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Why I’d shun this mining flop and buy the Glencore share price dip instead
Why I’d shun this mining flop and buy the Glencore share price dip instead. Yet more of the shine has gone off Tanzania-focused gold miner Acacia Mining (LSE: ACA). It’s shares are down 10.44% today on publication of its first-quarter results for the three months ended 31 Mar....
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Why I’d shun this mining flop and buy the Glencore share price dip instead
Why I’d shun this mining flop and buy the Glencore share price dip instead. Yet more of the shine has gone off Tanzania-focused gold miner Acacia Mining (LSE: ACA). It’s shares are down 10.44% today on publication of its first-quarter results for the three months ended 31 Mar....
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Golden opportunity in Kakamega as company finds significant deposits
Kenya's golden hopes may have been raised after a new precious metal discovery was declared, but these hopes have to be contained as the gold deposits are too limited to be considered commercially viable. Further, it will take at least 6 years for Kenya to enjoy the benefits of the approximately 1.31 million ounces of gold resources discovered in Kakamega by London Stock Exchange-listed mining firm, Acacia. Watch more NTV Kenya videos at ntv.co.ke and nation.co.ke. Follow @ntvkenya on Twitter. Like our page on Facebook: NTV Kenya. Follow and Double tap on Instagram: NTV Kenya Join Our Telegram channel: www.telegram.me/NTVNewsRush
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Mkango CEO says new data confirms Malawi as serious mining destination
Will Dawes, chief executive officer at Mkango Resources Ltd (LON:MKA) says he is very excited about the Rare Earth sector going forward. Just two weeks since listing on AIM, the group is to get its hands on new airborne data fund by the World Bank that will confirm it as a serious mining investment destination in the future. The data will cover the group’s licenses in Malawi and confirm existing anomalies and compliment ongoing discovery programmes. “We are one of the very few advanced stage Rare Earth projects and we’re the only focused Rare Earth company listed on AIM,” says Dawes. He told Proactive Investors that he was confident of the fundamentals of Rare Earth going forward. Dawes says that the outlook is “very good” over the next few years. Touching on the feasibility study back in November at the Songwe Hill mine in Malawi, Dawes said it had revealed a lot of resource upside in what is a “major significant rare earth deposit”. “We have identified areas where we can reduce costs, and that is a major focus for us at the moment.”
Barrick swallows Randgold in $18.3-billion deal to create gold mining giant
subscribe my channel and support and get more videos Canada’s Barrick Gold is swallowing African operator Randgold Resources in a takeover worth roughly US$6-billion that will ensure In a release, Mr. Thornton said that the merger comes with no premiums because “we strongly believe in the opportunity to add significant value for our shareholders from the disciplined management of our combined asset base and a focus on truly profitable growth.” Mark Bristow, the well-regarded CEO of Randgold is to become the CEO of the enlarged company, which will retain the Barrick name. Mr. Thornton, a former president of Goldman Sachs, will remain as executive chairman. Graham Shuttleworth, Randgold’s current chief financial officer, takes the CFO role at the combined company with Barrick’s current CFO Catherine Raw becoming chief operating officer North America. “The combination of Barrick and Randgold will create a new champion for value creation in the gold mining industry, bringing together the world’s largest collection of tier one assets, Under the merger terms, each Randgold shareholder will receive 6.128 new Barrick shares for each Randgold share. The merger would see Barrick shareholders own 66.6 per cent of the enlarged company; Randgold shareholders would own the rest. The deal is expected to close in early 2019. Mr. Thornton has praised Randgold and Mr. Bristow. Randgold’s returns on capital are routinely the