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Money vs Currency - Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 1 - Mike Maloney

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More: http://HiddenSecretsofMoney.com Currency vs. Money is the 1st Episode of Mike Maloney's Hidden Secrets of Money, a series presented by Mike Maloney as he travels the world to uncover the Hidden Secrets of Money. Sign up to the http://GoldSilver.com/ email list to be notified about new releases and receive special bonus content: http://goldsilver.com/hidden-secrets-money/currency-money/. To learn about gold and silver, central banking, wealth cycles, deficit spending, monetary history, the financial crisis, the fiscal cliff, the debt ceiling and more, view the Hidden Secrets Of Money playlist (http://goo.gl/GBsdr) and subscribe to this channel: http://goo.gl/emXEB Join GoldSilver.com & Mike Maloney on other social networks: Blog: http://goldsilver.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Goldsilvercom/230719865624 Twitter (GoldSilver): https://twitter.com/Gold_Silver Twitter (Mike Maloney): https://twitter.com/mike_maloney LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/goldsilver-com
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Namastay (9 months ago)
Hi Mike Maloney, What are your thoughts on cryptocurrency as the next replacement for store of value over gold. As the new generation comes foward, they are more dependent and secure in digital assets over physical ones. Have you researched digital currency and its affect on the FIAT crisis we are in?
Delon Duvenage (1 day ago)
+Warren Van Niekerk bly weg van als wat jy nie fisies besit nie , en moenie spaar in rande of enige ander geld nie , dit kan oornag vou , hou jou spaargeld in goud al verloor dit nou en dan waarde , oor die langtermyn gaan dit altyd weer hoer as wat jy betaal het vir dit
Greg Siwek (1 day ago)
Warren Van Niekerk yeah I would buy gold always
Delon Duvenage (3 days ago)
Gold is in your pocket , Crypto is on network dependent on electricity , think about it
Adrian Segura (13 days ago)
+borg386 : ok . 😂. Go head and look it up.
borg386 (13 days ago)
+Adrian Segura your way out of the loop.
Arlene wade (46 minutes ago)
Not a suprise, this is all Biblical, Jesus said all this will happen in the last days. Cashless society is inevitable, Revelation 13 help us Lord Jesus
Time Trader (1 hour ago)
Omega Beta (15 hours ago)
Thank you for sharing your knowledge. God bless you and your family.
n v (1 day ago)
Its backed by the US government, all our resources.
Evilsamar (1 day ago)
Doesnt Petro dollar stand behind US dollar?
Evilsamar (1 day ago)
Why do we value gold so much, it is useless!
Doreen Dotan (1 day ago)
The basic premise upon which a gold or silver backed economy is built, to wit: that an economy can be based on an external standard of value is the mistaken premise that caused all of the gold or silver backed economies to go into disarray. It cannot be that a metal is characterized as noble. It must be understood that nobility can only exist in Human character. It is upon noble Human character that a healthy economy must be based. The externalization of value to a metal, rather than to the Actors in the economy is so essential an insult to Nature that it must certainly fail. Chaos will, inevitably, take over such an economy. Our task is to build Sterling Character in People who value Hearts of Gold and then we will be able to build successful economies that remain stable. Please see my video: The Gold Standard for elaboration on what gold and other precious metals are in their essence. I also discuss therein why it is that Gold transfers current as well as it does.
amit negi (2 days ago)
I love u Mike
abby keel (2 days ago)
Hi Mr Maloney.. Thank you for being apart of an global movement that is waking us up to the criminal systems that are in place to take any power an individual should have in democratic societies.
Ddlj Ddlj (3 days ago)
Gold bitcoin land are best investment so far
Mhamd ajaj (3 days ago)
no body explained it like you thank you i well buy gold and keep it out of system
Katherine Ou (3 days ago)
Hi Mike, I find the Chinese translation isn't understandable, therefore, I've submitted another version one under Chinese (Traditional).
Leticia Cochran (5 days ago)
I’m 1 1/2 minute into this and I’m So glad I came for the EDUCATION
Thank you, only 10 episodes left for you. Enjoy!
TxFw (5 days ago)
How can gold and silver be money/ stores of value when the market dictates their prices? My gold will not buy the same amount of value as its price changes.
Manas Wats (5 days ago)
I didn't understand How producing more money leads to inflation????
