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Currency Trading & Intermarket Analysis Ashraf Laidi
Ashraf Laidi's "Currency Trading & Intermarket Analysis --How to Profit from the Shifting Currents in Global Markets". Ashraf Laidi's book is the first of its kind to explain in detail the meaning of risk appetite in currencies, commodities, equities, bonds and fixed income. In addition to its extensive historical overiew of the major historical developments in forex markets over the past 35 years, the book explores the interelationships among the various commodities, dissecting which currencies are driven by oil, gold, metals, and food/agriculture. www.ashraflaidi.com
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USA intermarket analysis 12/12
http://www.terminusa.com USA intermarket analysis 12/12, includes Dow Jones, Dollar index, CRB commodities index and 10 year bond yield
Trading the Forex with Bonds - Part 4
The forex is a great place to trade and offers a lot of opportunity for profits. Intermarket analysis can amplify these benefits for forex traders by increasing the frequency of trading opportunities. 100% free forex education available from http://www.pfxglobal.com.
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FOREX Training - Trading Interest Rate Decision
Today the Federal Open Market Committy of the Federal Reserve Bank lowered the Fed Funds Target Rate to 1%. See how we traded it live using fibonacci studies, multiple time frames and intermarket analysis of the 10 Year T-Note. Live FOREX Training | EVERYDAY http://www.fxbootcamp.com
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Forex Video | New York Session Review | October 21, 2008
The downtrend on the yen crosses, which had started at yesterday's London open, stalled at key support pivot points soon after the open of U.S. equity markets during today's New York session. The subsequent pullback in the downtrend provided fresh opportunities to buy the Japanese yen across the board. We used pivot points, currency correlation and inter-market analysis to identify a short trade entry on the EUR/JPY. Traders who took profit at the London close netted a solid 180 pips.
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FOREX Training Video | New York Session March 25, 2008
A multi-year low for this month's version of the Conference Board's Consumer Confidence Index produced an immediate negative reaction in yen crosses and U.S. equity indices alike. Analysis from multiple angles -- history, fundamentals, technicals, currency correlation, and intermarket analysis -- suggested that a downward move would not likely have legs. A double bottom on the GBP/JPY short-term charts gave traders the final clue of the reversal to come. From entry just above a psychological level, to exit at the top of a downward channel, the long trade produced a 120-pip profit for those traders who recognized the clues and acted on them.
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Part II - Ralph Acampora, CMT, discusses "tops and bottoms" in stocks
Ralph Acampora speaks with Ramesh Damani on CNBC India about the stages of a bull market and the mistakes people make in a bull market.
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Playing strengths against weaknesses on EUR/AUD
Playing strengths against weaknesses is often what investing is all about. Recently we published an article about the effectiveness of the hedging strategy used by Southwest Airlines (LUV) in the energy market. That hedging activity has placed LUV at an advantage versus their less prepared competitors. In the stock market traders often look for this type of situation and spread two stocks in the same industry like a currency pair.
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What to do if oil corrects to the downside
Oil is a topic of conversation now more than ever and with the recent testimony from Soros et-al in the press right now, we may see some additional volatility in the oil market as investors try to manage the bubble. The forex is certainly not immune to changes in the forex and there are several ways to manage this risk as well as take advantage of the opportunity.
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