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Ripples of Desire MV  | Joe Cheng, Ivy Chen, Jerry Yan & Michelle Chen
Fan-made music video contains a short trailer from the 2012 tragic romance movie Ripples of Desire where two opposite courtesans sisters battle the unspeakable disease starring Joe Cheng, Ivy Chen, Jerry Yan and Michelle Chen. Please enjoy more of my fan-made videos that available at my channel www.youtube.com/c/yingyang
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Ripples of Desire M/V  | Joe Cheng, Ivy Chen, Jerry Yan & Michelle Chen
Fan-made music video contains a short trailer from the 2012 tragic romance movie Ripples of Desire where two opposite courtesans sisters battle the . Fan-made music video contains a short trailer from the 2012 tragic romance movie Ripples of Desire where two opposite courtesans sisters battle the . Powerful . Powerful Taiwan Movie Production in 2012 Hua Yang Is Formally Introduced To The Media Heavenly Kings and Queens Join Force For The First Time source .
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Ripples of Desire M/V  | Joe Cheng, Ivy Chen, Jerry Yan & Michelle Chen
Fan-made music video contains a short trailer from the 2012 tragic romance movie Ripples of Desire where two opposite courtesans sisters battle the . Fan-made music video contains a short trailer from the 2012 tragic romance movie Ripples of Desire where two opposite courtesans sisters battle the . Powerful . Powerful Taiwan Movie Production in 2012 Hua Yang Is Formally Introduced To The Media Heavenly Kings and Queens Join Force For The First Time source .
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Jerry Yan - Ripples of Desire
screenshots from Jerry Yan's second movie RIPPLES OF DESIRE... The music & video content of this video is owned by its rightful and lawful owner/owners. This video is posted for the purpose of entertainment only and no copyright infringement is intended.
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phim hoa dạng ripples of desire
Cười chút chơi - kênh tổng hợp các clip giải trí vui nhộn. Các bạn nhớ like và subscribe để theo dõi những video mới nhất nhé! Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuhuuMJCqAAbtqRPdDz48gQ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/151070558974492/
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Jerry Yan, Ivy Chen, Joe Cheng, Michelle Chen-Press conference (Taiwan movie Hua Yang- 2012)
Powerful Taiwan Movie Production in 2012 Hua Yang Is Formally Introduced To The Media Heavenly Kings and Queens Join Force For The First Time source : http://www.hi-check....A4%A9%E8%8D%92/ November 24,2011 credit translation to [email protected] One island for exile One bright playboys' alley A story between two blossoming 17-year old geishas and one chivalrous pirate In an era of unfairness and injustice People are facing great challenges of humanity and love Hua Yang, a powerful art thriller movie in 2012, is a huge project directed by Zhou Mei Ling, after her work of Spider Lilies and Drifting Flowers. This project was dominated as The Best Future Production Case in 2008's Tokyo Movie Festival and has received 2009's movie production fund from Taiwan's Media Bureau, with the total investment of NT100 millions and with the most briliant cast, an almost impossible joined force of heavenly kings and queens, including Jerry Yan Cheng Xu , Michelle Chen Yan Xi, and Ivy Chen Yi Han, Joe Zheng with chemistry touching audiences' hearts. Hua Yang's time of story is set on ancient, which is rare in TW movies in the recent years. Regardless of the freshness of the theme or cast's topicality, Hua Yang has attracted attention from different people. On November 24, Executive Producer, Wang Li Ming, and Director, Zhou Mei Ling, led the 4 major cast members, i.e., Jerry Yan Cheng Xu, Michelle Chen