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Recycling tyres: road to success - business planet

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Eco-innovation is a real opportunity for entrepreneurs. Eco-businesses employ a total of 3.4... euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe Subscribe for your daily dose of international news, curated and explained:http://eurone.ws/10ZCK4a Euronews is available in 13 other languages: http://eurone.ws/17moBCU http://www.euronews.com/2013/06/28/recycling-tyres-road-to-success Eco-innovation is a real opportunity for entrepreneurs. Eco-businesses employ a total of 3.4 million people across Europe. This week, Business Planet takes a trip to Croatia for a closer look at a very specific kind of innovation: noise barriers. The noise barriers being built along the motorway near Zagreb are spearheading innovation. They are made up of 40 percent of recycled tyres and are among the most efficient on the market. They are the result of a project launched in 2009 as part of the European Eco-Innovation programme. One of the companies involved in their production is an SME which recycles tyres, turning them into a powder used to build the barriers. It's a great opportunity for innovation, says the company's chairman: "If we achieve the goals that were set, we're hoping to hire up to 30 people and double our production capacity," says Damir Kirić, the chairman of Gumiimpex. The powder is mixed with cement at another factory, where the noise barriers are moulded. Here, too, it's hoped the project will help hire an extra 60 people. "It's opened up new doors. We're hoping to increase turnover by 25 percent in Croatia, but also in neighbouring countries," says the Managing Director of Beton Lučko, Danica Jelenić. It's a serious investment. Danica Jelenić put in 355 000 euros. She is delighted with the result. "Taking part in this project has really strengthened our position. We're taken seriously by other players on the market," she says. The European Eco-Innovation programme gives access to subsidies to launch a project. To this day, it has benefited 200 projects throughout Europe. The noise barrier project was born at Zagreb University. It is the brainchild of professor Stjepan Lakušić. Half of the project was funded by the Eco-Innovation programme, which provided half a million euros. Now, the plan is to sell this innovative technology to neighbouring countries, where there is always a need for fresh ideas on how to recycle tyres. "You need 65 tonnes of recycled tyres to produce a kilometre-long barrier that's one metre high. That's 8,000 old tyres," says RUCONBAR Project Coordinator Stjepan Lakušić. This new technology has already attracted a number of potential buyers seduced by the low production cost. "Using recycled products brings down the cost by ten to eighteen percent compared to similar products on the market," says Stjepan Lakušić. The chairman of Gumiimpex, Damir Kirić, describes his recipe for success: Find us on: Youtube http://bit.ly/zr3upY Facebook http://www.facebook.com/euronews.fans Twitter http://twitter.com/euronews
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Text Comments (227)
Can be used to build country's border....
Max Santiago (19 days ago)
How much capital if you invest this kind of recycled tire plant?
Tenzin Kunphel (27 days ago)
Masha Allah..
Martin Čabák (1 month ago)
0:55 Luka Modric
MrTire King (1 month ago)
We have used tires in bulk. 🚚🚛
fafa suluape (1 month ago)
Green Distilation Technologies is an Australian company that breaks down used tires into Oil, Carbon and Steel.
Asrar Ahmad Shaikh (1 month ago)
I'm Indian I have lots of waste tyre
Asrar Ahmad Shaikh (1 month ago)
Mohammad sufian (2 months ago)
Wow it's nice for making walking track
We provide ro material r u interested pliz conect
nested bird (2 months ago)
But it looks so ugly. A huge black wall instead of green
Scott Smith (2 months ago)
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Rippy 888 (2 months ago)
Tyres or tires?
Rocky Atlantis (2 months ago)
What will happen when the concrete disintegrate in 20 years ? then the rubber ends up in our water ways and into the ocean further complicating the ecosystem! We have been using all our knowledge to hide trouble in all the irrelevant places just to make a profit out of it. The only way you can keep the rubber out of trouble is to introduce it into a continues recycling eco system where it never ends up discarded in the landfill or burnt.
Fergal Downes (2 months ago)
Heya man, very cool stream that you have here. Great stuff.
RICARDO RUEDA (2 months ago)
RICARDO RUEDA (2 months ago)
RICARDO RUEDA (2 months ago)
RICARDO RUEDA (2 months ago)
Yallappa Mailar (2 months ago)
Haji Lalo (3 months ago)
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Sean Maher (3 months ago)
I see lots of concrete walls used on the sides of freeways, but nothing that's covered in this stuff. If it reduces more noise and keeps tires out of the landfill, that's great.
Ronald C Jeeves (3 months ago)
It's a great idea but is there any fire protection on this product? Say a Car Lorry Field was to catch fire will the lot catch fire? If so this would be devastating for the environment.
Daan Vaan (3 months ago)
Ship em all over to india!
