Mark Griffith has graduated in economics and philosophy at Clare College, Cambridge. He has been a futures and options floor trader at LIFFE (London International Financial Futures Exchange). Filmmaker: Paul Volniansky
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Free Tibet Conspiracy and World War 3 (part one)
Please subscribe directly to "laroucheyouth" http://www.youtube.com/user/laroucheyouth Here is the weekly political overview by EIR's Chief Counterintelligence Director, Jeffrey Steinberg. Visit http://www.LaRouchePac.com for an archive of previous reports, daily intelligence items and breaking news. -LaRouche Movement Additional Search Tags: china protest WWIII bear stearns economic collapse commentary and analysis documentary insider whistle blower gold standard bretton woods reserve federal franklin delano roosevelt lincoln 911 9/11 theory solutions politics american system political action committee schwarzenegger fascist prescott bush dick cheney nazi war crimes rat lines putin kennebunkport palestine iran war eurasia russia india maglev nuclear power ballistic missile defense strategic initiative Zimbabwe kenya africa british mi-5 mi-6 cia nsa dalai lama uigur muslim uk false flag terror cramer bismark hitler rockefeller morgan rothschild carnagie mellon scaife ford foundation synarchy oligarchy international financier lucio gelli p-2 lodge masonic gladio ramsey clark economist philosopher gadfly activist democrat norman bailey national security council enterprise institute democratic party lyn lynne lym labor committees executive review history philosophy psychoanalysis mop up railroad schiller club of life sexual congress cultural fascism CCF freedom liberty helga zepp-larouche fidelio duma kepler plato leibniz vernadsky renaissance globalization regulation free trade deregulation fair tariff parity triple curve global nafta cafta amero european union lisbon treaty euro north american denver convention dnc dlc shultz rohatyn nancy pelosi howard dean hillary clinton barak obama john mccain inside job uss liberty hamilton carey ben preamble constitution declaration independence east india company imperialism empire republic technological revolution protest grassroots organize 1776 1929 john quincy adams abraham mckinley walter rathenau jfk john f kennedy assasination bobby robert joe conspiracy conspire permidex iran contra dope inc. operation garden plot mk-ultra cybernetics norbert wiener von neumann brainwash rupert murdoch bill gates myspace facebook devil laptop epistemology ontology oligarchical republican feudal aristotle secrets known only inner elites conservative liberal jacobin lafayette edgar allen poe james fenimore cooper fredrick douglas macarthur westphalia westphalian neo-colonialism international monetary fund world bank goebbels cognition rome henry clay nasa railroad fusion fission fast flux test facility information social security nepal monks Original video by laroucheyouth
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Travel Agents talk about investing in Gold Coins
Capital Gold Group clients talk about investing in gold coints
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Commodity Outlook Dec 2008
Barry Dawes, Managing Director of Martin Place Securities, talks about the investing in the Commodities sector, the current situation and the future outlook. The commodity outlook going into 2009 is difficult to read, weve seen unprecedented falls in commodity prices over the last four or five months as weve seen this deleverage action taking place primarily from hedge funds and others the fall in prices of copper, lead, aluminium, nickel, zinc, have been really quite remarkable and weve not seen this sort of thing happen before where we can go from such strong demand to such weak demand. Now its suggests a number of things, one that the inventory adjustment through the end user cycles is being run down, everyones basically stopped, consumption has fallen, but demand has fallen even more, so inventories are being wound down right throughout the pipeline. Now if the interest rates, and maybe some inflationary issues and the US dollar changes, if thats going to make the consumer change his view or the stockists change their views, we could see a fairly significant rally in all the metals, theyre over sold, theyve done things that Ive never seen in 30 years of watching markets and I think that theres a reasonable possibility for quite a strong bounce. The other thing we need to keep in mind is the gold price. We watch this very, very, closely. The gold price does appear to have been suppressed over the last several years and without doubt the actions in the market since the highs of over $1000 back in March 2008, certainly suggest that there have been actions to suppress the gold price. I expect that the short positions in gold will really come to the fore. I think gold prices will be quite strong going through the next couple of years, and thats going to impact on all commodities and will have a big impact on the way the Australian share market works. One of the things that Ive noticed over the past four or five cycles is that the gold price has a very, very big bearing on the willingness of people to come into the stock market, particularly in the resource sector. So lets watch that. One of the things that has been remarkable with the high oil price