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The deceptive promise of free trade | DW Documentary

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Global trade is a hot topic of the G7 summit in Canada. Is free trade truly free - and fair? What roles do US President Trump, economic powerhouse China, and the EU play in global trade? When it comes to global trade, it would seem that trickery, threats and deception are the order of the day - yet all this takes place largely beyond the reach of the public eye. Donald Trump has made "America First” his agenda and rallying cry. Along with aiming sharp criticism at global export champion Germany, Trump has also introduced punitive tariffs and warned of further measures. Will this fresh wave of protectionism lead to economic isolationism and threaten global free trade? And what about those for whom free trade’s promise of prosperity increasingly rings hollow? Around the world, many people have come to regard themselves as the losers of globalization. If the true winners of free trade and globalization are not ordinary citizens, has the time come to revise the liberal orthodoxy of free trade? This documentary visits Germany, Switzerland, the United States and Cameroon to explore these issues by way of some everyday examples, including the trade in onions, floor tiles, and bicycles. _______ DW Documentary gives you knowledge beyond the headlines. Watch high-class documentaries from German broadcasters and international production companies. Meet intriguing people, travel to distant lands, get a look behind the complexities of daily life and build a deeper understanding of current affairs and global events. Subscribe and explore the world around you with DW Documentary. Subscribe to DW Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW39zufHfsuGgpLviKh297Q?sub_confirmation=1# For more documentaries visit: http://www.dw.com/en/tv/docfilm/s-3610 Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dwdocumentary/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dw.stories DW netiquette policy: http://www.dw.com/en/dws-netiquette-policy/a-5300954
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Text Comments (2014)
DW Documentary (5 months ago)
This documentary is also available to watch in Spanish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEdeaBjOYFs
Marshal Ironsides (1 month ago)
Oh goody! We can watch you be wrong in multiple languages!
Lion Jr (1 month ago)
DW Documentary don’t compare Europe’s large scale industrial farming vs Africa’s village farmers who nearly have tools for farming They are large food companies in Africa that also participate in industrial farming !!!! So don’t show Africa in the villages ...
현실 세계 (2 months ago)
Totally a true documentary...
Nobody4president (2 months ago)
It is the slave wages in China, the lack of worker's benefits, combined with Government subsidies, and lax to non-existent environmental protection, that entices foreign companies to offshore to China, maximizing their profits. Yet the person who opposes so-called free-trade is smeared as being xenophobic, isolationist, and a nativist, by globalist neoliberals and their media outlets. Never are the tables turned to where the neoliberal "free-traders" must defend their position on free-trade from the perspective of China's abysmal human rights record, little to no workers rights, and China's environmental disaster. That free-trade is perceived as the moral high-ground is a propaganda coup of epic proportions. This is not to mention that China has done what all nations do with their economic might; they have converted it into military power the like of which has never been seen before. When Lenin said that “the Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them," he didn't realize it would have a tag that read MADE IN CHINA.
Aaron (2 months ago)
because a lot of people like myself speak both languages but would rather watch in a native language if available.
Sticks (12 hours ago)
Look at the poverty liberals and Communism.
Mr BOMBOMCAR (1 day ago)
all this time people make fun of China.
Marcus Lenkner (1 day ago)
So what the bike salesmen in Philly doesnt understand is that he should feel happy selling cheap Chinese bikes. He is litterally making his customers richer. If they can spend 400 on a bike instead of 800, thats 400 hundred they have to take to somewhere else. Hes contributing to making the pie larger for everyone. The guy in germany should be ashamed of himself. Do you think his smaller competitors get the breaks he gets on his imports from Taiwan, I seriously doubt it. He is rent seeking special favors from the government.
kerryphillips1 (1 day ago)
The complaint about imported onions and other produce is flawed. A poor low-income country should be grateful for low cost imported food. Cheap food = less starvation, but nothing is mentioned about that country's exports...
Js lang (2 days ago)
Don't import. No one forces you to. And no one forces you to move factories oversea. Blame your own greedy corporations.
S. Gillespie (2 days ago)
It's ridiculous to want fairness for "your" country ( Germany) but not for "others" (Cameron in Africa)! There's nothing fair about it. Seems the EU wants to dump all their produce into Africa! They want protectionism for their countries but denies protectionism to others...Not giving Africa the chance to grow and develop!
