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Gaviota Pier Eyewitness Describes the Damage
Solvang resident Jack Crouch saw it all unfold. He shot video of the Gaviota Pier moments before it collapsed.
1983 Santa Monica Pier Collapse Storm TV News Coverage
Thank you to Harvey Gaylin for providing the footage videotape. Uploaded for education purposes.
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Peru: Tidal Waves Destroy Pier
High tidal waves and winds completely destroyed a pier in the southern Peruvian town of Pisco. The pier had been inaugurated by President Ollanta Humala 18 months ago. Residents say the structure should have been better secured. teleSUR http://multimedia.telesurtv.net/v/peru-tidal-waves-destroy-pier/
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1983 Santa Monica Pier Collapse Storm - TV News Footage
Thank you to Harvey Gaylin for providing the footage videotape. Uploaded for education purposes.
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The Waves were Crashing along Balboa Pier in Newport Beach, California
According to Wikipedia... The Balboa Pier is one of two piers located in the city of Newport Beach, Orange County, California. It is located in a part of Newport Beach called the Balboa Peninsula. The Balboa Pier was constructed in 1906 as a sister project of the Balboa Pavilion. The Newport Bay investment Company wanted to attract lot buyers to an undeveloped spit of sandy land now called the Balboa Peninsula. In order to do so, they built both the Balboa Pavilion and the Balboa Pier. These two structures were built to coincide with the opening of the southern terminus of the Pacific Electric Railway Red Car line from Long Beach to the Balboa Peninsula. The plan worked; multitudes of beachgoers flocked to Balboa, and many purchased lots. The pier is a popular fishing spot. The fish caught from the pier consist mostly of mackerel and flounder. Additionally, the pilings are home to a large population of starfish that feed on the large colonies of mussels growing there, and are easily spotted at low tide. Fishermen catching starfish by mistake are a relatively common sight. In the 1980s, the first of Orange County's famous Ruby's Diner restaurants opened on the pier. The 1940s nostalgia-themed restaurant has since become a famous Orange County landmark. The pier was heavily damaged in the severe El Niño storms of 1998, which also destroyed the famous diamond-shaped Aliso Pier in Laguna Beach. One of the pillars was damaged, causing a partial collapse of one corner. The wooden posts have since been reinforced with steel sheathing and braces to prevent further damage.
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Околофутбола (фильм)
Премьера! Салют-7 http://bit.ly/salut_7 Фильм о самой закрытой части футбольных болельщиков — околофутбольных хулиганах. Они — самые агрессивные и жестокие представители мира футбольных фанатов. Они — элита околофутбола. Кем бы они ни были в обычной жизни — студентами или банкирами, музыкантами или автомеханиками, на самом деле все они — одна «фирма». Попасть в «фирму» очень сложно, но если ты в ней оказался — это на всю жизнь. И обратного пути нет. Фильмы онлайн - http://bit.ly/filmsonline Фильмы онлайн (HD) - http://bit.ly/filmsHD Трейлеры - http://bit.ly/1tM4897 Лучшие моменты - http://bit.ly/1xB4T4k Фильмы комедии - http://bit.ly/1AlZ5hr Фильмы про войну - http://bit.ly/1BuYZ5X Фильмы про любовь - http://bit.ly/1xzWePS Фильмы драма - http://bit.ly/1BGcCO1 Мультфильмы - http://bit.ly/1xB0PAU Фильмы Алексея Балабанова - http://bit.ly/17fSwAQ Наш канал: https://www.youtube.com/user/CTBFilm Наш сайт: http://ctb.ru/
The most beautiful cities in the world - Panama City, Panama
Panama City is the capital and largest city of Panama. It has an urban population of 880,691, with over 1.5 million in its metropolitan area. The city is located at the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal, in the province of Panama. The city is the political and administrative center of the country, as well as a hub for banking and commerce. The city of Panama was founded on August 15, 1519, by Spanish conquistador Pedro Arias Dávila. The city was the starting point for expeditions that conquered the Inca Empire in Peru. It was a stopover point on one of the most important trade routes in the American continent, leading to the fairs of Nombre de Dios and Portobelo, through which passed most of the gold and silver that Spain took from the Americas. On January 28, 1671, the original city (see Panamá Viejo) was destroyed by a fire when privateer Henry Morgan sacked and set fire to it. The city was formally reestablished two years later on January 21, 1673, on a peninsula located 8 km (5 miles) from the original settlement. The site of the previously devastated city is still in ruins. Tourism in Panama City includes many different historic sites and locations related to the operation of the Panama Canal. Subsribe on Happy Traveler - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB7ViK_fZPd3-3XzIgQKWYg?sub_confirmation=1
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Retarded Seagull at Nelson's view (Gibraltar)
Can't find it's way out
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pier collapse 2
pier collapse 2
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Pier Collapses Caught on Tape
This pier is caught on tape collapsing sending construction workers running for their lives. The pier located along Flagler Beach had taken a pounding from heavy surf.