and high gold price that we had during 2008, the stocks for the gold producers, the gold explorers and developers, and the oils producers and explorers, were moving in different directions. The stocks were moving down while the commodity prices were moving up. This is really quite unusual, I expect that to turn as we go into 2009 and well find both oil price for supply reasons and keep in mind the supply of oil is going to be a critical issue for the next couple of decades. And short term I think we will probably see oil prices have a bounce and I think the oil stocks will participate in that. Now with the gold price moving higher, and suggestions of it moving much higher, I think were going to find that the changes and the accumulation under way in the gold sector will continue to improve. So theyre going to be the key drivers When we look at the rest of the market, the prices of copper and nickel and zinc in particular, have been quite horrific and weve seen closures of mine capacity in all those metals in Australia, and I expect to see one or two more come through over the next couple of months before things turn up. But they will turn up, because again, supply side issues on these commodities, mean that there isnt a huge overhang of capacity, not a huge over hand of supply so if consumption holds and starts to pick up modestly next year, were going to find though, that the inventory managers, right throughout the pipeline, are going to want to increase their inventory levels, particularly at times while prices are low and interest rates are low.
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Make Money Online Trading Stock Symbol AMED 20080314
http://www.SupportLineAlerts.com This is today's BobChart for Amedisys Inc. Amedisys Inc closed at 37.36. The nearest support is 2.6 percent below the close at 36.39. The nearest resistance is 29.06 percent above the close at 48.22.
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Commodities Recap - Jan 10
etvFutures - Commodities: Crude oil, natural gas, gold, silver. O&F's Frey recaps the session in energy & metals futures, and provides his short-term outlook. COMEX gold soared to a new record high of $897.30, and settled at $893.60/oz. NYMEX crude oil closed down at $93.71/brl.
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Molten Silver Being Poured From Mine in Mexico
Precious metal silver bar being poured at Mexican mining operation of Endeavour Silver Corp. (trading on TSX stock exchange - symbol EDR, on AMEX-EXK, and on DBFrankfurt-EJD). Endeavour is a producer of silver and gold in Mexico.
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Sapphire mining at Gem Mountain
This is a little educational video i shot while spending the day sapphire mining at Gem Mountain Sapphire mine near Philipsburg, MT...i found some nice stones.
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The Hightower Report - Oil Demand Continues
David Hightower, of The Hightower Report discusses Oil Prices at the Money Show 2008
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Can Online Investing End Poverty?
"Invest Wisely. End Poverty." This is the goal of eBay's new online microfinance investment marketplace, MicroPlace. While online microlending has been growing more popular with peer-to-peer offerings such as the non-profit Kiva.org, MicroPlace is charting a whole new course in the microfinance industry, offering socially-minded Americans a new way to offer microloans to entrepreneurs in the developing world. As the only broker-dealer in the microfinance arena, MicroPlace is the first and only online service offering a way for investors to invest in the working poor, and earn both a social and financial return on the investment. On March 19th, a panel of experts on social development and microfinance discussed MicroPlace's potential to reach everyday investors in the United States, as well as the opportunity to help people in developing countries. The event also touched on the larger themes of microfinance policy and fighting poverty, including how loans provided by microfinance institutions can help the working poor come out of poverty and begin to realize the possibilities of longer-term assets such as a thriving business, home, and nest-egg for retirement, as well as the systemic and institutional challenges the microfinance industry faces in reaching the world's poor.
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The Real News featured on PBS Foreign Exchange
More at http://therealnews.com/c.php?c=080801YT Paul Jay, CEO of The Real News Network, is interviewed by Daljit Dhaliwal, host of PBS Foreign Exchange
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Personal Finance : How to Deal With a Down Market
Learning how to handle down markets often determines if someone will be a successful investor. Deal with a down market by relying on a financial adviser with tips from a financial planner in this free video on personal finance and the stock market. Expert: Chris Markowski Contact: www.watchdogonwallstreet.com Bio: Christopher Markowski is the founder of the financial planning firm, Markowski Investments. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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Making Nuts & Bolts
Discovery Channel video on nuts & bolts making processes (Infasco of Marieville, Quebec, Canada).
