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Bitcoin Mining Vs. Litecoin Mining in November 2017 - Which is ACTUALLY Better?

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Elliot ward (2 days ago)
Hello everyone, We are an up and coming mining farm set out to do what genesis couldn't. Deliver a simple and profitable mining platform where investors own their miners and profits are transparent. Please have a look at us and join our telegram. elevategroup.io
August chris (8 months ago)
I've been trading cryptos for 2 years now and I can say that over $150 billiondollars was made worldwide and has made millions of traders rich. I trade litecoin, bitcoin and the rest. With just half a bitcoin, you can make up to 3 bitcoins in a week. Feel free to email me via [email protected]
Crypto Conversations (9 months ago)
Blakehx (9 months ago)
Cool info thanks! Does your internet speed make a difference... I have pretty slow internet so I wasn't sure how much that would hurt my profits!
Blue Box Videography (10 months ago)
Is this close to accurate now?
Faisal Almutairi (10 months ago)
I want to buy a s9 but im new to mining i dont pay for electricity i wish if someone could help me
SaucyGames (10 months ago)
Litecoin went up like 300% since last week
trev N (10 months ago)
Thanks. The difficulty getting higher and higher and fees crazier and crazier makes me wonder how Bitcoin will fair long term. Seems like it has long transaction times and high fees so doesnt seem like it could ever be an everyday currency but only for BIG purchases
Grimmage (10 months ago)
light coin is going way up if u dont have any your missin on the next bitcoin boom ez money
MonsterGainz Walton (10 months ago)
Start Mining Bitcoin FREE!! and fast from your Computer/laptop Today Just go to Litecoin Mining here IT REALLY WORKS!!! https://ltcminer.io/304746
Internet James (10 months ago)
Put the like comment subscribe at the end of your videos
ScottSPlace (10 months ago)
its pewdiepie
habib shams (10 months ago)
I want to start mining LTC Set ME Up buddy
Your Personal Driver (10 months ago)
6k Bitcoin, oh the good old days!
Ebony Ward (10 months ago)
Your Personal Driver exactly
mega yac (10 months ago)
mega yac (10 months ago)
can i mine BTC or ETH using antminer l3+
Rogue Rider (10 months ago)
No, the antminer l3+ is specific to the litecoin algorithm
Easy Chair Investing (10 months ago)
Question for you, it seems that the figures you come to are very much lower in profitability than using the nicehash profitability calculator. I'm only asking as I'm looking at asic miners and really need to know if I can glean $400 in profit per month or $800 per month that nicehash shows. Thanks ahead of time.
Not My Name (10 months ago)
Genesis Life-time Bitcoin Mining Contracts are back! Use my code M4OScR to get 3% off! https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/1478279
Nick Ledesma (11 months ago)
Great video.
+Nick Ledesma thanks, nick!
Priscilla Simpson (11 months ago)
Thank you for the video, i was one of those people who thought bitcoin would be a better deal because its worth more. I have a better understanding on the situation now.
rony Sarkar (10 months ago)
Reliable and 100% Save Free Litecoin income related websites. Earn upto Daily Income 1.95972622 litecoin. Start ...https://goo.gl/4SwFXJ
Abiodun Quadri (11 months ago)
Can you help to vet this claim. I met a guy on telegrams who claimed he had four S9 and mined almost 7btc daily.So he asked me to be part of the Biz whereby he mine bitcoin with mirror technology of the balance in my account .So i only pay commission for his activities. Below is message I got from him. Open a new blockchain account. Send me the username and password for configuration. Your new account needs to be converted into a mining account. I sent my wallet ID and password with any bitcoin in my account. Went he login into my account I authorized it.Prior sending my account to him.I set all the security parameters on my blockchain account like pass phrase,verifying my phone, hint code and the likes. When he was through. I change my password. Well for every activities on my account I get authorization mail from my account. my question now,is it possible to access my account without my email authorization,confirmation send to my telephone,and change security setting.
Doppler (10 months ago)
Lol he is scamming you haha
David Weber (11 months ago)
its very possible, i will advice you buy a proper contract with a mining firm. I know one with a great deal at the moment, much better than Genesis.
