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Ultima Online: Razor Tutorial
http://www.uoforever.com Ultima Online Forever Razor Macro creation tutorial!
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UO Forever  AFK Provocation Macro
How to AFK Macro Provocation in Ultima Online Wiki Provo:https://www.uoforum.com/wiki/index.php?title=Provocation Player Guide: https://www.uoforum.com/threads/beginners-guide-to-7x-bard-and-gold-making.25593/
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Ultima Online Forever: Taming Macro Tips (Razor)
Taming is the best way to make money in Ultima Online Forever and has some great end game content. However, it takes a LONG TIME. Here are a few tips to make the journey less arduous. Ultima Online Forever new player tip brought to you by GM (General Militia). General Militia (GM) is recruiting new and experienced PvM, PvPers and Tamers. Message @Elvin and/or @bakataumana in Discord for more information.
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cc macros
For a friend trying to use in game macros instead of uo assist.
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Razor Fishing Macro(s)
My Fishing Macro playing on http://www.uorenaissance.com/
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Asredan UO Mining
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Wurm Online | Starting a New Village
In today's stream, we begin the initial task of surveying the new deed and making some initial plans for how to tackle such a huge job. We check out the new battering ram to help with the destruction of a nearby building and discuss all things Wurm. Hope you enjoy! -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/factionalfight
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GUIDE Ultima Online FULL SCREEN @ UO with Razor at large monitors
UO + Razor at fullscreen without flickering :) Set resolution: 1152x720 Removing header: http://mmoforum.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&p=661 ☺ Also.. My streams in Russian: https://youtube.com/streamguild ► Check my other youtube channels @ our web-site: http://ENTR.ru ♣ My English news&reviews channel: https://youtube.com/glazgame ►My web-site: http://mmoforum.org
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UO How to Para Tame
Quick tutorial on the basic concept of taming something with para fields. This will result in a 4% decrease in the pet's skills once it's tamed and if it drops the skill below 100 (GM) it will not be able to train above 100. If want a pet with the best possible skills then you should use the honor virtue to tame.
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New Players - Making Gold
A guide to earning money/gold as a new or young player on UOR. Play Ultima Online Renaissance for free at http://www.uorenaissance.com/
Wurm Online: Quick Pan Filling Guide
Teach you my way of quickly filling up pan for when you grind cooking or doing pan filling jobs.
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Ultima Online Solo Navrey Sampire
Never realised my skills were off screen. Anatomy 100.0 Bushido 120.0 Chivalry 120.0 Necromancy 100.0 Parrying 60.0 Swordsmanship 120.0 Tactics 120.0
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Ultima Online Forever: Getting UOAM to work
A question popped up in GM Discord about how to get UOAM working. Here you go! Download UOAM: http://www.uorenaissance.com/downloads/UOAMv9_Install.exe Download Extra Map Files: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dr37l7qovdxapzd/UOAM.zip Ultima Online Forever new player tip brought to you by GM (General Militia). General Militia (GM) is recruiting new and experienced PvM, PvPers and Tamers. Message @Elvin and/or @bakataumana in Discord for more information. Official GM Twitch: Mordacaie! https://www.twitch.tv/mordacaie1234
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Ultima Online Hile full Cheat uo
ultima online hile ergoth server :) şeffaf duvarlar ağaç patch vs.. uo cheats ultima online'da yaptığım hileler ne günlerdi be :) ultima online ultima online server ultima online indir ultima online map ultima online türkiye ultima online ekşi ultima online 3d ultima online nebula ultima online download ultima online forever ultima online 2 ultima online android ultima online age of shadows indir ultima online animal taming macro ultima online artifacts ultima online animal taming ultima online android client ultima online archer ultima online aktif server ultima online anahtar kopyalama ultima online anatomy ultima online balıkçı makrosu ultima online balık makrosu ultima online book ultima online benzeri ultima online büyüler ultima online bug ultima online bugları ultima online buy ultima online benzeri oyun ultima online başlangıç rehberi ultima online cities ultima online craft skilleri ultima online cheat engine ultima online cu sidhe ultima online cartography makrosu ultima online client ultima online chivalry ultima online carpentry ultima online client download ultima online hack ultima online harita açma ultima online houses ultima online hazine haritaları ultima online hırsızlık skilleri ultima online hırsızlık kasma ultima online harita nasıl açılır ultima online hikayesi ultima online hazinecilik ultima online ice dungeon ultima online inscription kasma ultima online inceleme ultima online inscription ultima online isimleri ultima online ilk bakış ultima online ipad ultima online items ultima online iphone ultima online jahrein ultima online jewelry ultima online justice ultima online jail ultima online jhelom map ultima online jar of honey ultima online jailden cıkarma komutu ultima online jackals collar ultima online juka mage ultima online journal save ultima online kitap ultima online kingdom reborn ultima online koordinat bulma ultima online koordinat ultima online kayıt ol ultima online kısayol tuşları ultima online karma ultima online kingdom reborn free