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West Virginia's Coal Mining Jobs
This Associated Press video takes you inside a coal mine to highlight Central Appalachia's employment struggles.
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Coal Mine Erbacon WV
Me deliverin' stone to a coal mine
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Komatsu PC5500 Mining Shovel Loading 830E Truck - Decker Coal Company - Komatsu Equipment Company
This video is about Komatsu PC5500 Mining Shovel Loading 830E Truck - Decker Coal Company - Komatsu Equipment Company
Coal Mining in Appalachia
This video is about Coal Mining via Mountain Top Removal. Appalachian Coal Mining See how coal is mined in the Appalachian Mountains via Mountain Top Removal. This 30 minute video takes you inside a giant dragline and tells the whole story from blasting the rock to transporting the coal by rail. See Elk enjoying the reclaimed land. I started this project in 2002.
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Coal mining in America's heartland | DW Documentary
West Virginia, USA - under its wild mountain idyll hides the "black hell": A labyrinth of dark tunnels - hard life in a coal mine. [Online until: 15 August 2019] "Wild, wonderful West Virginia” - that’s how the small state nestled in the Appalachian Mountains bills itself. This documentary reports on the daily struggle facing local coal miners hoping for help from Donald Trump; a sheriff combating the opioid epidemic that has already claimed thousands of lives; and a Cherokee environmental activist whose efforts have earned her intimidation and threats. The whistle of a locomotive at the front of an old coal train, quiet winding roads, and hardly a highway to be found - that’s still the image that many have of West Virginia today. But beneath the forest-covered mountains lies a labyrinth of tunnels just one meter high, in which miners still spend their entire working days toiling in the dark on their hands and knees. The camera team accompanies a traditional coal mining family as they go about their day. Together with the family’s two sons, Scott and Steven Lockhart, the crew ventures into the mine. Conversations with the miners reveal why people who had been lifelong Democratic Party supporters are suddenly placing their hopes for the future in Donald Trump. But the documentary also ventures beyond the coal mines to uncover the lesser-known sides of this Appalachian state - from snake-handling Pentecostal churches to the bluegrass and mountain ballads of Alan Cathead Johnston. We also speak with Sheriff Martin West, who sued the country’s three biggest pharmaceutical makers for their role in the opioid epidemic that has swept the region. And we meet another person who has decided to fight back: Maria Gunnoe, a young Cherokee activist who has dared to take on the coal barons that are ravaging the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. _______ DW Documentary gives you knowledge beyond the headlines. Watch high-class documentaries from German broadcasters and international production companies. Meet intriguing people, travel to distant lands, get a look behind the complexities of daily life and build a deeper understanding of current affairs and global events. Subscribe and explore the world around you with DW Documentary. Subscribe to DW Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW39zufHfsuGgpLviKh297Q?sub_confirmation=1# For more documentaries visit: http://www.dw.com/en/tv/docfilm/s-3610 Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dwdocumentary/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dw.stories DW netiquette policy: http://www.dw.com/en/dws-netiquette-policy/a-5300954
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Coal Mining In Appalachia
If coal mining was stopped today, over 50% of Americans would literally freeze in the dark. Additionally, coal mining not only provides jobs for tens of thousands of miners, but the vendors, contractors and surrounding communities benefit as well. The sound track was written and performed by my friend James Powell of Berea, Ky. This video, in no way, is intended to negatively portray coal mining. It simply shows what some people will chance in order for you to be able to flip a light switch on and be able to see, or turn your thermostat up and not freeze to death. LeRoy Moore Jr.
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Loading Machine Operators, Underground Mining Job Descriptio
Loading Machine Operators, Underground Mining Job Description
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Loading out burning Coal (spontaneous combustion)
Occasionally Coal will catch fire in the pit, this burning coal still needs to be loaded out so as not to affect other stocks
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Harris #1 Coal Mine
The last years of Harris #1 Mine in Boone County, West Virginia.
