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Antminer L3+ Setup and cooling solution

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A video documenting my cryptocurrency mining equipment setup and heat management solution
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Steven Goddard (5 months ago)
Hey boss do you have any recommendations for setting up an ASIC miner in my closet. Im confidant in being able to keep them cool enough but I don't know how I would be able to deal with the noise.
Robert Germanelo (5 months ago)
Steven Goddard cooling takes priority over noise management. In a confined space like a closet make sure you have a humidity regulating device (humidifier/dehumidifier) as well.
Max Business (5 months ago)
Maybe you can try the new minermaster pro-c cooling box
Joshua Mercado (6 months ago)
can you leave a list of where you acquired​ the power supplies thank you
Robert Germanelo (6 months ago)
Joshua Mercado 1200
Joshua Mercado (6 months ago)
how many watts are they
Robert Germanelo (6 months ago)
Joshua Mercado ebay.
GABOS (6 months ago)
Hey Rob, I'm thinking of overclocking my L3+, but I'm waiting for the warranty to void first. Think that's smart? Or should I just start overclocking now. If I decide to overclock, will I need an outlet with a higher voltage (110 vs 220). Also, why did you choose 500mhz? Why not higher? Why not lower? Thanks!
Robert Germanelo (6 months ago)
I don't care about warranty as my miners have already made their ROI. If you're good with computers, understand what's involved physically with overclocking, and know how to overclock then there is no issue with doing it now. You will not need to install a higher voltage outlet. What matters is how many watts your power supply can push. My power supplies are 1200 watts each. I chose 500mhz because my miners become unstable (too many HW errors) after that threshold. I have found they aren't receiving enough power to overclock past that point. If I had power supplies with a higher wattage I could push them harder (assuming I can keep them cool enough)
Cryptomania Latino (6 months ago)
hi bro. hey congrats on your mining. i just start with my first antminer. I came out with an idea of replacing the fans with some industrial fans that are specially to blow high amount of air to dry wet floor. This fans are so quiet with higher amount of air. have you ever tried any mods to antminers? besides this.
Pentest Rabbit (7 months ago)
So what stops an angry neighbour throwing water into it because they're sick of the nighttime noise? From the bottom of my heart, I hope you have friendly neighbours.
Robert Germanelo (7 months ago)
Pentest Rabbit who says I have neighbors. And I have a camera watching the window. This "what if" that you propose is, for my purposes, so nonsensical that it isn't even a consideration of in my risk management framework.
Curtis Antoine (8 months ago)
How do you exhaust them in the summer? Where do you connect the 2 hoses?
Robert Germanelo (8 months ago)
Curtis Antoine I connect them to my existing laundry dryer exhaust.
thoth3g (9 months ago)
do you think that block flow much? It does seem to reduce..
Robert Germanelo (9 months ago)
thoth3g it's fine
Rob C (10 months ago)
nevermind.. thanks
Rob C (10 months ago)
link/ price for damper vents?
Digital Beat Music (10 months ago)
get some noise proofing
Robert Germanelo (10 months ago)
Digital Beat Music for my purposes, an unnecessary expenditure.
Andrew Freeman (10 months ago)
Hey Bob, what hash pool do you use for the L3 now that Nicehash has been hacked?
Robert Germanelo (10 months ago)
I've never used nicehash. I use Litecoinpool
karma police (10 months ago)
you must be a happy camper with current LTC prices
MeezyBeastsYou11 (10 months ago)
How did you get the coin to show on awesomeminer
yan solo (10 months ago)
Link to power supply?
Fra M (10 months ago)
do you know if is safe to buy on www.bitmain.com?
Drone Trucker (7 months ago)
I ordered 2
Robert Germanelo (10 months ago)
Fra M that is the only recommended place to buy antminers from.
NeonVisual (10 months ago)
Dude, this is the worst thing you could do. When hot air and cold air meet it condenses, ie moisture in your machines. You should switch the machines around so they blow the hot air outside and your room will be at a normal temperature.
Robert Germanelo (6 months ago)
NeonVisual.com 6 months of overclocking now with direct air from outside.  still no damage from condensation and no evidence of water depositing on the electronics. Mostly due to the fact that, you know, that's not how condensation works... how long should I keep this record?
Robert Germanelo (8 months ago)
neonvisual.com 4 months of overclocking now with direct air from outside.  still no damage from condensation and no evidence of water depositing on the electronics. Mostly due to the fact that, you know, that's not how condensation works. it was down to 3ºF last week. when is the condensation supposed to show up?
Robert Germanelo (9 months ago)
NeonVisual.com 3 months of overclocking and still running just fine, even in sub 30° outside temperatures.
Robert Germanelo (10 months ago)
NeonVisual.com lol
NeonVisual (10 months ago)
It's your money to throw away.
Andrew Freeman (10 months ago)
Love the super high tech diaper vent hood lol ; ))
Trudy Marie (8 months ago)
Much better if you can get this model https://sites.google.com/site/UltimateAntminer
Alan Murray (10 months ago)
Curious why litecoin ? Cheers mang
Robert Germanelo (10 months ago)
Alan Murray easier more profit potential
WISCLO (11 months ago)
Are these over clocked?
Alex Corv (8 months ago)
the fucking video has all the info you asking. stop wasting Roberts time with this questions... lazy fucker
karma police (10 months ago)
did you even watched the video?..
