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Wallstrip - Silver

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(3-17-08) Silver: Not just for werewolves anymore. Pan American Silver Corp. (PAAS) and Silver Wheaton Corp. (SLW)
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Text Comments (12)
redcommand85 (10 years ago)
is there an etf that you can get a bunch of them with?
js1112111 (10 years ago)
cute girl,bad timing. SLW is a great company you can buy it for around 5 bucks today!!!!!!!!!!
Etcircenses (10 years ago)
This is sooo great.
bigmike1107 (10 years ago)
I actually like your show. You being hot is a plus, but i think if it kept the humor i would watch it even if an old ugly guy was sitting behind the desk. Its humorus and informative. Kinda like the colber report. It is just a better way to get the word accros. And like i said.. you being hot is a plus. And i'm not sure if this is just your Youtube personality, but i hope i meet somebody like you one day.
xmasjd (10 years ago)
the new add sucks :(
MooseOfReason (10 years ago)
"Flip ya real good." Lol.
golafs (10 years ago)
you are beautiful! call me if you´re coming to iceland :)
R Baker (10 years ago)
she's an highered actress. I doubt she actually reads these comments ofTen
scienterprize (10 years ago)
May be I shall buy some gold and silver to hedge my financials.... nice dress again
docelephant (10 years ago)
I ask because I enjoy the writing... in case that came across as snarky.
michael blalack (10 years ago)
unless china's stockpiling it.
docelephant (10 years ago)
Who does the writing for this?

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