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Gorgeous Rubellite Pink Tourmaline Polished Gem
http://www.arkadiancollection.com Item Code:TP04 Dimensions: 26 x 13 x 5 mm Weight: 13 Carats (2.61 grams) This intense ruby red Tourmaline polish has fabulous gem grade clarity and would make a stunning jewelry piece or powerful healing stone addition. Measures 1" X ½" X ¼" and weighs 13 carats. Rubellite is the vibrant pink variety of Tourmaline with vivid colors and violet undertones. It's energy is related to the heart, passion, creativity and love. Tourmaline generates a weak electric current, producing far infrared rays and converting moisture in the air to negative ions. These healing ions counteract the effect from harmful electromagnetic fields produced by computers and cell phones. All of our stones at Arkadian Collection are activated at a special healing center in the mountains of southern Poland. There, an ancient ayurvedic fire, Agnihotra, is performed at sunrise at sunset daily. The stones are kept in the healing temple there for 24 hours where they undergo a powerful activation process to unlock the full potency of their healing potential.
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Abalone Pearl Chiastolite Kashmir Sapphire Rosaline Achroite Chloromelanite Keshi Pearl Rose Beryl Adelaide Ruby Chrome Chalcedony Killiecrankie Diamond Rose Gold African Emerald Chrome Diopside Kimberly Emerald Rose Kunzite African Jade Chrome Tourmaline Kingman Turquoise Rose Quartz Agate Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye Kinradite Rosinca Agate Geode Chrysolite Korean Jade Rosolite Agate Jasper Chrysomelanite Kunzite Rubellite Akoya Pearl Chrysopal Laguna Agate Rubicelle Alabandine Ruby Chrysoprase Lapis Ruby Copper Alamandine Cinn Lavender Jade Ruby Fuschite Alaska Black Diamond Citrine Lazurite Ruby Garnet Alexandrine Citrine Topaz Lemon Opal Ruby Spinel Alexandrite Claro Opal Lemon Quartz Ruby Zoisite Alexandrite Garnet Clinothulite Leopard Jasper Russian Jade Alexandrite Sapphire Colombian Emerald Leuco-Garnet Russian Jasper Almandine Spinel Colorado Jade Lightning Ridge Opal Rutilated Quartz Almandite Colorado Ruby Linde Emerald Rutilated Topaz Amatrix Color-Change Garnet Lithia Emerald Rutile Quartz Amazon Jade Color-Change Sapphire London Blue Topaz Sagenite Agate Amazon Stone Common Opal Lux Sapphire Saltwater Pearl Amazonstone Condor Agate Lynx Sapphire Sapphire Quartz Amberoid Congo Emerald Mabe Pearl Sapphire Spinel American Ruby Copal Madeira Topaz Sapphire Spinel Amethyst Copper Ruby Malaia Garnet Sard Amethyst Quartz Cornelian Malaya Garnet Sardonyx Ametrine Cornflower Blue Sapphire Mali Garnet Scallop Pearl Ancona Ruby Cornish Diamond Mandarin Garnet Schorl Andamooka Opal Cortez Pearl Mandarin Spessartite Sherry Topaz Andesine-Labradorite Corundum Marmorosch Diamond Siam Aquamarine Anyolite Crazy Lace Agate Marra Mamba Tiger's Eye Siberian Ruby Aquamarine Csarite Mascot Emerald Siberite Arizona Ruby Cultured Pearl Mass Aqua Silver Topaz Arizona Tiger's Eye Cyanite Matura Diamond Simetite Arkansas Diamond Cymophane Medina Emerald Slocum Stone Australian Jade Czochralski Alexandrite Melanite Smokey Quartz Australian Ruby Dauphine Diamond Melo Pearl Smoky Quartz Australian Sapphire Demantoid Mexican Fire Opal Smoky Topaz Aventurine Dendritic Agate Milky Quartz Snakeskin Agate Aventurine Feldspar Deschutes Jasper Mint Garnet South African Emerald Aventurine Quartz Dichroite