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THIS IS REALITY: What will you do? Questions & Answers with Lynette Zang

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Text Comments (197)
stephen pack (4 months ago)
Chris you keep pricing in dollars forget dollars
Common-joe (5 months ago)
How do you feel about using a 401(k) loan to buy silver or gold???
commonconservative (6 months ago)
if they do a bail-in can I dump all my bank account into my mortgage?. or will that be up to the bank?
Common Ground (6 months ago)
Love the Briard glass. Lynette's having a little gin & tonic, getting ready for the apocalypse 🤣
Maria Miller (6 months ago)
abject poverty will set you free.
Vicky Carroll (6 months ago)
bang zoom (6 months ago)
What about money market funds held at brokerages?
Charles Wilson (6 months ago)
The reset will only be for the American overinflated dollar value. The rest of the world currency is in par trading among themselves.
EARLENE SIMMONS (6 months ago)
If I had physical gold/silver, how would I spend it for groceries,paybills, etc
AddresseeNot Recognized (6 months ago)
Forcing anyone out of their home , confiscating gold, taking peoples property are against common law. HOW TO BE FREE OF THIS! A person who believes in a legal entity is giving authority to their legal system; simply return their letters , Addressee Not Recognized, No Contract, and don't believe anything they say.
kevin m (6 months ago)
what happens if you owe B of A $10000 on a loan.. then 3 months down line they take $10000 in the form of a bail in..does that dissolve your debt ?
Amy Joon (6 months ago)
You are such a Power House Lynette. I'm so grateful you use your Voice to help support the world the way you do. ❤ Thank you!!
Sedonascape (6 months ago)
What about ' Bail up ' does it mean corporates and government team up to form a fascist nation like they already did since 1972...?
Brandon Boyer (6 months ago)
Another day.. Get prepared. .
chris wiebers (6 months ago)
many would say we are insured until 100.000 euro or dollar. Above is the bailin, so doesn't touch most of us right?
Na Na (6 months ago)
chris wiebers The point is you’ll in all probability just be given a fancy IOU from the government. You’ll get your money at some date in the future but the devaluation will have already taken place and you won’t be able to afford much more than a bunch of bananas with it!
Jeff Dorris (6 months ago)
The FDIC is a scam, just walk into your local bank and ask for $20,000 in cash and you will see that they do not have it.
scott williams (6 months ago)
Jeff Dorris lol tellers are trained to fear cash. They are scared of it. I get rather amused by it. I deposited some cash in my business account and Wells Fargo charged me to do it. Wtf. Yes I am currently moving my accounts away from WF.
Hal Pecher (6 months ago)
Too big to fail,Too big to jail but not Too big to bail.
Ken Roberts (6 months ago)
Hal Pecher that’s awesome 👏!
David Boyd (6 months ago)
No deposit insurance in New Zealand you’ll lose the lot
No deposit insurance anywhere if there is a run on the banks
The Sydney Contrarian (6 months ago)
Lynette! I appreciate you replying to my question! I am Brian =)
tony black (6 months ago)
Middle-Class! There wont be one!
PrestoWind (6 months ago)
Gold and silver are the only REAL MONEY on earth. That's why the government will take them from you when the SHTF.
Blueskygal (6 months ago)
Bail ins are OUTRAGEOUS. House always wins! If it happens here you might see rioting in streets especially among boomers either in or close to retirement. I will be out of debt by the end of this year thank God! Thanks Lynette!
Kent Lawson (6 months ago)
I'd trust you with my life , Lynette! No matter what happened , I'd know you had my best interests at heart! God Bless!
harry viking (6 months ago)
the people should be informed that the fed is a criminal institution!! people still believe in santa claus!
Mr. eQ (6 months ago)
I think if you have the money, pay off your house now. You don’t want to be dealing with converting your gold during a collapse scenario while people are starving all around you. Plus, it’s not guaranteed, you don’t what will be happening with gold and it’s price during that time. Seriously, if people finally realize gold and silver are money, do you think coin dealers are going to go to their shop? And sit in a little store waiting for you? I doubt it. Pay your house off now, then keep working and keep stacking.
Don Desnoo (6 months ago)
Must coin dealer says same thing. He be gone that's why I prefer spendable recognized coin as small dollars silver halves.morgans
Pepsi Me (6 months ago)
I would tend to agree. I'd rather concentrate on protecting what I have than worry about paying off anyone. Also, by keeping the mortgage you are paying interest . But, as Lynette always points out, you gotta do what is right for you!
karenaria (6 months ago)
We will likely start out in deflation and then transition into inflation/hyperinflation. The Fed will panic from deflation and flood the markets with currency leading to hyperinflation. Long term deflation is remote since 1)government doesn't know how to tax any realized gains in deflation, and 2) the Fed has the ability to create currency.
unfrieden (6 months ago)
24:27 Tomorrow, we'll come here for the truth...