Coal Mined
Coal may keep the lights on...but it keeps many people in the dark. Through the story of my own experience as a former Appalachian coal miner, Coal Mined is a film about heritage, family, and coming to terms with the impact the coal industry has had on our lives and communities. www.thethoughtfulcoalminer.com -- While studying communications at Berea College​, I realized the importance of documentary film as a means of reaching the public. I took a documentary film class under the direction of Dr. Gordon Gray​ and, along with the assistance of two other students in our group, Dylan K. Mullins​, and Richard Childers, Coal Mined was brought to life. I was hesitant to do a documentary about myself, but time constraints while taking a full course load and having a family meant traveling back home to conduct more interviews was simply impossible. I was eventually able to take a digital editing class with Dr. Jacob Dickerson​, and now almost two years later, I decided to spend some time cleaning up the original cut. It's still very rudimentary, but at least a bit better than the original. Again thanks to Peter Hille of MACED​, Stephen Sanders of the Appalachian Citizens' Law Center​, David Cook of Grow Appalachia​, Terry L Steele​, and Wilma Lee Steele​. for their interviews. Thanks to Anne Lewis and Appalshop​ for footage from Justice in the Coalfields, East Tennessee State University​ for some of the archival photos, and here's a huge shout out to everyone at the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center​ and the dozens of professors at Berea College who saw something in me I often couldn't find.
Some videos I took at work on a surface coal mine in West Virginia.
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Filmed over 5 years in the coalfields of West Virginia, COAL RUSH follows the relentless battle for justice of a rural Appalachian community against a major coal company accused of polluting their drinking water. Husband-and-wife team of independent filmmakers LORENA LUCIANO and FILIPPO PISCOPO shine a spotlight on one of the worst (yet least publicized) industrial contamination disasters in the United States -- billions of gallons of coal waste dumped in the waterways and dwarfing the BP Gulf oil spill. Granted exclusive access by the legal team, and capturing with eloquent cinema verite'-style the local community's everyday life, the directors expose a serious case of environmental wrongdoing from all angles – including the coal company's standpoint -­ while bringing an important story of human suffering into focus. COAL RUSH offers an unprecedented look at some of the most pressing social and environmental issues in America today – concerns over toxins in US tap water, rural poverty, corporate malfeasance, and government failings – through the universally-appealing story of a highly controversial legal saga.
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The Rise and Fall of Coal in McDowell County, West Virginia
See All of the High Quality Images here - http://www.dewitzphotography.com/personal-photography-projects/west-virginia-coal-country-mcdowell-county-part-1/ More photos from my ongoing West Virginia photography project can be seen here - http://www.travisdewitz.com/west-virginia All music by Joshua Black Wilkins - http://www.joshuablackwilkins.com/ My fascination of coal and railroads made this ideal place for me to visit. McDowell County was once home to over 100,000 residents in the 1950's that helped set many coal mining production records. Through the 1960's and 1970's the demand for the county's metallurgical coal remained high. McDowell continued to lead the United States in total coal production. Increased mechanization of coal production had reduced the number of laborers employed, but miners enjoyed quality pay under improving conditions negotiated by the United Mine Workers. During the 1980's the central Appalachian region lost more than 70,000 coal mining jobs. Between 1981 and 1992, according to the U.S. Department of Energy and the United Mine Workers union, coal mining employment in the state of West Virginia decreased by more than 53%. No county in the Appalachian region was more severely distressed by these losses than McDowell County. According to the United States Census Bureau, in 1980, the rate of poverty in McDowell County was 23.5%. By 1990, the poverty rate in McDowell County had climbed to 37.7%, the highest rate of poverty for any county in West Virginia. By 1990, 50.3% of all children in McDowell County were living in families below the poverty level, up from 31.2% in 1980. The major losses in McDowell County during this period were the result of the closing of all mines and facilities operated by the United States Steel Corporation, terminating more than 1,200 jobs. Today the area is still one of the fastest declining populations.
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coal mining west va  4
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2018 Coal Mine WV
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coal mining 2 west va
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Coal mining west virginia
Donald Trump yet to deliver promise to end Barack Obama's 'war on coal' but locals hopeful the worst is far behind them
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WV and U.S. Coal Production Way Up
U.S. coal production increased 100 percent in 2017; WV coal exports up by 42 percent.
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Strip Mining JobThat I Used To Work At In Hazard ,Kentucky
This is the job I used to work at a couple of years back in the hills of Southeastern Kentucky.
