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Trading Lessons from Paul Tudor Jones - Wall street best trader

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Like our facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/EverythingIsSciences Subscribe to our youtube channel ! By top tick production Here are the main points the video discusses: 1. Paul Tudor Jones is a trader who got his start as the trading assistant -- he refers to it as a secretarial position -- for a commodities trader. He learned the business that way, and is now a billionaire hedge fund manager. 2. Jones made much of his fortune in the crash of 1987, which he foresaw through his analysis of debt cycles and Elliott Wave. Jones saw the similarities between the market in the late 1980s and that in the late 1920s. 3. Like most successful traders, Jones understands the importance of risk management. Mental stops are applied to all positions and an understanding of market correlations is also used to help mitigate risk. 4. Jones is a swing trader who looks for swing highs and swing lows. Jones finds it easier to trade markets for quick profits when they are at these extremes. He will often catch the reversal, but will not ride the trend for its full duration. At least this was his approach during the late 1980s. 5. Jones believes debt is the key driver of the global economy. Accumulation of debt correlates to booms, and when a peak debt level is reached and repayments must become a priority, a society enters a bear market. This viewpoint, coupled with Elliott Wave analysis and comparisons to price movement in the late 1920s, helped Jones forecast and profit from the crash of 1987. This video contains an excerpt from the PBS documentary "Trader" -- a short film about Paul Tudor Jones.
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