Chapitamastervideos (6 days ago)
Silver is NOT and will never be a good investment. Silver has been losing value since 2011 and it will continue to go down. Invest in land, property, energy, food, water and learn a useful skill. If we do hit this all impending financial and economical collapse you will not need money to barter.
elmika (6 days ago)
Should the money be actually a store of value? I have been thinking about this and correct me if I am wrong. If the money would be a deflating currency people wouldn't spent it and if people don't use the money how the economy can thrive? So my conclusion is that inflation is good thing because otherwise the economy would stop?
KiddMax (6 days ago)
GeneralBlackNorway (6 days ago)
If we look at the data for the last 100 years adjusted for inflation we find these two charts: Dow Jones: https://www.macrotrends.net/1319/dow-jones-100-year-historical-chart Gold: https://www.macrotrends.net/1333/historical-gold-prices-100-year-chart In that time the Dow Jones has increased by a multiple of 17.85, nearly 18 times the value. Gold price has increase by a multiple of 3.54, not even 4 times as much. Investing in an index of the Dow Jones would be a much more sensible decision than investing in gold. Behind the Dow Jones index are businesses that constantly innovate and produce new value that previously did not exist and this value trickles back to the shareholder, i.e. the investors. By owning shares of the index you indirectly own shares of all these different companies. When they profit, you profit. Gold on the other hand, derives it's value only from supply and demand. It has no inherent value other than the materialistic properties. If either demand disappears (for instance if the usage of gold in production decreases, jewelry stops using it, peoples perception of it as a good store of value vanishes (perhaps a better competitor comes to market?) etc..) or supply increases (gold deposits found (for instance if asteroid mining is successfully done the price of gold will plummet as a single asteroid can contain more gold than is currently in human hands on earth)), then the price of gold and thus it's value will decrease. The first rule of investment is to diversify your portfolio, a single asset class may fail, but not all of them are likely to and if they do then no money can help you. Therefore gold alone is a horrible investment strategy as you become vulnerable to it's price fluctuations, thus it's not such a good form of money as this video claims (since it's not the best store of money). Owning shares in index funds however is a much better store of value, making it a better form of money. Index funds not only stores your values, it increases them. How can this be? The reason the value of the index increases is not because you get more shares, but their value increases. Yes obviously, but why do their value increase? Index funds own shares of a range of businesses, which in reality is the basic economic engine of our societies. So when the economy grows in value, so does your index fund shares. Your share of the pie is the same, but the pie just got a lot bigger! Countries don't store their money as currency, they exchange surplus currency for shares in funds basically. My country Norway has about the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world, it owns about on average 1% of the worlds businesses (that are listed on stock exchanges of course). For Norway to lose that, then basically all the worlds businesses would have to fail, if they did, sitting on a pile of gold wouldn't be any better as you could not buy anything with it in that case anyway. Some may make the joke you can't eat paper money, well you can't eat gold either. In the past plots of land was also used as money, as you could actually grow food from it. The Romans for example paid their soldiers pension through giving them plots of land to own (promised land at the end of service was their pension). Civil wars were fought due to trouble securing the promised lands for the soldiers. Don't listen to these gold and silver fanatics. Many gold enthusiasts try to sell the idea of gold as the real money to make profits off of the increased prices (from the increased demand, from the increased interest in gold as "real" money). Don't you think that the financial industry knows what they are doing? They are professionals, now of course they can rip you off if you don't pay attention, just like anyone can with any financial transaction. However, the key is to (make sure of to) align their interests with yours, meaning when they profit, you profit. Or rather, when you profit, they profit! Basic rules are, keep a minimum amount of currency for conceivable furutre necessary payments (can be substituted with credit if you have stable income, but keep at least some currency to pay down some of that or have sufficient interest free delay options for paying back credit), keep a large share of value in low risk investments/volatility (such as debt/bond funds) and lastly keeping a small share of your wealth in higher risk/volatility (such as stocks, equity funds, index funds, gold and silver can be included here if you want). How much you decide to put in high risk, low risk and currency depends on your personal financial situation as well as your acceptance of risk. Also not that your home is an asset that you save through, but the risk of this asset varies in different markets. The housing bubble is an example of people putting a lot of their value in their home and accumulating too much risk through this asset. When the bubble burst and the prices fell, people could not sell their home to pay off all their debts and be left with the difference that they had paid over the years, many would even still be in debt after selling (usually foreclosure where the bank forces them to sell at a time of low prices), effectively losing all their money they had invested in their home and then some as they went in the negative. Therefore I recommend not investing everything in your home, but instead chose longer pay back times and invest the difference in other saving forms. You can for example achieve higher returns on other investments than you pay in interests, meaning it makes more sense to spend as little money as possible on the loan and as much as possible on the other investments. However let's remember the one rule: Diversify, DIVERSIFY, *DEVERISFY!* Don't keep all your eggs in one basket, basically. That's all the financial wisdom I will bother to share today. Do with it as you will! Hope You Learned Something Useful From It! :D
Fred Papa (6 days ago)
Steven Clark (6 days ago)
Would have been even better if you were right about anything. So far your predictions have not come to pass. Gold is waaaaaaaay down. The US Dollar is way up. But hey, I'll bet you made alot of money during that period peddling this stuff.
