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Money vs Currency - Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 1 - Mike Maloney

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More: http://HiddenSecretsofMoney.com Currency vs. Money is the 1st Episode of Mike Maloney's Hidden Secrets of Money, a series presented by Mike Maloney as he travels the world to uncover the Hidden Secrets of Money. Sign up to the http://GoldSilver.com/ email list to be notified about new releases and receive special bonus content: http://goldsilver.com/hidden-secrets-money/currency-money/. To learn about gold and silver, central banking, wealth cycles, deficit spending, monetary history, the financial crisis, the fiscal cliff, the debt ceiling and more, view the Hidden Secrets Of Money playlist (http://goo.gl/GBsdr) and subscribe to this channel: http://goo.gl/emXEB Join GoldSilver.com & Mike Maloney on other social networks: Blog: http://goldsilver.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Goldsilvercom/230719865624 Twitter (GoldSilver): https://twitter.com/Gold_Silver Twitter (Mike Maloney): https://twitter.com/mike_maloney LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/goldsilver-com
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Text Comments (2838)
Namastay (6 months ago)
Hi Mike Maloney, What are your thoughts on cryptocurrency as the next replacement for store of value over gold. As the new generation comes foward, they are more dependent and secure in digital assets over physical ones. Have you researched digital currency and its affect on the FIAT crisis we are in?
alexjohnward (11 days ago)
g5162 you cant create more nano, look it up
Adrian Segura (12 days ago)
No cares about crypto . Quit asking . Plus everyone is pretty much banning .
Rexxa Mecca (1 month ago)
The Foreign Countries will make a splendid investment compared to us with the value of their economics since our money will parish like theirs
Parrotshootist (1 month ago)
Yes, it is still the same Fiat Currency. God said Fiat Lux, Let there be Light, Rothschild: Fiat Currency, let there be flowing 'money'. However it is also worse. Because all the devices need to 'own it' (actually any money in a bank is no longer yours, and they have no actual obligation, beyond 'convention', to return any of it), then on top of that all of your transactions are no longer yours to control. Merely having the money isn't enough, you also require permission. Its intrinsic to the digital system.
germanyinthehouse (3 months ago)
Philippe Kougioumoutzakis bitcoin has no natural industrial use. Crypto has no store of value that has historically lived threw a collapse
Renould P (16 hours ago)
Thank you Mike for Sharing this Incredible and Insurmountable Great information.
Galeo Curvier (2 days ago)
Currency is whatever you want it to be.
Aryan Nagar (2 days ago)
In hindu religion we have 3 supreme gods Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. In my religion i.e., Finance Robert Kiyosaki, Mike Maloney, Varun Malhotra are my gods.
Dorrisday22 (7 days ago)
Do you know Mike speaks the only real sense in this day and age. Note he started the video with it all started here in Egypt about 5000 years ago. How correct is this man. As we are not only in the money hoax but the hoax is that the world that s the main hoax we have only been here around 6-7 thousand years. Not only the money hoax people that what’s coming is a far bigger hoax it’s the crash of the Dollar. No it’s going to crash but remember they make millions from major crisis. Already in the Uk banks are closing in most high streets.
Elizabeth Gonzalez (12 days ago)
I gave my 98 year old gramma who has dementia, a dollar bill. She then asked me “why is this toilet paper green?” 😭😂😂
David Skeens (12 days ago)
Here's my question if money is useless paper how am I supposed to purchase gold or silver for this upcoming wealth transfer and better yet I don't even have any of this worthless paper to purchase gold and silver so tell me how do I get gold and silver
Adrian Segura (12 days ago)
Sorry Mike but it was the Sumerian that's started using gold . Idk about silver . But Sumerian used gold as an exchange and for jewelry .
convair52 (13 days ago)
Proverbs 22:7 Poor people are slaves of the rich. Borrow money and you are the lender's slave.