shard ultima online khaldun ultima online kickstarter ultima online level shard ultima online lumberjacking macro ultima online like games ultima online landfix ultima online linux ultima online lockpicking ultima online lumberjacking ultima online lost lands ultima online leather ultima online like ultima online mondain's legacy ultima online maden makrosu ultima online multi client açma ultima online macro ultima online mage skilleri ultima online maps ultima online multi client ultima online mining macro ultima online macroman ultima online nedir ultima online nickleri ultima online nasıl yüklenir ultima online nasıl oynanır ultima online necromancy ultima online new game ninjutsu ultima online ultima online ninjutsu ultima online nightmare ultima online oyna ultima online oynuyoruz ultima online on mac ultima online out of memory ultima online origin ultima online renk kodları ultima online rehberi ultima online runuo server ultima online razor indir ultima online revolution ultima online registration ultima online runebook yapma ultima online races ultima online staff komutları ultima online steam ultima online server kurma ultima online server listesi ultima online stygian abyss ultima online skilleri ultima online spells ultima online sunucuları ultima online skills ultima online tarzı oyunlar ultima online türkçe ultima online tamer skilleri ultima online temple isle ultima online tailor kasma ultima online twitch ultima online türk serverleri ultima online türkiye serverları ultima online time of legends ultima online xbox 360 ultima online xml spawner uo ultima online ultima online os x ultima online mac os x xtreme ultima online ultima online yetenekler ultima online yeni başlayanlar ultima online yazı rengi değiştirme ultima online youtube ultima online young status ultima online yeni server ultima online yew map ultima online yew ultima online young player ticket ultima online yamandon ultima online zipactriotl ultima online zombie ultima online zar hilesi ultima online zoomable map ultima online zelda quest ultima pelicula 007 online ultima online client 3.0 0c download ultima online 2d ultima online 2015 ultima online 2014 ultima online 2016 ultima online 2015 gameplay ultima online 2d indir ultima online 2d client ultima online 2d client download ultima online 2 trailer ultima online 3d client ultima online 3 ultima 5 online ultima online client 5.0 ultima online sphere 55i download ultima online sphere 56b download ultima online patch indir ultima online 6 month game time code ultima online 6x client ultima online download ultima online 64 bit ultima online 6 ultima online 6 month game time ultima online client ultima online client 6.0.13 download ultima online client 6
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Ultima Online Forever and Raph Koster Discuss everything Ultima Online
Ultima Online Forever invited Raph Koster to visit us in game and on camera over a massive twitch stream. Join us at http://www.uoforever.com HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED ABOUT THE GENIUS BEHIND ULTIMA ONLINE? EVER WONDER HOW THE FREEDOM OF ULTIMA ONLINE WAS CREATED IN A DEVELOPMENTAL WAY? "Ultima Online is a story about passionate "young punk kids" doing the impossible". These are the questions that will be answered and more: How were hues original made and designed, why are thered super neon or weird hues? How was the original Ultima Online cloth map created? How was trinsic originally created? How was the undead attack on trinsic done? Who did the crafting, and numbers for Ultima Online originally? How the original character creation was designed in Ultima Online. Who created the orc and wisp talk and how was it created? How were all the potted plants, arches, multiple land slides etc done? How was housing put in, who was behind it? Who designed the title system for the paperdolls? "Dreadlord". Who was really behind the entire Ultima Online ecology? What feature would the original Ultima Online developer add that he never could? Cow tipping, who implemented it? Where was the original Ultima Online going? What were the developers planning? How did easter eggs like purple llamas instead of energy vortexes originate? How did lockable housing come about, or housing as a whole. How did rares originate in Ultima Online? How did Ultima Online deal with the original first digial goods trading? Why didn't UO2 (Ultima Online 2) launch? Did EA save Ultima Online, or kill it? What would of happened if Ultima Online never had Player Killing? Why was trammel implemented? Does the original developer regret it? How did games follow after? How does the game that boosted the original MMO concept dealt with problems that have never been dealt with before. What was the result business wise by implementing Trammel? How did they design Ultima Online compared to how games are designed today? How and why did Ultima Online create "Shards", and how do other games use it to this date. How was Ultima Online originally networked before massive networks originally existed. What coding language was Ultima Online originaly coded in? What kind of database platforms were used in Ultima Online originally? How did Raph Koster get into and become an icon in the gaming industry? How did Ultima Online deal with the pressure from EverQuest. How did Ultima Online management react to EverQuest 3D gaming development? Did Ultima Online ever look into 3D clients etc? How did Ultima Online reach out to attempt 3D clients. What was the original idea behind animals, plants, cooking and more in Ultima Online? How did 8x8 macroing/skill gain originally happen in Ultima Online? Did you know, Originally orcs would seek out/smell gold you had, dragons would set forests on fire and more.. How did cutting up bodies and original canibalism happen and what issues came with that? How did all of Ultima Online's trial and error make what Star Wars Galaxy was.
