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Fight Fibre Tapping with Data in Motion Encryption
Fibre tapping is not child's play but if you're criminally minded, there are options such as Evanescent Fibre Coupling to expose data in motion across high speed networks. With a very small signal loss -- less than 1% - it's practically undetectable. Gemalto and Senetas share how to protect against fibre tapping with SafeNet network encryption.
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Fight Fibre Tapping with Data in Motion Encryption
We demonstrate the ease of network data “tapping”, eavesdropping, theft, spying and other breaches. We show how easily the data packets are used to see the sensitive data. Then we show how Senetas encryption protects the data. This demonstration of network breaches is often referred to as “FibreTap” – how fibre optic networks may be tapped, eavesdropped or spied on. It debunks the myth that fibre optic networks are inherently safe. They are not. Whatever the network type, it is at risk of serious data breaches. You will also see how simply the stolen data packets are used to assemble sensitive data files. Then we demonstrate how Senetas encryption provides the ultimate last line of defence against network breaches – by rendering the stolen data useless in unauthorised hands.
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Senetas Fibre Tap
Is your network at risk? If so, then the Senetas Encryption Security Platform can help secure your network. Senetas is the global leader in high speed network encryption and the only manufacturer that is certified to the two major global standards: Common Criteria EAL4+ and FIPS 140-2 Level 3.
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Fibre-Optic Vulnerability - The Need for Ethernet Encryption
As the global economic crisis continues, there are widespread reports of increased activity by cyber criminals and electronic hackers who can steal millions of dollars in seconds, but who also trade in user names, passwords and corporate intelligence captured from data hacked during transmission. The widely-held belief that optical fibre is inherently secure has been debunked -- over two years ago Senetas demonstrated that a readily available device that clamps onto the fibre bending it sufficiently to extract a signal, could be used to capture information without damaging the fibre or disrupting communications.
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Debunking the myth that fibre optic networks are 'inherently secure'
Senetas debunks the myth that fibre optic networks are 'inherently secure' using a readily available fibretapping device purchased online to access private information. Using the coupling device, Senetas engineers were able to tap into a single strand of optical fibre and extract information, without being detected. As part of a Senetas marketing awareness campaign, the video was released to Australian media to demonstrate the vulnerability of thousands of organisations, both private and public, who rely on millions of kilometres of fibre optic cable installed across the globe to carry their sensitive information. Senetas offers protection for optical fibre transmissions through the use of its CypherNet Ethernet encryption technology.
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Data Networks Are Not Inherently Safe
Seven Network's Today Tonight revealed in a September 3, 2009 program that a device no bigger than an office stapler pose an imminent threat to Australia's information security. Personally identifiable information such as tax file numbers, bank account numbers and passwords travelling unencrypted on fibre optic cable could be intercepted by the small fibre-tap device. The program heard that experts said that Australia was ill-prepared for combating such cyber crimes as fibre optic cables are currently poorly secured and vulnerable to the exploitation of cyber gangs. The unsecured fibre optic cable network also puts national security under threat, says Julian Fay, Chief Technologist of Senetas Corporation. He demonstrates how easily data could be intercepted to Jonathan Creek from Today Tonight.
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The Risks to Network Transmitted Data
Fact: Fibre optic cables can be easily compromised, exposing sensitive information and possible financial loss. Senetas shares its solution to this critical issue - presenting encryption devices to address 3 main concerns - performance, complexity and cost.
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Demonstration: Fibre Tapping
Graham Wallace, Sales Manager Senetas
Tap Optical Fibre
How secure is your optical fibre network? This video may change your opinion.
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Network encryption: Is your data secure?
Gareth Spence and Christian Illmer discuss network encryption at this year's 360IT and examine the safety of our data
Jesuits in Vegas! - NetOptics Tapping it in Vegas!
Ever wonder how the big boys know what's going on in their networks?

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