Yan Xi, Ivy Chen Yi Han, Joe Zheng to meet with the media. Zhou Mei Ling said that she's lucky, as the cast selection went surprisingly smooth. The 4 main actors are the No. 1 choice of the roles. Originally, she thought that it was only a dream casually written on a scratch paper, but it ended up anyone she wanted, she got it. She really appreciated the help from the God of Luck. The Creative Director, Wang Wei Zhong, of Wen Chuang Yi Hao, also indicated that he wished Hua Yang would create new vitality and views for TW's future movies. The cast with 2 main male and female leads really gained the media's attention. This is the first time Jerry Yan Cheng Xu has worked with Joe Zhang. After 8 years, Jerry Yan Cheng Xu will once again film a movie, playing a chivalrous pirate. In the movie, there will be a lot of action scenes. Other than having taken kungfu classes recently, Jerry Yan Cheng Xu has also focused on providing input on his image in the movie, hopefully to completely overturn his previous prince image on screen in the past, being manly and rough. However, the Director and Executive Producer continuously emphasized, no matter how manly, he needs to look handsome. Regarding the final outcome, audiences can decide whether he looks both manly and handsome after the images are finalized. This is Joe Zheng's first movie. He will play a musician in the movie, who is good at4 to 5 different kinds of musical instruments. Therefore, he has especially taken lessons with the master, Chen Ming Zhang. Joe Zheng joked that he had got a new favorite recently and that's the Yue-Qin which he had been holding in his arms on a daily basis. After practising day after day, he deeply understands the feelings of having callus. After Hear Me two years ago, Michelle Chen Yan Xi and Ivy Chen Yi Han played two sisters again. In the movie, they will play a pair of geisha sisters. They have also started training in physical movement technique and singing. Different from the sign language training 2 years ago, they both feel that it's more difficult for the training they are having now, not mentioning the time of the story is ancient. Therefore, even the way they talk and move will be different, especially when they are getting popular these two years that it's a big challenge how to learn with their hectic schedules. Hua Yang's filming in preparation now, and the filming will locate all over places, such as Matsu, Kinmen, Kaohsiung, Tainan, etc... However, when the 4 main cast members presented on stage,Yan Cheng Xu (Jerry Yan) displayed a serious face and lacked interaction with the other 3, and it made the situation slightly awkward. His agent indicated that he had IV drip a few days ago due to fever, and he didn't sleep well the night before due to his stomache, therefore, he looked serious on stage. When taking classes together, Yan Cheng Xu has developed good mutual understanding and relationship with the other 3 cast members. With Chen Yi Han who will have quite a lot of scenes with him, he described her as as naive and happy as a little sun. He said, "I thought of the old me when seeing her."
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Reel Asian Official 2013 Selection - Ripples of Desire
Director: Chou Zero (Taiwan 2012) Zero Chou's big-budget period drama features Taiwanese pop idols Ivy Chen and Michelle Chen as talented courtesans caught in a web of love and betrayal. Join us for the 17th edition: November 5-16, 2013 http://www.reelasian.com/
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軍中樂園 Paradise in Service (2014) Official Taiwanese Trailer HD Hong Kong HK Neo Reviews Ivy Chen
Buy the Official Blu Ray: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Paradise-In-Service-2014-Blu-Ray-RA-Taiwanese-Eng-Sub-HK-Ethan-Ruan-Ivy-Chen-/201374708236? Buy the Official DVD: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Paradise-In-Service-2014-DVD-R3-Taiwanese-Eng-Sub-HK-Ethan-Ruan-Ivy-Chen-/191607350315?
