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A REAL BITCOIN CITY? - This City In Slovenia Is Gearing Up For Crypto Domination

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Text Comments (18)
Kyle Brower (2 days ago)
Dude I’m sorry I’m unsubscribing because the only thing you upload is bitcoin now
Oliver Li (5 days ago)
will slovenian replace english as the top world language? LOL
Lets give bitcoin a new birth 🤠🤙
Giak Q (7 days ago)
Bitcoin Cash is awesome!😀
cedracine (7 days ago)
I only wonder Why they choosed such a shitcoin as bcash while real, working, established, "Honnest and Secure" Alts as Litecoin, Etherum Classic, Digibyte, Lumens or XRP or one of the few "Honnest and Secure" coin.
BlackMagic553 (7 days ago)
It's just a giant mall. You love the sound of your voice and that's too bad cause it's incredibly irritating
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noxxi (7 days ago)
Sway P (7 days ago)
Where is your bitcoin rise now ??? You have been deceiving people for weeks. FOR SHAME !
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Ob_s e r_veR (8 days ago)
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Lena An (8 days ago)
I did not trust in freebie before participating in (OCN) ODYSSEY airdrop freetokens.pro/odyssey/token-airdrop yet
Paul Bogo (8 days ago)
That is the worst try to say Ljubljana ever😂
Paul Bogo (8 days ago)
Slovenia 🇸🇮 rules
all bor (8 days ago)
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Сергей Шило (8 days ago)
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luis marchan (8 days ago)
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