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Bitmain's Ethereum ASIC miner could kill GPU mining & Ethereum Ice Age?

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Two things the could changes things, but I doubt it. →MY Links← Twitter ►https://goo.gl/2cS0uX Twitch ►https://www.twitch.tv/itzagundam Twitch ►https://www.twitch.tv/xiltix E-mail ► [email protected] music ►https://goo.gl/h0ijHD Channel Art ►https://goo.gl/8OXaui Kit►https://goo.gl/xqM9HT facebook ►https://goo.gl/ESLM9V Discord ►https://discordapp.com/invite/PN3nvks Fanatical ►https://www.fanatical.com/?ref=itsagundam End of Mining ►https://goo.gl/9pVHvW NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1060 3GBs Rendered Less Than Optimal ►https://goo.gl/q7RYpB Bitmain's rumored Ethereum ASIC miner could kill GPU mining ►https://goo.gl/828fKv Other shenanigans ►https://goo.gl/RqfBwk ►https://goo.gl/36pMxP
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Text Comments (141)
DinoRexGamingHD (5 months ago)
Those greedy fucks im mining eth everyday
Acid001 (6 months ago)
There is other alt-coins to mine, so ASIC miner for Ethereum won't really do any good. The GPU miners will switch to Zcash or some other coin. Also, it would probably speed up Ethereum moving to POS, rendering them (ASIC miners) useless before they even get the ball rolling.
Crypto Conversations (6 months ago)
Learnt a lot
Very funny video
A Fox (6 months ago)
ok why would you think that? why would you think that if ether ends, gpu minning will? There will instantly be a replacement. I own a mid size mining op with a total ether hash rate of 23,2311 Ghash/s. Nicehash, musicoin, zclassic, zcash are all better options right now and even if some where to panic sell Gpu's, we would buy them up for a fair price atleast
Damien Clark (6 months ago)
Everyone that’s not rich that actually has to work hard just to keep struggling so the rich can get richer for doing next to nothing should be angry at this shit country🇺🇸🖕🏻
733Rafael (6 months ago)
fuck etherium its shitcoin. better buy more bitcoin.
MuNoHado (6 months ago)
Ellen is comedic royalty you ignorant bigot
יואב מגידיש (6 months ago)
ziltex starring :)
Andrew Vader (6 months ago)
Theirs a website called crytrocurrency compare that can tell you what 250 megahashes will get you $$$$$
Pro Toss (6 months ago)
Sophia AI is connected to whole Bitcoin Scam by BLACK CHAIN ...GPU miners "give" their computing power to compute something they don't know what, who and for what purpose is used ...when in reality they just create AI neuro-link-like artificial brain...which is already mimicking humans by protocols...and is linked with Quantum "friends". Tell me...who gives this computing "Value" ? I can write and run some random computing on my CPU...someone will give me cash for this?...No. Blind sheepeople just supported agenda once again thinking they build free banking system, its old news btw. Look...first there was a trojan to hijack CPU's and GPU's for mining, then "CHARITY" (buahaha) now this "CRYPTO" (soon money for AI workers, sophia has citizenship in Dubai - CHECK yourself)...just WTF why i even talk to you... CERN SHIVA "parody of satanic sacrifice" or "EATR corpse eating bots" or read whole "USA Biometric ID chip in Hand and Forehead mandatory for gover'mind employees" and compare to ...yea... SCRIPTURE , old and new testament ORIGINAL HEBREW TRANSLATION - don't give me that look...did you read it yourself at lest once? Do you know about UK 130 embryos of human-animal DNA hybrids? Fucking mark of the beast, Nephilim, childraping Vatican Lucifer telescope on "holy native American mountain that is a ancient teleport" (check their "resurrection" sculpture and see rising of Hybrid (JUST TYPE IN GOOGLE OR DON'T DARE TO RIDICULE). Or new religion embracing Aliens (demons) as our creators and gods (summer 2.0) "morally superior" extra-dimensional rapists. Check Tom Horn or NYSTV ... I'm "disturbed"...?...pall/gall...you should be to, cause in next 13 years world will go crazy...in next 3 look closely. Peace.