Montana Ruby South African Jade Azotic Topaz Dominican Amber Morgan Hill Jasper South Sea Pearl Azure-Malachite Dravite Morganite Spanish Emerald Baffa Diamond Dumortierite Quartz Morion Spanish Topaz Bahia Blue Quartz Egyptian Jasper Morrisonite Spectrolite Bahia Topaz Eilat Stone Moss Agate Spessartine Balas Ruby Elbaite Moss Jasper Spinel Ruby Baltic Amber Elie Ruby Moss Opal Spinell Banded Opal Emerald Mount Saint Helen's Emerald Star Diopside Bengal Amethyst Emeraldine Mozambique Garnet Star Emerald Bi-Colored Sapphire Emeraldite Mozambique Ruby Star Garnet Biggs Jasper Endura Emerald Mystic Topaz Star Moonstone Binghamite Essonite Namibian Spessartite Star Rose Quartz Biron Emerald Evening Emerald Natural Pearl Star Ruby Bixbite Evening Emerald Navajo Turquoise Star Sapphire Black Coral Eye Agate Nerchinsk Aquamarine Star Sunstone Black Diamond False Topaz Nevada Opal Star Topaz Black Onyx Fancy Nickel Silver Starlite Black Opal Fancy Sapphire Night Emerald Sterling Silver Black Pearl Ferrer's Emerald Noble Orthoclose Stone Canyon Jasper Blood Jasper Fire Agate Occidental Turquoise Strass Diamond Bloodstone Fire Opal Ocean Jasper Strawberry Quartz Blue Alexandrite Flame Spinel Olivine Succinite Blue Amber Flash Opal Onyx Swarovski Diamond Blue Denim Stone Fluorspar Onyx Agate Swiss Blue Topaz Blue Denim Stone Fool's Gold Onyx Opal Swiss Lapis Blue Gold Fortification Agate Opal Tahiti Pearl Blue John Fossil Turquoise Opal Jasper Tahitian Pearl Blue Kunzite Freshwater Pearl Opal Matrix Tangerine Garnet Blue Lace Agate Gahnospinel Orbicular Jasper Tanzanite Blue Moon Quartz Garnet Jade Oregon Jade Tashmarine Diopside Blue Quartz Garnet Ruby Oregon Sunstone Tecla Emerald Blue Spinel Geneva Ruby Oriental Amethyst Thulite Blue Tiger's Eye German Silver Oriental Cat's Eye Tiger Eye Blue Zoisite Gilson Emerald Oriental Emerald Tiger Iron Bohemian Emerald Gilson Lapis Oriental Pearl Tigereye Bohemian Garnet Gilson Opal Oriental Peridot Tigers Eye Bohemian Ruby Gold Sapphire Oriental Topaz Tiger's Eye Bone Turquoise Gold Topaz Oriental White Sapphire Tiger's Eye Matrix Bony Amber Golden Beryl Owyhee Jasper Topaz Quartz Bort Gooseberry Garnet Padparadschah Topazolite Botswana Agate Goshenite Paraiba Tourmaline Tourmalinated Quartz Boulder Opal Green Amethyst Pecos Diamond Traansvaal Emerald Brazilian Aquamarine Green Gold Persian Turquoise Transvaal Jade Brazilian Emerald Green Jasper Petschite Trapiche Emerald Brazilian Ruby Grossularite Pezzottaite Triphane Brazilian Sapphire Hackmanite Piconite Tsavorite Brazilian Topaz Halfbreed Picotite Turquoise Odontolite
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Extraordinary Life Sterling Message Bypass Ring on QVC
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Complex stone ring, round diamond , round setting with small diamonds,platinum
Cape Diamonds strives to reach perfection with every piece of jewellery.   All rings are handcrafted in our workshop and are made to suit your wishes and budget. Joel Graham is a highly skilled craftsman, is a member of the Jewellery Council of South Africa and has more than 18 years' experience.Our diamonds are GIA ( Gemological Institute of America) certified.   A handmade ring is a lasting gift of love and the beginning of a life-long relationship.   You are welcome to visit our webpage (www.capediamonds.co.za) and our workshop in Cape Town, South Africa.   Send us a picture of what you like and we will send you a quote.