steppenwolf (6 days ago)
sorry but forms of currency predates egypt. china was the first empire to come up with the concept of currency and by the 3rd century bce, standardized weights and values had already been established all along the firtile crescent and eastward. as regards to this gold and silver being used as currency, and the distribution of wealth, it simply means that the only ones who will make it out with their head above water when the curtain drops will be the wealthy and more affluent who can actually afford to buy large enough volumes of these precious metals for the use of trade. the rest of us will be like the irish and other migrants in the lower decks of the titanic. they didn't make out very well when it sank and neither will the general public when THIS titanic sinks.
Doug Boggio (6 days ago)
To me it seems like our economy is like a snowball headed for hell..............doomed
Arkam Neckxbruiz3r (6 days ago)
your beautiful intentions are truly appreciated ......about time people learned about this "fog"'! thank you sir! may god bless you with the happiness you hope to create!
J M (7 days ago)
See this video in 2018, and I can feel that your theory is going to be proven in no time
Shadow Msh (7 days ago)
Sure, gold would definitely be a much better means of transaction than currencies. Still, there is just one problem with that. As we know, reserves of gold aren't limitless and more gold cannot be produced, we can only utilize what we've got. That makes it valuable but the question is, whether it would be fitting today's economy. There are so many people and not that much gold really. Back in the ancient rome there was enough of gold and silver for economy at that time to function but still they were lacking resources. And now, how would that be enough for everyone to trade for (and also take into account all government expenses)? Sure, you can divide gold into smaller pieces but you cannot divide it indefinitely. And it's not like population stops growing after reaching certain point. The reason why Nixon moved from gold standard into currency was the fact that there was just not enough gold to go around.
Linda J. S. Anderson (7 days ago)
They want us in debt so we will slave to have a simple fiat buck.
Madan Anand (7 days ago)
Gold Coins were Minted First In India Not Egypt. India's Civilization dates back to more than 10 thousand years. India Invented Zero N The Gold Coins circulated during Lord Krishna's Period and before. Check this out This civilization is known by many names: Ancient India, Indus Valley, and Harappan Civilization. Historians and archeologists believe the Indus Valley Civilization began around 3000 BCE. There is evidence of trade between Ancient India and Mesopotamia as early as 3200 BCE. Gold Coins discovered from Mohanjoderho & Harhappa.
Tao (7 days ago)
*Presscore.ca* *JohnnyCirucci.com* *Jewwatch.com*
Dave Bosworth (7 days ago)
This is a con game by gold investors who want to drive up the "currency value" of gold, then exchange it for currency at a higher rate. This is like somebody trying to sell you any other commodity or stock share.
Stoner James (8 days ago)
Don't know when this was first released, but about printing money and not gold, can't you print gold with 3D printers today? Don't know.
Bangman357 (8 days ago)
if gold is only made by super nova, how is it we have it on earth deep underground?
MrMWA17 (8 days ago)
Your true wealth is your soul! Dont be afraid of them who can take your life, but rely on Him who can save your soul in eternity... thats worth something:) currency, money, gold, power and that kind of stuff will end. We all will die, rich or poor. And then?
Michael Siterlet (8 days ago)
how about education on alternative methods of improving our quality of life and obtaining basic needs without someone else profiting from it...money =slavery plain and simple.....in my opinion
Ali Ahmad (9 days ago)
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DaggerofLight (9 days ago)
Cristie A (9 days ago)
Time + freedom + efforts = money
Jordan Conley (9 days ago)
Please watch this and give a review. I would love to see it! I am currently watching your videos. I would love your critique on post capitalism! https://youtu.be/0SuGRgdJA_c
Jordan Conley (9 days ago)
You are so close! Capitalism is a farce! You should check out the Zeitgeist Trilogy and Will Work For Free. Both are here on YouTube. You only focus on on a small part of the whole problem. I watched your 9th video and you asked me to watch this one. I have. I will watch all of the videos in this series and comment on all of them. I would like you to check out Will Work For Free! It is long, but I have put an hour into this series and will check out the rest. Let's stop repeating the follies of the past!
