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1 Lakh Profit Per Month From Scrap Steel Business | Small Business Ideas In Tamil

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Steel Scrap business in tamilanadu.One of the best scrap business in tamilnadu to make more profits just from waste stainless steel material.Want to start small business in tamilnadu this business is best to start to earn good profits with low investment. Keywords: Small business ideas in tamil,stainless steel scrap business in tamil,scrap business in tamilnadu,small business ideas,small business ideas in tamilnadu in tamil
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Text Comments (89)
balamurugan s (13 hours ago)
Is it possible sir .....pls give ur no 4r me sir
NFC Official (1 day ago)
How to start this business?
NFC Official (1 day ago)
siva balan (21 days ago)
great bro
Kowtham S (29 days ago)
sir unga mobile number sollunga
Dhinesh Dhi (1 month ago)
dhinesh 8675986336
Nazeer Ahamed (1 month ago)
Super brother and thank you for your detaile brother send me your number in my what's up 0096535619948 please me also business
Kabeer Usman (1 month ago)
Send contact number
pragadeeshvaran arun (1 month ago)
Where are you from send your address and name of your company help to others
Kabilan_ Kamaraj (1 month ago)
Hello sir, i would like to be in contact with u
mohammed arshath (2 months ago)
please give ur number
pragadeeshvaran arun (3 months ago)
Sir please send your number
Narayana Babu (3 months ago)
Muraliravi_ official (3 months ago)
Bro super nanum engineering mudichittu oru idea kidaikamaa iruken bro.. Scrap enga kidaikum bro
Please contact me 9176761333 are send you the number
Mehrajudeen M (4 months ago)
Sir, why do you fear to reveal your phone number and address.
365 Tamil (1 month ago)
This is only to share information so that people can understand this type of business is available.
SK boys S (4 months ago)
sent me U R mobile number sir
vijay kumar (4 months ago)
super bro...bro i need 40 tones steel rod ,,,thats are 10mm and 6mm rods only,,,so plz give your mobile number,,its my number 9003475591
I want number 9943432715
Hariharan Govindaraj (5 months ago)
Bro please send me ur contacts for raw material
handsome21marda (4 months ago)
Hariharan Govindaraj 8444814229 whatapp no can contact us
sankaran chinnadurai (5 months ago)
Give me ur number bro
vignesh vikki (5 months ago)
Mobile number plz
siva Raman (5 months ago)
Sir l am Muthu from tuticorin pl give me your phone number sir. My ph 9751084146 sir.
NS Brahma (6 months ago)
Hello Friend 625 Grade, SMO, Allow 20, Nikal, Monal, 825, 410 Macnet, Yellam kedaikuma.
Bala murugan (6 months ago)
Hii my father is Scarp bussiness man in I'm looking to start this business and me to a engineering graduate pls call me 9715753833.. pls call pannuga
sarkgunam uday (6 months ago)
Can I know the place of the shop ?
Hari Paranthaman (6 months ago)
Dear brother, Your Location and Contact No please
ramesh riva (7 months ago)
Mumbai address pls bro
vinoth perumal (7 months ago)
mani sathish (7 months ago)
Anna unaka mobile number kudu anna
mani sathish (7 months ago)
Please na
Praba (7 months ago)
I want u r phone number bro
Sharveswara Sharveswara (7 months ago)
Bro pls give me your contact number..9600335381 this my whatsapp numbr
rocky rocky (8 months ago)
Hii I am interested jov
Ashok (8 months ago)
Where can I purchase scarp metirial
handsome21marda (4 months ago)
ashok ram hi
handsome21marda (4 months ago)
ashok ram hi sir u can contact us scrap material @ 8444814229
Prakash Sarasam (8 months ago)
Hi sir,pls help me.my no:9940515114.
Bhanu Rekha (9 months ago)
Can you please send your contact number for information
Siva mayam Kumar (9 months ago)
hi bro pleasure u r number
Rajadurai (9 months ago)
Send me ur mobile number sir
Rajadurai (9 months ago)
R SELVARAJ (4 months ago)
Rajadurai .sir my..no. 9500452127. Your.no
Rajadurai (9 months ago)
My number is 9751758470
Rajadurai (9 months ago)
Pls give me ur number or call me my number
Rajadurai (9 months ago)
My numbet 9751758470
Rajadurai (9 months ago)
My father stainless steel polisher
Rajadurai (9 months ago)
Im in intrest this job sir...
Rajadurai (9 months ago)
Hi sit
handsome21marda (4 months ago)
Rajadurai u can contact me 8444814229 whatap no
Sudhagar Amutha (9 months ago)
How can I contact you sir I want some information
Mint Metro (9 months ago)
hi bro pls your mobile number ennakku indha busnus pathi thernchuttu pnamum bro
Moses Kamala (9 months ago)
Hi bro indha business panna ninachittu irukken but craft kodukka aal irukkunga adharkku edhana certificate venuma pls give ur no I want idea
mercy jennifer (9 months ago)
AWESOME anna .....
dilip kumar (9 months ago)
bro pls share ur mob num. this is my mob number 8778709368
Shahul Hameed (9 months ago)
MSK Traderz Ambattur estate 9789893509 scrap dealers
Yousif Alias (10 months ago)
very interesting, got the same thing going on
tamil selvan (10 months ago)
Plz send ur mobile number
tamil selvan (10 months ago)
Send u r number
anand kumar (11 months ago)
super sir.... your number pls...
Chiranjeevi R (11 months ago)
Congrats sir....im very much interested to start business. i want to more info, my num 7871309809
Prabhu s (11 months ago)
awesome anna
Jegan Prince (1 year ago)
Super pro வாழ்துக்கள்..,👏
Hariprasad Sapany (1 year ago)
Sir give me ur phone number please sir
handsome21marda (4 months ago)
Hariprasad Sapany 8444814229 whtapp no
Love Others! (1 year ago)
Congrats! Give me your number bro! [email protected]
Gopi Acs (1 year ago)
u r contact number
Deva Prashanth (1 year ago)
9094833568 sir this is my what's up num.i will discuss about the business.plZ
Deva Prashanth (1 year ago)
Super sir, i am in chennai. I had really interested in this business.plz give ur contact no. I want to do scrap business.
handsome21marda (4 months ago)
Deva Prashanth u can contact us
handsome21marda (4 months ago)
Deva Prashanth hi sir we also do scrap business u can contact us @8444814229
Krcholan Krc (1 year ago)
congrats give me ur number even i too want to start this business my number 9791104001
handsome21marda (4 months ago)
Krcholan Krc hi
handsome21marda (4 months ago)
Krcholan Krc hi sir u can contact us 8444814229
Sesha Chellam B (1 year ago)
Vazhthukkal sir, I need your mobile no plz.
Murali Iyer (1 year ago)
Really a wonderful idea you have and very helpful. I keep selling scrap material iron scrap. If you are interested i can get in touch with u
Shabana Patel (1 year ago)
sirji apka number do plz.
balaji bala (1 year ago)
bro can I plz give me u r num ???
Srini Vasan (1 year ago)
anna unga num kudunga plzzz.
Arumugam Arumugam (1 year ago)
give ur no bro
johney atlas (1 year ago)
Anna unaka mobile number kudu anna
Sathiyan Arumugam (11 months ago)
contact no sir
Praveen kumar (1 year ago)
8526291667 brother this my mobile number please give me Ur contact number
Sidiq Buhari (1 year ago)
like poultry farm
Sidiq Buhari (1 year ago)
like poultry farm
Sidiq Buhari (1 year ago)
I have lot of idea about business

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