Joe Pierre (3 days ago)
Stop globalization it's evil to America let's make everybody pay hard for what they done to this country and how much they've used it to be protected and cured of all their diseases and dirty countries like Germany should not exist if we're going to have a socialist agenda in the world my first one would be to take away the power from those who stole it from others Japan and Germany by the thieves
Joe Pierre (3 days ago)
After watching this video twice I understand why Germany puts an import Duty on something coming from China but here's the human toll a Polish worker can go to work and economic zone in Germany making German products for 1/3 what it cost that company to hire a German you're using the poles dramatically you treating them like under class of worker this is wrong China needs not do what they're doing you need to be shut down at least wagina I don't see them as the human parasite that I do have Germany and Japan you are really hurting people around the world you're good at it 8 million Jews that died in the gas Chambers can't be wrong you're an evil people I don't want to see Chinese Goods here I definitely don't want to see German Goods here and if I had to pick a winner it would be China I would just as soon as your money didn't exist she has an American also have to look at the human toll that you've cost as I said before you nothing but a bunch of parasites like Japan and it's far as what you've done I think that countries like Czechoslovakia Poland Russia Romania they need to get paid back for the hurt you've caused them so I say we just spend Germany for all the factories out and strip every brick out of every house and send them East to the countries suffered the most and don't get me started on the French cuz stripping them would just be the beginning
Joe Pierre (3 days ago)
I am a nationalist I believe in America the American worker and the American people and not a globalist and I do my best not to buy anything from another country but a little thought for you so many things from spices to cake mix and everything else imported into America and they may include ingredients that wouldn't be legal to use here do you not understand you poison yourself with globalization you destroying jobs you destroying families UT populating hilarious because the fact we need to bring manufacturing back to America and stop helping the rest of the world we cannot protect Japan from their evil past of what they did to Asia all the murders killing rapes what was their total score in World War II Chinese and 50 million others that's 90 million people they murdered in World War II not even the Germans as bad as they are what did they kill 20 million and the Second World War 4 million in the first World War has nothing to be proud of Germany that's a fourth of what Japan did in the Second World War God bless President Donald J Trump and blue lives matter please help make America great again
kongming2005 (5 days ago)
Donald trumpet brings the darkside, hypocrisy and shame to american
peter dollins (5 days ago)
Subsidies here mean dumping and destructions of peoples elsewhere, as shown. Taxes on imports need to be set to how much extra pollution Poorer world factories produce, subsidies on rail and transport and the pollution transport, so sky high on aeroplane imports. What presses on local people ever more is housing prices as it also hurts the free movement of Labour. Tax haves dump money into property so Banks and others will not invest in other sectors et al. Capitalism has become dysfunctional. Again. Peter L. Dollins.
Kuma Chen (5 days ago)
This video is so wrong that where was hundreds steel mills closed in our country and more then ten thousand of steel workers lose their good paid jobs because Chain and other countries dumping steels in our country. I did not know that until studies economy. Our country is way too open while countries protect themselves.
tom Dobyns (7 days ago)
Beware the intentions of China. They are not your friend. They are not trying to help you. They are not telling the truth or acting in your best interest. They're trying to gain control by what ever method necessary. The CCP i s"resuming" power and control. We know what that means. They have taken over Tibet and parts of India. They refuse to deal honestly with the USA on trade. They claim ownership of the Entire South China sea and all of it's assets. Beware. US citizens need to return home. US companies need to leave China. China has set itself on world domination by the CCP. The Chinese people say so.
q9r8s7t6u5v4w3x2y1z0 (7 days ago)
20:20 come on
John Doe (7 days ago)
America robbed the world withdrawing free trade. US is now the most powerful country in the world even with China an Russia as Heavy Allies. ftw *edit) it was a tactic put in place many many years ago for this exact purpose, i believe wholeheartedly.
Tuan Nguyen (7 days ago)
Idiot! US request a fair trade. What's wrong with that. Trade deficit bankrupt America while helping poor country grow. Do anyone of you want to do a business with someone that only help them while bankrupt you? This is common sense. China try to buy all media to advocate the unfair trade to US. This clip is the propaganda for China.
Yonas Geta (8 days ago)
Rich buy made in USA Poor buy's made in China What is the ratio Rich to Poor 1 % to 99%. People don't pretend you are rich when you r poor
Ray Lee (9 days ago)
Haven't I been reading from the media that the West has been bashing China for helping the African farm.
Davidson Eboseremen (10 days ago)
42 minutes is a bit too long chief.
Musang King Se (10 days ago)
The commentator must be kidding.. what about China imposing high taxes for goods imported from US.
justin case (10 days ago)
free trade here in the u.s. remember tesla last year ? the big 3 sued him saying we cant compete with tesla ? huh ? wtf ? yeah . tesla now has dealerships if im wrong here please inform me. of this
Will G. (11 days ago)
America's protectionist policy's led to ww2? I was always told it was because a certain German leader tried to take over Europe. I guess the Victor's rewrote the history book I was using
Adam S. (11 days ago)
... And yet almost all the things said have nothing to do with free trade. Nothing better for own good-feeling than fighting strawman arguments.
Sosoma Obi (13 days ago)
Globalization needs to be questioned, everything told to us as Africans by the West needs to be questioned...
Private Account (13 days ago)
Communist backward propaganda and lies. The great wreckers on show.
Troy Desole (15 days ago)
This is a very good video program thank you for documenting this and breaking it down so we can all understand what is going on thank you, U.S.A.
curtis shaw (16 days ago)
China is the root of all evil.