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Malviviendo 1x05 - "Callejosos"
En el quinto capítulo de Malviviendo de la primera temporada veremos una pequeña parodia de Callejeros, el programa de Cuatro: "Callejosos". David Sainz David Valderrama Tomás Moreno Carlos Medrano Callejosa- Paz de Alarcón Callejosa 2- Paula Morales Callejoso 3- Rafael Huesca Callejoso 4- Antonio J. Dominguez María- Amanda Mora Peluquera- Charo Velázquez Clienta peluquera-Marta Velázquez Pesteboca- Reyes Cansino Hippie-Víctor Tardío Hippie 2-David Muñoz Mateo-Manuel Noguero Yonki-Alejandro "Ratpolski" Rumano-Javier Hidalgo Almeja -- Manuel Aragón Brasileño- Murillo Rezende Niño Jaula- José Luís Vargas Jr. Canis- Guillermo Camacho, Alberto Marín y Eduardo Morón. Yonki tutor- José Maldonado Bárbara- Carolina León Comprador- Andrea Sbardy Publico Cabrillas- Manuel Romero, Carlos González, José María Rubio, Javi "Zulu", Alesandro Ceck, Pablo de las Cuevas y Adri Mesas. Chavales- Jesús Guitian, Ezequiel Muñoz y José Manuel Martinez. Detenido-Cristobal Fernández Colega-Antonio "el chope" Policía- Daniel Mantero Puta-Verónica Hontoria Niños-José Armando Gómez y Fernando Carrasco. Top Manta- "El chusta" Freaks- Gabriel Torres, Yerrel Bernardino. Chavales barrio- José María Pérez y José Miguel Sánchez. Mujer-M. del Castillo Fernández. Cura-Andrés Orellana Gato Frigorífico-Myrkur Perro Bárbara-Bruto Rata-Sucio Escrito y dirigido: David Sainz Producción: Antonio Velázquez, Antonio J. Dominguez Ayudante de dirección y Director de Fotografía: Tomás Moreno Montaje y Postproducción: Javi Lería Operadores de cámara: David Sainz, Tomás Moreno, Antonio Velázquez y Javi Lería. Sonido: José Luís Gonzalez. Música: Mario García y Pepe Frías (Legalize Sound) Diseño Gráfico: Mario Costa Maquillaje: Lola Doblado Vestuario: Marga Barroso Making Off: Victor Tardío Track list: -Chúpala (Chinitito. Amor Marrón 2008) -We&Dem "Penitentiary" (Edición digital 2007. AE Distro, licencia CC25) -Alegría Riddim (Legalize producciones. Mario García, Pepe Frías, Joaquín León, Carlos Guerra. Disco legalize Reggae Compilation Vol.1 2009) -Callejosos Soundtrack (Legalize producciónes. Mario García y Pepe Frías) -Agradecimientos: Peluquería Geminis, Manuel Valle, Laura Romero, Abuela Elisa, Maica Suárez, José Luís Vargas, Manuel Matos, Diego "Pincho", Carlos Lee Ferrer, José Bastida, Teresa Segura, José Bartolomé, Alejandro Velázquez, Sala Malandar, David Muñoz, Chevivi, Calico Electrónico, A los que adoptan a Mateo y a nuestros padres, Robín Williams, Alejandro Martín y Vicente Rodríguez. DIFFFERENT ENTERTAINMENT SL 2009
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Jesse stole my Batman statue and then hung it above a pit, that he dug, for me to fall into...but I was alerted. It wasn't enough though, as Corn was there to sneak behind me and shove me in...and now I have my revenge: my father. Follow me on Instagram: https://instagram.com/thebigbrudda/ Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Big_Brudda
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May the force be with you! Wind force that is...
An extreme wind warning on May 4th 2018! I sure hope insurance covers all these damages! MUSIC BY: https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads Fresh Fruit
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Naval Legends: The Air Superiority of USS Essex
When territories became too big to control and distances too long for ships to fire their primary guns, aircraft carriers became the dominant force on the seas.
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RR Trestle Burned by Blue Cut Fire Undergoing Rapid Repairs
When the Blue Cut Fire burned it's way through Cajon Junction north of San Bernardino two days ago it destroyed a railroad trestle on one of Union Pacific's main lines, bringing rail traffic to a screeching halt, and subjecting UP trains to long delays and bypasses. And that has a significant impact on commerce thats felt in California and the rest of the country. So UP crews are fast at work repairing the trestle as soon as possible to get trains and the goods they carry moving again. Photo by: Dan Thompson | Union Pacific Railroad
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Soviet Disasters in Space drop outs edited
Includes closed captions.
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Leonardo Favio, "Ella ya me olvidó" (HD)
Leo Favio interpreta "Ella ya me olvidó", en vivo.
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