WolfWarlordJake (6 months ago)
Blazs120gl (6 months ago)
ETHs PoS switch works against the PoW miner ASICs, and we have yet to see the switch... It's a serious conflict of interests so I would be surprised to see the switch before summer. Unless these ASICs can mine altcoins like hell, they won't be the miners' pick. Miners aren't dedicated to any cryptos, they are dedicated to mining so they'll always switch coins, so ASICs must too. Another thing to consider is that mining rigs that have already returned investment will keep going, as long as the income exceeds the power bill. Some will persist mining with GPUs anyway. By the way, I doubt many of us would want to buy used mining cards. Flooding the used market with them has the only relevance of retailers having to lower their prices as well... maybe.
KING-TYPO (6 months ago)
I got 16 gb of RAM for 78 a stick but it was ddr3. I don't need ddr4 my ddr3 is already 1600mhz
trobs5 (6 months ago)
I love the puppet XD
Erikthebrave (6 months ago)
Just use LOENIX guys easy mining!! btw even if Ethereum dies all together does not mean that GPU mining will die with it lol.... theres enough other coins that use GPU mining.
Jason Parras (6 months ago)
Alright I've watched enough of your videos to say you've earned it. Subscribed.
The Kernel (6 months ago)
If you really need a new pc or getting into pc gaming, the cheapest thing to buy is a pre built. There is a service fee but all parts are at MSRP, funnily making pre builts cheaper than customs.
TheCybercoco (6 months ago)
Gundam found out that he's only 30% victim.
SolidBoss7 (6 months ago)
Bought prebuilt from Alienware for $2600 - I7 8700k water cooled- the 1080 ti - 32GB Hyperx ddr4 2933mhz - 512gb m.2 ssd 2tb hdd - 850w psu Could have dropped the ram to a 2400mhz config or 16gb (though early access games tend to have memory leaks), the BD drive, and the wireless card upgrade and saved another $300. Delivered 2 weeks from order date
ImmersiveRPG's-ByMe (6 months ago)
Oi mate, i think you and lars had some contact already, but would you be willing to showcase my reshade with latest WLM in one of your vids? That immersive visuals and realism reshade 2018 is mine but ive made new one for wlm final. If you want proof it looks amazing add me on discord nd ill send over some pics (if i dont finish the page first that is) : marijnkoppens#5946
Starslayer (6 months ago)
What's a Gundam?
Nerobyrne (6 months ago)
I'm happy. I'm all for people mining crypto, but I don't want them driving up the price of GPUs.
CrankyNinja1 (6 months ago)
So glad I got my Strix 1080ti last November for less then 700usd..
Mumbʟes005 (6 months ago)
I tossed a rock onto my apartment building roof so I could claim I live under a rock.
quarterthrottle (6 months ago)
You are a funny idiot, I enjoy your content.
Knight Commander CYP (6 months ago)
lol this was informative and entertaining 10/10!
M.A.D (6 months ago)
Let us see you dog.
Axodus (6 months ago)
The Stowaway (6 months ago)
My advice, don't buy a Ducati unless your rich, and you only want to ride it once or twice a year. Trust me I used to work at a Ducati dealership. Aprilia would be a is a better option, although they are expensive too, did you see that GP version they're selling? I would kill for one of those.
Dixie Normus (6 months ago)
Everything my antivirus has blocked this past year has been miners. No trojans, no rootkits, or malware. Just miners, alot of miners.
TecnoCR (6 months ago)
Good vid ;)
Vlad Ivanovici (6 months ago)
Why not build less performant pc's? This way you (the buyers) won't use all those expensive graphic cards but they will still be bought by miners. And the aaa gaming will have to take a break from too complicated graphics. This way hopefully less recources will be allocated to how a game looks and more to how it plays. Everybody would win. Not to mention how this would help the indie market until the aaa dumb down their graphics.
SketchyAkechi (6 months ago)
What's with the comments being more cancerous than usual?
Lorem Ipsum (6 months ago)
Doesn't matter if ASICs kill ethereum mining. Another crypto currency will appear and will be resistant to the new ASICs and we will be at it again. Beside, even right now ethereum is not the only mineable crypto currency that's resistant to ASICs.
nexo45 (6 months ago)
Nice !
Marten Meijboom (6 months ago)
When will this film be available?
jeffrey noble (6 months ago)
Get out there and be somebody! Love your channel!