Patrik Banek (19 days ago)
We need to keep free trade and remove tariffs. It helps us live better and be more efficient, healthy growth of economy.
Patrik Banek (19 days ago)
Free trade makes everyone better off
H0LDENSUX (19 days ago)
What a hypocrite, the second most expensive consumer item is a car and she goes off and buys one made in China. Booo Hooo.
Anne Illerbrun (20 days ago)
18:57 "her initiative sounds like it has a Nationalist agenda" so she feels compelled to defend that statement.   In the community where I reside those with the highest social status are those who provide the most jobs. Obviously they don't care who these jobs go to, they're only worried about cost margins in their favour.   These scenarios all come from the same vacuous train of thought. The film maker, narrator needs to define this disconnect for me.  She can't see what's coming over the rise ? She is truly ignorant of history, people who are considered educated ought to be. There was a time in history when the merchant class was considered the scum of the earth, they neither created nor made anything, they just sucked a little off the product in an exchange. Most people are trapped in the fog of a Market Pricing economy, the most inhuman and damaging form of exchange ever.The globalists intend to destroy African initiatives and economies. Stop this ball I want to get off.
Merika Ramocan (20 days ago)
The Coalition for a Prosperous America is the nation's premier nonprofit organization working at the intersection of trade, jobs, tax and economic growth. We are a bipartisan coalition of farmers & ranchers, manufacturers and labor groups working for a national strategy to eliminate the trade deficit, create good paying jobs and deliver broadly shared prosperity to America. To help please click here https://www.prosperousamerica.org/ or search Coalaition for a Prosperous America
Philip B (21 days ago)
If protectionism forces me to buy from Producer A instead of Producer B: that is wallet slavery.
Sidtube10 (21 days ago)
The trade of veal, pork, milk, chicken etc brings up the ethics/animal welfare issue, which was loosely touched upon in this video. Even if we ignore the animal welfare aspect, the impact on human health and environment is too big to ignore! I am certain that humans will find mass produced alternatives to this in the next decade or so.
Stream Seeker (22 days ago)
Was he also behind Wolfgang phones that ripped so many people off thinking its German while it was MADE IN CHINA.
Admin (23 days ago)
Cimon, LOW price same quality? That can't be done. What if the customer doesn't care about quality but want to go for cheap? I thought the western culture is the pioneer in free trade? Now the TRUE color is out. Hahaha.....
Ritchie fabulous (23 days ago)
From asia? You mean from China
John Smith (24 days ago)
If it was not for millions of factory workers making $3 an hour in China and India do you know how much more things would cost?
The WWII was what got our factories back what BS! Why do you think Pearl Harbor was a dream come true for Roosevelt (he moved the fleet to Hawaii to make it easy for Japan to get our economy out of the Great Depression - not TVA (though it was a good socialistic project).
David George (24 days ago)
We boycott USA goods here in NZ- because the USA pulled out of global warming agreements.
John Smith (24 days ago)
The US still makes stuff?
Mr Bojangles (24 days ago)
Bilateral trade agreements are the way to go.
Spiritual Anarchist (25 days ago)
Globalism or protectionism. The choice between two evils.
Salobrena Smith (25 days ago)
Africa should tell Europe to fluck off and deny them the oil and diamonds and all the other stuff they are pillaging from Africa..
Manjeet Singh Mann (25 days ago)
Wonderful video and fantastically explained in minute details,, I am extremely benefitted by the video. Thanks so much for uploading such a great video.
Ancapistan (26 days ago)
Free with any Govt? Hahaha
Eston Zera (26 days ago)
zero sum game will always remain. I literally wonder on what the policy is of many African countries, and the rest, to actually build up their domestic capacity. I would start with kill the cancer of corruption.
bookashkin (27 days ago)
American women picking up a piece of china and discovering it's made in China. Priceless.