highest, or close to them, in the gold sector. “Our industry has been criticized for its short-term focus, undisciplined growth and poor returns on invested capital,” Mr. Bristow said, in a statement. “The merged company will be very different. Its goal will be to deliver sector leading returns.” Unlike Barrick Gold, which has taken billions in write-downs over the years , Randgold has never “written down a penny,” Mr. Thornton said in a conference call with analysts on Monday. Another big advantage of the acquisition for Barrick shareholders according to Mr. Thornton is it is buying a competitor with a proven ability to operate in one of the most challenging jurisdictions in the world. i.e. Africa. Barrick’s subsidiary Acacia Mining PLC, which operates in Africa is currently subject to a gold export ban in Tanzania. Last year, the Tanzanian government accused Acacia of US$200-billion in tax fraud. The combined company will have five tier-one mines, three from Barrick and two from Randgold. Barrick defines a tier 1 mine as one that produces 500,000 ounces of gold a year, has a life of more than 10 years and is low cost. Randgold owns mines in Mali, Ivory Coast, Senegal and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The deal means Barrick likely won’t lose its spot as the world’s biggest gold producer after all. Last year, after Barrick’s production fell to to 5.3 million ounces of gold and the company predicted up to 5 million ounces for this year, it looked like Newmont Mining Corp., which forecast it will produce as much as 5.4 million ounces for 2018 would soon surpass Barrick. By swallowing Randgold, Barrick gains about 1.3 million extra ounces a year in production, which would put it comfortably ahead of its U.S. competitor. In an interview with The Globe and Mail in London earlier this month, Mr. Thornton said he had thrown out the traditional “chasing ounces” growth model in the industry and would focus on free cash flow – the money left over after capital expenditures and operating costs are paid. As CEO, Mr. Bristow will be responsible for the day to day operations of running Barrick. Executive chair Mr. Thornton will work with the board of directors and also continue to work on relationship building with countries like China and deal with geopolitical matters. Both Mr. Bristow and Mr. Thornton will jointly make decisions on large strategic and macro matters. One analyst asked Mr. Bristow whether there is risk for Randgold, which is known for its nimble, decentralized business model, in combining with the much bigger Barrick. “Our intention is to implement the Randgold way,” said Mr. Bristow, which he explained is a flat management structure, with an emphasis on efficiency and the ability to make quick decisions. “John [Thornton] has done a lot of work in cleaning up the baggage,” he added. “There is no culture clash amongst the senior executives between Randgold and Barrick.” Under the terms of the deal, Randgold will cease to trade on the London Stock Exchange. The new combined company will trade on the New York and Toronto stock exchanges. The deal is subject to majority shareholder approval from Barrick’s shareholders and 75 per cent approval from Randgold’s shareholders. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXeUNeygmZPIOgvCWxAkUw #barrick #barrick gold news #randgold stock #zijin mining #randgold resources #rangold
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Despite cautious outlook, Zak Mir tips Thomas Cook to soar towards £1
Despite the cautious outlook from Thomas Cook Group PLC (LON:TCG) in yesterday’s first quarter results, Zak Mir reckons shares in the travel operator could still head towards the £1 zone in the coming weeks. “The summer was really the low point for the stock breaking back above the 50-day moving average in August and it’s been guided by that line ever since,” Mir explains in the latest Proactive Investors Bulletin Board segment. “[The stock is] in a rising trend channel from June with the top of the channel heading towards 100p and that’s the target on a technical basis while we hold above the floor of the channel towards the 80p level.”
MOD Resources - Maybe the closest thing to Ivanhoe's Kamoa-Kakula out there!
