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Here's why you'll NEVER make money in Forex. The Forex Cycle of Doom...

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Learn more here: https://bit.ly/2ShPRPx Here' why you'll never make money in Forex. It's all because of the Forex cycle of doom. Many aspiring traders who are trying to make money in Forex don't know they're falling victim to it. The Forex cycle of doom is all about how you find a strategy, trade it, experience some losses, dump it and then find it a new strategy. It's the main reason why you'll never make money in Forex.
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Lifeintheslowlane (6 hours ago)
So its pointless then , i follow someone on instagram and they offer 60 day free trial so im confused ,
Tajodin Saiyed (7 hours ago)
Very nice explain
sonicyell (10 hours ago)
🦍why 30 years then?
arron mason (15 hours ago)
The importance of a good manager cannot be over emphasized.i value your help in my trade Mr Benjamin woods.
Mariah Clery (14 hours ago)
I tried trading by my self with IQ option but it never helped me so I decided to get help from an experienced trader, Mr benjamin woods He has helped me so well in managing my
joush brown (14 hours ago)
i am so happy i came across a man like Mr benjamin woods he has help me change my way of living .
Jeffrey Strongbow (14 hours ago)
i started with $2000 and i got back $14500 after one week of trading .
Jessica witherford (14 hours ago)
i got his email contact him on email easily benja [email protected] . com
Cedwick O'Brien (14 hours ago)
hello please i am from UK can any one here tell me more about how i can contact Mr benjamin woods ?
HENDRICKS MUMBI (19 hours ago)
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mark genius (20 hours ago)
if you need an expert trader to help out , email [email protected]
WiV (1 day ago)
i think i am the only one who withdraw no deposit bonus money profit haha but it takes 2 years😜
We Trade Waves (2 days ago)
In "FOREX TRADING", If YOU put in the right "WORK", the "RESULTS" will come, nothing is impossible!
Abdul jamil (2 days ago)
finally i have started making profits in forex ,all thanks to mr willson peter since he started managing my account i stop losing all i do now is just wining
Abdul jamil (2 days ago)
+thomas peter miss aiko is right she have said it all
Araki Aiko (2 days ago)
+thomas peter if that is your reason then i think you have being wasting your time cause since i started trading with mr willson i havent gotten any bad news from him nd i dont think i would
thomas peter (2 days ago)
+Abdul jamil am not yet but i want to i just want to make sure he is the right trader i need
Abdul jamil (2 days ago)
+thomas peter yea do you trade with him ?
tinker lucy (2 days ago)
yeah i most say , i recommend mr willson peter for any boby who wants to benefit from forex cause his the best and only trader who is capable of of giving you a positive result
KS (4 days ago)
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peter eyiyere (4 days ago)
i really find your videos educative,pls try to get it to more people like probably doing a UDEMY.COM course, or a very serious ad campaign to boost popularity of the real content u have becauseits really difficult to dig through all the noise on youtube here to get to you, and i think u know what i mean, u deliver real quality sir, keep it up. thanks fromNigeria
Magic Paintball (5 days ago)
silvia moreno (5 days ago)
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Azrael Azulay (4 days ago)
+silvia moreno are you talking about TEI? they are one company i know regulated to trade the mentioned markets. If not, is does this company trade the monthly NFP?
silvia moreno (4 days ago)
the company also trade stocks, bonds, commodities, precious metals such as gold and silver, and crypto currencies (trading and mining).
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silvia moreno (4 days ago)
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Aadish Gautam (5 days ago)
Dale Tino (5 days ago)
I want to start trading
Micheal Brandon (4 days ago)
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madan kumar (6 days ago)
I m successful forex trader n earning well i.e 3-12% monthly.u r wrong .I m enjoying forex.just keep patience patience patience with correct stop loss if ur trade i direction is right .I trade at risk:reward 1:1 Call if anybody keep earning such consistent return.investmnt shud b not less than 10k$ Ph9899376975
Dan Floros (6 days ago)
50% is possible year in year out.... the key is to find a system that suits you...
Manish Wakode (6 days ago)
A greedy person with high unrealistic expectations will never make money in forex he correctly said
MikeISSAGoat Duh (7 days ago)
I make money tho I’m a bit confused?
S. i. (8 days ago)
Funny Funny Fail (8 days ago)
Coke Pleasure (8 days ago)
This title is a click bait to get views so that he can make money off YouTube because he is losing money in forex
Jalen D (8 days ago)
I’ve been trading since i was 16 years old i am now 24 years old and i make a little over $24,000 a month trading forex and dropshipping on ebay i never had to get a job and I literally take care of my family. Im not the guru but i have very experienced mentors!
lynx ts (9 days ago)
Weally liked this well wepwisented pwesentation
abramchuk elizoveta (10 days ago)
Ugh that cycle of doom! Hopefully none of us won't be trapped in it. Anyway, anyone here ever heard of freshforex? Or perhaps is currently trading with it?