Mehmood Shah (9 days ago)
Someone please tell me the background music name at 11:14.
Omar Elghoul (9 days ago)
U r responsible of educating us . we dont even know what should we know
Brent Mc Shine (9 days ago)
Like the program. Keep it up yo,cool
Jay Air (10 days ago)
I love your videos.
James Frankson Tettey (10 days ago)
Western civilization is solely based on DECEPTION. Monopoly money is junk, fiat currency is junk, gold is junk. THE ULTIMATE STORE OF VALUE IS IDEAS period. Throughout the history of this world the civilizations which have the store of IDEAS become the richest. The best ideas on agriculture, medicine, machinery etc translate into riches. Nobody eats paper currency, nobody eats gold, but we all eat from the best ideas of growing food, keeping our bodies healthy, riding in the best cars etc. The leading countries in the world today are the countries with the best ideas. AS THE SAYING GOES IDEAS MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND. By the way I will not tell you the spiritual value of gold because of which you find in the Bible that it is most sought after. WAKE UP PEOPLE.
Jordan Conley (10 days ago)
Turn crisis into your opportunity? Sounds terrible. The monetary system is the hoax. It is easily understood, it is to exploit workers as much as possible. Currency nor money are fungible! Rich people get free stuff all the time. Their money is worth more than the average guy/gal.
DESIGN IS MORE (10 days ago)
Many economists hold the view that it is harder to achieve growth via limited money supply (if it is based on precious metal). More plentiful money supply will facilitate lower cost lending, and thus stimulate investment (good) and consumption (less good).
Andrew Armstrong (10 days ago)
I have always advised against holding money, stocks or bonds and nothing else. Gold and silver are great supplements, even brass and nickel hold value. The main attraction to money is the artificial increase it promises, even though a dollar today is actually worth 34 cents. My grandfather defied Executive order 6102 "forbidding the Hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States" risking heavy fines and prison, he considered it government overreach aimed at helping those who caused the great crash of '29. He withdrew his valuables from the bank and buried them in a wooden box in a corner of his barn. As he always said, "I could not buy an apple with a printed dollar, but I could buy a dozen apples with a silver dollar". When the money is flowing nobody cares until it stops flowing.
Armenias Thunk (10 days ago)
There are some basic problems with your little export scenario. Mainly, you can't eat gold. But you can eat agriculture.  America is still the world's largest exporter of agriculture.  China produces more, but they eat most of it.  America exports more.  The second problem is the idea that you can sit on any kind of wealth.  If you're not producing, it doesn't matter how much "wealth' you're sitting on.  I'm sure there are a few more areas of major concern that would weaken your scare tactic sales approach, but those two should be enough.  Oh and btw, wealth is destroyed every time there's a war, and every time there's a natural disaster or fire.  Gold gets lost and stolen.  You take your gold, and I'll take my farm.  Good luck.
UncleDaddy (11 days ago)
The USD is backed, it's backed by the US military.
Armenias Thunk (10 days ago)
Oh, guess they forgot that.  It's also backed by the fact America doesn't really need any other countries for trade.  We do it, but if it all hit the fan, we'll be fine.  We'll just do as we always have.
moreno franco (11 days ago)
Synchronicity. Hello Mr. Maloney. I just got back from Egypt 3 days ago. I have been buying gold bullion, and withdrawing my cash at ATM's for the past 2 months. To secure my wealth and have ready cash... not to end up like the Greeks a few years ago? I am making my run on the bank now. I was wearing the same hat as yours out there in the Desert. The desert the economy is heading to. Thank you for the heads-up...