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Personal Finance & Money Management Tips : Money Market Account Tips & Advice
Money market accounts are a less liquid form of high-yield savings account. Although they have a higher-interest rate, there are penalties for excessive withdrawals. Choose the most logical form of savings account or money market account that will allow for smooth business transactions or life experiences from an experienced financial adviser in this free video. Expert: Patrick Munro Contact: www.northstarnavigator.com Bio: Patrick Munro is a registered financial consultant (RFC) with outstanding sales volume of progressive financial products and solutions to the senior and boomer marketplace. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC
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Stock Market Investing Tips : Where Can I Invest in Nanotechnology?
Investing in nanotechnology involves finding companies that specialize in this practice and researching what the companies are about. Discover more about investing in nanotechnology and historical trends of investing in other types of technology, with insight from a futures and options floor trader in this free video on investing. Expert: Mark Griffith Bio: Mark Griffith has graduated in economics and philosophy at Clare College, Cambridge. He has been a futures and options floor trader at LIFFE (London International Financial Futures Exchange). Filmmaker: Paul Volniansky
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Lecture - 40 Hydrogen Economy
Lecture Series on Energy Resources and Technology by Prof.S.Banerjee,Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in.
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الغيث لتكرير الذهب  ( Al Ghaith Gold DMCC)
طرح فيديو يشرح عملية تكرير الذهب من إعداد الكيميائي محمود أبو كليلة (Al Gold and Silver Refinery
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Commodity Exchange - Leeds Corn Exchange (Leeds)
Formerly renowned as an industrial center, the city of Leeds has experienced economic changes in the last half-century. From wool capital to dot-com node, the university town has witnessed the de-materialization of work more than others. As land-adhering architecture is being converted from trade to leisure and taste, vertical buildings are sky-rocketing in several areas of the city. Mission by Franz Bourgeois, Alba Acuna Carlos. Look at this mission also on Check-in Architecture website http://www.checkinarchitecture.com/mission/108 or on Google Earth http://www.checkinarchitecture.com/index/earth/mission/108.kml
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Why invest in oil and natural gas?
Invest in oil and natural gas, it is a secure and a low risk investment with high rewards, great tax benefits and high demand. For more information visit http://www.high-return-investment-info.com created by www.clickadvant.com.
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Jim Rogers investor Not Only Slam The Fed calls Abolish It
Had to get this out as fast as possible Somebody at CNBC, billed as "America's business channel," made a mistake. They allowed Jim Rogers, investor and buddy to George Soros, to get on and slam the Federal Reserve. Not only slam the Fed, but call for it to be abolished. This is a futher report from yesterday report on Bloomberg's Asian Finance on Final Word. Link Below is of this video your watching: http://www.infowars.com/?p=775 Fed Affords Dollar Brief Respite With Lower Rate Cut Market had priced in full one percent cut Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet Tuesday, March 18, 2008 The dollar enjoyed its biggest gains against the Yen in nine years and pared losses against the Euro after the Federal Reserve delivered a lower than expected 75 basis points interest rate cut after traders had priced in a full 100 points cut. Earlier today, we asked whether the Fed would act to shore up the dollar in the face of a growing outcry and talk of intervention by offering only a 50 basis points cut. Before the decision, a growing number of traders were leaning towards a whopping 1.25 percent cut but the lower than expected move gave the dollar some brief respite. Gold futures fell sharply below $1,000 an ounce but crude oil spiked following the announcement. "The dollar didn't get crushed here," said Frank Lesh, a trader at FuturePath Trading LLC in Chicago. "People were short dollars and long gold heading into this meeting. It looks like investors are taking some money out after this great rally." "The Fed delivered the minimum to appease the overriding concerns of the market right now," said Mike Moran, a senior currency strategist at Standard Chartered in New York. "Risk sentiment is a little better" than at the start of the day. However, with Gulf states set to creep away from the greenback by dumping their dollar peg, the respite is only likely to be short lived and we fully expect to see further dollar erosion on a gradual basis over the coming weeks and months.
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