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coal hauling in east kentucky
coming off the hill at ford mountain
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A Career in Coal Mining (JTJS22008)
You need passion and commitment if you want to work in a mine as Craig Glenie finds out when he checks out the life of a miner at one of New Zealand's seven mines. The Huntly East Mine is in the business of coal to the tune of around 40,000 tonnes a month. The physical and environmental challenges of extracting coal can be significant but as Craig discovers, mining is a stable industry offering numerous career opportunities. To find out more about a career in mining go to http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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Coal Mining In Virginia and Kentucky
If coal mining was stopped today, over 50% of Americans would literally freeze in the dark. Additionally, coal mining not only provides jobs for tens of thousands of miners, but the vendors and surrounding communities benefit as well. The sound track was written and performed by my friend James Powell of Berea, Ky. This video, in no way, is intended to negatively portray coal mining. It simply shows what some people will chance in order for you to be able to flip a light switch on and be able to see, or turn your thermostat up and not freeze to death. LeRoy Moore Jr.
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A ride in a West Virginia coal mine
Take a ride on a 1986 Eimco Rail Runner. Running on 300 volts DC trolley power. This is one of the last trolley powered mines in WV.
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hauling coal
Some of my trucks hauling coal off one of my jobs
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Coal-Surface Mining
Moving the earth off a seam of coal
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BEWARE of Winifrede WV coal truck drivers
This is a video of a coal truck driving in Winifrede WV. We love coal, but this type of driving will kill someone!
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Coal Truck Getting A Bucket Of Black Gold
Oceana WV
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Sago West Virginia Coal Mine Story
The YSU Journalism department covers a story about a woman and her thoughts on women working in the coal mines. Shot on location in Sago, West Virginia.
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WV coal mine ultimate coal crew
Best coal crew in the nation.
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WV coal is making a comeback
WV coal trucks are finally haulin some black gold.
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Trucks on a very abusive coal haul in Indonesia.
I was emailed this video 4 years ago by a friend in Alberta. The film shows these Volvo trucks on a very abusive coal haul at a mine in Indonesia. I do not know any further details, but the video speaks volumes to the rigors of the job. I dont post many videos from other guys, so if you are the original poster that is viewing this, let me know, I can take it down, no hard feelings.
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Manchin Rallies with West Virginia Coal Miners for Energy Jobs
The official YouTube Channel of Senator Joe Manchin. Proudly serving the people of West Virginia and working to bring people of all political parties together around commonsense, bipartisan solutions. http://www.manchin.senate.gov/
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Coal Mining Northern Canada
Coal hauling
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US miners cautious of Trump's coal promises
(21 Nov 2016) RESTRICTION SUMMARY: AP CLIENTS ONLY AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLY Decker, Montana - 15 November 2016 1. Wide of coal coming out of chute 2. Close up of coal coming out of chute 3. Sidney coal mine, Sidney Ky AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLY Williamson, West Virginia - 11 November 2016 4. SOUNDBITE (English) Roger Prater, miner:++AUDIO QUALITY AS INCOMING++ "Lost everything, my home, vehicle, everything. Lost my family, everything," AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLY Matewan, West Virginia - 11 November 2016 5. Matewan West Virginia Coal Miner's Way road sign at the site of the closed Spruce Creek coal mine AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLY Mingo County, West Virginia - 11 November 2016 6. Coal train AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLY Williamson, West Virginia - 11 November 2016 7. SOUNDBITE (English) Greg Blankenship, miner: "There's homes for sale. There's vehicles been re-po'ed (repossessed), actually it's sad to say homes are burning right now. You know, people can't pay for them and they can't afford for their credit to go down. So it's bad." 8. Spring Creek Coal company sign AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLY Decker, Montana - 15 November 2016 9. Wide of Mining yard 10. SOUNDBITE (English) Dave Bettcher, Superintendent, Wolf Mountain Coal Company:++AUDIO QUALITY AS INCOMING++ "You can only pray that he (Donald Trump) does what he says. You know you get a lot of them they get elected, they talk their talk before their elected and then they go backwards. " AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLY Williamson, West Virginia- 11 November 2016 11. Political signs on mine grounds 12. Rail yard AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLY Decker , Montana - 15 November 2016 13. Wide of trucks working in mine 14. Mounds of dirt as truck enters 15. SOUNDBITE (English) Dave Bettcher, Superintendent, Wolf Mountain Coal Company: ++AUDIO QUALITY AS INCOMING++ "A lot of American lives depend on it. A lot of jobs. " 16. Wide of coal truck being loaded AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLY FILE: Washington DC - 7 July 2013 17. Various of traffic ++MUTE++ AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLY Decker, Montana - 15 November 2016 18. SOUNDBITE (English) Mike Scott, Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign: "That is frightening for a lot of people, because the world is looking for the United States for leadership on this issue. I expect that the world is going to continue to take action on climate change." AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLY Williamson, West Virginia - 11 November 2016 19. Friends to coal flag AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLY Decker, Montana - 15 November 2016 20. Various of coal trucks in mine STORYLINE: The hard-eyed view from coal country across the United States is that President-elect Donald Trump has something to prove: that he'll help bring back the industry, as he promised time and again on the campaign trail. Nobody thinks he can revive it entirely - not economists, not ex-miners, not even those recently called back to work. But for the first time in years, coal towns are seeing a commodity that had grown scarcer than the coal trains that used to rumble through around the clock: hope. Most voters in areas dominated by coal saw Trump as the only choice for president. He vowed to undo looming federal rules and said President Barack Obama had been "ridiculous" to the industry. But a lot of people have gone under already. "Lost my home, vehicle, everything," said Roger Prater, a miner from Williamson, West Virginia. He'd been laid off for 20 months but now benefits from a small hiring surge that started before the election. At 31, Prater said he can get everything back, but he's uncertain for how long. =========================================================== Clients are reminded: You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/1377f73c1c58df22e2627122ecde486a Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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hauling coal
back to work
Heading to work. West Virginia coal mine. Proud to be a coa
People need to see that us coal miners work in some of the most dangerous conditions there is to work in to provide for our families. The sad thing is,we ain't the ones complaining about it,we LOVE OUR JOBS!!!! We have Obama trying to put coal mines out of business and taking our jobs,instead of helping his American people and keep them working. He has hurt MANY of us coal miners and has caused us to struggle and not be able to provide for our families and it's ridiculous!! SUPPORT COAL & COAL MINERS!! We work our asses off in dangerous conditions to provide you electricity!! IF NOT,SIT IN THE DARK!! Bet you'll think different real quick!!
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Miners return to coal mine for 1st time since explosion killed 12
1. Wide of Sago Mine 2. Sago Mine 3. Mine entrance 4. Wide of mine 5. Pick-up truck arriving at mine 6. Wide of miners 7. Truck arriving 8. Wide of coal 9. Coal 10. Wide of bulldozer at mine 11. Wide of Sago Baptist Church 12. Sign reading: "Sago Baptist Church" STORYLINE: Two and a half months after an explosion killed 12 men inside the Sago Mine at Tallmansvill, in West Virginia, their colleagues resumed work on on Wednesday. The explosion had trapped the first crews returning to work after the New Year's holiday on 2 January. When searchers reached the miners two days later, only one man was still alive. Officials from the International Coal Group Incorporated, the owners of the mine, said on Tuesday on they could not determine the cause of the explosion for certain. The explosion killed one miner immediately and trapped the crew some 260 feet (80 metres) underground for more than 41 hours. By the time rescue teams reached them, all but one had perished in the poisoned air. The lone survivor, Randal L. McCloy Junior, was in a coma for weeks and is still recovering from brain damage, but he was well enough to leave his Morgantown rehabilitation hospital for a short trip home to Simpson on Tuesday. He has movement in most of his body and is learning to speak again. Although the Mine Safety and Health Administration had cited the mine for 208 violations in the months leading up to the accident, officials said the company's findings show that none of those violations was related to the blast. The mine was shut down to allow the dangerous gasses to clear out and then for the investigation and safety inspections. Hours after the miners returned to work on Wednesday, coal was moving out of the mine. The ICG (International Coal Group Incorporated) bought the Sago Mine from bankrupt Anker West Virginia Mining Company last March. The operation has been producing coal since September 1999 and had 145 employees at the time of the accident. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/0ecfc91b4fbb7b7b5fb17cd966cacf52 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Mine Punch Out
This is a miner punching out of the hill at a coal mine in Mingo County, WV.
