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Management of Kaspersky using Security Center 9

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Kaspersky Security Center 9 benefits from excellent management capabilities. This all in one console can provide granular control and superior reporting.
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thank you sir but i hope you give me another video explain how to use it with my email
mantis bd (1 year ago)
Be sure to read kaspersky review on my blog before you buy. Please go to *thoughtreviews. com/kaspersky-review/* Thanks, Thornie.
Anand Kapoor (2 years ago)
greetings! Kaspersky once popup to me and they invited me to register in the application of.. (it says in the popup) As a register customer you'll be able to: - Get faster and easer access their keys and other services via My Kaspersky portal. - Get special offers and stay informed about our announcement. -Gain access to free services and apps from kaspersky lab. After i registered and make an account to kaspersky... suddenly there is "Unckeckit" icon that appeared in my laptop screen (in the lower right corner right beside my time and date portion in my laptop screen).. what is that unckeckit? pls help.... and is management console could help me to fix my file explorer issue? because... i can't open my file explorer for more than 3 months now... it says in my File explorer is "Not Responding". pls help me pls... and including my control panel, it won't open... pls.. help...im using win8

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