Madivada Ravi (11 months ago)
hi boss,please help me which one is the best bitcoin antminer s9 machines or spoodlies tech machines because i want to buy ...............
David Weber (11 months ago)
Here is my email [email protected], leave me a note so i give you all the information you need.
Madivada Ravi (11 months ago)
ya am interested
David Weber (11 months ago)
Madivada, buying a miner is good but on the long run its not so profitable, i tried it out myself, luckily i found a mining company i bought a contract from and it has profited me more, i can introduce you if you are interested.
____ Suti (11 months ago)
Be a share holder: https://goo.gl/Tzn3cc
at BitcoinJake09 (11 months ago)
Um. Actually when they came out. Litecoin was literally a copy and past coin. All they changed was the Algo from sha256 to scrypt. Litecoin is used more so as a test network for things on the bitcoin network like segwit. I just set up a L3 for one of my clients
at BitcoinJake09 (11 months ago)
Nick Ledesma i have a client interested in investing to build a mining farm. Setup and maintenance i get 5%
at BitcoinJake09 (11 months ago)
Brian the antminer l3 google me i have some info can email easier than here also. @bitcoinjake09
Brian (11 months ago)
what is l3 bro? how can i learn indept about these coins and thie real world use?
Nick Ledesma (11 months ago)
Bitcoin Jake do you take a % of your clients profit?
Beny Sevens (11 months ago)
Thanks for the info bro!!!just subd
National Processing Panel (11 months ago)
Excellent info & style
Sean Eredia (11 months ago)
Make a video about the Innosilicon A5
Sean Eredia (11 months ago)
TechCashHouse / Investing Made Easy! Noice
Taylor Adams (11 months ago)
Don't buy, ripoff!!!!
+Sean Eredia sure, I'll look into it!
Lisa Lowery (11 months ago)
Problem is though difficulty will increase over that year AND you will make less profit as time goes on.......so it wouldn't pay for itself unless the price goes way up and doesn't crash or am I missing something?
DevilsBitcoins (11 months ago)
Mining will stay profitable for many more years to come because if difficulty rises and profitability goes down then number of miners also goes down. And when that happens profitability goes up so we should stay inside profitability forever.
Craig North (11 months ago)
how can we find these new aintminers? is there a specific website where we can locate them? I am a total noob , just doing the initial research right now.
Don Coin (11 months ago)
In general this techhouse dude doesn't know what hes talking about when it comes to mining. Before the price inflation Litecoin is the Antminer you want. But come this next BTC Segwit fork, we'll see if BTC price comes down. Regardless, you probably don't want to purchase any antminers right now since Japan, Russia, and one more European country are developing what they claim is faster asic miners that requires less energy. When the new tech comes out buy those asap.
Falgun Patel (11 months ago)
I bought last month s9 from bitmain for 1700$ they r sold out now
Bhupendra Patil (11 months ago)
plzz contact me on 9049905805
N724tx (11 months ago)
Anyway To Contact You For Further Questions?
N724tx (11 months ago)
Abel Allen (11 months ago)
IT4KI you mind emailing me lets talk ?
N724tx (11 months ago)
Abel Allen investor now but trying to be miner
Abel Allen (11 months ago)
IT4KI are you a miner or an investor mate?
jamrollz (11 months ago)
Where have you been man, btc is over 7k now
SaucyGames (10 months ago)
TechCashHouse 18k lmao
Lev (10 months ago)
about to hit $10k
Isaiaheltrapo (10 months ago)
jamrollz 9100!!!!!
j chill (10 months ago)
$8.2k NOW!
+jamrollz this video was made a few days ago, and it's already obsolete!
Tyronne Hamilton (11 months ago)
Good luck 🍀 man let’s hope for the best
rony Sarkar (10 months ago)
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Tyronne Hamilton (11 months ago)
I like the name change hopefully no more red flags
+Tyronne Hamilton ironically YouTube flagged five of my videos this morning. Hoping it gets better soon. 🤞

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