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CORPORATE PROFIT, STOCKS, AND METALS. Q&A with Lynette Zang and Eric Griffin

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New to ITM Trading? Get your FREE ITM INVESTMENT GUIDE: http://info.itmtrading.com/thanks-yt-free-guide/?ytv=QA09052018 Link to Slides and Sources: https://www.itmtrading.com/blog/corporate-profit-boom-stocks-skyrocketing-qa-lynette-zang-eric-griffin/ Question 1. Tony B: When Venezuela did their reset and removed five zeros. What did they reset their gold prices at? Question 2. Ryan J: is accumulating gold in 1/10 oz a good idea for budget buying? Question 3. Mike A: are you saying that the corporate profit boom is like the pre-1929 credit boom soon to go bust? just a bubble? Question 4. Mark N: so far the stock markets are skyrocketing to the moon and gold silver are crashing Down. Why? Question 5. Kauai Martial Arts: What has historically happened to Government pensions after the reset? Question 6. Frank B: With gold being a way for the average person to defeat the nefarious schemes of the ruling elite. I wonder if the elite are already ahead of us with some policy waiting in the wings to deal with gold and silver owners? And it you want to know what to actually DO about all of this, that's what we specialize in at ITM Trading. How do you protect your wealth for the next collapse and financial reset? Yes Gold and Silver, but what types? How much of each? What strategy? If you're asking these questions you're already ahead of the game... We're here to assist you, as it is our mission to safeguard the public from the inevitable downfall of the dollar. We are the most recommended precious metals company in the industry for good reason, because we treat you just as prestigious as our gold. Find out if you're properly protected today... We are here to serve you: 877-410-1414 You can also email us at: [email protected] For Instant Updates and Important News, please follow us on: https://www.ITMTrading.com https://twitter.com/itmtrading https://twitter.com/itmtrading_zang https://facebook.com/ITMTrading By ITM Trading's Lynette Zang ITM Trading Inc. © Copyright, 1995 - 2018 All Rights Reserved.
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Scisca (5 months ago)
Silver sucks in Europe, cause there's the Value Added Tax on it. When I buy it, I have to pay 23% extra. Not a good deal :/ So even when buying on a budget, I'm going for gold, since there is no VAT on it.
Christopher Bussell (5 months ago)
What about the ​copper penny?
Jeff McCourt (5 months ago)
For 1/10 oz gold coins, keep in mind that 10 of them will be more expensive that 1oz coin because of the premium. I own some 1/10 coins, but wanted to point that out.
Marcus Tucker (5 months ago)
Lynette in the Economic House!
Big Red (5 months ago)
You just showed your biases and short comings. How much Metal do you both have. I suspect little; pitching your sale to others and changing tactics......Hmmmmmm..
DetroitLove4U (5 months ago)
$50 in 1980 in today's monetary purchasing value with adjusting cost of living and inflation into the variable would equate to be $700 ...... so when silver nearly reached the $50 mark in 2011 - there was that intention to put a massive halt to it - the monetary medium(s) of the world ( Central Banks notably ) did not want their inevitable end game to take place just yet. JP Morgan is buying up immense amounts of silver - the largest national bank and you wonder why? Many banks, countries, and main stream investors are buying gold and silver in large quantities. When the debt system of the Dollar was established - there was a clear Alpha & Omega spectacle the system and the Omega is quite near reasonably. The inception of the Federal Reserve System was the set in motion demise of the Dollar - subsequently the word "debt" began to appear on American paper notes. When Nixon took away the Gold Standard and the basis shifted to the Petro Dollar in 1971 - for many years prior France would buy immense amounts of gold in "Dollars" ..... the mere possibility that Fort Knox and the New York Federal Reserve Bank exercise gold reserves in existence by way of "paper" and not physical accumulation surreptitiously wouldn't be shocking to the mind - there has never been a government that never lied to it's constituents. Congress approved twice for audits to be done of gold reserves relative to the aforementioned - but no real transparency. Gold and Silver are real money. It's chief amongst all the fortifying monetary principality elucidated by the U.S. Constitution unencumbered by nothing else that shall not exceed nor stand above it. Over $20 trillion in Dollar Debt in the world - only over $1 trillion in documented dollar printed paper in existence - just shows the mediocrity and fraud of the debasement of the Dollar. Lynette - it would be to my understanding that the U.S. Government can only confiscate ( non business strike ) U.S. Gold minted coinage and not gold coinage ( business strike/non business strike )  of other countries that U.S. patrons may own?