Bmw EM (27 days ago)
there is a reason smartphones are not taxed, because it's about controlling the population, a car or your jacket has nothing to do with controlling you, smart phone is, if you have a smart phone you are under control, so it's not taxed to make it easier available for masses,
Donald Scott (27 days ago)
wayne sutton (27 days ago)
Major deficit with this video is the currency market which has a huge effect on the big picture of competitiveness and jobs
Twin Turbine (27 days ago)
In the simplest terms, tariffs protect local low skilled jobs, but harm consumers. Under high tariffs, there are often many low skilled manufacturing jobs, run by outdated oligopolies with high prices of consumer goods. With low tariffs, you mainly have fewer high skilled, services jobs with low job security, and cheap consumer goods. It's clear which option the developed world chooses, as it prefers to have a pool of developing world slave labour make their products for them cheaply. People talk big, and call for an end to the system, but I doubt a single reader of this comment would want their kids working in a bike factory like you saw in 5:55. You'll pay a fortune to put them through university to get a job in the service sector. But even if you did (for some reason) magically moving the manufacturing back 'home' would quadruple the prices, and what of the Chinese factory workers? Aren't they human? What's your solution for them? Starve? The dismissal of distant workers who have the same value as you is poison. But even with tariffs, double the prices of consumer goods and food, then see what happens: With to high tariffs, producers tend to be cautious with capital investment as they see it as a temporary market distortion, but consumer goods jump in price, hence the cost of living increases, which harms consumer confidence and jobs (of all kinds) goes down. Low prices of consumer goods are all working class people have, especially with rents as high as it is (but no one complains about low interest rates, zoning deregulation, property developers or local landlords. No, you have to beat up Johnny Foreigner... Surprise, surprise). The only other option you're left with is global Democratic Socialism, but instead of revolution, you're watching this video... I good video, I grant you, but it shows how little people really care. Either way, prices in the PRC are getting too high, and in ten years, people will be talking about the growth of mind-numbing factory work in Vietnam, India, Kenya or Indonesia, that people there, terrified of poverty, will be happy to take. Meanwhile fat (probably fatter) Westerners, who wouldn't touch such work with a ten foot pole (they would rather import labour from Mexico, or Africa, then demonise them), will *still* bemoan how things just aren't like they were in the good old days of double digit unemployment, the iron curtain, armed borders criss-crossing Europe, Soviet repression and Mutually Assured Destruction.
[email protected] (24 days ago)
Oh, please! Yet another foreigner, crapping on the US. Quell Suprise! Where do you get off, telling us that we wouldn't touch a manufacturing job? We WERE manufacturing jobs, until all this outsourcing happened! I know, I worked in Manufacturing for decades, and I would have had no problem letting my children work in manufacturing, as well. That's not an option anymore, and we're worse off for it. As to us importing foreign workers to do manual labor - THAT is absolute Hogwash! NO American is Importing foreigners to do work for us - with the possible exception of Washington's Overlords! We are being INVADED, and the vast majority of us are BEGGING to stop it!! How exactly do you explain the election of Trump, if you believe Americans Want the cheap foreign labor imported? WE DON"T!!! Only the Ruling class wants that, and the rest of us are willing to pay through the nose to build a wall to STOP IT! You can see how well the Overlords listen to us, and how much they represent our wishes! Pull YOUR head out! The good old days were the days BEFORE Teddy Kennedy et al decided that cheap foreign labor, and cheap foreign manufacturing was the answer to all our (read THEIR) problems! America was greater then, with well paying jobs, and low crime, and a lot less whining! You snobs from outside the US are so self righteous and smug. Have you ever even Met an actual American? Or do you just drink the CNN Kool-aid, and believe all the lies that they spread without ever bothering to check any other source? No one in the US listens to CNN, because they've been caught LYING so many times, only the morons you claim to detest listen to them at all. What does that make YOU?
SATAN SOLDIER (28 days ago)
this is about enslavement of the the people
SATAN SOLDIER (28 days ago)
this doc is so wrong on many points by omision
MARK MAHAN (28 days ago)
This was a great video. I suspected most of what this video covers. But there were a few thing that gave new insights. Thanks so much for this well informative piece.
PHILIP (28 days ago)
The best solution is to remove 100% of all tariffs, and just let everybody choose, where they want to buy their items from, and stop trying to protect producers, who are not able to compete efficiently . Tariffs hurt consumers like u and me the most
PHILIP (28 days ago)
This video is so ridiculous . Which intelligent person would want to pay higher price, when items could be purchased at much much much lower price, if tariffs don"t exist at all. Obviously most people (except those that are brain washed by nonsense ideology ) , would want to pay lowest price , and wont bother where the items come from .
Around The World (28 days ago)
Free Trade is not "FREE".
Minh Duc Pham (28 days ago)
There is no solution from the documentary. Open economies will benefit consumers but cost jobs. Closed econmies will hurt consumers but will retain jobs. I guess there should be some balanced approach between free trade and protectionism.
Minh Duc Pham (28 days ago)
the tariff should be redistributed back to their losing job employee as a way of compensation for their lost job.
David George (28 days ago)
In 1840, Britain and the east India Company forced the opium trade on China- by way of 'gunboat diplomacy'. The fact is- that the Chinese tea trade to Britain was very lop-sided- and created a balance of payments crisis. This was not a good solution to the issue. Current situations require better solutions to trade, and to the creation of wealth and prosperity. My nation, New Zealand, generally practises free trade.
sfbluestar (29 days ago)
This is such an informative program! I summarize my take away and some thoughts: 1. Benefit of trade is specialization thus higher production efficiency 2. Problems of free trade are mainly two: A) trade imbalance between countries B) Within every country, some industries gain while some lose. 3. Therefore, the key to free trade issue is also two principles. Countries should work toward trade balance, meaning we don't take money from each other. China would not like that, but that's only fair. Then, each country government should implement domestic policies that take from those benefiting from free trade and help those impacted by free trade transition to other industries.