Jacob Papa (17 days ago)
When the banks crash and gold is the new standard, it wont matter that much. Guns and anmo will inflate 2x 3x what thier worth as well with other related commodities. At that point the U.S. will be under marshal law. If you want a finincial saving along with a thriving way of living, plan an escape
Zibagaleria II (19 days ago)
You are 1000 right Mike Maloney, that's the same thing what the Al-Qur'aan said since 1.400 years ago.... and prophet Muhammad peace be upon him already all of us. That dajjal (anti christ) money system will fail, like fiat, digital currency, etc. and one again all economic thing set back to gold and silver.
James Williamson (19 days ago)
Wow. What a sad ordeal I just had with Goldsilver.com. For no apparent reason (that they could give me at least), they held up my order (after they had already charged me), and made some claim about their insurance company not accepting my legitimate address and phone number. Bizarre. Well, what can I say but that they lost a customer.
Trace zach daniels (19 days ago)
so cool...hey call me I have great new energy machine never been done B 4 I just need serious investor[s].....626 342 4160 4pm to 4am cali time.
jorgedefoe1 (21 days ago)
Winston churchill was a destitute washed up traitor who betrayed his own countrymen and the allies by extending WWII in favour of the bankers who owned him.
Ethan Diaz (22 days ago)
I am a young kid, almost a teenager and I find this very interesting. Most kids my age wouldn't understand or won't be interested. I feel like there's only like 23% of kids my age who feel the same way.
Richard A (25 days ago)
Thank You Mike M. If it was your intention to scare the hell out of me..and educate me of course..you get 5 stars buddy..I am going to start sharing your content on my social media platforms..In fact I am going to start a new blog on this niche..I will still take good ole American CASH THOUGH..but I promise you Mike I will be converting as much of that cash to .999 bullion...seriously Mr. Maloney..I am not wishing a collapse of the American economic system..but because of you I am going to be much better prepared for it..just in case buddy!
동운 (25 days ago)
I admit it to some extent. but, What do you have a purpose about this video? You is goldsilver.com.
Suzanne Szárai (26 days ago)
"Greatest crisis is my opportunity"? This video is for people who want to make money from money leaving others to suffer. Old school.... Time to wake up.... you greedy fools!
Peter Nguyen (28 days ago)
"Your true wealth is your time and freedom." This is a very vague statement. If it were true, pets (dogs, cats, etc.) would be "wealthy." Maloney probably means that one should avoid debt, which forces one to work hard to enrich others (through a job, for instance). A job takes away your time and freedom. Freedom to explore business opportunities.
Is there enough Gold and Silver for all of us to use as money
RickyBobby BobbyRicky (29 days ago)
I thought the first coinage was done by a Greek province ...I can't think of the name...on the East side of the Aegean Sea
J Johnson (1 month ago)
Eric Lukkaristo (1 month ago)
So, it`s mid 2018 and still no collapse(or in foreseeable future). WTH!? Did they all get away with this? And mostly; where`s my money? I live in Finland, Europe...
ron whiteleo (1 month ago)
Thanks for telling the truth that monetary exchange began in Africa....
Hector Hermes (1 month ago)
Mike how much gold do you directly or indirectly own?
matthew spencer (1 month ago)
Finally a great way to show my family the truth
Buy the bitcoin! or the gold if u want
Adil Çınar (1 month ago)
Bitcoin will finish this system..we trust #1 Bitcoin
gary Incremona (1 month ago)
There should be no currency ideally, but in order to have this work we need to rid our greedy and ill behaviors through health practices.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVISMOGyJNI
Razmi Utoh (1 month ago)
two pounhs 2008 1998 ) malaysi 6013357696
Synergy Nation (1 month ago)
MOney is time and freedom? Nonsense. If you are invested in the stock market and you stocks rise in value, that has nothing to do with your time. It's an illusion. But it becomes real when you cash out your stock and spend it in society. What makes it possible to do that? The authority of law and govenment. Basically, the value of money come from the barrel of a gun. Government holds the gun and forces people to comply with the laws. The value of money is in the violence used to enforce it. Without that, it has no value other than what people believe it has. It's like religion. If you share the relgiion's beliefs you can trade with others. But always remember that money is violence, or the threat of violence, by government.