Gerardo A VeraJR (11 days ago)
So true wow
Corrado Campisano (11 days ago)
@7:30 it's backed by debt, so maybe we'll get to "slavery for debts" again, who knows? "all money is loaned into existence", right? the fact that, in 2008, people could easily "send the keys back and that's it", well, that was just a US thing (it's not like that everywhere, that was a way to move the burden abroad: ask Deutche Bank, or people from Iceland) and it was just for the housing market (try defaulting on student loan, for the full burden)
Arunav Sanyal (11 days ago)
Purchasing power has been diluted in gold backed currencies in the past. Case in point, during the age of (European) discovery, Spain imported a crap ton of gold from the americas, caused hyper inflation in their local economy and it eventually led to the decline of Spain as a major superpower. They also managed to kill entire indigenous cultures in the Americas. So the pursuit of gold let to a net loss.
Chris Hunsicker (11 days ago)
Mike Maloney, I greatly appreciate your works here. Your intelligence and delivery methods are amazing. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with the world. At least some people will be awake and aware of their enslavement.
Chris Hunsicker (11 days ago)
i believe that cryptocurrency was planned. It certainly seems like the GOD send for our monetary system but this seems like a way to chip everyone. If your a christian, you know what I mean. How could someone possibly plan this so far in advance unless there was a sinister agenda behind it. I also don't believe that these people are just NOT "learning from history". I believe there's an evil in this world that has been here for all history. An evil with the intention to destroy the souls of men robbing and enslaving every soul. It cant be a coincidence that every civilization was dismantled in the exact same way.
Trump is reincarnation of Nero https://youtu.be/8NxCfjcysug
Alexander Herrera (11 days ago)
This series of videos should be taught in all schools to educate the masses to the scam that is pulled over their lives.
Nathan Lam (11 days ago)
Hi Mike and team, I shared this video on minds.com... but there was a comment made that some individuals (in Canada and Brazil) is unable to view your video... Would you have any idea what happened here?
Joseph Auler (12 days ago)
so save in gold and silver? what percentage break down do you suggest to invest your income currently? for every dollar put in savings equal it in silver?
Watch Top 10 Reasons I Buy Gold and Silver
E. V. (12 days ago)
Be sure to watch all 10 episodes! They are mind blowing educational !
Thank you.
Morten Nielsen (12 days ago)
1:50 "The greatest crisis of Mankind". LOL. And this ridiculous claim is said right after "The longer you can see into the past, the longer you can see into the future". What an american idiot! Okay, I will give this video another 5 minutes max, before I stop to watch it.
skyson b pei (12 days ago)
Whos smarter a 5 year old or an ivy league professor 😂😂😂 edit: “their amateurs compared to wall st” had me dying
judith watson (12 days ago)
Sorry for a stupid question, but if currency doesn't have any value, how can it be said that gold is worth the same all over the world, since it keeps dropping in price... ??? (please be kind, I really don't know)
The Cloud (12 days ago)
The biggest problem with all these videos is that there's only enough gold in the world to fill one gigantic olympic size swimming pool so they I'm
Johnathan Myers (12 days ago)
Ever notice why it's called a "bank" or "currency" ? The (river) BANK controls the direction of the river (currency).
Patrick Roche (12 days ago)
Now it's being sent back.
Patrick Roche (12 days ago)
Trump? Fed
World peace! I want my face on my coins to and not the Queen's old face in Canada where she doesn't live ... No business.
Ashley Oasis (12 days ago)
Iran russia China ditch the dollar
Voffman (13 days ago)
What if bitcoin, which has limited amounts of bitcoins circulating it can’t be created more was the value and we had paper money as a claim that you own that bitcoin.
Muhammad Qosim (13 days ago)
What propaganda behind this film... Oohh it made by Global Leader in Gold Seller
Kaan T (13 days ago)
I guess thrn you should look also into cryptocurrencys. The supplys are also limited amd In opposite to gold it much easier to carry arround.
Heldchenklein (13 days ago)
I don't understand why you are a proponent of gold because it can't be printed but are worried about the deflationary nature of Bitcoin. Isn't gold deflationary too?
John Mc (13 days ago)
What's to keep the government from confiscating everyone's gold when the s&^% hits the fan?
Eyeslo 420 (13 days ago)
Wow, i paused at 22:20 to comment this before i forgot. The exported inflation perfectly explains why desert storm had to happen. If the petro dollar being usd is the only thing keeping the world needing usd reserves, then the petro Euro would have money littering our streets in no time. ( Correction. Currency would litter the streets. )
jim jones? (13 days ago)
Finally!.somone talking about exported inflation! You hit the nail on the head.
Shawn Loong (13 days ago)
Moral of the story, buy gold and silver?
Oisin Murphy (14 days ago)
As Homer Simpson said Crisitunity. lol
Stand up for GOOD (14 days ago)
Can't eat gold or silver.