John 89 (6 months ago)
So what about a heloc? Would it make sense to pay down the heloc with my savings and use that as my checking or can they use that money for a bailin too?
gaudet Gaudet (6 months ago)
Yeah David Q. is great
Marek Suchanek (6 months ago)
Thank you Lynette and team. Looking forward to tomorrow with David. He is good as you are. Thanks.
Jim Butler (6 months ago)
Excited about the money interview!
Cleetus Smith (6 months ago)
One thing I learned a long time ago was that if I could pay off my debt then not only was I freed from that debt and not only was I given a greater degree of security (owning my own home vs having the potential of the bank being able to repossess it), but I also now make money tax free off of my money. If I have, for example, a $10,000 credit card loan and I pay it off, then my money is now eliminating the $10,000 debt as well as the 24% or whatever the interest rate might be. This saves me the 24% interest rate which is the same as earning 24% on this "investment" tax free. If I have a house mortgage at say 4%, then by paying off my home I get a 4% guaranteed benefit and that too is tax free.
Pam Elliott (6 months ago)
How do insurance companies respond to the reset?
tony ivanovsky (6 months ago)
Thank you so much Ms. Zang. You're an awesome life teacher.
William Iannucci (6 months ago)
May God bless Lynette Zang.
William Iannucci (6 months ago)
Every body that is awake are running to and fro like the wind and they of the known Churches the same so what could one say to this ? Now is the time, now are the days numbered people because all have gone their own way and the sin of the world was laid upon Christ who knows the beginning unto the end for he is the first and the last and the Lord said: I know the way you are taking be still and know that I am God and there is no GOD but me and who's right it is that I will give the Kingdom, this same Christ who the JEWISH leaders Crucified by the hands of the Gentiles has been RAISED even if you think not nor has he come into your mind Oh Israel but as many as received him to them is the Kingdom given to. He was born of them being a jew though they knew him not for they take by force what is not theirs and love to be seen of men but no so with the unknown CHURCH. Tell me now which of you can change whats about to happen in this world by worrying? And who shall you turn to when as you say SHTF ? This goes much deeper than Gold or Silver , it goes to the heart of the matter for their stink has reached to heaven itself and the LORD God is not happy , shall those who steal and cause the oppressed to cry to me day and night escape even though I bear long with them that they may know me by my Son? For I even I am he and not another. MY COMMENT NOW; Oh Lord my God I Love you because you first LOVED me and pray for our Nation that she my repent by calling on your name that more may be SAVED and now speak that I might save a few though you alone are the SAVIOUR for by the name of Jesus Christ we shall be made safe for he is the stone which the builders have rejected and we are the work of your hands for it is he that redeems us and SAVES us all , the Lamb of God of whom father ABRAHAM spoke to after the order of Melchizedek when he came back from the battle and also David the man after your own heart because he said your Mercy endures FOREVER. Who in this world besides you my Christ can take our sin away? for you were marred more than any and took our sin upon your own flesh that we all may be made like you and learn to Love and respect you for you are he our Christ , the CHRIST SAVIOUR of the world and you are to be called JESUS and you are. Let us look up people for the day of the LIVING God is soon to appear coming back down from whence he ROSE. SELAH Amen AMEN. P.S. God bless ISRAEL for I Love ABRAHAM ISAAC and JACOB though Esau hated me. Romans 11:11
Steve Alford (6 months ago)
Sounds like Dave , on X22 . Doom and Gloom spreading !!! All she preaches is get silver . I say get brass and lead and food .
Sandy Lademacher (6 months ago)
https://youtu.be/_-14Z3-pBc4 A calculation of the true value of silver compared to the 1980 peak.
Michael Gallant (6 months ago)
During a bank holiday would I have access to safety depot boxes or would the banks take those too?
Jas L Land (6 months ago)
Historically, access will be denied to lock boxes in a crisis as I understand it.