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Mountain Justice and RAMPS block coal haul road on Kayford Mtn., WV, Part 2
Dual actions from 20120 Mountain Justice Summer Action Camp in continued campaign against strip mining and destructive resource extraction. Please donate so we can do more like this, and to pull off the late-summer mountain takeover. Donate here, everything makes a difference: RAMPS: http://bit.ly/JAsgnX Mountain Justice: http://bit.ly/LkdCvT Attribution goes to Mountain Justice (http://mountainjustice.org) and RAMPS (http://rampscampaign.org).
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Working in a Coal Mine
Videos from a strip mine showing Heavy Equipment and Machinery.
C500 from Worldwide Equipment
When clients in the coal fields of Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia asked for a truck that could get the job done, Worldwide Equipment and Kenworth Trucks answered the call. They worked with their clients to design and build a truck that could haul more, ride smooth and stand up to the toughest environments. thetruckpeople.com
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Truck ride swv
Truck ride in south west va in a stanco coal truck
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“The Shuttle Car Operator” is 1960s-era color film taking the viewer deep inside a bituminous coal mine to learn more about the coal-mining industry. The camera takes us into cramped spaces as drills make their way through the earth (mark 01:15) and coal hauled away on trolleys called shuttle cars. But the job of a shuttle car operator is one of the most dangerous in the coal mining industry, we’re told at mark 02:10, with one out of every seven transportation injuries involving shuttle car operators. To ensure safety the film discusses the importance of proper car maintenance and proper training of employees. Numerous scenes of shuttle cars in the bowels of the earth follow as the narrator continuously reminds the viewer of the importance of being vigilent and on the lookout for any physical hazards that may impede movement. Starting at mark 04:45 the film reminds of the viewer of those men who “paid with their lives” as crews are shown at work including checking ventilation shafts and removing hazards — though “failure to think about safety” leads to a (staged) fatality at mark 07:55. Other accidents follow, the result of workers too engaged in conversation and oblivious to changes in their underground environment, or those inadequately trained. If an operator is trained and alert, we’re told at mark 15:50, such tragedy can be averted. First introduced in the 1930s, shuttle cars are batch haulage vehicles in the underground mining industry. Shuttle cars are designed to work as a system with continuous miners, efficiently removing cut material from the working face and maximizing the productivity of the entire section. Heavy-duty, high-power drive trains enable our shuttle cars to haul heavy loads in the most difficult conditions. Traction motors power the permanent four-wheel drive system. The cast pivot axles are virtually indestructible, while the heavy-duty conveyors and abrasion-resistant conveyor decking improve reliability and durability. We encourage viewers to add comments and, especially, to provide additional information about our videos by adding a comment! See something interesting? Tell people what it is and what they can see by writing something for example: "01:00:12:00 -- President Roosevelt is seen meeting with Winston Churchill at the Quebec Conference." This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military, transportation, and aviation stock footage collections in the USA. Entirely film backed, this material is available for licensing in 24p HD, 2k and 4k. For more information visit http://www.PeriscopeFilm.com
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Knott County Ky Coal Mine Disaster 1961
Knott County Ky Coal Mine Disaster 1961 Music By Country Singer Vince Gill Bluegrass singers Ricky Skaggs The film you are about to see was made two or three years after Kennie was killed in this mine. Filmed by Bennett and Doug Adams This The Mountain Eagle News Paper that came out 3 days after Kennie Adams coal mine accident. The Date of this accident was December 12th Tuesday 1961 about 12 noon, Kennie Adams was found on December 15th Friday 1961. This is part of the crowd of miners that gathered Wednesday afternoon at the mine opening of B&A Coal Comp. in Knott County to see if they could help in attempts to find the body of Kennie Adams of Van, Ky. partner in the mine. Kennie Adams was one of four men trapped beneath a roof fall Tuesday. Bodies of the other three were removed earlier Wednesday and Kennie Adams is presumed