Barry Champlain (6 months ago)
THERE'S A CHOOCHI DOWN HERE!!! .....and she's biting feet and unplugging cables!
Attack Helicopter ́ (6 months ago)
got a EVGA 1080Ti FTW3 yesterday for 700 € :D new and unopened with warranty ^^
Qoostewin Sch'Kuen'Te (6 months ago)
I love you Gundam so take that sock puppet a bad dragon for it mouth
Harima (6 months ago)
Lmao! Dude tell these jhos!
Spikeypup (6 months ago)
Lemme sample that porn when it's done. I will give an in-depth review on my channel. Ciao! ;)
Coffee Caffeine (6 months ago)
I can't wait for that porno, Gundam.
kizonthekeys (6 months ago)
I just built a pc I found a 1060 6gb for 25 over msrp got raped on ram prices but all in all it wasn't that expensive.
Stanetti Els (6 months ago)
Which Womb Raider game is this. Edit: It’s ok, i see it’s the same one as your video a few days ago. Rise Of The Womb Raider. Looks good.
Preyator (6 months ago)
I highly doubt the bit-main rumor is true. ETH is going proof of stake in yhe next year or 2 which will eliminating all hardware mining. It's to late to make a profit on a machine like this.
LiquidSharingan (6 months ago)
OMG those Muppet scenes too fucking hilarious.
Stanetti Els (6 months ago)
“Fuck you Gundam, you fucking SJW”. Gundam puppet, 2017. “Fuck you Gundam, I love the Eververse”. Gundam puppet, 2018. Also, according to wreck 1990, there’s a Gundam down there 👇.
Muad Dib (6 months ago)
I doubt you'll ever see the new Nvidia generation at "normal price", but I do wanna be wrong. Keep in mind they have absolutely no competition this year, and maybe parts of 2019 as well. To make things worse, AMD is pretty much not selling gaming cards anymore. So basically Nvidia can easily ask almost everything they want for a GPU, especially a new one. Let's just say your 2080 will perform the same as 1080Ti. You really think they gonna sell it for 500USD? nah, it will be 750 at the very least, if not outright 800USD. After it hits the market, and especially if it's a good mining card, you might be lucky to get one for 1100USD. Half decent prices depend on AMD's ability to compete. Since they kinda gave up 'till Navi... we might be screwed. Personally I have a 1070 Ti and already started to save for a 2080. But it won't be any time soon, mid-2019 the earliest. Hoping for Navi by then, but my expectations are low.
2HandedShotgun (6 months ago)
fuck eth mine DGB!!!!! its just a better coin and its not about the profit
N0ENEMIES (6 months ago)
Fuck sake my GTX1060 FTW 3gb is still more than double what I paid for it lol. Almost $600 is fucking laughable.
Vlad Wiltjer (6 months ago)
Just bough an M.2 NVMe drive and some fucker put an apple mac book ram stick in their and took the drive
Vlad Wiltjer (6 months ago)
UXXELDUXXEL LOL I bought it from Amazon. Luckily they have a good return policy so a new one is on the way.
UXXELDUXXEL (6 months ago)
Wait what? you bought an ssd they removed the ssd from the box and put 1 macbook ram stick in the box? where did u buy these straigt from uganda?
LashingSum0 (6 months ago)
Hey Gundam, have you seen the newest Linus Tech Tips video? They test performance of review cpus to retail ones and conclude that there’s no difference. The only problem is they barely touch on overclocking, and they use a locked i5 for the Intel side. Overclocking performance is like the only thing I’ve seen debated when it comes to the cherry picking argument, so I don’t know why they’d test standard performance at all. I’d assume AMD and Intel would cherry pick their highest tier products. The LTT video pretty much says “if you think reviewers get better products you’re a fanboy. Also we aren’t shills don’t worry.”