Rajul Saxena (29 days ago)
Free trade happened , but the free movement of people for jobs never happened .
Christian Jensen (29 days ago)
The answer is simple: quit having children and stop buying manufactured goods. The more you know, the less you need.
Jo Howard (30 days ago)
20:25 Oh DW your Neo Liberal is showing again, I just love that logic ( Protectionism lead to the horrors of WW2 ) never mind all those industrial billionaires like Henry Ford who help fund Hilter, Hess and Rosenberg. Also helping to fund the distribution of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Just forget that right Francis Fukuyama..... oops I mean DW 😘
Jo Howard (30 days ago)
12:38 😂🤣🎉"One country's loss is another country's gain" well those Milton Friedman worshippers 🤣 must hate you guys, with your "Red Marxist Propaganda" 🙊🙉🙈🤣
Chartoise (30 days ago)
If we buy cheap, we exploit their workers, if we sell cheap, we destroy their markets. We can't do anything right, can we? They might as well show us 45 minutes of the text "White people are bad!". And we already knew that, cause everybody has been telling us... So this docu is pointless. Next docu! --->
Sokami Mashibe (1 month ago)
I Know that this is a lengthy post, but for anyone who is concerned, I wanted to be as thorough as possible to inform about how these issues, such as trade policies that negatively affect poor countries around the world, are not nearly as straight-forward as they appear. I want to present to the fullest extent possible that there are very sinister Political and Economic reasons behind why poor countries around the world are abused to such a degree by Western Policy, and that it's not just any isolated trade policy, political party or political leader pushing for it. Instead it is the natural result of a system that has evolved only the most desperate means systemically to sustain itself. The short version is this: That Western powers (specifically the EU and USA) exploit countries around the world to sustain the Capitalist system, that the System itself is unsustainable and maintained only through constant Financial and Political manipulation, that these issues are inherent to the system and cannot be fixed simply through reform or regulations, that if not abolished in due time it will ultimately lead to fascist dystopia's during the next major financial collapse, and that the only way to 'fix' it is to abolish it entirely through revolutionary action. Such revolutionary action can eventually transform global society to one based on Mutual Aid between countries, and a Political system which puts political and economic power into the hands of the people through various participatory democracies, not a relatively small elite of major power players. The only viable way to solve these issues in the long term, is to revolt against the predatory system that is Global Capitalism and to abolish it. Only through struggle can the people of the third world obtain their political and economic independence from the Imperialistic, Hegemonic trade policies that are designed to exploit poorer countries of the world for western benefit. Capitalism is not a sustainable nor an ethical system for global human civilization. Even right now the Banking and Financial system which fuels Capitalism is only operating on an unaccountable run-away debt and private corporations creating money out of thin air to "fuel" themselves and to keep investors happy. The main thing that has been upholding Capitalism for the past ten years alone has unironically been massive loans in the form of US treasury bonds being sold to China which in turn were used to bail out major banks in the USA in the trillions. These issues are not an accident nor an aberration of the Capitalist system, but a natural end result of its evolution in the west and around the world as a globalized system. If these more recent issues Aren't enough, An in depth examination of Global Capitalism only leads to the conclusion that ever since the end of World War 2, Capitalism has only sustained itself through the extreme exploitation of other countries labor, natural resources, industry and farmland. The truth behind so many wars and so much instability around the world can be found through a lengthy history of Western Intervention. The fabrication of wars against sovereign countries (through the media and in-bedded journalist), CIA Interventions (such as School of the Americas) around the world, and extensive western corporate take-overs in other countries, has been purposed for the ultimate aim to expand the Western control of economic resources, in the aim to compensate for a system that is highly unsustainable, a system which requires constantly tapping into new sources of cheap labor and cheap natural resources to combat the declining rate of profit of corporations. The Capitalist system, which has long been based on globalized exploitation, financial and political manipulation and run-away debt is deeply unsustainable. Eventually, this will lead Global Capitalist System into a Financial Collapse which it simply cannot recover from by using the same manipulative schemes that it relied upon before - all of the known Financial and Political work-arounds will have been exhausted. When Capitalism is on the verge of Collapse, The major capitalist within society will do exactly what they did the last time Capitalism was about to collapse in on itself, such as during the great depression: They will fund major fascist as a means to 'save' the system - by creating a slave economy (look up the documentary: Hitlers American Business Partners). If one wants to lay back and think the system will somehow solve itself or fix these issues that are inherent to itself or that these severe issues can be 'regulated away', then they will be in for a massive surprise when a major and irreversible financial collapse happens and Fascist are put in power all around the western world to save the system. The point is that we must organize very strong revolutionary movements against such a system that relies on perpetual war and exploitation of other countries to sustain itself. This does not mean that innocent people should be targeted or that people should go around doing pointless riots that would only be used as fuel to demonize the movement. On the contrary, Such a movement would focus