David Huxtable (10 days ago)
I found or find a lot of what youve just said to be very true!! But this precis? Still leaves traders confused somewhat as to where next to go? To or how to proceeds? As yes there is so much bs in this mkt places? You see which when its said to you so oftenly that you begin to doubt your own credibility? Start to believe some of the bs!! Have to test it out Wasting yet more time? Money I have a view privately that due to the highly technologically reliant nature of this entire industry? How is it? That we dont even know yet categorically that this entire ind is bent seriously based on a faux original resource? Like the main data bank feeds? Algorythmically We all tends to accept take what is displayed onto our screens quite literally these days such is our reliances upon technical feeds? But whose or what is to say that those resources or data feeds are 100% reliable or are being broadcast accurately? Ive heard horror stories of traders getn to the ends of a long slog slow patient disciplined run on a trade or trades and then as they approach its climaxes to close the trade out!! Something will suddenly occur algorythmically to alter the state cond or direction of that long term position or short term awaited trade that will deny or snatchaway in last final mins secs all that the traders have worked towards acheiving over time so patiently? Its like the data feed skips a beat algorthmically Resetting rejigging your true position automatedly Just before you close out on any of your juicier trades! So.this is prof traders reporting this occurring not me? Per se happening to them? You see regularly Particularly at the ends of a trading period or closing mkts Weird stuff anomalies start occurring in how their trades are tracking just as they go to close out in profits on all of their positions? So my question to yoy is do you think That the forex ind Is now technologically been corrupted? Which also contributes towards this cycle of doom You expound upon So eloquently?
Alius Anthony (10 days ago)
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Thuli Bodiba (11 days ago)
You stupid old man. I bought my first Audi sports car directly through forex. I made my first million in a year Maybe Forex wasn't you to do it for 30 years and post this dumb video
Benet Mokatja (11 days ago)
I know somebody who made million in just 7 year using forex I don't known what are you talking about
Ahmed Ahmed (12 days ago)
I made over 100% so it depend on people
ASDF123000 (12 days ago)
misleading click bait
The Pro Gambler (13 days ago)
Most people come into this because they have a get rich quick with no effort mentality and these people will never win. It takes a certain mindset to stick at it so long and get through all the losses until you know the markets well enough to win more than you lose
Laura Marple (14 days ago)
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david Drew (14 days ago)
He's a really great and competent man.
Joseph Cote (14 days ago)
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frederick Gale (14 days ago)
I've heard so much about Mr Donald Earl , how do I get to him.
Daniel Adams (14 days ago)
Yes Donald is a genius , I got my cash out last weekend of $15000, I appreciate his effort
JAGU JAY (14 days ago)
thank you brother
Trade Chennai (14 days ago)
then why are having 6 monitors if you say NEVER make money in Forex ?
Catalina Vincente (15 days ago)
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Justin Sorci (15 days ago)
I have been an independent Forex trader for many years, and I trade for a living. In my experience the difficulty of becoming a successful trader isn't in finding a "secret" strategy, it's mastering the following...... Maintain a middle balance between fear and greed, because being one or the other will lead to losses. Strict discipline and patience in not trading too big (greed), discipline in waiting for the right moment to trade, the discipline to not trade when the conditions are not right, and the discipline to get out of a trade (don't let greed take your profit, and don't let fear close the trade too soon). Develop unwavering perseverance. Don't follow the herd. By the time the trend is obvious to the average trader, a good portion of the trend is already over with. The big traders and big banks that cause the trend to take place close their trades out by unloading their positions to the average traders that think the market will move even further. Buy low/sell high works fantastically well, but how many average traders actually do that? Most buy high thinking the market will go even higher, and sell low thinking it will go even lower. Developed comfort with shorting at high levels, and buying at low levels. Study yourself, and how you react to different market conditions, and work on countering those emotions to maintain indifference (the balance of greed and fear). Trade because you love trading, not because you love money. You won't have long term trading success if you don't eat, breathe, sleep trading. The professional traders are what they are, because that's what they do.
Thomas Douglas (15 days ago)
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TheAdmin429 (15 days ago)
Manage your loses, keep disciplined and don't waste your time listening to this rubbish.  When you lose someone else has won, it's all based on averages.
Azri Rich 88 (15 days ago)
😄😄😄great video man!
IlluSionnable (16 days ago)
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Eric Forand (17 days ago)
You must be retarded to think forex is dead. Today I made a huge withdrawal of $127k.
lilmixdboy (1 day ago)
how much work tho
Rachel Bouchard (17 days ago)
How did you make so much profits?
Dalton Colton (17 days ago)
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James Willie (16 days ago)
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Zhang Wei (16 days ago)
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Walter Brett (17 days ago)
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Susan Hurst (17 days ago)
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Édouard. Clément. (17 days ago)
*Earning $1000 daily really isn't so far fetched*
Harry Dudding (13 days ago)
hahahahah how fake are these comments loooool
+Kimora Diep 😂 ikr its just funny to see him waisting his time
Kimora Diep (17 days ago)
Lmao look at all the bots commenting. Fuck outta here
Sammy Odins (17 days ago)
+Édouard. Clément. thanks for sharing
Allinone Al (17 days ago)
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Ayanda Zulu (17 days ago)
Click bait
Mr Big (17 days ago)
You'll never make money because ALL forex brokers are bucket shop criminals who will rip you off relentlessly and ruthlessly. None of these bullshit artists ever name a broker, they just get paid to sucker you in.