OzSilver Stacking (6 months ago)
Michael Gallant what happened in greece is a great lesson of what you might expect https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-05-21/greek-authorities-launch-mass-confiscation-safe-deposit-boxes-securities-homes-tax-e
Bxman53 (6 months ago)
Money IN the bank or out of the bank the banksters still control the worth of paper. But I guess IF you have it in your wheelbarrow at home at least you have enough for a loaf of bread? As for gold, WHAT do you buy? 1 oz 1/2 oz 1/4 oz or 1/10 oz? I mean WHICH do you buy the MOST of ? Coins seem much much more safe than bars IMHO. Just wondering what others do? But Thank you Lynette for making things so clear even I can understand it! lol
commonconservative (6 months ago)
I think you are referring to round bullion?, not coins?...........speaking of usa minted coins is they cannot be burned nor are they from the federal reserve......they are very expensive to manufacture compared to metals price and power to mine smelt and pay for a living wage to do it, this tells me coins are going to be around for one use or another [barter].....even if they end up as jewelry, or paying for day labor....people love/trust what has been around for a long time......I think I got this idea long ago from ron paul
TNT TV (6 months ago)
So if they want 3.25% that means they have to raise rates 5-6 more times that means the current expansion will last at least another 2 years they will raise rates 2 more times this year and 3 next so the crash should begin by 2020. What are your thoughts on this Lynette?
jb w (6 months ago)
I just moved a little less than half of my cash in my bank account into a MoneyMarket fund. Im guessing it won't be safe their either even though its not in a bank. Any one know for sure?
Henry Morgan (6 months ago)
Love you Lynette! Aloha!
General South (6 months ago)
When deciding to pay off a mortgage before or after a reset would think it would be a gamble to to pay the debt after a reset or during a hyperinflation event. More than likely the lenders will not accept the devalued currency as payment and more than likely the debts would be revalued in the lenders favor after the reset.
marie joy (6 months ago)
I keep as little money, as possible, in my credit union. When my deposits reach a point, I move it out.
vincentyeo88 (6 months ago)
that's great. thumb's up!
gary burns (6 months ago)
Silver would need to be converted to whatever the dollar is
vincentyeo88 (6 months ago)
don't forget about bartering.
Ray H (6 months ago)
Funny how they can refer to the DIF fund as something other than our money.
Robert DeVries (6 months ago)
There's a lot of questions around "What if "they" just keep printing forever?" I assuming the printer people are asking about is the USD. They can and will continue to print. They don't have to but they probably will to save their currency. However, the system, the IMFS does not survive because the US prints dollars! They system survives because in aggregate, the rest of the world ACCEPTS this currency as payment and uses it as savings. http://ticdata.treasury.gov/Publish/mfhhis01.txt This shows that the rest of the world continued to accept this system up until the 2013/2014 year where it plateaus. Lynette points to this in her other recent video. So when theres another global shake up financially we'll have to wait and see if all of a sudden a major economy decides they want to pay dearly to help continue a dying system.
spokewhilehecould (6 months ago)
Yep, might be a "Zombie System," but in all honesty it's been going on for ....a DECADE now while metal sellers and their products ....- though taking the moral high ground have been in the financial toilet! But, But, But, the crash is coming!!!!!... Yes, and even a broken clock is right twice a day...It will happen someday guaranteed. Sellers have said this for a decade!, but How many more decades do you have in you? Hopefully several...
Bunny Munny (6 months ago)
faking duh...bail in or bail out, the verb is the word bail, we, the people, are the ins and the outs....
Libertarian 4 Ever (6 months ago)
What is ITMs opinion of Sprotts gold fund ? The symbol is PHYS.
Pinky Alexis (6 months ago)
Simply way to transfer the economy. The dollar value without inflation is apporching 1 cent. Hence the coin portion should be tranfered to the dollar portion of the equation and the dollars to the cent equation portion. Instant revaluation of the fiat currency. Instant constitutional money with no debt. Transfer made with the least amount of economic disruption.
Michael Rivadavia (6 months ago)
Always I think, when watching these posts, that Lynette has reached her BEST! Just to be "disappointed"! Look at the PRECISION and CLARITY of her answers! Cheers!
John doe (6 months ago)
Great work
robotJINI (6 months ago)
Whoo we going on a bank holiday, I'll bring the last 3 cans of spam in the grocery store!
cristian rivera (6 months ago)
Very good video, thank you 👍🏻👍🏻
A. Profeti (6 months ago)
So is all bullion safe and a good protection or just pre 1933
Roy Rudy (6 months ago)
GAE are fine, but silver will have to go up 400% to reach "normal" 20:1 price with gold.
A. Profeti (6 months ago)
I do realize the premise and what time we are in ...what im trying to say without saying it ..is i was told is our gold will be taken only pre 33 wont...im still pretty pissed at being told that...
A. Profeti (6 months ago)
So ill play the dummy here as a point of advocacy...So new gold eagles are just as safe as any other gold because gold is gold is gold ...am i correct
Daisy Profits (6 months ago)
Shane C, you're right. In the end an ounce of silver is the same be it a silver round or a fancy face coin. Right now SD Bullion has silver rounds for less than $16 an ounce, a steal. Keep stacking.