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Return to Ultima Online
Getting back into the game! I am a bit rusty, and many of my macros still needed some work at the time this video was taken. That doesn't stop me from heeding the call, so let's do it! More videos to come soon!
[Wurm Unlimited] [Wurm Online] Tutorial - Rod of Transmutation
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Ultima Online Forever Slayers Guide
How craft Slayers Weapon + Armor + test defence\damage bonuses Link on Macros:https://www.uoforum.com/threads/blacksmith-slayer-crafter.70784/page-2#post-706759
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Ultima Online - The Harrower - Sampire and NecroMageTamer
Servidor: Uoshard.com Players: Matayos e Garriot.
Ultima Online Forever: How to find a hue of an object in Razor and UO Steam
How to find an objects hue using Razor and UOSteam
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Lambretao - UO - Chaos Age
Gmzando Lumber, Ultima Online Chaos Age http://www.chaosage.com.br/
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Expedition into the Ossuary [UO Outlands]
An adventurer delves too deep into the catacombs of the Ossuary and is met with an unfortunate surprise... Join us in the Outlands - http://uooutlands.com Music: George Oldziey - Paws Ultima IX
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Let's Play Ultima Online Forever.  More Archer Provo madness!
Just getting these skills up on this up and coming archer provo! www.uoforever.com
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UO Hotkeys Movie
FT$ is proud to present a video on razor and tank mage hotkeys. The song at the beginning is performed by Flo Rida entitled "Good Feeling." Copyright infringement isn't intended, the song was added for entertainment purposes only and to potentially encourage viewers to purchase the song.
Views: 1148 Bryan Smith
Ultima Online Atlantic Server. (Barding and Bard Mastery Quests)
Thought I'd have a look at Bard's and what the bard Mastery Quests, Kind of boring but still fun and easy and also a little devious also. Excuse the end of the video, Mastery swapping is a little buggy sometimes and would not change over for me. -_-
Ultima Funny Moments #1
Just a funny moment i recorded!
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I hate mining
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UO Forever  Crafting
How to Craft in Ultima Online! UOF Wiki Crafting: https://www.uoforum.com/wiki/index.php/Crafting
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Mortal Online: Trip to Tindrem..thieving, macro talk etc. etc. (Sandbox MMO)
A video of me travelling to Tindrem from Vadda...also a tip on not getting stuff stolen...macro talk and more :)
Taming a Shadow Wyrm - Ultima Online
After a small break, I returned to UO to find a Taming/Pet overhaul and discover that Shadow Wyrms are now tamable! :D Pretty much every Tamer has wanted these since they appeared on server and now they can!!! Anyhoo, this was my first attempt. After spending about 5-10 mins moving all the spawn to the north end I set to business old style. I expected it to be a bit more difficult. Given I only have 110 Taming and Lore it gave up pretty quickly. At first look the Shadow Wyrms don't seem so great compared to some other tameables, generally low resists and HP and they go immediately to 5 slots which opts them out of the new pet training system. Its Necromancy skills might make it interesting though. Still awesome to have one by your side though! Frost Dragon is next on the hit list!
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We Ride: How to Chop Wood
showing how to chop trees in game to get wood /logs homepage for game is http://www.weridegame.com/ streaming at https://www.twitch.tv/swecookie
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Czy Legends of Aria to nowa Ultima Online 2 ?
Szybki sposób na zarabianie dla nowych graczy. Łapki w górę a będą nowe filmiki. Link do gry: http://tnij.at/243751 Subskrybuj żeby wiedzieć kiedy streamuje!
