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How to make the right publicity campaign for your website - P4

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How to make the right publicity campaign for your website
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ksp62562 (3 years ago)
Bullshit artist & scammer!
ksp62562 (3 years ago)
+Bryson Kyles Nice downline?
Bryson Kyles (3 years ago)
+ksp62562 I have made $10,000 In one month from HTA 2.0 Learning Program I didn't Know nothing about marketing .. Its the truth
ksp62562 (3 years ago)
Yea he's real all right!  http://www.glancingweb.com/2727/the-great-list-plunder
Julie Schaefer (3 years ago)
+ksp62562 No he is for real. He is the only one teaching this stuff. He teaches you step by step. HTA 2.0.
shamima mix (4 years ago)
Ok I don't think that is as simple as you make out? My brother has tried this before and earnt $0, Online Gold Dynamo earns me $4,945 every 30 days. Search for it on Google.
bajifarhat (4 years ago)
Have you discovered how mad this online money making strategy is? Its name is Monetize Machine Software. Google it and work out how to work from home.
Santa Islam (4 years ago)
Sweet. Have you used software to generate an income online though? I've used Clever Crib Coaching. It's going to be demonstrated on a live event happening very soon, so join up quickly. It's really simple software to work with and I'm earning over $525 a day right now with it. Research Clever Crib Coaching.
Linda Swearingen (4 years ago)
Hi Vick! I am having a problem getting this youtube video to continue playing....it continuously pauses.....any suggestions??? Thanks for all you do for us! Sincerely, Linda Swearingen 72727
Khrystyna Khrushch (4 years ago)
Hi Vik how I can start this wher I have to begin ???
Donald Lemoine (5 years ago)
What happen to Google Keyword Search Tool? Guess its time for an updated video for google's new tool.
Khizer Khan (5 years ago)
love this one too as much as the previous ones.
Koni Solis (5 years ago)
I met Vick at the Empower Event what amaze me was when I was leaving the Empower party must have been close to 12am. There one conference room that was still teaching and that was Vick. Talk about genuine.
Paul Winstanley (5 years ago)
Vic, so genuine and I have also started to make money from my website and it all started from adding a landing page, pw2k.com now makes more money than ever and this happened by watching your videos, I will be joining your course when available.

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