Mandla Ntswahlana (4 months ago)
Looking for an interested investor to invest in our waste tire processing project in South Africa
Diane Ramey (4 months ago)
We need to recycle tires to make the world a better place
B B (4 months ago)
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Mohamed Irfaan (4 months ago)
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aleksander suur (4 months ago)
Key to success in recycling tires is subsidies. Unfortunate, but that's how it is. Short of some serious future advances in chemistry there is just no way to make a real profit off of it. You can repurpose tires, but the market for such products is so dang limited, it will never make a dent in mountains of old tires.
Elijah Kwaku Gyabaah (4 months ago)
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Khadir Khan (5 months ago)
Excellent job.But is it fire proof....
SYED Mujeeb (5 months ago)
👌👌👌 quiet interesting
Suresh Digra (5 months ago)
how to know more about this
Scott Smith (4 months ago)
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gszikra (5 months ago)
Aisu Angel (5 months ago)
hicham benomar (5 months ago)
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Wasim Bagwan (6 months ago)
other technical idea
diddi beker (6 days ago)
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Sahjad Khan (7 months ago)
Contact for old tyers
P K (7 months ago)
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Lhei Ocasla (7 months ago)
How can i contact the company?
Schez Khan (6 months ago)
Kindly share your email. Thank you.
fabian tolano (8 months ago)
Amazing! Trump can use it for the border Walls.
__spencer__ (8 months ago)
Awesome to see this coming from Croatia!
Sorelie Rash (8 months ago)
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Raja Khan (8 months ago)
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Stephan Krueger (9 months ago)
Well - recycling means actually not only change a material into another form and reuse it - but also reuse it when also that use is no longer needed. So these walls do not look to be able to be recycled again. A compound of cement and rubber.....hm. Smart on the short view.....
Stella Bowen (9 months ago)
saleh alsharqi (9 months ago)
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m waseem ch (10 months ago)
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Asif Ali (10 months ago)
If we make our home with rubber or plastic then anybody can fire it easily. So make your own house
vijai chowdary (10 months ago)
I want to know more about this. Is it located in India
Oukil Walid (10 months ago)
this technology used to produce polyurea
Ashish Haldar (10 months ago)
Send the video in Hindi.
Lyndon Bushnell (10 months ago)
Might be good insulation barrier from the heat & cold if houses could be built from this product, recycling & building its a win for all.
Refreshing Moments (10 months ago)
Shedrack Chibuike (10 months ago)
Speak english fool
kennethrobinson11231 (10 months ago)
I hope nobody sets the walls on fire. You could never put it out.
Bubbagreen Smith (10 months ago)
I'm tired of this 🤣 they better tread lightly 😜 would anyone like me to recap 🤦🏻‍♂️
Just loved it. All tires should be recycled. There are so many of them discarded every year it should be a cheap raw material for new products.
BursaDesain (11 months ago)
nice contents, thanks
Jordan Bronson (11 months ago)
Make the Trump Wall... It will get them " Tired " to climb, LMFAO!
Esther David (11 months ago)
plsss use in tamil laguage sir (or)english to tamil transfer
Ronald Reddy (11 months ago)
sir Mike hunt b nice to da earth
K. Ganesan Ganesan (11 months ago)
Future... There is no road to cars. No tyre to vehicles. Vehicles run by gravity wave force.
Murali M J (11 months ago)
10 to 20% is not a matter in cost cutting. this technology is eco friendly.
adnan guliyev (11 months ago)
Not cool
Paul C Johnson (1 year ago)
The coefficient of expansion and contraction of tires and cement are not similar; over time the product will be come unstable and deteriorate. And all those chemicals to make tires will gradually make their way into the atmosphere like the way they do now as they wear out.
Ny Chan (1 year ago)
Why don't they stack up the tyres to build the Mexico border wall . They can than get a concrete pump and fill them up .
Dave Pawson (2 months ago)
They are flammable and very difficult to extinguish.
arrinn22 (9 months ago)
Dimuthu Madusanka (1 year ago)
Is there any problem with UV light from sun. Can UV deteriorate these barriers.
Gaurav Tiwari (1 year ago)
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Vulluri Ravikiran (1 year ago)
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hmada gentelman (1 year ago)
good idea
Anthony Hendra (1 year ago)
Done back in 2002. Monopolised, giants took over.b
ASHISH MISHRA (1 year ago)
sir where do i find more info about this business and total coast
Gaurav Deora (1 year ago)
You need to watch this https://youtu.be/SBLpt-vQs8s
Acsb sdn bhd (1 year ago)
Gaurav Deora
K. Ganesan Ganesan (1 year ago)
Don't encourage recycling used tyres.
satish shinde (1 year ago)
If any company wants to produce other new products from the recycled tyer material, then the product should be provided as per international rules. *_Rubber is very flammable._* *So flammable and carbon particles must have to remove from tyer.other wies total atmosphere can be polluted.*
reda wedi (1 year ago)
Who can I contact to I am interested in it .