AlexTheSniper19 (6 months ago)
Hayate Azekura Adored followers like me know that amd is king right now over contel. Ryzen>Gimplake.
tenalpoen (6 months ago)
Calling it "corporate greed" doesn't accurately address the problem. Big corporations are beholden to shareholders who couldn't possibly care less about games as art or the people who play them. CEOs are contractually bound to maximize profits or else be fired and sued. It doesn't matter if they like what they're doing or think it's unethical.
bmxriderforlife1234 (6 months ago)
not entirely true. ceos can call the line. however many investors dont like this. so its a balancing act.
psionx1 (6 months ago)
motherboards will be fine however used ddr3 will skyrocket meaning even building a core2duo starter build for minecraft/indie game will cost an arm and a leg. lucky for me I already have 14gb of DDR3L so it'll cost next to nothing to upgrade from my b150 board to a b360 board. only downsides are downgrading from a i3-7100 to a pentium untill I can afford a 6+core i5 and dealing with increased risk from specter malware.
ned-418 (6 months ago)
...how long till someone says f--k it and starts making malware that targets miners for the lol's and to see these f--kers rage out XD.
wreck 1990 (6 months ago)
Michael Nager (6 months ago)
Mining Etherium 24/7 with a 1080 Ti and assuming a price for electricity of $0.12 per KWh your "profit" will be around $440 per year. If you want to turn your Etherium into valuta like dollars then you will face a 20% transaction fee, meaning that, after a year of your card running 24/7 flat out (which the card is of course not designed to do and if it lasted a year then congratulations) you will have earned a grand total of $356 - so now all you need to do is mine for another two years, hope and pray that your card doesn't go BANG! and you will, after a total of three years, have earned the money back for the 1080 Ti you bought. If your card goes "BANG!" before that time and the warranty has run out then of course you are shit out of luck. If you live in Hawaii, then, if you do any form of cryptomining, you will be doing so at a massive loss, and no amount of time spent mining will gain you any profit because of the cost of electricity in Hawaii (which is around $0.36 per KWh). What is missing from the calculation is that the PSU you use will only be about 90% efficient if you have a good one so that $0.12 per KWh is actually $0.133.
Tech Explained (6 months ago)
There is so many cryptocurrencies I really don't think this is going to affect it
Jacob Hogan (6 months ago)
Where. The. Fuck. Is Wrecked 1990!!!
Jacob Hogan (6 months ago)
I got stuck behind a garbage truck today. Thought of you sir. Lol love you Gundam.
Sawyer Utley (6 months ago)
nothing makes my dick harder than traps
BERN Rudolph (6 months ago)
I was asked why I didn't sell my 2 RX 480's, RX 470, R9 380X for double that I paid for them (they are in 4 separate pc's, not mining), because it would still cost me more for a newer one, that's Canadian $'s. I'm glad I had the foresight to keep them, eh?
Shawn R (6 months ago)
NZXT pre builts are probably the best bet atm
FishSnot (6 months ago)
bitcooooonnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cccccccccccccttttttttttttttt
Bestest Kitty (6 months ago)
From one aborigicuck to another Don't. Just don't.
Quickk Sa fugim (6 months ago)
I already capitulated. The thing is that the mining fuckers will always go for the best cards and the gamers will have the mid-low cards. I'll stick to 1080p gaming for a while on a freesync 1080 144 Hz monitor. All those miners can go fuck themselves. I am good till 2020 with no upgrade, while they need to sell their kidneys for one more card so they cam manage to cover their bank loan for dem mining rigs. I have my popcorn ready and cant wait to enjoy the show.
Quickk Sa fugim (6 months ago)
Managed to get a 580 and for 1080p is enough. I get more than 200 fps in competitive games like CS GO and Rocket League, like 70-90 fps on the more demanding SP games, and Freesync works like a charm doing everything smooth where my frames are below 144. If a new series will come out, this kind of performance will go a tier down. So this level of performance will be found in the GTX 2050 RX 660(or whatever naming scheme they come with). The miners will fight on the 2060, 2070, 2080 or whatever AMD will offer, while we will still have acceptable gaming performance for 1080p gaming. So, if the mining craze will still be going on, it shouldn't affect us much. Just keep the popcorn close and be ready to enjoy it's end. I will sure do.
psionx1 (6 months ago)
the best mining cards aren't the best gaming cards. if miners had a choice they'd buy a RX580 8GB over a GTX1060 6GB. unless you only play games that run using vulkan(and those are few and far between ATM) AMD cards have pretty bad performance for gaming. the majority of the most popular games are still DX11.