Mike Maloney has money even is his surname
NLF (1 month ago)
so over all what are you suggesting saving and investing or buying gold and storing it for when the boom hits
sneaking_ weasel (1 month ago)
Gold can be increased though. We can produce it in a lab and we will probably mine it in space in the near future. Also, millions of tonnes of it is produced every time a stars' life ends in a supernova.
Nick Heger (1 month ago)
Bitcoin yeh?
ddale20 (1 month ago)
This is why our media, the rich, and our government controls our schools. They have to keep us dumb, fighting each other, and distracted with crap like police brutality, separation at borders, lgbtq, hyphenating our ethnicities, and on and on. What we need to do is keep politics local and at the state level. Centralizing our government creates slavery and theft. No one know what's going on. How can one living in D.C. understand what's happening in San Antonio, Miami, etc.? That's why we need to take back our schools and teach these things. CNN, social media, etc., will only keep us dumb! They all have an agenda. Distract them and keep them fighting is their motto while they get richer.
Domingo De Anda (1 month ago)
Thanks Mike Maloney, you are awesome.
Naha Ktam (1 month ago)
Thanks so much for having captions in different languages Mike. I can't wait to show this to my mum so that she can understand in her native language. Thank you 🙏
Aryan Nagar (1 month ago)
Sir you are awesome. thank you for awareness!!
Dylan Campbell (1 month ago)
what if one day we can 3d print gold
Peter Nguyen (1 month ago)
Great educational video, thank you. But I challenge the idea that gold or silver are the ultimate or optimum form of money. I developed the Multidimensional Theory of Money where I posited that there are dimensions to money (or value). Zero-dimensional money (or OD$) refers to valuable knowhow in our heads. One-dimensional money (or 1D$) refers to code, passwords, software, digital products, etc. Two-dimensional money refers to fiat currency, bonds, property titles, etc. that appear on paper or in plastic format. Three-dimensional money refers to objects that have value and that people can sell in open markets. Find out more about four-dimensional, five-dimensional, six-dimensional and seven-dimensional money in my Facebook group at www.tinyurl.com/entrepreneuracademygroup. Gold and silver are 3D money, in my theory. But they are not the ultimate form of money.
THRIFTLET kenny (1 month ago)
So bitcoin is a Currency
Muntaha Kaliwon (1 month ago)
The strongest Currency must be back by bomb or nuclear bomb.... whoever goes against them must be killed or wipe out from the planet .
Carlos Berrios (1 month ago)
Guys, before taking these videos seriously please take a look to the biography of each person that appears here, one of the guys even claim that the cure of the cancer is the consumption of amygdalin, 9/11 conspiracy theories and stuff like that, and all of them are into the doomsday bookselling business, my trust on these videos just disappeared.
Kayula Mwanamwenge (1 month ago)
The further you can look into the past, the further you can see into the future
D.ASHISH RAO (1 month ago)
The great man
Eliseo Sendon (1 month ago)
Great buy at $1,250
Alpha Omega (2 months ago)
21,100,000,000,000 (deficit) / 326,000,00 (population) = 64923.08 (possession per American) as of June 16th, 2018. This is simply mean that each American has $64923.08 in their possession. However, we should ask ourselves, is it really true that each American has in their possession which could possibly be worth $64923.08? When you are digging deeper into the matter and the results are proving otherwise. Now why is that?
Alpha Omega (2 months ago)
QE1 is a joke. When I heard this term the next thing comes to my head is someone is going to screw our money supply again. LMFAO
Alpha Omega (2 months ago)
I like currency medium much better than gold; it can control our financial system of operation more efficient than that of the gold/silver medium. Look at how the US is able to control economy such that of 2008 Depression. Without the Fiat Currency system of operation, US economy would collapse. Look at the 1929, the Great Depression.