Daisy Profits (6 months ago)
I only buy from SDBullion because they have the best prices.
Sally Herbert (6 months ago)
how much silver should I have on hand..
Mr. eQ (6 months ago)
I kind of go by the rule of thumb...500 ounces for the first person in your family, 300 per person after that. I’m still working towards this myself. But seriously, get all you can.
John Ellis (6 months ago)
What you can afford. It would be a tiny fraction of what I hold, betcha,
Rick Tompson (6 months ago)
297 upvotes, 8 down, not bad.
Denise Pallay (6 months ago)
Spot on as usual, Lynette!
lulu0462 (6 months ago)
I have around 2,600 oz of sliver but I only have 4 oz of gold should I try to even that out
Mariana Medina (6 months ago)
where do you live?
TREYSON (6 months ago)
I envy your position. Keep stacking silver add a few oz gold if you can.
Shane C (6 months ago)
Your doing well. Try and get more gold if too ou can. Keep stacking silver 😁😁
marie joy (6 months ago)
lulu Do you have food, drink and supplies?
GivingYouTruth (6 months ago)
lulu0462 Diversify into crypto!
Stalemate IB (6 months ago)
I wonder how likely Lynette thinks bail-ins will happen to the credit unions in the United States. Could a bail-in occur just with the Big Banks and not with the credit unions?
Pagrator Tersot (6 months ago)
If a credit union or traditional bank is unable to maintain positive cash flow and/or is forced to declare insolvency, its assets are distributed to creditors (including depositors) in order of seniority according to bankruptcy law. If the total deposits exceed the assets remaining after more senior creditors are paid, all depositors will lose some or all of their initial deposits.
Pagrator Tersot (6 months ago)
Stalemate IB I am not Lynette but I can answer. YES. Any financial institution within the central banking system will be hit hard and the deposit insurance fund will not cover their losses. Bail ins are legal for any bank in the event of crisis. Credit unions are part of the banking system.
Hinston Carachi (6 months ago)
I told to David, the money GPS to get a Coffee whit your!
Donald Miller (6 months ago)
You don’t have any strawberries, dream on
Diane Bailey (6 months ago)
I still believe that if gold and silver was that valuable us (little people) wouldn't be able to get our hands on it! It makes me think the rich folks are gathering up all the money they can before it gets bad!
vincentyeo88 (6 months ago)
even the lower income people are able to buy some gold and silver if they save some of their salaries.
CFS (6 months ago)
Lynette, you need to report what happened to the money. Answer: Despite losing money on leverage bets (Because of no requirement of mark to market on derivatives) the banks paid their board of directors excessive millions of dollars.
wayne mcclory (6 months ago)
My self I did a third in each of physical gold,silver and precious metals mining stocks. Remember this is ether a chance of a lifetime or the end of your life !
WK nfriends (6 months ago)
Charlotte Grove thats awesome what you did! I would love to do the same but I have never bought stock once yet, and I dont want to go thru the usual method of paying some one else to buy the stock for me. any suggestions? Thank you!
Charlotte Grove (6 months ago)
wayne mcclory try to see if you can get ownership of the mining stock. If you don’t own it, they resell the same stock certificate to many. Lynette has commented on this. I own Wharton Precious Metal stocks in my possession. It took awhile as they are headquartered in Canada.
Ben Gray (6 months ago)
Splendid ms Zang
wayne mcclory (6 months ago)
I’m comfortable with keeping my money and possibly making a lot more .
Radical Cosmology (6 months ago)
last time I made a deposit at B of A the slip said 'credit' in bold letters on it instead of deposit. Is this change in terminology part of the new bail in provisions ?
KatinIN (6 months ago)
Charlotte....yeah, and I doubt WE'D be the ones even getting the 6 cents.
TREYSON (6 months ago)
Charlotte Grove (6 months ago)
Radical Cosmology you are no longer a depositor but an investor. Forget FDIC not enough money to cover only about 6 cents on the dollar. Get your money out of the bank while you can.
Radical Cosmology (6 months ago)
Charlotte Grove (6 months ago)
Radical Cosmology yes! My bank no longer have withdrawal slip in public view. I had to ask a teller and then she said you can use your debt card. I replied my debt card in not tied to the account I want to withdraw from. The teller said that was not a problem. I told her I was not playing this game. She handed me a stack of withdrawal slips.