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nachi keth (19 days ago)
I don't know why there are so many hate comments for the guy..in fact this has happened to me as well and I honestly think that you will have to take care of these things to be successful..take your time to understand the strategy and risk only what you are comfortable losing.
ASH Khabir (19 days ago)
Gabby (19 days ago)
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Abass Enesi (19 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂 jump in the lake
Ruth Malekane (19 days ago)
Lol I see why you haven't been making money in Forex....lol first of all you can start by getting rid of all those monitors..a total waste of time
Joel Chris (20 days ago)
Lol, you can't do it for 30yrs if it ain't profitable....listen mate..keep your disappointments to yourself
tarrique felix (20 days ago)
Good video.. Love it..
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Kangwa Chileya (21 days ago)
I what to know how to trade
Phillip Reynolds (21 days ago)
Wow, how do you become a broker? Sounds like that's where the money is.
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Eadric Fai (24 days ago)
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Alius Anthony (10 days ago)
Then what do u need to trade?
Eadric Fai (14 days ago)
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You don't need people to trade😂
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Sudarshana Senarathne (24 days ago)
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Alius Anthony (10 days ago)
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Popoulos3121 (16 days ago)
it's a scam you gullible retards
Broderick Gass (24 days ago)
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Loyd Glandon (24 days ago)
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Isie Mawi (24 days ago)
Forex Trading is bad
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Nitesh Thapa (25 days ago)
sir is there any possibility to change the bitcoins account number in forex?
Bruce Russell (26 days ago)
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ARIF MEHMOOD (27 days ago)
100% true I love you.
Julian Jackson (27 days ago)
Spoken like a twat with poor risk management that lost all his money going counter trend trading. You've spent 30 years in the market, and have gone negative hence your negativity towards others saying they'll never make money in the market. Not everybody is an impulsive gambler like you. Some have great technical expertise in the market and can turn a consistent profit. I turned 50 dollars into 2.8k in 2 1/2 months. So you keep saying we'll never make money, real traders will prove you wrong
Goenawan W ST CFP (28 days ago)
look at others
Rafal Z (29 days ago)
Why you will never make money in forex? Because markets are efficient (from retail trading point of view). It took me very long time to realise that. One part of trading which I was fascinated by was psychology. Unfortunately it turned out to be red herring - you can't beat randomness regardless of how well prepared you are. That is why selling signals, education etc. to unaware wannabe traders is 100 times more viable source of income (if you don't care about moral aspect). There is hundreds of clues to indicate that, however, once somebody is hooked on "doing it right and achieving success in trading" they filter it all out. And now you are probably going to delete my comment.
EliteFires (29 days ago)
1 Years experience repeated 30 times! This guy is a fraud 😂😂GTFO!!! You’re selling bullshit! Because you didn’t have skill!! Doesn’t mean you must bring fear in others
RenegadePole Arus' (30 days ago)
fuck off it doesn't exist ret'ard
RenegadePole Arus' (30 days ago)
because you are an idiot selling instead of doing it
f yourself (30 days ago)
this guy is a joke. get off youtube. what a degrading title. looks like a con artist.
Logan Boucher (30 days ago)
lool i wonder if he know trading is 50:50 probability! if you add risk management you can make money trading anything!
Rafal Z (29 days ago)
You are wrong. Risk management does not improves your odds, it just slows down destruction of your account (result of 50:50 odds + trading costs). Of course you can always win by luck (and with a lot of luck you can do it many times) but infinite number of trades would always destroy your account.
Med B (30 days ago)
4:25 it's a bit of a contradiction to say you CAN'T make tones of money from a 500$ account then say in 6:00 you can show us in one of your "videos" how you can turn a small account into a LUCRATIVE buisness.
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Prosper Bright (1 month ago)
I've been making money and I've been losing money, I think its time to re strategize
ii sgt luke (1 month ago)
Clearly saying that so nobody else tries to make money. Dope cunt
Domanic Ong (1 month ago)
Use EA.
Lil lucky (1 month ago)
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joseph albert (1 month ago)
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Akuno (6 days ago)
Fuckin scam bots they appear in every fuckin single comment section on a video about forex. People pls do not send mail to that email address its a scam.
Jason Lee (8 days ago)
This is funny af
Dave Flacko (15 days ago)
joseph albert who the fuck is Melissa ? How do i know she’s not a scam
Yes Man (24 days ago)
Odd ForexReality (1 month ago)
BABY FACE (1 month ago)
The title was meant to lead you in ffs jesus
paul k (1 month ago)
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Bruno Belchior (1 month ago)
biggest idiot ever, right here! congrats
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i want to learn forex
joseph albert (1 month ago)
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malone kevin (1 month ago)

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