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Me being completely worthless at the Triple Champ Spawn [UO Evolution]
I really don't know what gear/armor I should be rolling with here or even what tactics I could be using to be useful here - as obviously this is going to be painful for anyone who knows what their doing to watch. How are these people hitting area and just wiping out like 20 monsters at once? What sort of base stats should I look for when finding a champ weapon? Tips are appreciated. http://uoevolution.com/
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Wurm Online / Wurm Unlimited - Summer Update 2016 - Rare horses, Sitting and Other news
Let's talk about the story of the new rare horse colors, sitting and other new things in the game. If you end up playing the game and go premium and would like to refer me as the one who "recommended" it to you, you can refer "Malena". My Spotify playlist for adventuring in MMOs : https://open.spotify.com/user/katspurr/playlist/2eky5LER969TtFPyctR95X My Spotify playlist for dungeons, PvP and other dangerous stuff: https://open.spotify.com/user/katspurr/playlist/1lbfRukAsRbriio2m56NJ0 Introduction to Wurm Online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvBDYdVQoPw Getting started in Wurm Online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9uqLDq_Fpw&list=PL5EkXEou3uKPsJnZZS_sF1HHFFq1wWen1 Wurm Online official website: http://www.wurmonline.com/ Wurm item list: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fJzPy2cL4l_FexrSAE8IfcNgz6PvkQmIWPK7h-OEA1k/edit#heading=h.4ln3b7rdgqtp The Factional Fight brothers channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/FactionalFight Wurmpedia: http://www.wurmpedia.com/
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Legends of Aria (Ultima Online 2) - Let's Play/Review/Hally Mage Gameplay - Alpha 2 (1080p)
Legends of Aria (Ultima Online 2) - Let's Play/Review/Hally Mage Gameplay - Alpha 2 (1080p) Subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=stimwalt Video Description: -Alpha 2, with regular patches and development round-tables. -Full loot sandbox MMORPG, with world customization. -Player housing, Taming, Crafting, and much more. -Hybrid builds, like Halberd/Hally Mage, plus new Prestige builds. -Is this the spiritual successor to Ultima Online?!?! -Steam release coming soon!!! Hally Mage Gameplay: 26:14 Legends of Ultima (Private Community Server): LoU Website = http://www.legendsofultima.online LoU Discord = https://discord.gg/8ShxDH6 PC Build - "Tesla": i7 2600K Sandybridge 4.2 (OC/Water-cooled) Processor 2x GeForce 980Ti OC in SLI 32 GB DDR3 OC RAM 1TB Samsung 1TB SSD 144Hz (True 144Hz) Benq Gaming Monitor R.A.T. 7 Mouse Razer BlackWidow Chroma Clicky Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Sennheiser PC363D Gaming Headset
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LAST STONELORD  - Early Access Trailer 2017 - Build & Defend your Village, Survive, Craft items
Last Stonelord is an Old school Rpg , inspired by games like Ultima online and Warcraft! gameplay and Features Start with nothing and try to survive. Build and defend your village. Craft quality items based on your skills levels. No fixed class , exp or caps lavels, only skills to train! Early Access: 28 September 2017 Game Website: http://www.laststonelord.com/
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Wurm Online | Should Wurm Get Rid of RNG? [Bonus Video 10]
Today we are, once again, back at the Labyrinth working on the finishing touches. We ponder the question: Should Wurm get rid of random number generation when determining when we get skill gain or for the several other elements in the game? What do you think? If you enjoyed the video, please leave a like and subscribe to our channel. Also, visit our patreon page for more Factional Fight: https://www.patreon.com/factionalfight
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Ultima Online Pestilent Fought KvG and SF (2018 05 02)
We fought em, lots of chasing but we destroyed most of them. Pestilent.org
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Goodbye UO: Forever
Views: 143 Moose Knuckle
Views: 447 Fabio Stergacich
Tour of Deliverance
Exploring and seeing what other people have built is always great fun when playing Wurm. I've spent countless hours building various deeds on Wurm Unlimited and now coming to Wurm Online I wanted to see what other people have put their hours into making. I set off on a journey across Deliverance, the server I live on when I'm not on Chaos. Taking just a horse and a sailboat I tried to cover as much ground as possible and here are some of my favourite places. Sorry if I missed your deed! There were just so many!
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UltimaLive Lumber Harvest
Adds the capability for players to chop down trees and have them regrow.
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Let's Play Ultima Online Forever - Archer/Provo POWER.  Fun Times!!!
Running around on my Archer/Provo and having a blast.
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