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0.55 ct tw Black Spinel Round Pave' Sterling Ring with Nancy Hornback
For More Information or to Buy: http://gather.qvc.com/item/055-ct-tw-black-spinel-round-pave-sterling-ring-J289005 1-800-455-8838, item# J289005 This previously recorded video may not represent current pricing and availability.
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Rubis Pierre de volonté et de stabilité !
Le rubis est une pierre de la famille des corindons, le corindon rouge est le rubis et, le corindon bleu est le saphir. Dans la symbolique le rubis est la pierre de l'amour passionnel. C'est sans doute au XIIème siècle qu'il hérite, par sa couleur rouge des vertus liées au pouvoir et à toutes formes de supériorité à quiconque le possède. Le lapidaire chrétien rapporte que Nicomède qui participait avec Joseph d'Arimathie à la mise au tombeau de Jésus après sa Crucifixion jeta l'eau de sa toilette avec du sang sur les pierres qui étaient dans le jardin. Les pierres devinrent alors rouges, vertes, jaunes et de toutes les couleurs. Les pierres de ce jardin acquirent donc des pouvoirs extraordinaires, notamment celui de guérir toutes sortes de maux. Toujours au moyen âge les pierres rouges ont des vertus de protection opposant les gemmes de couleurs noires qui étaient dotées de facultés néfastes et obscures. Il faudra attendre le XIVe siècle pour que les pierres de couleurs noires soient réhabilitées. Aujourd'hui en lithothérapie le rouge et en particulier le rubis symbolise la stabilité, la volonté et la capacité de s'imposer, c'est un bouclier contre les attaques psychiques et le vampirisme amoureux. En effet, qu'importe le siècle ou le lieu, il existe et existera toujours un lien passionnel entre le rubis et l'Homme. Site Internet : http://www.aromasud.fr/rubis,fr,5,1041.cfm
1.45ct Genuine Black Spinel Heart Design 925 Solid Sterling Silver Ring
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Pink Sapphire and Diamond Cocktail Ring in 18 KT White Gold
On any other jewelry piece, this many brilliant, shimmering diamonds would normally steal the show. But this is no ordinary ring! The outstanding color of the intensely purplish-pink hued sapphire is only further enhanced by the diamonds. An abundance of opulent diamonds form a double halo crown as well as gracing the shoulder of the ring band. A truly magnificent ring of stunning beauty. http://100eastfinejewelry.com/bracelets-and-rings/pink-sapphire-and-diamond-cocktail-ring-in-18-kt-white-gold/ RING INFORMATION: Metal: 18 kt white gold As-is finger size: 7 Potential finger size range to which it can be adjusted: 6 to 8 Height (outside bottom of the band to the top of the setting): 27 mm (approx. 1 inch) Width (maximum side to side): 21 mm (approx. 13/16 inch) Deep (maximum front to back): 16 mm (approx. 5/8 inch) Piece weight (gms): 8.5 gms Total carat weight (TCW) piece: 3.29 cts COLORED STONE INFORMATION (EXCLUDING FANCY COLORED DIAMONDS): Species or variety of colored stones: Sapphire Color: purplish pink Number of colored stones: 1 piece Shape: round Treatments/enhancements: heat Total carat weight (TCW) of colored stones: 1.87 cts COLORLESS SCALE DIAMOND INFORMATION: Number of diamonds: 44 pieces Shape: round Average color and rating: FG (near colorless) Clarity range: VS1-VS2 Average clarity rating: VS Treatments/enhancements: none Total carat weight of diamonds (DCW): 1.42 cts Design inspiration by Kaitlyn.