on getting as many people as possible very conscious about how the system works. As Well, such a movement must focus on helping the most down-trodden people in society anywhere in the world. Imagine training farmers threatened with corporate or government take-over all around the world on how to defend their land, and what little they resources they have available to them. Imagine training people from the most down-trodden countries to take back the land, industry and factories that their own people have lost as a result of corporate take-over and wars of imperialism. The best revolutionary movements are always rooted among the down-trodden of society, help the down-trodden to the best of their ability, and have a general appeal to organize against the deep injustices of the system. The mid-term aim of Revolutionary Movements would be to transform Societies around the world to ones Where the people of those societies hold Political and Economic control over their own Society through Participatory Democracy, and that as successful revolutions develop, revolutionary nations can be aligned with each other in solidarity. It is important that successful revolutionary movements have reasonable Working Class State Apparatus' overlaid as an extension of Participatory Democracy, such that it is not its own entity separate from the people, but one with direct proportional representation and recall by the people of every community. This allows the people of revolutionary nations to make decisions concerning the security and development of the whole nation by drawing all political will from communities of people rather than a relatively small and powerful economic and political elite. This form of State Apparatus controlled so closely by communities, can protect the newly found transitional revolutionary society from Imperialist invasions, trade manipulations, and other forms of aggression. Further, a Revolutionary State Apparatus that is effectively controlled proportionally by communities and held accountable through Constitutional participatory democracy, can provide a framework which allows for national scale projects and equalized development within a nation as determined by regular people, rather than a political elite. Ultimately, it is an extremely useful tool for Revolutionary Peoples to better secure the independence and dignity of their respective Revolutionary Nations. With a world of nations built on this form of Political System, Political nor Economic Power would be concentrated to a few people who can pull strings to fuel their own wealth and position in society. Such a world would be built on Mutual Aid between countries - where the most developed countries would provide the poorest countries all the technical and material aid they need to be developed without being exploited, and as a result a lengthy period of peaceful and mutual development can finally ensue. This is in stark contrast to the world of the present that is driven by run-away debt, loans from China, Corporate conglomerates fueling themselves by creating their own money with the federal reserve, Economic Imperialism and finally Imperialist Wars around the world. Conclusion: If we are to develop a sustainable and peaceful future for humanity, then we must organize Revolutionary and Constructive action which can eventually result in the total transformation of Global Society. This would occur over a substantial period of time as various revolutionary movements would lead their country to Independence and liberty for their own people and as revolutionary nations align in solidarity to the broader revolutionary movement. If humanity does not organize powerful and successful revolutionary movements in a reasonable time frame, we will only witness the World degrade into various forms of fascist dystopia's. Yet still, even as the world Degrades, many people will still continue to be so short-sighted in their analysis, that they will still only blame one particular elected official or one particular policy or one particular political party for the deep-crisis that inevitably emerges from the machinations of capitalist society. As a result of a complete lack of Political Self-Awareness and Stubbornness, so much of humanity - especially in the west - will still fail to recognize that it is the entire system itself that is causing these issues and crisis, that this is a natural result of the evolution of Capitalism as a system, that these issues cannot simply be reformed or regulated away, and ultimately - that the only way to be rid of such overwhelmingly severe issues is by Societal Transformation, a Transformation which can only be achieved through large-scale revolutionary action emerging from the masses
Akin Khoo (1 month ago)
this video made a critical mistake. it implies Germany is taking advantage of a weak euro, but the weak euro is not the result of Germany, or more precisely, the USD is unnatually strong because of the unfair dominance of USD in world trade, especially in oil trade hence the term petrodollar. it is US policy that cause it currency to be in high demand that made the rest of the economy suffer. if the US doesn't like this, the US can approve of policy in the IMF to moderate and increase the weight and trade in euro and RMB, and give them more voting power in IMF, but US has so far refuse and are even dragging out the return of gold to foreign countries that would help increase those country's currency value. so in reality, it is US that is trying to dominate the financial system that cause it pain this pain. and the reason why US does this is to allow itself to commit to unsustainable is because US is addicted to debt. if US really want to end trade deficit, all they have to do is to end their budget deficit and discourage spending.
Andrew Durot (1 month ago)
Another great documentary with balanced views. Dang this is refreshing
GoingWhere (1 month ago)
Fantastic DW. I'm an economist student at university, so I greatly enjoyed watching this program.
DW Documentary (1 month ago)
Hi GoingWhere, thank you! Stay tuned & spread the news!
john bob (1 month ago)
free trade, will kill all riches country ( job ) and manufacturing. just make riches of trader/business out of riches country
RJSoftware2000 (1 month ago)
Simple. Buy used not new. Then your American dollars goes into American hands.