Tai Lu (5 months ago)
very nice illustration of eggs.
TheOlddantucker (5 months ago)
The Dutch gold 10 gulden is about € 200,00.
TheOlddantucker (5 months ago)
Yes i know i buy 22K and 24 K.
4711Express (5 months ago)
= 6,04 g pure gold but I rather buy the gold bar 99,99 pure.
J M (5 months ago)
Sept. 6, look at the price of silver eagles today on Ebay. With silver at $14.16 at this time, silver eagles are selling for nearly $20 each.....even if you buy the monster box (500 coins). Actually, the price is all over the place....some selling for $25 each (when you buy some of the monster boxes of 500 coins). So, sellers are raising the premium even as the "spot" price keeps dropping. In 2008, when the price dropped on both gold and silver, it was unavailable. You could pay in advance and wait for delivery up to six months.......maybe.
Cat D. F (5 months ago)
I'm Canadian, what about the maple leaf silver coin???
Armoured Gaming (5 months ago)
Good video, thank you.
brien steve (5 months ago)
Lynette. I am going to buy a home without using a mortgage in about 12 months it will be with cash. I'm wondering if I should take some of the cash and increase my PM holdings.
Andy Maholick (5 months ago)
If you believe that the next recession will result in Venezuela, then your best investment is food and weapons. Note that Caracas has the highest murder rate in the world. You also might want to buy some property in New Zealand, like the extremely rich are doing.
Andy Maholick (5 months ago)
In 2009 the S&P fell to a low of 720. It is currently at 2901, over a 300 per cent increase. In 2009. gold was at $720 an ounce. It rose to a high of $1890 an ounce. It has declined from the high in 2011 to $1200 an ounce today. It has failed 3 times to take out $1400. GDX, the Gold Miners ETF had a NAV of $20 in 2009 and rose to a high of $70. It has since declined to 18.55. Given that GDX tripled while gold bullion doubled, it would seem that GDX is the better investment.
htral (5 months ago)
The mint is required by law to make enough to satisfy market demands - Thank you Ronald Regan
PAUL DAVILLA (5 months ago)
Did they stop producing eagles at the mint to manipulate price for bank or is there no silver even thought they made less this year than last year at 18 mil down to 9 mil.
interested party (5 months ago)
Eric I think you may need glasses.
David (5 months ago)
even if you buy properties for cheap with gold , the government will find a way through taxation to take your asset away. we are living in different times. you can see it by looking at how much the old geopolitical strategies of the elite are failing !! not to mention the crumbling down of EU . at the end gold does not have an intrinsic value if not for its' real application as a metal. what does have an intrinsic value it people , and this is what the elite THIS TIME has to come to terms...
Tori Patterson (5 months ago)
In Mike Maloney's series, "Hidden Secrets of Money" , he made mention that in a hyperinflation scenario, Governments will attempt to raise their employee's wages to keep up with inflation, over and above the public sector, to ensure the government will continue to function. As a state government employee, I am wondering your have any thoughts on this.
SAM Cooper (5 months ago)
Good idea to transcribe the Israelis interview because I couldn’t understand much of what he was saying and gave up listening. Thanks Lynette! See u in Phoenix in October!!
QRS11 CLIPPER CHIP JOE (5 months ago)
What would happen if gold/silver were untethered from the ETF.....NO more paper AU/AG? i know this is an awesome question! ;)
SAM Cooper (5 months ago)
QRS11 CLIPPER CHIP JOE —- Cool! An Abel Danger fan!
marcos gerpe (5 months ago)
Hi, Lynette, is it possible now in Venezuela to buy real estate using the increased value of gold measured in bolivars. You mentioned several times that would be possible during a hyperinflation. My understanding is that real estate prices are also hyperinflating at the same time as the rest. Have you studied that? Would give a good indication for the upcoming hyperinflation in other countries: turkey, angertina,... thanks! You’re great!!