Michael Hursh (6 months ago)
just bought silver and it took 30 days for it to arrive. got a little nervous
Ray H (6 months ago)
C D I paid with ACH to Provident/Ampex and funds are confirmed next day but both wait 7-10 days before dealing for shipping. It speeds up the order the one week the check takes to get there. Provident received my order and ACH payment July 31. I am waiting for email that order has been released for shipping. Once I receive email it will be another 7 - 10 days.
C D (6 months ago)
Michael Hursh i purchsed from ITM trading USED ACH TO PAY FUNDS WERE THERE immediately after I transferred them I never use checks
Ray H (6 months ago)
Where from? If you bought a new release that wasn't in yet they hold whole order. How did you pay? They don't complete order for shipping until after check or wire has cleared. Quickest is PayPal or CC. If I send check through bank it takes a week to get there. They wait 7-10 days to clear then it takes another week to ship and receive. All the big dealers the same from my experience.
C D (6 months ago)
I used ITM. Took 3 days
Charlotte Grove (6 months ago)
Michael Hursh I ordered from Provident Metals no problems
Mystery Buyer (6 months ago)
People are still asking questions about keeping money in the bank? lol. Sorry but that's hilarious.
Sedonascape (6 months ago)
Mystery Buyer Bank barons.
N V (6 months ago)
true.... people think I have lost my mind if I talk about bail-in !! let them learn the hard way
John Robie (6 months ago)
No, bury mine in the back yard. The fear mongers scared me off years ago.
Christopher Williams (6 months ago)
Then where do you store your wealth?
stephen pack (4 months ago)
Stack gold for reset make payments in cash etc until reset takes place
Christopher Williams (4 months ago)
+stephen pack I live on family paid off land... Over 100 acres. No debt. Currently unemployed with no debt. Just looking at the smartest way to handle my money when I get a better job. And I was looking into buying gold but after seeing how the prices fluctuate I changed my mind and now am looking into investing in real estate.
stephen pack (4 months ago)
Christopher Williams I believe that the new currency will be backed by 40% gold or 900 sdr to 1 ounce of gold..either way I would use gold or accept gold and wait several weeks before transferring any gold into an sdr or new currency.
Christopher Williams (4 months ago)
+stephen pack You buy real estate, then rent it out. That becomes a permanent retirement fund for you and family when your gone. Gold doesn't have that quality. Buy it when it's cheap around $900 - $1000 then store it. Right now the price is too high.
stephen pack (4 months ago)
Christopher Williams also we may have an sdr or new currency .either way you will be accepting value
freeyesmaybe (6 months ago)
love your work . mite like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khBhRnp_YAE
paulj541 (6 months ago)
GO LONG!......BULL.....BULL......BULL!
Maddox (6 months ago)
Kathy have you heard of google Wikipedia or a freeki dictionary. Thanks for the stupid ass question.
Shady Pine (6 months ago)
Miss Zang, what will it take to totally eliminate all Central Banks?
vincentyeo88 (6 months ago)
ask Kim Jong-un
Radical Cosmology (6 months ago)
a deus ex machina
tim wilkinson (6 months ago)
Hey everyone - Watch Iran ( Wesley Clark ) ((( Your masters )))have Gone to the next level ! The Goy are waking
Crypto Daddy (6 months ago)
I don't think it's us keeping this system going, there's a movement called Awakening and many are piling in to it. The banking system is keeping the system going with a skeleton crew and digital currency out of thin air. Eventually this economic fraud will die. And how is it that you're getting to look younger and younger on every video? Just an observation.
Gooberlitorial (6 months ago)
" " Wealth " Held in the Bank . " Nope . The Bank Holds Fed notes , Fed notes are a debt not an asset . There is no " Wealth " in the financial institutions , only debt . You have to take it out of the bank and turn it in to something not debt for it to be " wealth" proper . " I've got ten million Fed notes " That's cool . J Powell's got Trillions and Trillions and Trillions and Trillions and Trillions and Trillions and Trillions and Trillions more where that came from . It doesn't qualify for the term " Wealth " . Wealth can't be printed out of thin air and Fed notes are printed out of thin air .
Gooberlitorial (6 months ago)
Sedonascape " Thanks Union Victory , Lincoln "
Gooberlitorial (6 months ago)
Sedonascape 🤔 Most of the boogie men are in our head's . Harriet Tubman ... If they'd only known that they were slaves .
Sedonascape (6 months ago)
kadusa1dl37 ....The US stands for the United Slavery.
DogeToshi BakaMoto (6 months ago)
stephen pack (4 months ago)
You do know that the bible is not true right???? Its been proven to be a man made document !!!!
vincentyeo88 (6 months ago)
are you Satoshi Nakamoto?
Mystery Buyer (6 months ago)
Much wow.

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