RJSoftware2000 (1 month ago)
this excludes food, LOL...!!!
ddskimmer (1 month ago)
I ordered Spanish garlic from Amazon, for they were being touted as very tasty, the type only used by the finest restaurants. When I bought them, I actually forgot I did, for they took 3 weeks to arrive and only a few days prior did I think about the purchase. When they arrived, they arrived from China! So, Spanish garlic grown and shipped from China. It cost me $3.95 for the stupid garlic, but then I noticed when I looked for a product in Amazon, the prices for the items were astronomically blown out of proportion in comparison to other sites. I looked for a crimping tool and normally the tool would cost $18 or so. Amazon listed the tool for $725 and other ridiculous pricing! So, if you are stupid enough to buy Spanish garlic from China...you are great candidate for buying ancient Chinese secrets.
steve levario (1 month ago)
Fair trade>free trade
Joe Wood (1 month ago)
Every think in the world today is wrong, for the simple reason the human race has based its policies on endless growth the problem with that, is you do not have endless space to operate a system of endless growth in. that's why you're coming unstuck because you are refusing to recognise where you live, which is a limited space you're not intelligent enough to grasp that reality, you have only got to listen to yourselves speak, you've only got to listen to your politicians speak, to prove what I have just written is true. what you are trying to do is to break the laws of physics, you will fail , you are failing, the evidence is all around you to show you are failing to see or understand, the trouble is the human race is so greedy and selfish and stupid, it point-blank's refuses to recognise this. I will prove it to you all by asking you one simple question, let's see if you have the intelligence to answer it then have the intelligence to then understand why you have all these problems and they are growing. for answering the question should be simple what is not simple is acting upon the answer to this question. Do you believe you can endlessly put something into something that is not endless YES or NO. If you are as intelligent as me, then your answer will be NO you cannot endlessly put something into something that is not endless, it's not possible. But if you agree with me, then explain to me why then do you all embrace a system that answer is YES to that question. Why do you vote people in to govern you who also believe the answer is YES to that question. so you are all lying, otherwise the world would not be overpopulated with people and we would not be in this situation if you all understood that where you live is not endless therefore logically you cannot operate a system of endless growth in it. The reason the world you know is dying is because the human population is not intelligent enough to understand where it lives, it is also not intelligent enough to work out how it should be living there. So I hope you will remember this every time a disaster happens in your world, where there is food and water shortage, unnatural weather when there is mass starvation, when society starts to break down when your environment starts to disintegrate. it's all because you have no ability to act upon the answer to this question. the In the 70s as a young man I used to say that when I die there will be no intelligent life on this planet, back then I said it as a joke and I meant it as a joke for I was not taking myself seriously. I am 63 years old now and looking at you lot and the way you are behaving. I cannot say that as a joke any longer.
Merritt Olsen (1 month ago)
Everyone has tariffs except the US. Now when we add them everyone has a hissy fit.
daveat191 (1 month ago)
Hummm If the US has a tariff on steel of say 25%, the US Treasury gets that 25%, the domestic steel maker hires more and probaly raises prices a bit- that's good but the consumer ends up paying the 25%-- that's bad and is like an extra tax. Without the tariff the consumer pays less but the US loses jobs and the government does not get the 25%. Solution: Worldwide wage and price controls are impractical SO the practical solution is free and EQUAL trade. They sell us a limited amount and we sell them a equal value amount. Things don't get lopsided or too unfair. Who wants free and unfair trade? Not perfect but a solution.
Saptarshi Chatterjee (1 month ago)
My dad acts the same as that lady at 17:30 . He refuses to buy anything that's made in China.
Sam LSD (1 month ago)
The white chicken will cause cancer! Please learn people please teach the Africans to stay domestic. All European produce will cause cancer.
Osman Jerry (1 month ago)
Wages is the most important aspect. When the products come out cheap, they are going to mop the market. So the US and the west must find their comparative advantage. How can you fight with China and Bangladash if you were to produce the same products they make.
Bobby Chang (1 month ago)
A coin has two sides.
macc240038 (1 month ago)
The Chinese government subsidizes their industries to the detriment of like industries in other countries and when other countries retaliate with tariffs they complain. People all over the world are tired of their bs.
Seamus Howling (1 month ago)
The German lady would get it.
Bob George Malem (1 month ago)
And now they are blaming United States of America, when in fact UK (to be specific; the Khazarians) are in control of the US through infrastructure (British Wall Street), The UK king got mad at the American cowboys because they pushed them out of a property the UK king thought he owned. Now they are back with vengeance.
robspunk (1 month ago)
There is no such thing as free trade with mainland China. 17-19% base tax rates on ALL foreign products have always stood in China. What the US has done is level the playing field on just some sectors.
D Jack (1 month ago)
Forcing poorer Black African countries into free trade agreements. The E.U. wouldn't try this with Arabs in the North.
Carl Lee (1 month ago)
Very informative The EU and the WTO are applying double standard developing countries in Africa needs home market protection against foreign imports dumping to destroy local markets and jobs
Trams Am (1 month ago)
Boycott - made in China. Buy made here in America.
Max Banner (1 month ago)
local food security most imortant
incyphe (1 month ago)
those cows are so cute.