Aaron Sperbeck (6 months ago)
Love your vids
V_Soul VampireSoul (6 months ago)
This mining is only there because the A.I. recompiling data fast they need all gpus in earth to work all at the same time for it to replicate human brain and beyond. Because the knowledge the A.I. will have it gonna be godly and they really need the data for tech purposes mostly space colonyzation and scouts drones that will search life on planets and such. Of couse theres loads of others applications like immortality unlimited energy new drugs nano tech and new emerging theorys and advanced systems that will make changes on how things are done in world economy.
Zebedee Totty (6 months ago)
why does your puppet guy sound exactly like Shu from Dragon ball
Gamma (6 months ago)
Graphics card producers are fine with these price hikes and don't seem to wanna make mining cards, but when crypto crashes those cards are going to be sold for dirt cheap and no one will buy their new cards which will be propor payback.
A Fox (6 months ago)
KAOS yea but crypto will not crash sooo
TecnoCR (6 months ago)
KAOS me too i buy a rx 480 the day rx 580 launch i get it for 220$ :)
LiquidSharingan (6 months ago)
no the miners would not take the miner cards. what do you think most miners do when the ice age comes and their electric bill is so freaking high? they sell their graphics cards to recoup the losses sorry but just tailoring a GPU to mining isn't the answer. it clearly hasn't worked. also i believe part of the reason these cards are being taken for the Compute units and what nvidia uses which are the cuda cores. that is where the power of the mining is coming from. nerfing the amount of cuda cores and or compute units a card has will make the card less desirable for mining and less desirable for gaming as well. but i could be wrong. but again they have tried making cards tailored to the miners it didn't work. nerfing the card's performance won't help curve the desire to take gaming cards.
Gamma (6 months ago)
LiquidSharingan The problem is that they're selling them like they're normal cards, meaning they're not taking a loss in order to fix this problem. They're going to take a huge loss once these used gaming cards flood the market for a fraction of the price. If they take a smaller loss now, and produce mining cards for a much better value to miners, they would leave gaming cards alone because it's much more profitable for them. (Edit) Much more profitable to miners that is, but a much smaller loss to these card producers.
LiquidSharingan (6 months ago)
uhh pretty sure there have already been AMD mining cards and literally noone wanted them.
Hypnotic Molecules (6 months ago)
The proof of work change to proof of stake means that for the people who were mining for a quick buck wont be able to. Reason why is because the proof of stake makes it so that a person gets a fixed interest given to them for each ethereum they have. If a miner just cashed out all his ethereum today, and pos starts tomorrow. They need to actually invest to get earnings back. A gpu will no longer be figuiring out hash problems. So they better start saving.
Tyler Adams (6 months ago)
As an American with 100% European DNA in him I am sorry my ancestors raped your land
Axodus (6 months ago)
+Hayate Azekura https://media.giphy.com/media/u52gRNybAmAy4/giphy.gif
psiklops71 (6 months ago)
when at a porn site they can't start to mine before i finish they don't call me quick draw for nothing
WolfWarlordJake (6 months ago)
psiklops71 Nut while typing it in
LashingSum0 (6 months ago)
psiklops71 *nuts before the page loads*
james gumption (6 months ago)
Tiawon semi conductor (TSMC) - they run the fabs for Nvidia and AMD - but AMD also use a USA based fab (so the Nm the dies are for the gpu's)
End me (6 months ago)
This is why we need Communism. I'm kidding. We'll be fine. All our PCs are still better than the current consoles, and a new console probably won't come out until 2020. The GPU shortage should end soon. I hope.
4K (6 months ago)
No we need communism!
Ciel PhantomHive (6 months ago)
End me welp best of luck to pc gamers those gpu cost won’t deflating anytime soon ._.
End me (6 months ago)
Ciel PhantomHive Actually it's probably not far from it at this point. Either it'll fix itself when the GPU shortage ends or it'll turn into even more of a crypto mine.
Ciel PhantomHive (6 months ago)
End me all that’s left is for the triple AAA industry to become a crypto currency mining industry ahhh the dream :’)
Ciel PhantomHive (6 months ago)
End me so basically it’s purpose is to be a infinitely increasing price wise item :|
ben hunter (6 months ago)
cornbreadman (6 months ago)
😼"Sure. Gundam"😼
markponicki (6 months ago)
Not sure what everyone is worried about. All our PCs are still better than the current consoles and a new console isn’t coming out til 2020. A new console isn’t coming out until this GPU shortage is over. Unless you need to replace something in your PC, you should be fine
bmxriderforlife1234 (6 months ago)
more so the dude who has friends wanting to build. you can get 1070's priced semi fairly here. better then potentially waiting a year or more. or wasting money on a console. also sony is releasing a new console next year. 2019 on good authority is the release date for the ps5. maybe 2020 but more likely next year. just saying.
markponicki (6 months ago)
bmxriderforlife1234 my 3-4 year old machine still outperforms the current consoles so I’ll just wait for the new graphics cards and build my pc then
bmxriderforlife1234 (6 months ago)
buy 1070's from canada. they are priced the same as 1060's in the states. act fast.
