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Blantyre Mining Disaster; songs Alex Hodgson & David Francey
With thanks to Ian & Cath at Greentrax Records & David Francey for their kind permission in using their music. Also thanks to Alex Hodgson for his wonderful song "Blantyre" SONGS;; ALEX HODGSON AND DAVID FRANCEY Get tracks here for Alex Hodgson: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/jeelie-jars-n-coalie-backies/id390474673 David Francey: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/so-say-we-all/id626222076 The images used, are used as a representation only of a typical mining disaster in the early part of the last century. The presentation is dedicated to Coal Miners everywhere, not just to those that lost their lives at Blantyre. http://www.scottishminingmuseum.com/ This museum is a must visit place. It is choc full of history, hands on experiences audio visual and a staff that will give you the warmest of welcomes. Not to mention the excellent kids zone . A must visit. Trust Me
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Matt McGinn- Coorie Doon (miners lullaby)
Coorie doon, Coorie doon, Coorie Doon, my darling, Coorie doon the day. Lie doon, my dear, and in your ear, To help you close your eye, I'll sing a song, a slumber song, A miner's lullaby. Your daddy's doon the mine my darling, Doon in the Curbly Main, Your daddy's howkin' coal my darling, For his ain wee wean. There's darkness doon the mine my darling, Darkness, dust and damp, But we must have oor heat, oor light, Oor fire and our lamp. Your daddy coories doon my darling, Doon in a three foot seam, So you can coorie doon my darling, Coorie doon and dream.
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Coal Mine Disaster Escape Scenario
This is a more finalized version of the escape scenario previously posted. This includes a large 80 break mine section to simulate an explosion, fire, and then escape procedure. The entire simulation is fairly large but I attempt to show a few key decision points int his video and highlight some work I did in created rudimentary gas contaminant and monitoring system. The entire simulation was created (painstakingly) in Second Life (SL) and required a lot of creative thinking for technical deployment in the SL environment.
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Donetsk Mine Blast Disaster: Bodies of coal mine explosion victims unloaded
Workers in the insurgent-held Ukrainian city of Donetsk unloaded the bodies of miners killed in a coal mine blast the day before. Thirty-three miners were confirmed dead late on Wednesday in the explosion officials said was most likely caused by gas. The Donetsk regional administration said 16 injured people were in hospital. Check out our website: http://uatoday.tv Facebook: https://facebook.com/uatodaytv Twitter: https://twitter.com/uatodaytv
Amanda Hara reports: Fraterville Mine Disaster
Local 8 News Anchor Amanda Hara and Chief Photographer Keith Smith detail the explosion at Tennessee's Fraterville mine, the deadliest disaster ever recorded in the south.
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Ewan MacColl - The Plodder Seam
extrait du LP " Shuttle & Cage", Topic, 1957, 10T13. Guitare : Peggy Seeger
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The Furrow Collective: "Skippin' Barfit Through The Heather"
at The Glad Cafe, Glasgow - February 2014
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Paul is the captain of  our ship
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