Nik Lyons (2 months ago)
Gold and silver is hard to transfer and easy to steal. Gold and silver and copper and many metals will always have value tho. Crypto is not really fiat in the sence that the security of private keys are providing a service and can be hidden and sent and stored easier that metal. None are better.. Just different for different purposes. Crypto and gold and precious metals are pro individual empowerment and keeps the fed in check
Travis (2 months ago)
WTF is the chart showing "Gold outperforming DOW" dramatically since 2000 at 13:29 ?>>>??? https://youtu.be/DyV0OfU3-FU?t=13m29s
sypher0101 (2 months ago)
15:44 "Currency was created to bail out the bankers" .. wasn't the money taken from pensions, savings etc.. of workers, and given to the bankers, not created?
Bernard Xaba (2 months ago)
I think Mike is a genius to try find a difference between a currency and the money of which many of us did not know until I myself lisenten to his motivational talks, thanks to him he really open up my mind .
Omar Delawer (2 months ago)
Who benefits from shitting on bankers and Wall Street? People who sell gold and silver which is why this man has made this video. He benefits and gets rich when the idiots buy and sell his gold and silver. Can’t you see through his plot?
Chris Gilliam Trapping (2 months ago)
Solomon Naz Agreed. These people are pushing bullshit. A lot of them are pushing the "global currency revaluation" scam now. And people are falling for it.
Omar Delawer (2 months ago)
He isn't just pushing his product though. He is intentionally being misleading to push people's fear buttons to buy gold and silver instead of investing them in equities.
Chris Gilliam Trapping (2 months ago)
Solomon Naz Of course. But YouYube is a great place to push your product. 😉 Gold and silver are great for losing money.
jo phoenix (2 months ago)
The best investment is education of sciences..
jo phoenix (2 months ago)
Currency is a usable exchange as lone as it has something to BACK it !!! Christendom has been dupe just like JESUS said in the TEMPLE when he turned the tables but when Christendom awakens and it is the Christians will no longer be the Chattel of the ZION and it will make Hitler look like a nice guy even though the blame is with the useful idiots who's greed sold their own.."The most valuable thing a person has is it's people " \Hitler ....
Alex Hernandez (2 months ago)
Whats is the song minute 21:00
Ilias Paralikas (2 months ago)
OPINION( from a student with BASIC economic knoledge!) This is interesting and all, but i think this is kind of fear-mongering in a sence that it goes without saying that anyone (both the goverment and private companies) can take advantage of you if unregulated (e.g. sweatshops) and thus abolishing the whole concept of currency just for that fact seems like a rush move. Even so some of the points were very solid ,while others... not so much "14:55-15:29 no arguments made just "trust me" oh ok... On inflation, it indeed drains the economic energy of the people IF you hide the currecy under your bed. So it forces you to either consume it or invest it which is esential to the circulation of the economy and thus (on a low rate) vital. Finally this whole seires is made by a company which sells gold&silver so they have an incetive to tip the scale in their favour so that makes me a bit sceptical. Even so preaty interesting stuff! Would love to see counter arguments Thanks
Felix King (2 months ago)
Check out Money Masters Documentary on YouTube
Francisco Lozada (2 months ago)
I think this is a lot of malarky, what would keep gold from buying you less and less products or services over time, won't inflation keep happening with or without fiat currency? If printing money does this why won't the digging up of more and more gold and silver do the same? maybe at a slower rate, but nothing changes!! There is not enough gold and silver to transact the level of transactions done by todays 9 billion people and growing population!
Alnaboolsy 23 (2 months ago)
F & A
Beatrice Seal (2 months ago)
Bitcoin is a store of value
Chris Gilliam Trapping (2 months ago)
Beatrice Seal 😍😍😍😍😘😘😎
Suhail Seedat (2 months ago)
Possibly the best documentary I've ever watched
khalid ulkar (2 months ago)
ericoquinn1 (3 months ago)
Mike you are great. The Federal Reserve is privately owned , how is it the President of The United States gets to select its Chiarman of a private company
Chris Gilliam Trapping (2 months ago)
ericoquinn1 The Federal Reserve is a government system.