4711Express (5 months ago)
The thing is as soon as you leave property over there any one can occupy your home, you don't own it anymore. I cannot remember a relatively modest rich family in Weimar would trade their gold for property. They rather took care to gather food and extra stuff currency would not buy anymore.
Website guy (5 months ago)
Will they confiscate silver
Ashu Juneja (5 months ago)
9 September last day of jewish calendar, 9/9/18=1+8=9, upside down it becomes 666., bull rally started 9/3/9, lasted for exactly biblical 9 yrs n 7 days till 26th jan. , on 33 day of the year 2 feb diw jones correction 666 pts. Add 6*6*6=216, add 2 feb we arrive at 6 september.....!!!!!!
Bobby8270 (5 months ago)
What would one do with 31,000 x 30 eggs? You would have to eat them really quickly before they went off. You would be better buying dried pasta or canned goods.
vincentyeo88 (5 months ago)
a commercial chicken farm needs eggs to hatch chicks. chick chick boom boom, chick boom, chick boom.
Ian Simpson (5 months ago)
This is getting ridiculous, I live in Norway and I've been buying gold bullion coins (and they're hidden) and now you're saying oh no buy collectibles but here in Norway you pay a 40% premium on collectibles and the gold is not even 9999 it's 21 carat, enough is enough 👿
DaRealAsclepius (5 months ago)
Hey yea just get some subtitles in there!
Philip Young (5 months ago)
That would be 3.8 US cents for each egg. Pretty cheap.
craig trout (5 months ago)
Why continue to push gold at a time when the G to S ratio is so out of whack? 84/1? I am one year in and have accumulated roughly 500oz of silver. 95% secondary market or junk silver. I do have some eagles, maple leafs, harmonics, pandas ect, very minimal. I thought about gold but did not see the return with the ratio being where it is. Inquiring minds...also. if silver goes to say 100 is anyone going to care about the premium? Are the additional premiums worth it in the end?
Gilbert Colacicco (5 months ago)
I think it wonderful that you & me can have an honest open discussion. Im a massive supporter of trump, & like him or not, he will b good for us metal guys. Paper stuff 4 today, metal's 4 tomorrow. Bless your nephews, i have 4 I'm thinking about.....
Gilbert Colacicco (5 months ago)
Your etf is paper crap.if u u made something good for you!! THERE are also silver ETFs that are making bullshit profits. Real thing in in your hands. . Yr from Phoenix. Arizona?? Good to see that satanist fake war hero sellout puppet globalist mcshitstain going to hell?? What do u think about this??
craig trout (5 months ago)
Trudeau legalized weed. my Canadian weed etf is up 20% in 30 days. but I do like my metal. I just think I am done stacking it. If what I have isn enough. then there will never be enough. I'd like to see a run, a good run. Maybe pay my house off. wishful thinking. Hi Gilbert I am in phoenix. Like a Phoenician my stack is to rise out of the ashes.
Gilbert Colacicco (5 months ago)
Hey Craig im from Sydney. Truejoke is the son of fidel Castro. Sorry but fact.maybe hard to accept?? Sold u down the toilet??? Keep the fight going with your metals. Maples = 999.9 this is purity!! The world isnt.stay with the right side & u will understand & WIN........
craig trout (5 months ago)
this last year accumulating. and I do love it. but I can't, won't put anymore eggs in that basket. I bought into a Canadian weed stock that is up 20% in month it's hard not to say I with I sold some metal and bought more of that. I have two young nephews that I refuse to buy toys for! everyone else does. so I give them an oz for their birthdays and Christmas. they are too young to understand what I am teaching them. but one day, they will understand.
ihavehotmail2 (5 months ago)
How do you know what kind of pm’s/gold the 1% and elite are purchasing?
mike larochelle (5 months ago)
your giold price explanation was way too complicated..you lost me
Gilbert Colacicco (5 months ago)
Then that tells you that you need it now!!!! But silver more!! God bless....