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花漾首支片花 Ripples of Desire First Trailer
言承旭 Jerry Yan
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Camouflage commando ft Seana Chang
photooshoot Behind the scenes video. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/dmsstudios64/ Website - http://www.dmsstudios64.com/ Instagram -https://www.instagram.com/dmsstudios64_photography/ Model - https://www.instagram.com/seany_chang/
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Jerry - Selamat Tinggal
Judul : Selamat Tinggal Cip : Jerry Drama Santoso Tentang seorang yang di tinggal kan kekasih tercinta nya,.,.,
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言承旭 Jerry Yan - Ripples of Desire 花漾 Trailer 3
花漾 正式版預告 Ripples of Desire - Trailer 3 ( Official version ) 花漾 首波預告 Ripples of Desire - Trailer 1 ( First Teaser ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTB6oWaDAYs 花漾 愛情賭注篇 預告 Ripples of Desire - Trailer 2 ( Bet of love ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5F1TbZ2yYE Jerry New Movie 『 Ripples of Desire 』( Hua-Yang ) Upcoming release : December 28, 2012 電影「花漾」 導演: 周美玲 主演: 言承旭、陳意涵、鄭元暢、陳妍希、任達華、吳君如
Views: 22863 JYNK2011
푸통푸통 24시 타이완 「撲通撲通24小時台灣」[繁體中字版]
原作者:putongputongTaiwan 翻譯:@我系阿彭 時間軸&特效&校對&壓制:@玻璃球呼叫玻璃球 版權歸putongputongTaiwan所有 如有侵權請告知 會馬上撤下 轉載自 百度陳意涵吧
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The May Girl Official Trailer (2016) HD
Chinese Project - The May Girl Based on the story from Strange Tale of a Lonely Studio Director: Tiffany Lu Cinematographer: Tiffany Lu Stars: Alice Hsu, Benjamin Yang, Vincent Chen, Jack OuYang, Ivy Chen, Tiffany Lu
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導演:沈東 演員:呂良偉、安以軒、袁文康、謝孟偉、楊紫 類型:戰爭類 桃花源裡的血色情殤 一座城市,因為一位詩人千古流芳;一座城市,因為一場戰役歷史難忘。 1943年,湖南常德,這個陶淵明筆下的桃花源,抗戰史上最慘烈的一場守城抵抗戰在這裏發生。代號"虎賁"的國民黨第74軍57師,以八千將士之力對 決四萬精鋭日軍的大舉進攻,在外無援軍、彈盡糧絶的情況下,誓死保衛常德這座湘西北軍事重鎮。苦戰十余日,八千"虎賁"拼到只剩八十余人。以生命為支撐的 英勇抵抗,最終阻止了日軍繼續南下的野心。"虎賁"師長余程萬,卻因為政治上的爭議,成就了一段悲情的傳奇人生。 六十七年過去了,槍聲炮影早已在歲月的滄桑中煙消雲散,發生過的歷史卻從未被遺忘。2010年,在紀念世界反法西斯戰爭勝利65周年之際,內地新鋭戰 爭片導演沈東將這場鮮為人知的慘烈血戰搬上銀幕,為觀衆奉獻出暑期唯一一部戰爭史詩巨制——《喋血孤城》。影片由常德熱血民營企業家投資拍攝,呂良偉、安 以軒、袁文康主演。六十分鐘無間斷的震撼戰爭場面、真實細膩的人性刻畫,以獨特的視角再現了六十多年前桃花源裡這場悲壯凄美的血色情殤。
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ACTIONMANIAC│화양:당대최고수전 세상과 동떨어진 해적섬 '화양루' 화양루 최고의 기녀 자매, 자매를 둘러싼 지금까지 본 적 없던 무협 로맨스 진의함, 천옌시 주연! 1/14 이번 주 수요일 밤 11시 수퍼액션에서 만나요~~!
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Girls (閨密) - OFFICIAL HD TRAILER - Chinese Gossip Girls
Watch FULL MOVIE on the web: http://bit.ly/2AyzTKv Download the AsianCrush app for the biggest Asian movie library. iOS: http://bit.ly/AC-iTunes Android: http://bit.ly/AC-GooglePlay Follow the lives of three young women hustling through metropolitan Taipei, as they navigate through cheating boyfriends, evil bosses at work and all the problems you can expect when you live with your best girlfriends. Director: Wong Chun-chun Cast: Ivy Chen Fiona Sit Yang Zishan Shawn Yue Vanness Wu
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Urban Games trailer
March 14, 2014 Trailer - Film will be out in China on May 16, 2014.
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Michelle Chen at the 2012 Film Independent Spirit Awards, Santa Monica
Michelle Chen at the 2012 Film Independent Spirit Awards, Santa Monica
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Wish To See You Again sub indo ep 19 ( Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu, Vanness Wu )
Vic Zhou as Xu Le Ken Zhu as Ah Hao Vanness Wu as Leo Michelle Chen as Nancy. Gong Xi Fa Cai. Xing Nian Kuai Le ^^ Wish To See You Again subtitle indonesia. Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu, Vanness Wu.
Views: 608 Mindy DIFILIPPO
Switch - Official International Trailer (2012) HD.