TACKLEBERRY (1 month ago)
American made = expensive junk
Markus Patients (1 month ago)
Slavery worked well for free trade in America. back towards it's beginnings,as well as other oppressive nations. China's population of factory workers earn little compared next to more affluent populations around the world. This is still akin to slavery, whereas workers make far less than do their masters that own the land the factories and the goods being produced for worker consumption, for the most part.. So why do we the workers of the world need masters? All we want is stuff. Who makes the stuff? Who consumes the stuff? Who transports the stuff? Who fixes the stuff when it breaks? WHO ARE WE ?_____________ No man should want for labor. No woman should want for a home and no child should go hungry for food and an education to go towards the benefit of all mankind. Africa continues to be raped by white European nations backed by military forces and money lenders.
Zen Masong (1 month ago)
China does not want competition. They want other rivals out of the market and suffer great loss. As China continues to disrupt the world economy in their ways, tariffs and protectionism becomes more and more justified. What good is it that we could buy cheaper goods but our economy and market and jobs are losing.
Earth is Our Home (1 month ago)
One more thing people forget, China does not respect patents and IP's of the inventors, any design shared with them is officially cloned and sold on their own brand names. which means Germany is spending or research and benefits goes to China. And they install spy softwares on many server chips they manufactured. Great.
Earth is Our Home (1 month ago)
No matter what, there is always poor people and rich people. similarly rich country vs poor country. Its a cycle and we have to accept it. Originally, western countries have all the technologies and made some goods like cars and exported and became rich. now its opposite now eastern countries are catching up and learned the game in last 50 years. in next 50 years eastern countries becomes rich and west become poor. Again companies moves back to west. (east or west or north or south) irrespective of country every company always want cheap labor and high profits. if everything is imported it means that country becomes poor and then becomes cheap labor and which attracts companies - no one can stop this. in 1500's India has 23% of world GDP according to British and French Records. in early 1940's its GDP is 1% We all are just part of this cycle. some time low tide sometimes high tide. Again free trade is introduced to the world by west to sell their cars and other manufacturing goods. So its their own game which is hurting them.
Little political incorrect mention that destroys anti-mondial trade (we need a new word) and debunks so-called globalism: Goods arrive by ship and plane in general between continent.Usually they are not transported by nuclear powered submarines nor are there solar panels moving transport planes.To uphold tourism, even the participants of the global warming conference in Nairobi came by planes that are driven by fusillade fuel.Petrol.Petrol is subventionated e.g. to support tourism.Interestingly a Holland onion makes tourism in Kameroun and a chinese underwear makes tourism in europe, so that the price of the fuel has less (or almost no) impact.So international trade depends on petrol-subvention, which stimulates petrol import.Who sales petrol.NOpe -not we jews, Israel has no petrol.Also not Nigeria, because petrol funding supports that raw oil gets rained outside of Nigeria and comes back more expensive.Think...don't answer - or you are racist towards an set of ideas...and it's not Trump, flight fuel is subventions long before --2016.To-- treble eagle and Nazi epoch.HItler shut down international stock market 1935, before some big money bonds based on other bonds that are based on other bonds and other bonds...that were invented.Without computer HItler simply jumped of the wagon, before german stockmarket fraud could be uncovered.Huge contract were done with for example Ford in exchange to produce a high demand on weaponry world wide - for armament.WWII was a business of HItler, who was -like Stalin- an illegal immigrant with criminal record in the country he became leader of.He was austrian, Stalin was Georgian.Stockmarket fraud, hostile fusion of small businesses into big state business, killing low income population and than as a distraction some chooses minorities (jews, roma, sinti etc.), banks forced to buy state bonds by kill squads - well, let's say those practices aren't globalism, or protectionism, nor capitalism and done by a socialist leadership under Stalin, and a national socialist leadership under Hitler, and a socialist in a national sense leadership (yeah, they changed simply the order of words) of Pol Pot and Ho Chi Min.Is there any other culture thinking of itself as the best of people (like in Surat 3 verse 111)?Jews are chosen for an obligation to uphold 613 duties based on 10 commandments.It's actually less special, if you get the opportunity to fail 613 times from the beginning, before counting something.Even Christians are born with inherited default of the "first sin".At this moment, don't think about petrol!!!
Crypto Kevin (1 month ago)
Good video. Thank you for pointing out the problems with globalism. It's good to know there other individuals thinking the same thing.
Kitty Genovese (1 month ago)
20:57 " WWII can be traced to protectionist policy put in place by USA" DW Doc. your not a propaganda arm of Germany.
DW Documentary (1 month ago)
Hi Kitty, you´re right'! Thansk for carefully listening!
LN (1 month ago)
I can’t imagine any citizen (regardless of country) having any issue against another country and their citizens. However, these trade deals are not about fellow citizens, they are about the elite siphoning off the profit from citizens around the world. The sooner we recognise this the better!

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