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Antminer S9 Profitability March 2018

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Text Comments (83)
Bruce Wannng (7 months ago)
Crypto Calculators: https://www.coinwarz.com/calculators Start Mining Bitcoins: https://www.nicehash.com/ ▶ MINING GEAR: https://kit.com/B
Daniel Mullen (3 months ago)
Bruce Wang have you got an answer to my question as I am looking to get minners up and running asap?
adedapo bolaji (1 month ago)
I need someone to help me on this,, I have someone mining for me on s9 antiminer but he says I have to inform him before I do withdrawal on my blockchain,, do I really need to contact him before I take out my cash?
Bruce Wannng (1 month ago)
How much did you pay him?
drpatriot2001 (3 months ago)
Definitely NOT PROFITABLE if you have to pay electricity!!!!!!! as of July 2018....
Bruce Wannng (3 months ago)
I second that!
joseph mwangi (3 months ago)
How many rigs do you have for a $1600 earning...I have acess to free electricity and I want to start..
Bruce Wannng (3 months ago)
If you have free electricity then you can mine with you computer. Try out nicehash.com and check out the profitability calculator.
Christopher Caranza (3 months ago)
can you post about antminer x3?
Bruce Wannng (3 months ago)
I never bought one!
Daniel Mullen (4 months ago)
sorry few noob question but i was thinking can this all be done off macbook laptop also how fast does your internet speed have to be to connect to router, i can basically get free electricity an i mean free but im in black area for internet, no nbm or fiber optic best internet land router box/ speed i could get would be 5mb/s download speed 3mb upload would this be enough to run 2 3 or 4 s9 antminers or can it be run remotely from other area were internet is faster ?
Hosito1454 (4 months ago)
Hello everyone I start today with a s9i antminer how much as it is will be the profit june 2018
Francois Montesinos (4 months ago)
Cheap power stay in a hotel then mine!
Bruce Wannng (4 months ago)
LOL still got to pay for the hotel/.
ken jorgensen (4 months ago)
Good vid..why sell them if they are so profitable..i see a lot of coustumers have received dusty ASIC`s.. go google it.. bitmain is a scam.. so they say price will stay the same one year !! that calculation is wrong
ken jorgensen (4 months ago)
yep :)
Bruce Wannng (4 months ago)
Buying bitcoin> mining bitcoin
CRYPTO 420 (4 months ago)
Connecct it to solar panells
Tim Lwig (2 months ago)
CRYPTO 420 still cost a bit just for start up
John C (5 months ago)
I'm standing at a crossroads of A) to mine B) or not to mine. If A) which to mine? LiteCoin or BitCoin? or something else? Which crypto would give most profit with what hardware and powerbills? Bring it on Bruce and if you convince me and I profit you will get a donation!
John C (5 months ago)
Time for an update? Looks like Bitmain has dropped their prices drastically!
magicmulder (5 months ago)
YouTube subtitles: "Hello, my name is Bruce Wayne" - holy shirt, you're Batman!
Bruce Wannng (5 months ago)
John C (5 months ago)
Nice! Thanks for the insights and thoughts, explained a lot for me. (ps! It's hard to hear and concentrate on your information with the elevatormusic grinding in the background - please drop it)
Mwanalushi Chileshe (5 months ago)
Is it true that Antminer owner can connect your blockchain wallet to their S9 antminer . But again Why do they need your password to your wallet. Kindly shed more light on that score.
Bruce Wannng (5 months ago)
never give away your wallet password/ secret key to anyone!!!!
Publishize (5 months ago)
Ok, but Bitmain has just released ant miner S9i "new model" its the same old S9 hahaha, I don't understand why Bitmain is making a new version of same old miner only 20 watts less according to their site and profitability is the same I think at least on antminerprofiotability.com (as far as it says here: https://antminerprofitability.com/antminer-s9i-profitability/ - so I don't understand why they are making a new model S9i? LOL. WHY BITMA!N?! Bitmain is hilarious, seriously :D lol
SublimeTV (5 months ago)
It is only 1373 USD for the S9-14TH/s with PSU right now. Should i jump on these crazy low prices? I do not have to pay for my electricity because i am in the military. Smart move or no?
SublimeTV (5 months ago)
Thanks for the reply and thanks for the advice!! I'm gonna jump on this opportunity ASAP
Bruce Wannng (5 months ago)
If you dont have to pay electricity then DO IT!!!!!!
Cristian Trifan (5 months ago)
Antiminer S9 is $1373? would you reccomend do buy now?
Bruce Wannng (5 months ago)
Only if your electric cost is $0.12/kwh or less.
HOHM (6 months ago)
this is totally fuck up; no way it is profitable even with electricity free........the biggest rip of from BITMAIN. specially considering the government banks have sunk the digial currency´s value to "nothing" DONT MINE! UNless you already have the equipment; thats why the sell off on ebay and amazon. here you ca see how difficult is today... https://blockchain.info/es/charts/difficulty
rehan malik (6 months ago)
Nice video! 🤗 can you start making me a profit if I start trading with you?
Bruce Wannng (6 months ago)
Digital Beat Music (6 months ago)
Profit minus industrial space monthly rental costs
Emil Bjeregaard (6 months ago)
You forgot that difiltu at the moment doubles every 3 month. That makes it a very bad buy.