Stand up for GOOD (14 days ago)
With automation, we can finally outgrow the monetary system. Straight to Resource Based Economy (RBE) without money. If we gave everybody an apple everyday (if they wanted an apple) then only two problems arise... 1. inventory (# apples produced / consumed. 2. Distribution routes ( which we have down to a science) It's when we staple cost, value, and profit to the Apple is when things get unnecessarily difficult.
Stand up for GOOD (14 days ago)
John Humphrey (14 days ago)
Error, gold is not formed from a star exploding, it is formed from two stars colliding and from forming one mass.
Quantex Systems (14 days ago)
How can you transfer tons of gold to other part of the world if you want to make international trade? I think fiat currencies are ok.
Grandpow (15 days ago)
So you want my fiat dollars for some of your shiny gold?
Daniel Ratajczyk (15 days ago)
If they all are increasing money supply, then it’s all relative
Adam Soul (15 days ago)
I think the reason money screws everything up so much is because it is an artificial substance. Using money is like eating plastic. It does strange things to us. It has caused us to foul our own nests.
Adam Soul (15 days ago)
I think money in any form is a poison to mankind. Anthropological studies show that people with the same intelligence levels and bodily structures lived as hunter-gatherers for 300,000 years, beginning in Africa. People scoff at our hunter-gatherer ancestors and think they were much dumber than we are, but the anthropological studies don't reflect that stereotype. Since mankind became civilized and started using money about 5,500 years ago we have lived in disharmony with our planet. The artificially induced drive for money is insatiable. It devours the Earth and it devours mankind. Even right now at this very moment we can't think right because we are all intoxicated by this drug. Money is a poison.
Christian Arroyo (15 days ago)
on our way to 8 Billion people.. there's a lot of smart hard working givers now day, the gold and silver supply isn't enough The crypto concept sounds much better though for this day in age of our time.
treve69 (15 days ago)
digital gold => Bitcoin. better properties than gold because you can transfer it all over the world with some clicks and you actually own it if you have the private key. you can easily divide it, harder with gold. 100 million satoshi in 1 bitcoin so there is enough supply for the whole world. Only 21 million limited supply, while there might be an excess in gold somewhere on a planet we will discover in the future, that could crash the price of gold... M0 + M1 + M3 look scary today after watching this in 2018.
Joshua Hibbs (15 days ago)
No one mentions the fact that these guys value gold above paper dollars but 50years from now whenever someone decides to mine a 2mile wide gold asteriod and bring it back what will happen to the idea of gold being so valueable? it really is just a asset class
Kennet K. Tangen (15 days ago)
"Over the last 5000 years, only gold and silver have maintained their purchasing power. There have been thousands upon thousands of BS (?) currencies, currencies that are unbacked by gold and silver, and they have ALL gone to zero. It's a 100% failure rate." Oh, really? Which currencies are included here? The dollar? The yen? Houses? Cryptocurrencies? Have they all "gone to zero"? Have they all failed 100%? Are they all bunk? I'm gonna need to be spoonfed this ideology.
32 32 (15 days ago)
*Mike Maloney is a prophet*
Invest in Loans! So simple... https://bondora.com/ref/BO73K5AA1
Phillip So (16 days ago)
There is one question for you Mike Maloney. If money can be printed causing inflation & lost of the value. Why wouldn't gold lose it's value as we have mining industry keep on producing gold over the years?
Christian Cruz (16 days ago)
Controlled opposition. Ignorance is bliss. Half truths. Half lies. Walking a fine line of what should and shouldn't be exposed.
lpdn94 (16 days ago)
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Des Troya (16 days ago)
Wealth can be destroyed, by destroying the productive capacities of people, or misdirecting their energies to unproductive efforts we reduce wealth in terms of goods and services we like. More trillions spent on bombs means less money making cities look clean and maintained. More time and energy spent worrying about taxation and government rules means less energy spent creating educational opportunities for our youth. But I get what you mean, there are winners and losers to the inflation game, no doubt about it.
Billy King (17 days ago)
Genuinely asking, if those paper money are just completely worthless then why cant we just buy all those gold with our current income ?
Akshay Tandsi (17 days ago)
Hi Mike, don't you think that all these issues can be solved by a self-sustaining, small, autonomous societies based on a barter system?
Rodney Paterson (17 days ago)
What about the gold being sold that does not exist?

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