Radostin Radoev (3 months ago)
Research bitcoin! Better money than gold :D
M Gurcam (3 months ago)
how does gold and silver have any value if/when governments decide and declare they have no value? they plan to do it with bitcoin. what protects gold and silver from this? nothing. people in power decide and make the rules of the game.
Chris Gilliam Trapping (2 months ago)
M Gurcam Nope. US dominance isn't going away soon. Neither is the oil, so we're ok for a couple more decades at least. The oil majors will shift to other energy sources on their own as oil supplies shrink. Nat gas for instance.
M Gurcam (2 months ago)
Do you think US will really lose its economic and military dominance? With 300 million population it still produces a huge world GDP share in a world of 7 billion. What do you think will happen to oil stocks when world's untouched and touched reserves eventually dry up?
Chris Gilliam Trapping (2 months ago)
M Gurcam The money printing is just the wsy the system is designed. It'll probably continue for a couple more decades with no major problem. Whatever eventually replaces the dollar won't be linked to gold. Governments wouldn't limit themselves like that. I like gold coins because you can hide them in a small space for decades and nobody knows about it, but as a money making investment I like stocks. Remember, stocks, especially of companies with pricing power, are an inflation hedge. Price of cereal goes up with inflation. So will Kellogg stock. I like oil stocks.
M Gurcam (2 months ago)
What do you think about US government deciding to print money with no gold to match and its continuation till today in relation to this? Also, what if markets come to decide that gold is nice looking but useless some day in the future? What could prevent that?
Chris Gilliam Trapping (2 months ago)
M Gurcam Market decides price of commodities. Metals are commodities. With Bitcoin I don't think the government could ban it. I think they gave up on that.
bagariddum (3 months ago)
sold 50% of my gold and bought crypto . far bigger gains in <2 months than the previous 2 years in the rigged gold market. slower since first 2 months and obviously far greater risk, but i'm not looking back.
sana bhaskar (3 months ago)
hi bros my name is sana Bhaskar
sana bhaskar (3 months ago)
my name bhaskar
sana bhaskar (3 months ago)
hi bro hjtkffkkkkkkkkkkekhemdmdmkkm
kebman (3 months ago)
Guess who just made the PetroYuan... Oh, sorry, that was probably a bit easy to guess, but anyway, when it becomes adopted in more and more places, it's gonna be a _huge_ problem for the USA.
Jaya Surya (3 months ago)
Hi Mike Maloney, I have a doubt, In our country ( i don't know about the rest ) the value of gold changes in terms of currency. why does it happen ?
Roy DaDanceGod (3 months ago)
So basically this whole series is advertising for gold and silver It is advertising how Gold And Silver are the best hedges for inflation
Cels M (3 months ago)
if currency has equivalent money that deposited in central bank, what happen to equivalent money of a currency that does not circulate anymore like the currency that was destroyed, like burnt in a building or currency that lost in the sea or neglected currency, are the government just going to print those equivalent currency? if it happen like this, why the government is saying that they are losing money if all equivalent money of circulating currency was in the central bank?
Brandon King (3 months ago)
Mike Maloney you have IMO the best videos on youtube in your field of study. Thank u and keep up the awesome work, hopefully I will get to meet you one day.
Paul D (3 months ago)
Money isn't the answer, blockchain isn't the answer, a resource based sharing economy, now there is something to consider
tony16222 (3 months ago)
Currency was created because gold and silver is heavy to carry. Imagine carrying gold to purchase a house. Currency was suppose to be backed by gold but people have given so much faith to the dollar that gold became obsolete
maroctech (3 months ago)
If we combine this futuristic prediction of a global comback to gold n silver with our islamic end times prophecies. I think this explains how muslims will be so rich to a point everyone will have so much money that he wouldnt ask for more ...