The action/spy movie "Switch" tells an intriguing story involving two men and two women. Special agent Xiao Jinhan (Andy Lau) and insurance company employee Lin Yuyan (Zhang Jingchu) are on a mission to protect the world-famous drawing "Fu Chun Shan Ju Tu", which is the target of a Japanese gangster (Tong Dawei). Taiwan sweetheart Lin Chi-ling portrays a mysterious women in the film
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Spicy Teacher MV (Jerry Yan)
a fan made mv of Jerry Yan source: www.jerryyan.org
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【文化部_不平等條約_台灣新聞】文化部投資「花漾」 遭質疑圖利中資
【文化部_不平等條約_台灣新聞】文化部投資「花漾」 遭質疑圖利中資(NTDAPTV) http://ap.ntdtv.com/ 由文化部投資的電影《花漾》,再過不久就要在中國上檔,分紅卻引發爭議,根據週刊揭露,文化部和王偉忠的台灣文創一號,投資1億1千多萬,比來自中國的投資4千萬還多,是這部電影的大股東,卻簽下不平等條約,要在中國票房超過5千萬人民幣,才能分紅,而且也只拿到2%的分紅,連電影系教授都說,實在不合理。【新唐人亞太台2013年1月2日訊】 才剛上映的國片《花漾》,號稱是台灣15年來第一部古裝片,最近還打算,進軍中國市場,不過這部由文化部投資,花人民納稅錢拍的電影,卻引發圖利中資的爭議。 世新大學助理教授 駱麗真:「文化部對於影視產業的投資,合約的部分一直都不能公開,因為保密原則,其實是非常不合理的。」 因為週刊報導,電影《花漾》由文化部,和王偉忠的台灣文創一號,各投資3500萬,台灣集資1億1千多萬,比北京投資的4200萬還要多,不過看看電影分紅,如果票房在5千萬人民幣以下,台灣一毛錢都拿不到,超過5千萬,也只能分到2%的蠅頭小利。 世新大學助理教授 駱麗真:「一般電影分紅,我們都是按照出資者的比例,最後才來成為我們分紅的比例。文創一號在他的股東,他們是相互作為董事,其實球員兼裁判的部分,是非常嚴重的。」 中國的電影市場,是台灣10倍大,文化部投資國片卻分不到錢,學者質疑不合理,現在消息傳出,當初是經由王偉忠從中牽線,《花漾》才有辦法打進中國,王偉忠的角色也被質疑。 台灣文創一號董事 王偉忠:「我完全沒有接觸這個案子,這個案子不是我在監製,不是我執行,我只是文創一號的股東而已。」 擔任文創一號 總監的王偉忠聲稱對合作細節不知情,而針對週刊報導,電影《花漾》分紅引發圖利中資的爭議,文化部回應,中國發行採取「包底分紅」模式,否認圖利之說。 新唐人電視台 http://www.facebook.com/ap.ntdtv http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_krc7mbGyQ4
[HD] 言承旭 Jerry Yan 12/26 Movie Premiere - Version 2
( Jerry cut 唯旭版 ) 2012/12/26 花漾 首映會 ~~「 Ripples of desire 」Movie Premiere
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Girls 闺蜜 Official Trailer HD - Chopflix
Girls 闺蜜 is a Chinese romantic-drama film directed by Wong Chun-chun and starring Ivy Chen, Fiona Sit, Yang Zishan, Shawn Yue, Wallace Chung and Vanness Wu.
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Love Scar 烈愛傷痕 Episode 1 Part 3 English Subbed [FlowerRain]
Jerry Yan! http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Love_Scar Subbed by FlowerRain http://flowerrainsubs.blogspot.com/
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Bad Sister (2014) - 坏姐姐之拆婚联盟- Ivy Chen, Ji Jin-hee
Bad Sister (Chinese: 坏姐姐之拆婚联盟) is an upcoming Chinese romantic comedy film directed by Kim Tae-gyun and starring Ivy Chen, Ji Jin-hee and Cheney Chen. The film is slated for release on November 28, 2014
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"In Jerry We Trust"
Listen to your fellow student leaders. They'll lead you in the right direction. Vote Jerry Holley 2013-2014 President of the Black Student Union !
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Sun Face 太陽臉 (2013) - Chinese Official Trailer HD 1080 (Hk Neo Reviews) Film
Review Site: http://thehkneo.com/blog/ DVD or Blu Ray: http://stores.ebay.com.au/Neo-Distribution-Store/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hkneoreviews
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Actress Michelle Chen speaking at the 2012 New York Asian Film Festival
Taiwanese author/director Giddens Ko talks at a reception held as part of the 2012 New York Asian Film Festival. I apologize for the shakiness, but there was no room for a tripod and people and they kept bumping into me (because they're mean). Michelle Chen was at the festival promoting his new film, the absolutely brilliant "You Are the Apple of My Eye." This video is a part of the ongoing coverage of NYAFF on Flixist.com.