N0ENEMIES (6 months ago)
Yeah it's really just for people wanting to build new ones. I have friends that wanna build one right now that play on consoles and I've just been telling them to just wait. So not worth it right now.
Andrei Asimov (6 months ago)
This shit is so absurd...
Kyros Droztamyr (6 months ago)
ha! masterrace? more like *poverty stricken untermensch.* humbleness, pc elitists. learn to have it.
PainX187 (6 months ago)
yes we The Glorious PC Master Race! use the most memory big surprise there guess who is next on the chopping block the console peasantry ofc dont you just love how console guys named us while we named you turned out great
McPhil (6 months ago)
Kyros Droztamyr Higher GPU prices will rise the price for new consoles.
Kyros Droztamyr (6 months ago)
zakback99 Phalanxism actually. complete opposite of left wing. *the denial is evident in this comment chain.*
Crzces (6 months ago)
John Buy ur gear 1 outta 10, as I have no idea where he pulled this pft from. “GPU’s are expensive...Eth might have ASICS made for them...Linux or Win 7 if you have a 3 GB 1060 and want to mine eth even though there are literally 1000’s of other mineable coins...” “Elitist *German insulting word I guess* master race. Learn some humility”. It doesn’t even make sense in context with the video.
Alec Jenrry McLaughlin (6 months ago)
It would be nice to purchase a 1080ti for cheap. I'm waiting for AMD Navi, but I will consider purchasing a 1080ti if it's cheap.
Alec Jenrry McLaughlin (6 months ago)
james gumption That is a concern. We have to wait to see how low the price will be. I'm willing to pay 200 dollars, no more. I will not pay 600 dollars, I might as well pay for Navi.
james gumption (6 months ago)
would you want one that has been run at 100% for 24/7 for years + though?
4K (6 months ago)
So happy i got my GTX 1060 pefore crypto boom.
Starslayer (6 months ago)
I feel the same about my 1080.
McPhil (6 months ago)
Pixel Paid 840€ for my 1080ti, now it's over 1000€.
Nerobyrne (6 months ago)
the 1060 is useless for crypto mining because it doesn't support SLI
Pixel (6 months ago)
I got my 1080ti in may of last year before the crypto bubble.
N0ENEMIES (6 months ago)
For real man. I just made it but still paid over $250 for my FTW 3gb. Same card is $538 on new egg right now. Anyone that buys that is a complete sucker.
adamsrealm (6 months ago)
Good. Fuck miners.
IceKarma (6 months ago)
Don't worry. The market is showing a demand that is already being filled by specialised mining gpus. AMD/Nvidia will be putting out hardware to meet the mining demand and cash in on that growth market without the problems of shipping out all that gaming product and starving their gaming market. And after all that happens, the market will FLOOD with high end gpus for rock bottom prices as all the flippers rush to offload outdated stock.
Cortez Baldur (6 months ago)
I do hope these crazy prices go down very soon. Cant sit on my gtx 970 forever.
FlyingShazbot (6 months ago)
Oh snap. I'm at the same point in Tomb Raider as you.
AlexTheSniper19 (6 months ago)
True I just fell it will leave out a good story due to the pg13
John Hutchins (6 months ago)
An R rating doesn't guarantee a good film let alone an improvement.
AlexTheSniper19 (6 months ago)
I know but still I think if it was R it would fine, way more action. I just think it will have no story being pg13
FlyingShazbot (6 months ago)
AlexTheSniper19 (6 months ago)
FlyingShazbot yeah because its not x rated lol.
It'sAGundam (6 months ago)
Let's hope there is some truth to this News and 1080ti's will be dirt cheap by the end of the year! remember to follow me on all social media so I can pick up hookers and blow.

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