Thijs van den Bosch (3 months ago)
Im watching this and thinking this is actually true. But arent you just promoting the buy of gold and silver for your own intrest you own the store?
maroctech (3 months ago)
"The Egyptians are amateurs comapred to wall street" loool
Larry Jr (4 months ago)
So basically what you’re saying is that a universal coin or in this case gold and silver could lead to the world economy to level out or be the answer to all the questions being asked about economy?
Wei Xue (4 months ago)
You don’t know QE
Ron Cadorette (4 months ago)
Great, convert all your fiat currency into PM, and when the worthless fiat crashes, the Banksters will lean on the Government to come and confiscate your PM. The only answer to this is a revolution, unless of course, the government has already confiscated your firearms! Don't forget for one minute, that the Government and Banksters are partners in crime!
Andre van de Burgwal (4 months ago)
Willem van Middelkoop is our "mike malony" in the Netherlands. And is trying getting mike to our country to speak! I can't wait!
Mairi Noir (4 months ago)
It cost more than a penny to make a 1p coin so why do we make them?
Chris Gilliam Trapping (2 months ago)
Mairi Noir That penny gets used for decades though.
hamza zaaf (4 months ago)
Who's smarter? a five y.o or an Ivy League professor?!!!!!!
Lldb 123 (4 months ago)
I have 2 questions: 1. So what is flat currecny based on for example dollar? is it trust? or is it backed by the threat of using of force by the government? 2. How it works when you export and get money for your goods? For example if usa buys something and pays it with dollars how is that other country with different currency suppoed to use it? and wouldn't take make dollar more expensive in usa if they bought more than sold to other countries?
Philip Rey (4 months ago)
Thought I was watching Zeitgeist. lol
Gualberto Micolano (4 months ago)
You lived your dream, now play the game. You played the game, now get yourself your dream.
Adrian Kho (4 months ago)
Bitcoin is an even better form of money than gold and silver.
Farzher (4 months ago)
don't forget about bitcoin. it's just like gold, but a lot more useful
rozaneik rozaneik (4 months ago)
Saad Ali (4 months ago)
sir whats the benifit of knowing all this? can any one tell that whats the benifit of knowing what Rothchilds are doing and what bankers are doing?
Kurt Rickerd (4 months ago)
Very well done! I would argue a paper FRN isn't so fungible because if you rip it in half, it's value goes away. Try feeding a 1/2 note into a FRN reading machine at a grocery store and see what happens. Which also is an argument for it not being durable. A digital FRN doesn't have those specific problems per se but has other fundamental durability issues, such as if there was an EMP attack. Bitcoin would suffer the same fate. A non silver coin "dollar" is more durable but not at all fungible if it does get melted down. It's so called value goes away.
911LexVegas (4 months ago)
Also, when the money rushes back into the US. It will do so in the form of people (foreigners) buying property, real estate, natural resources, ports, harbors, cities, forest. It will be a double edged sword. And, the government will sell it all to them, the property they stole from us threw taxation. You know the BLM controls 1/3 of acreage in the united states? totally unconstitutional.
Bernard Furst (4 months ago)
Gold has no real intrinsic value either. By itself, it has no real value to any of us except for whatever you can do with it ie. make into jewelry or use it in some electronics. So in essence, gold's value is still based on trust just like the dollar in our federal reserve system. Also, the reserve system allows for greater economic expansion since wealth creation is not limited by the finite amount of gold held by a lending institution. Also, the interest paid to the Fed for all loans created does not end up in someone's pocket, which is one of the major criticisms by this author. Instead all excess proceeds received are given back to the US Treasury. There are many valid concerns about the reserve system, but in the end it creates a more efficient economy than not using this system.
Crypstian BTC (4 months ago)
Anonymous Anonymous (4 months ago)
Their is deep truth to what you say but it necessary doesn't need to be Gold and silver, if bags of sand has value then it becomes money, even gems but they cannot be standardized, or cheep bars of iron or lead, the paper currency boosted economic growth as historically gold and silver fluctuating values caused economic slowdowns. My biggest worry of paper currency is government irresponsibility that is what would lead to hyperinflation.

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