Russell Jackson (5 months ago)
I love y’all!
Emmitt Thompson (5 months ago)
What will happen to gold items, like 14K 18K 22K, in a confiscation. Meaning if you have a gold watch, figurine, ring, art piece, etc. or something you made yourself for that matter?
SAM Cooper (5 months ago)
Never see confiscation. Too difficult
craig trout (5 months ago)
poettute (5 months ago)
Lynette, 296 million divided by 837 thousand is not 30 thousand, it is around 350
John Leonard (5 months ago)
Man I'm on the wrong channel because I can afford gold. I've been buying silver because its the poor man's gold. You guys rarely told about silver and how important it is. Hardly any type of comparison on how silver will work as a working capital in the next reset. Sorry, but you're losing me because I can't afford gold. It's almost like gold's ugly step child.
Tæl (4 months ago)
Ms. Zang has always encouraged us to buy both silver and gold across multiple videos. Keep stacking your silver because its better than having worthless monopoly money
Libertarian 4 Ever (5 months ago)
People didn't buy out the silver from the mint. Approved companies that purchase from the mint and sell to us bought the mints supply. They will hold until the price goes back up. They are speculating like we as individuals do.
Gilbert Colacicco (5 months ago)
Maybe JPMorgan adedd to their massive short position????
Libertarian 4 Ever (5 months ago)
Govt. won't need to confiscate gold in the future. History can serve as a model but electronic money and cryptos' didn't exist in 1933.
uawsux (5 months ago)
Almost caught me you're starting that music that horrific music right off the bat caught me off-guard I almost could not skin past it most multinationals are selling out more and more of their stock leveraging up leveraging up
Laura (5 months ago)
Lynette, in reference to government pensions, look at what happened to Russian government pensions when the ruble collapsed. I understand that pensions were not paid for a time period and then the pensions were paid again. Of course the purchasing power was much less.
Brian Jenkins (5 months ago)
Military pensions have been around for a long time, including in the US. Public pensions were started by Otto von Bismark in the 1880s. The US was slow.
Weldopedia (5 months ago)
RE: 30:00 mail them a proper mic, with prepaid return postage
Lucky Winner (5 months ago)
Hi Lynette! I've got a question. Since gold is gold no matter what part of the world we live in, does it matter what kind of gold one owns such as 1 oz gold coins such as Gold Eagles, Gold Maple Leafs, Gold Kangaroos, Gold Philharmonics during the reset meaning some gold coins have limited mintage such as this year's Gold Britannias one regular and the other in limited mintage of 5K whereas the rest have more than 5K mintage and Gold Libertads that have a lower mintage vs Gold Suisse 1 oz bars?
xwmaxx (5 months ago)
Lucky Winner nope it won’t matter cause gold is gold
Jacque's page (5 months ago)
Actually the Mint is out of Silver as of today. I'm sure it's just for this month but it's only the 5th. That is a little crazy
Jacque's page (5 months ago)
Au Prospector I have often thought that myself. But perhaps it’s not so far away now.
Jacque's page (5 months ago)
Silver will eventually be worth a lot of money …. no one knows when though
Jacque's page (5 months ago)
That certainly has been the word for a very long time and yes I do think we will eventually run out. Right now, silver is so inexpensive that the miners can't afford to mine it out of the ground. Mexico apparently has the biggest supply and are purported to be out within 5 years.
Jacque's page (5 months ago)
Because the price is low, they have run out of silver. They have to get more silver from the mines to mint. This happened several months in a row in 2015 but never this early in the month
Jagualar (5 months ago)
Megan, please dont change the music. I love the music
SAM Cooper (5 months ago)
No, change it to southern rock from the seventies.....you know, Lynard Skynard, “Free Bird”
Troy B. (5 months ago)
use classical music please.
Russell Bufalino (5 months ago)
+Russell Bufalino Still cool!