Yes, MOD Resources MIGHT have the next, great copper project out there! The Botswana focused junior is my #1, 'advanced' copper pick in the mining world right now. This video provides many resources for further research by you (links below), and makes a special note on why MOD is a very interesting comparison to Robert Friedland's incredible Kamoa-Kakula Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). *DISCLOSURE: MiningBookGuy owns shares in MOD Resources (MOD on the ASX in Australia), and much of the information is biased. MiningBookGuy does not have any relationship with the company, and may buy or sell shares at any time in the future. MiningBookGuy is not a registered investment advisor and advises you to do your own due diligence (DYODD) with a licensed investment advisor prior to making any investment decisions. This company is highly speculative and not suitable for all investors. ----- Links to Resources in the video: MOD homepage: http://www.modresources.com.au/ MOD powerpoint Feb 2017: http://media.wix.com/ugd/a5d095_10bc21198bb14d7a9e5bddceac4d23c2.pdf MOD room at CEO.CA: https://ceo.ca/mod.ax *The 2 MOST IMPORTANT MOD links: 1. great Mining Journal Company Profile: http://www.mining-journal.com/featured-company-profiles/a-new-road-for-botswana-copper/ 2. Excellent ~27 minute video from December 2016 (just before Scoping Study): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjTeQmEvl9U MOD News Release Feb 17th: http://media.wix.com/ugd/a5d095_ef3ef989c7a54a37b9b9880c91d13fb8.pdf MOD News Release March 6th (picture is key): http://media.wix.com/ugd/a5d095_ef3ef989c7a54a37b9b9880c91d13fb8.pdf Recent Cupric Canyon News Release: https://ceo.ca/@marketwired/cupric-canyon-capital-announces-50-million-term-loan Cupric Canyon Homepage: https://www.cupriccanyon.com/ Useful @PamplonaTrader post on copper plays at CEO.CA: https://ceo.ca/cdb?b2418fedc7e5 NorthernMiner article on top jurisdictions (Botswana): http://www.northernminer.com/news/saskatchewan-best-place-invest-fraser-institute-says/1003784149/ NorthernMiner interview with Lukas Lundin (copper): http://www.northernminer.com/news/exclusive-interview-lukas-lundin-talks-state-mining-industry/1003783932/ Metal Tiger (MTR on AIM Exchange in UK) homepage: http://www.metaltigerplc.com/ 2 good boards for following MOD/MTR discussions: 1. https://hotcopper.com.au/asx/mod/ 2. http://www.lse.co.uk/ShareChat.asp?page=1&ShareTicker=MTR Shout-outs to @Brandon @Pamplonatrader @ocotilloredux @Vaughan on CEO.CA! Shout-out to @freeheel on HotCopper! Shout-out to @chrisjparrish on Twitter! Some more interesting rooms at CEO.CA mentioned in the video: zinc 'panel': https://ceo.ca/~zinc Tinka Resources: https://ceo.ca/tk Cordoba Resources: https://ceo.ca/cdb Mariana Resources: https://ceo.ca/marl Solgold: https://ceo.ca/SOLG.L Cornerstone Capital: https://ceo.ca/CGP
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Tip TV Mining : on strong footing, focus on gold project in Australia - ECR Minerals
“Gold projects in Australia are a priority”, says Bill Howell, non-executive chairman of ECR Minerals PLC while explaining the company’s assets & liabilities and the turnaround seen over the last three months. The company has raised half a million Pounds and is on a strong footing. The company is looking to raise money in London at this stage, says Howell and adds further, Victoria Jurisdiction is far friendlier than the one in Philippines and Argentina, where the company holds assets. Tip TV Finance is a daily finance show based in Belgravia, London. Tip TV Finance prides itself on being able to attract the very highest quality guests on the show to talk markets, economics, trading and investing, keeping our audience informed via insightful and actionable infotainment. The Tip TV Daily Finance Show covers all asset classes ranging from currencies (forex), equities, bonds, commodities, futures and options. Guests share their high conviction market opportunities, covering fundamental, technical, inter-market and quantitative analysis, with the aim of demystifying financial markets for viewers at home. See More At: www.tiptv.co.uk Twitter: @OfficialTipTV Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialtiptv
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Fitbug technicals and fundamentals ‘all over the place’, says Zak Mir
Zak Mir tells the Proactive Investors Bulletin Board that the Fitbug Holdings PLC (LON:FITB) technicals and fundamentals are “all over the place”, but he does expect the share price fall to slow shortly. “The technical look like a heart tracking monitor, in that we’ve had the rebound through the 50- and 200-day moving averages towards 1.1p and now we’re back just down to around a quarter of a penny,” Mir says. “I suppose if you’re a technical analyst you’ll probably have already had a heart attack but hopefully support will come in at around the 50-day moving average at around 0.21p. “If we can hold that, I could just about say that [the past week] has been a positive development for the shares.”
African Barrick looking in west, north-east Africa for potential M&A
LSE-listed African Barrick Gold sees west Africa, as well as in the Nubian Shield in the north-east, as particularly prospective regions, CEO Greg Hawkins said in Toronto on Friday.
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