Fritz Seager (6 months ago)
Hey c`mon...difficulty he mean ;)
Bruce Wannng (6 months ago)
what is "difiltu?''
Emil Bjeregaard (6 months ago)
Would be awseome if you could turn off background music
vukken99 (6 months ago)
how much per day bro??
Bruce Wannng (6 months ago)
That's after expenses such as electricity!
vukken99 (6 months ago)
Holy Cow that is low man...way low...I am not even sure if after paying the electricity if it would be profitable that way
Bruce Wannng (6 months ago)
Im getting really low numbers lately. right now im getting 2$ per S9 when back in the day I was getting 10$+. That is minus electric cost.
vukken99 (6 months ago)
it sounds like S9 mining is better than Hashflare cloud mining based on current stats
Bruce Wannng (6 months ago)
My returns on the S9 is so much higher than Hashflare Cloud Mining!
Alaa Bazzi (7 months ago)
The mining calculator is not correct you will earn around 800/1000$ per s9 miner you will earn your money back in just over 3 months
Alaa Bazzi (7 months ago)
It can help if you see others videos on how much they maker per month and per day but the electricity price is very important because i live in Denmark and I am gonna invest in 20 antminer s9 and the electricity price here will be around 3000 $ per month
Bruce Wannng (7 months ago)
I hope you are right! I would love to make my money back in 3 months
Adnan Khan (7 months ago)
Are you selling your s9 with power supplies? ? I will buy it of you
Jeff Henderson (5 months ago)
I have antminers for sale also and I help mine using my antminers add me @jeffcryptohenderson on Instagram let's talk business
Ammar Danial (5 months ago)
i got one too,would you like to buy mine?
Jeff Henderson (6 months ago)
Adnan Khan I sell s9 with power supplies
kim Winston (7 months ago)
go contact [email protected] .,com . He's the best crypto engineer out there and has some miners for sale. I got mine last month and it's low power consumption to start with. And my earnings keep boosting everyday.
Bruce Wannng (7 months ago)
I’m not selling right now
Dontee Weaver (7 months ago)
So just under $900 a month mining with 2 Antminer S9's as of now?
The Fuddler (6 months ago)
nope about 350 with 2 then take off electric
HashinStash99801 (7 months ago)
s9 is 1900 bucks now.. decent deal
Hosito1454 (4 months ago)
how about now?
Christopher Martinez (7 months ago)
I live in hawaii but I get free power so I will be getting one soon :)
HashinStash99801 (7 months ago)
Its kinda scaring me Bitmain has had the S9 in stock for weeks.. and now the price drop I dont think they are selling nearly as many
Andres Reyes (7 months ago)
With that power cost, you are crazy mining btc. s9 is still profitable, with decent costs, so I am getting 12 more s9 from Bitmain. S9 Price went low righ now, great for everybody.
Bruce Wannng (7 months ago)
The Price of btc starting to go back up, but I’m not planning to buy anymore antminer. I have to check if that price is profitable or not.
Dedskin Prodcer/DJ (7 months ago)
learn from your mistakes dont tell miners they are better off selling eqip
Bruce Wannng (7 months ago)
sparkle crypto-currency (7 months ago)
"A power supply for each antminer correct? thanks for making the video. Looking to purchase two antminer S9/s to get into mining" One power supply use into two Antminer s9
Bruce Wannng (7 months ago)
Each antminer needs its own power supply!
Florin Cracut (7 months ago)
Check out the Baikal x11 the updating two new algorithms or the giant b 10
Bruce Wannng (7 months ago)
I took a look at the website. It looks pretty good a lot more profitable than antminer S9 right now. It’s doubling the profitability
tvtime1 (7 months ago)
I can buy your l3+ if your selling. lmk
tvtime1 (7 months ago)
Bruce Wang just ltc
Bruce Wannng (7 months ago)
You mining Lite coin cash? Haha
tvtime1 (7 months ago)
.20 cents kinda high. where are you located?
rashmy (7 months ago)
Background music ....good loving it
Bruce Wannng (7 months ago)
Thanks man!
Matt (7 months ago)
do you have that song on permanent repeat?
Bruce Wannng (7 months ago)
Thats the only song I can buy with bitcoins...
Beefy G (7 months ago)
Bruce, I bet Bitcoin will be around 20k by mid year (i think first a small dip in March then up to 20-25k around June/July if you follow historical patterns) and that's when all your mining endeavors, both at home and cloud, are going to really be turning you a very nice profit. So just wait, you'll be rolling in the bitcoin!
Stephen Reynolds (6 months ago)
Buying bitcoin instead of mining would also give a nice profit if the price goes to 20-25k.
Bruce Wannng (7 months ago)
Im, not a big fan of cloud mining lately. It's a tough call! I only invested in cloud mining to diversify my investments. I would keep it at around 5-10% of my portfolio. Don't go all in on cloud mining.
Beefy G (7 months ago)
I wish I had a batcave :( ...The wife would never go for it......perhaps I should invest in some cloud mining....Bruce have you heard of HashGains? And if so...any opinions?
Bruce Wannng (7 months ago)
That's why im still mining away in the Batcave LOL!

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