Schez Khan (6 months ago)
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K. Durank (1 year ago)
Uf Gu (1 year ago)
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Ajya Goswami (1 year ago)
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XplaneZ (1 year ago)
they are blocking the view ffs
Siddhartha Ray (1 year ago)
tyres can be used for soles of shoes
wanelly (5 months ago)
Siddhartha Ray 🤣😂🤣😂
Scott Smith (1 year ago)
Kobo (1 year ago)
tonebeatz24 (1 year ago)
Everything we use is recycled. We waste to much supplies that become recycled. For example paper. We waste billions of paper that is useless that gets recycled.
Dmeingo Johnson (1 year ago)
. i have 3 tires in my yard lets start a company
paras ujjainia (1 year ago)
Trump can use this technology to build the wall.
Kaboom 214 (4 months ago)
paras ujjainia not only will it keep our border safe it will be super quiet as well
Furqan (7 months ago)
this was the first thing that came to my mind after watching this...lol
JAY PARRA (7 months ago)
paras ujjainia I love that
Jennifer Pham (10 months ago)
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Ny Chan (1 year ago)
paras ujjainia yes and the Mexican may burn it .
Klauhdya (1 year ago)
I would like to know more about this technology , costs to acquiere, how can operate it, and definitively all information you can show me [email protected],
Schez Khan (6 months ago)
emailed you
Zoltar zoltar (1 year ago)
All b s try and find out WHO buys tires
Saddam Khan (1 year ago)
Sir please contact me I have to enter my WhatsApp number Sir it +917891062707
BoredAsHell (1 year ago)
Where would this business be if the government didn't use taxpayers dollars to buy the products? Not to mention the green business subsidies. This is a racquet to funnel taxpayer's money under the guise of saving the world. 30 jobs from tens of millions of taxpayers dollars spent. But if it makes a nut job environmentalist feel good about themselves then it's all worth it!
Crouching Wombat (6 months ago)
Let's stack old tyre's in your back yard then. Problem solved.
Craig G (7 months ago)
BS, taxpayer dollars are paying for sound barriers already, regardless what they are made of. This is a way to repurpose what would go to a landfill. I suppose you are totally fine with just making more and more landfills and consuming new resources rather than trying to recycle and repurpose.
__spencer__ (8 months ago)
I don't know what point you are trying to make . It's bad that the government is using tax dollars to fund profitable ideas that benefit from recyclable materials?
Brendan Clark (1 year ago)
I thought liberals did not like walls?
Sean Maher (3 months ago)
Are you talking about gated communities? Blacks, Mexicans and Transgender people can live in gated communities. You know who's kept out of gated communities? People who don't live or work in gated communities.
Lou Gitlin (4 months ago)
Brendan Clark
Tom ! (7 months ago)
.....they don't like walls except the ones that keep poor (black, Mexican, transgender) people out of their neighborhood enclaves.
__spencer__ (8 months ago)
This is in Croatia and has nothing to do with politics.
Jerry God (1 year ago)
Brendan Clark lolsz right.
Bashir Hassan Mohamud (1 year ago)
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Martin Polite Sibanda (1 year ago)
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Bruce Burns (1 year ago)
The tyre companies should be held responsible for their product and made to repurchase every single tyre as they  can be broken down into all the components that make up a tyre and be reused , I know for a fact because I have seen machines on the inventers programs here in Australia doing the job , a surcharge and enforced laws so the tyre companies face the responsibility of their product they produce .
aleksander suur (4 months ago)
Doesn't quite work like that. For a prohibitively high cost you can devulcanize rubber, but the recovered rubber won't be good enough to make fresh tires out of it. There are ways to burn rubber cleanly, but the hardware required for it is so expensive and costs so much to operate it doesn't work even with tires being essentially free fuel. And tires have very high mineral content so you have bunch of not so environmentally friendly ash to deal with. Unfortunately the best you can reasonably do with tires is to just pile them up somewhere out of sight and out of mind. The tech to make profitable use of tires just doesn't exist yet. It could, one day in the future, but that day is not today.
Ornys (7 months ago)
Bruce Burns ez to say when gov is so corrupted that these companies are immune to law. Money-> everything else
lemonade budget (1 year ago)
im building an eco house with tyres, glass bottles etc.
Ren Banes (1 month ago)
Wow good idea
Luis Lopez (2 months ago)
lemonade budget nice
Cvijetko Livadic (1 year ago)
Can noise barriers be recycled at the end of their service? I imagine it is difficult to recycle rubber if it is mixed with concrete.
Robert Cathcart (8 months ago)
Cvij -- at the end of their service? lol -- they last forever!!
Snigdha Mondal (1 year ago)
Cvijetko Livadic
Johny Mphou (1 year ago)
Hans Knutson (1 year ago)
Cvijetko Livadic probably to make cement at a cement kiln ,they can use anything . The steel in tires is necessary to make cement
wlad (1 year ago)
tyre trump wall
Gabriel ouma obuya (1 year ago)
i,m interested of recycling polyethylene polythene polyesters , polyamides here in kenya . where can i get the total quotation the plant . pliz i need your help
Scott Smith (1 year ago)
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Hussain Al zubaidy (1 year ago)
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