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Ashraf Laidi "Currency Trading & Intermarket Analysis" Book Interview

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Top currency analyst Ashraf Laidi gives us the story behind his book "Currency Trading & Intermarket Analysis." Also, in the course of explaining how the book came about, Ashraf discloses some key ways of thinking about the currency markets, equities, commodities, and interest rates. Ashraf explains his education and focus on central banks, wanting to write an advanced currency trading book with intermarket analysis, and his experiences of market conditions from 2002 through 2007 that led to this book. Recorded earlier this year on January 26th, 2010, this interview follows from Traders Unscripted: Ashraf Laidi, part of the Meet the Masters Series we filmed for the 3Gurus Global Trading Webinar. Part 2: HeistLab Ashraf Laidi talks about the experiences that helped him write his book Currency Trading & Intermarket Analysis: How to Profit from Shifting Currents in Global Markets Follow Ashraf on twitter: http://twitter.com/alaidi Read Ashraf on: http://AshrafLaidi.com Follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/marketHEIST Follow host Jeffrey Lin: http://twitter.com/JeffreyLin About Ashraf Laidi Ashraf Laidi is Chief Market Strategist of CMC Markets, author of Currency Trading & Intermarket Analysis and founder of AshrafLaidi.com. At CMC Markets, Laidi oversees the analysis and strategy functions of key currency pairs as well as decisions and trends of the major global central banks. He is also responsible for educating and informing clients on the essential dynamics underpinning FX, commodity and credit markets. Prior to joining CMC Markets, Mr. Laidi was an analyst at a United Nations-specialized agency, monitoring global fixed income and equity portfolios. He also served as chief FX strategist at MG Financial Group where he pioneered online FX analysis for retail investors via the creation of the first 24-hour currency portal. His other experience included emerging market fixed income at Reuters and assessing sovereign and project investment risk consulting with the World Bank. Mr. Laidi provides expert commentary on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and his insights can be found regularly on the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal.
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sajjad rajput (4 years ago)
Does anyone have an account with the cmc markets canada? Need referral. Please reply
MsDawdawdaw (8 years ago)
nothing intereting in his book ...

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