Views: 12548 Flixist
[25-3-2015] Jerry Yan is now shooting TV drama "The Best Ex-Boyfriend" in Suzhou
Cr. : Jerry Yan China Fanclub Thanks : http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XOTE5ODAwMTcy.html http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XOTE5ODAwMzMy.html http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XOTE5ODA4OTYw.html Source : http://www.yanchengxu.net/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=25151&page=25#pid1181733
Views: 14310 Yan Ming Ling
I love Jerry Yan
Jerry Yan
Views: 538 Julie Macapagal
"hoi" A Short Film by Michelle Chen
"hoi" A Short Film by Michelle Chen Footage
Views: 50 Ricky Orng
言承旭 Jerry Yan 6/16 youku + eonline  + kankan
( Jerry cut 唯旭版 ) 「 Ripples of Desire 」 Press conference @ Shanghai Film Festival ~ 「 花漾 」 記者會 @ 上海電影節 ~ 2012/6/16
Views: 7000 JYNK2011
Heartwarming Thai Commercial - Thai Good Stories   By Linaloved
They make such good advertisements.
Views: 9289894 Lina Loved
You Light Up My Star - Trailer the scene 30sec
“You Light Up My Star” – not only director Chu Yu-Ning’s latest drama after "In Time With You/ 我可能不會愛你” but also the most expensive drama production in 2014 in Taiwan. It currently aired in more than 5 countries in Asia and north America and still open for sell in many territories. If you are interested in Chinese speaking drama, “You Light Up My Star” is definitely your first choice of your selections. Synopsis: If you work together, eat together, get together every single minute with the same person besides sleep time, if you laugh and mourn at the exact same moments and kiss each other all the time and not call yourselves lovers, what else are you? Well Liu (Starring Joseph Cheng)and Ring Zhang (Starring Janine Chang)are super stars who spend most of their time with each other. They work together, share laughter and tears together, and even kiss all the time. The romantic movies they starred are so popular that all the fans wish this on-screen couple could be together in real life. However, while they were currently popular, startling news reported Well Liu had been diagnosed with major depressive disorder along with the breaking news being nominated the Golden Shrimp Awards treble. Well went into severe depression, the best on screen couple is about to break up. At the same time, Ring Zhang’s raving fan Johnson Wu(Starring David Chiu), incidentally won the chance to play against Ring in the latest film. At the shooting scene, Well met Evon Yuan(Starring Summer Meng), the production assistant whom looked identical to his first love. The emotional entanglements between the four began. The story between Well Liu and Ring Zhang then becomes as exciting as the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith.
Views: 1826 Oxygen Films
Pali Road Official Trailer #1 (2016) Michelle Chen, Sung Kang Romance Movie HD
Pali Road Trailer 1 (2016) Michelle Chen, Sung Kang Romance Movie HD [Official Trailer]
Views: 417 982.019.193 views
Movie,Tinfi movie Speak khmer
Pekmi Movie,CTN Khmer Comedy,Khmer Comedy 2016Khmer Comedy 2016 CTN New,Khmer Comedy CTN 2015,Khmer . Chinese Movie speak khmer, movie dubbed in khmer, Bak Neak Tep, Tinfi, Full Lenght Follow Us: Website: . អគុណសំរាប់ការទស្សនា វីដូអូរ ឆាណែលខ្ញុំ សូមជួយ Subscribe ផងដើម្បីទទួលបានវីដូ.
"Unsung Hero" [ภาพยนตร์โฆษณา ปี พ.ศ.2557 ] [Official TVC 2014: Thai Life Insurance]
เคยสงสัยไหม? ชีวิตคนเราต้องการอะไรกันแน่ ทำไมบางคนมีเงินมากมาย...ก็ยังไม่มีความสุข คลิปนี้ ไม่ใช่คำตอบ แต่มันอาจเป็นจุดเริ่มต้นให้คุณทำบางสิ่ง... เพื่อค้นหาคำตอบนั้นด้วยตัวเอง พบเรื่องราวดีๆ ที่มีได้ทุกวันที่ http://www.thaigoodstories.com/
Views: 41283434 thailifechannel

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