Russell Bufalino (5 months ago)
its Grant Cardones intro also
Ralph Moreno (5 months ago)
interested in what a more precise measure of purchasing power of gold before and after reset that is, calculating beyond eggs (on it's own, an insufficient variable/indicator)
Mr. Byrd (5 months ago)
It would be helpful if Lynette could provide a more detailed presentation on (a) why bullion will be confiscated? and (b) why numismatics--as currently defined--will not?
john cramer (5 months ago)
Lynette Zang, you have unbelievable talent
ITM Trading (5 months ago)
Thanks John!
No Name (5 months ago)
Impossible to watch. Like a train wreck
davidlang80 (5 months ago)
What happens to mortgages in Venezuela?? FYI I brought up that point a long time ago regards to what you can buy compared to Silver. And at the time it was something like 780 cartons of eggs for an ounce of silver. But I don't know who would give you all those eggs for an ounce of silver. It still makes me hopeful as an investor looking for something safe!
Danny Johnson (5 months ago)
I had the same thought and if a dealer is held hostage by spot price they literally cannot (or will not) sell at low spot price
SAM Cooper (5 months ago)
They just raise their premiums, as they already have done since the slam down in silver. The gold premium is higher as well, since the drop from $1350 to $1180
havikshorst120 (5 months ago)
Let's get physical, physical I want to get physical Let's get into physical Let me hear your Silver talk
Susy (5 months ago)
Why will gold be confiscated if we're not on a gold standard?????????????????????????????
4711Express (5 months ago)
Sarah there will be a thriving black market.
gerry2828 kelly (5 months ago)
I think during the last confiscation that there were only a few token prosecutions as the state did not actively pursue those who held on to the gold. You may be sitting on it for a long time though. Who knows, I am going to stack a target amount of ounces and take my chances.
Sarah Isles (5 months ago)
What if they just pass a law saying "it's illegal to own gold bullion (jewelry OK), and if you are caught it's 10 years in prison for being an enemy of the economy"... It's a rock an a hard place. If you turn in your gold, your family will be impoverished. If you don't, you risk missing your children grow up for 10 years!
gerry2828 kelly (5 months ago)
RichH - Fully agree with you on the intentions of government. However by the time they have taken all the pensions and bank accounts the Sheeple will be wolves on the streets looking for blood. TPTB will I believe be more focused on putting that fire out than interested in going after us minor PM stackers. Just an opinion, who knows really🤔
RichH (5 months ago)
A totally desperate government will do 'anything' to remain solvent. If one thinks that 'the sovereign' during a fiscal/monetary catastrophe has the welfare of it subjects to be its prime concern ............. .
Wellness81 (5 months ago)
Okay so in this Venezuelan scenario, I could have held 10 ounces of gold to safeguard my wealth, sure, but I could have simply chosen to move my savings into 9,000,000 eggs and stayed right on par. Really though, so we are saying that gold increased in purchasing power about 2.5X, at least in terms of eggs, due to that revalue...right? How about other things like real estate or cars.
dr. honeypot (5 months ago)
the answer is yes. in venezuela you can buy a house right now for 1 ouce of gold. you can buy like 2 weeks worth of foor for 1 oz of silver there in real terms right now. the proprety is sketchy though as it could esisly get siezed so id say thats a no go unless you have a small army to defend it.
Wellness81 (5 months ago)
craig trout yea just being flip about the eggs to illustrate how much easier and more sensible it would be to hold gold.
Midas Haltzern (5 months ago)
Buy chickens. They eat grass, food scraps, and bugs and produce eggs. Moneymakers. You'll be a part of the local economy when stores are empty.
RichH (5 months ago)
If eggs are your preferred food, then consider to store away freeze dried eggs. Ditto if butter, then store ghee. Etc. etc. etc.
craig trout (5 months ago)
10 oz gold requires vastly less space then 9,000.000 eggs.
River City MOVERS (5 months ago)
Silver could go to 9.00 an oz. just as in 2007.
Philip Young (5 months ago)
It would never go that low, because the mega rich people would buy it all up at $10/oz.
Wellness81 (5 months ago)
River City MOVERS maybe, but silver had been trending up before then, while having been getting crushed in recent years here. Definitely hard to say, I can’t call it.
