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Acoustic Dream - In Quest of the Rainbow
Band: Acoustic Dream Album: The Beginning Genre: Acoustic Folk with Sympho-rock influences Country: Russia Year: 2015 Get it here: * https://acousticdream.bandcamp.com/album/the-beginning Website: * https://www.facebook.com/AcousticDreamMusic - Acoustic Dream is a Russian acoustic-folk band formed in 2012. The band currently consists of Alex Danilin (guitar), Vlad Danilin (percussion, accordion), Daria Ignatyeva (celtic harp), Helena Mickailova (violin) and Marina Pavlova (vocals, piano, tin whistle, guitar). The band released their first single «Сон в Январе» in 2013 and a full-length album "The Beginning" in 2015. "The Beginning" is Acoustic Dreams first full-length album. Most of the songs were inspired by the wonderful book "Fire In The Heart" by Deepak Chopra. - Tracklist: 1. Break The Line 2. Of Flights And Falls 3. Without You 4. Lonely Thoughts 5. Weariless Heart 6. In Quest of the Rainbow 7. Nameless 8. In a Journey Through Space & Time 9. Believe 10. The Lessons Of Time (Instrumental) - Lyrics: One day I found the great green Road I thought “It’s mine” and followed I ran straight and saw the bait – A cup with my dream, I had it to drink With all my might I asked the Night To carry out my dream, desire within In quest of the Rainbow we fly through the clouds Cherishing every wish of thy heart Call out the forces, thunder’s magical sound Wizard’s within you, your heart is the Sun The time has come to turn the angst away Your way is in Destiny’s hands Close your eyes and go ahead Through mist & rain & the place of death “You will surmount it”- so said the Sage to me “Forerunners of happiness everywhere you’ll see, Thine mind is the holy way to the Heaven’s gate You are the keeper of Wisdom” ----------------------------
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