dead. Large groups of miners volunteered their services as soon as the word got out. This picture was snapped for "The Mountain Eagel" by Shade Frazier. Rescue workers were still searching today for the body of Kennie Adams, Van Ky, presumed dead in the debris of a roof fall which took the lives of three fellow miners in Knott county coal mine Tuesday afternoon, Rescue operation in the B&A Coal Comp. mine on Caudill's Branch of Carr Creek ( Known as Rope Works ) in Knott County were forced to halt this afternoon so more timber could be installed within the mine to help insure the safety of the rescue workers. They were expected to resume when the timbers were place, but observers said there was no indication when the body of Kennie Adams night be found. Men returning to Whitesburg today reported the mine roof was "Working Alive" and the conditions were dangerous for the rescue crew. Bodies of three other miners were discovered Wednesday within 20 feet of the edge of the roof fall, which covered an area estimated to be as much as 60,000 square feet and 75 feet high. The rescue workers said the position of the bodies indicated the men had been fleeing the mine when they were caught by the fall. The three bodies removed were those of Josh Noble of Van, Ky. Sidney Bryant of Premium, Ky. and Ben Sexton of Smithsboro Ky. The men were "Pulling Pillars" at the time the fall occurred, some 700 feet from the mine entrance. State Mine Inspector Bill Wright of Whitesburg said the fall occurred about noon Tuesday. Two other men AC Mullins of Breedings Creek, Ky. and Bethel Hall of Isom, Ky. were able to escape from the mine when they heard the fall start. Dave Craft of Smithsboro, Ky. a team operator was outside the mine. As soon as the news of the disaster spread, miners from Letcher, Knott and Perry Counties quickly volunteered their services for the rescue operation. From the first there was little hope of finding any of the men alive. The first shift of rescue workers was sent home about 9:30 pm Tuesday and told to report back the next morning. Another crew took their places. Cars lined the highway leading to Hindman and the dirt road leading to the mine, which is accessible only by truck or jeep in the bad weather. Bitter cold and heavy rain plagued the men waiting outside the mine to see if they were needed in the rescue work. The crowd outside the mine numbered several hundred most of the time. Miners leaving the scene often had to wade the cold water of the branch to reach their cars. The bodies of Sexton and Bryant were brought to Craft Funeral Home in Whitesburg. Sexton, who had been working in the mine only two months, was the father of a three year old daughter. He would have been 23 next Jan 13th. The bodies of Bryant and Sexton were removed about noon Wednesday. Noble's body was discovered shortly afterward, but could not be removed for several hours. All three were badly crushed The body of Kennie Adams one of four Letcher County men trapped last week in a coalmine rock fall in Knott County, was discovered and removed from the mine last Friday. Witnesses said Kennie Adams, a partner in the mine, was found near where the bodies of the other victims were discovered. He was crouched under a slab of rock, they said, and his body was not mangled like those of the others coal miners.
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Reclaiming Iowa's abandoned coal mine lands
A century ago, southern Iowa was home to hundreds of surface coal mines. As the coal boom died so did the companies that mined for it, leaving those mines abandoned and open to the elements. Today, decades after the industry died, efforts slowly continue to clean up the deserted mines and reclaim the ground that was once rich with coal. Original broadcast date: May 31, 2017 For more Iowa Outdoors follow us at: www.iptv.org/iowaoutdoors www.facebook.com/iowaoutdoorsiptv www.instagram.com/iowaoutdoorstv www.twitter.com/iowaoutdoorstv Iowa Outdoors is a series produced by Iowa Public Television in partnership with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources that highlights outdoor recreation, environmental issues, conservation initiatives, and Iowa's outdoor natural resources.
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Ky. coal town suffers amid natural gas boom
The increase in natural gas production has had a devastating impact on coal country, forcing many miners to seek employment elsewhere. Eastern Kentucky has lost 42 percent of its mining jobs, and Jeff Glor reports from one of the hardest-hit towns.
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1980s Southwest Virginia Coal Miners Strike
1980s Southwest Virginia Coal Miners Strike
Views: 2416 WTVR CBS 6

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