River City MOVERS (5 months ago)
A very secret "floor safe" is impenetrable. Tell no one. Show no one. Impossible to break into. Expensive to buy and install.
Wellness81 (5 months ago)
River City MOVERS sounds like a nice decoy!
Blue Collar Mark (5 months ago)
Eric & Lynette, would “BULLION PROOFS” PROTECT US FROM THE (ENEMY ACT)? If so, this would be a better way for the Average Joe to buy Gold. Thank you for another sharing video.
Fred Kost (5 months ago)
Megan, Please change the music. Love the show!
QRS11 CLIPPER CHIP JOE (5 months ago)
steven Mabe (5 months ago)
I think our budget is like 140 bucks. 1/10 of a ounce at a time
craig trout (5 months ago)
you'll get eaten up with the premium buying 1/10th at a time either save until you can buy an oz or change direction and buy silver. the ration say silver anyway. don't buy 1/10th oz gold at a time.!! Do not!! 140 a month is like way 8/9 oz of slv?
steven Mabe (5 months ago)
Jay Thomas Reset  x has all the real estate lol
Jay Thomas Reset (5 months ago)
real estate will reset into a new currency for you......providing that you can pay the taxes
dr. honeypot (5 months ago)
Im loving these low prices in the metal market. Im stocking up as much as i can but not 100% my portfolio. somewhere around 50%+ i think is a good right now but prices might keep going down but 10 to 12 is bare bottom for silver and i dont expect that so yeah. i cant wait for the bubbles to pop so i can sell it all and convert it in to land and a home. i feel this crisis is gonna be a dream come true for me lol.
dr. honeypot (5 months ago)
fourtunenetly im still young enough to wait 10 to 20 years but i think its gonna be more like 5 years. but for people who are older should be looking at it at a generational wealth type thing that isnt taxed when you pass it on. like everything else will be.
gerry2828 kelly (5 months ago)
My hope with the Gold is that I never have to touch it and just pass it on. It will hopefully just give me peace of mind in my retirement as an emergency in the background fund only. I hope to finance my retirement through other means. I like the idea of buying a house for a portion of Gold but don't know how that would work, something to keep an eye over the years ahead I suppose.
P1933 (5 months ago)
For 50 + years old, to sit for 20 years will be very difficult. Maybe we have to sit on for 10 years and lay down another 10 years.
dr. honeypot (5 months ago)
same ive looked into small island in america and too expencive for me so ill have to look over seas maybe where sound money goes farther but if not ill just set up near a river or lake and will be good enough im looking for a place with some mountains and good seasons but never too cold. i live in midwest USA and i think if i move a few states south id be good. maybe ill look into the same general latitude around the globe and see though might be better to achive this dream somewhere in asia but their almost more issues there then here once you get down to it.
gerry2828 kelly (5 months ago)
I was visiting my brother last week. We went on a boat trip across a big lake. The lake had 360+ Islands. A business man had bought six in a cluster. I could see the wind turbine as we sailed past the main island. He has cattle on one of the islands, vegetables etc etc. Lovely house on the main island very secure. Talk about being prepared. I want to be him!!!
QRS11 CLIPPER CHIP JOE (5 months ago)
Website guy (5 months ago)
+ElementFreedive He meant shitty byte
ElementFreedive (5 months ago)
Barry Calvert (5 months ago)
I am guessing everyone would want to know, where does one go to sell that ounce of gold to receive the 296M in bolivar ? So, we know that would be impossible to go to the bank here after said inflation and receive (a guess) 800K for that 1 ounce of gold. Thus, all one can really do is HOPE that the market person would be willing to take a smaller amount of GOLD for the EGGS. This is where Lynette's explanation of OWNING some smaller denominations of Gold because in this situation, an OUNCE of GOLD in Ven. would be tough to change...
So why no mention of JPM silver short position or lack of...
Milan Vujic (5 months ago)
Listen at 24:45
Lifeguard Eight (5 months ago)
Erin T Scott (5 months ago)
Ashu Juneja (5 months ago)
A collapse is about to take place with in 72 hrs. Anytime...

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