Robert Germanelo (11 months ago)
As of 20171118 at 1923EST, current board temps are ~58ºC and ASIC temps are ~65.5ºC. my Fans are running at 50% to reduce the noise. Current outside temp is 59ºF. Current inside temp is 73ºF.
WISCLO (11 months ago)
Would you mind sharing their temperatures? Also, what is the room temp, and outside temp? Thanks!
Robert Germanelo (11 months ago)
WISCLO yes. I have them overcooked to 500M
CJ Gassam (11 months ago)
what is the wattage on those power supplies? do you have a link to that model?
Max Business (5 months ago)
Have a look this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jt7ij0NIx_c&t=21s, a simple cooling box from www.MinerMaster.com
Mc Cold (11 months ago)
How do you filter your air?
Robert Germanelo (11 months ago)
Mc Cold it's not necessary in my situation for my application
MAXimator70 (11 months ago)
Hi Robert! Why the damper vents on the backside (00:46)? The Air flows out anyway, so why the Fan Shroud?
Robert Germanelo (11 months ago)
MAXimator70 when it's warmer I, I turn the miners around, close the window, and run the house AC. I then have the exhaust side hooked up to ducting and I have it all vent out an existing dryer exhaust duct.
Nadim Awan (11 months ago)
Why not use 6" ducting like I have on my channel? It needs a little bit of stretching but it fits, no need to add extra adapter
Robert Germanelo (11 months ago)
Nadim Awan an unnecessary expense at the moment.
Crypto Bulldog (11 months ago)
excellent video. your fine with outside air. i would worry about household 6 pulling rank for making her laundry room 160 decibels. can you do a video on what pool you use and how to set up there. also what is that 3rd party app and why not use bitmain hardware display for temp. my hash is 556 @425 freq. 55 c temp. 24 hw a day or so. i use nicehash $20usd a day w/o electricity cost on my 240v l3 antminer.
Robert Germanelo (11 months ago)
Actually right now because it's so much colder, 34°F, I have the fans at 25% speed, and my chips are running at around 55°C.
Crypto Bulldog (11 months ago)
Also that mining temp is for your PCB temp not your Chip Temp which is probably 50c based on what mine are when my pcb is 43.
wolf gang (11 months ago)
Hi Robert, It is very motivating to see your solution. Where I'm living is going to have a very long winter time. Therefor I'm also thinking to take advantage of cold air outside. My plan is to install a 12cmx12cm ventilation fan on the wall and direct the air to (right infront of) my l3+ with a 12cm diameter aluminium ventilation tube. My question is: How do you prevent the snow or rain droplets being carried along by ventilation fan?
ilia tvaliashvili (11 months ago)
robert tell me please where can i bay white tings mounted on fan
Caleb Delbridge (1 month ago)
he shows you DUMBASS
11.11 (11 months ago)
so 7 days on .. have they blown due to moisture damage yet ? just asking ;)
Hizenbird (8 months ago)
You're both right.If you directly sucked cold air into a hot room, enough of it to make the 'hot' room cold and cold enough that the temperature difference between the now cold room and the opposite side of a "hot" barrier it will create moisture. But that moisture will show up on the opposite side (the warm side) of that barrier.
Robert Germanelo (10 months ago)
11.11 you have it backwards...hot/warm air over a COLD surface makes condensation. Cold air over warm equipment does not.
11.11 (10 months ago)
not really robert ,if you directly suck cold air (on a constant) into a hot room or miner in this case ,it will create moisture ..simple science ,nothing to do with humidity, the just asking at the end was a pun relating to another comment good luck brother ..
Robert Germanelo (11 months ago)
dank jr I think people are mistaking humidity for condensation. Having around 40-60% humidity is necessary to avoid ESD.
dank jr (11 months ago)
since when do people have a problem with moisture like i have never had an issue and i am running a similar set up
rz698 (11 months ago)
sweet setup!
Gi-Y Yoo (11 months ago)
Hi, is that ok for the machines long run with overclocking? Only be careful of temperature, then what temperature is concern to change overclocking to normal? What about summer time, if machines temperature is low still overclocking is fine in summer?
Crypto Coin Growth (11 months ago)
I hope you have some kind of filter on your box fan or you just blowing dirt in your machine :/ humidity is a factor to in the long run. Just saying
Robert Germanelo (11 months ago)
David Haakonsen as I've already stated humidity is not an issue. There is no "dirt" in the air. Normal dust particulate is a non issue as well. I've ran servers in the Afghan desert that had been running for over 18 months without more than a wipe down and they ran fine...and that place had super fine dust that got into everything. Humidity, or condensation for that matter, are not an issue. The fans are moving enough air fast enough for those to not be an issue.
Robert Germanelo (11 months ago)
what issues? I have no issues.
Crypto Coin Growth (11 months ago)
robert germanelo just a heads up my friend. No other reason. Some people miss the simple things.
Robert Germanelo (11 months ago)
Crypto Coin Growth just saying is a very passive-aggressive way to end an opinion, just saying. I've been in IT for over 10 years, and I've done sysadmin work in the freezing cold, humid southern forests, and the deserts of Afghanistan. I am very familiar with the limits and capabilities of electronic components in all austere environments. While I appreciate your concern, why not just ask what my solutions are to these "issues" rather than hoping in a pretentious manner?
bitstr3am (11 months ago)
Nice vid! Question, you're running a hefty overclock but seem to have heat managed. How long have you run at 500? And, given higher error rates have you been able to compare real increase in shares processed? Thanks again!
Robert Germanelo (11 months ago)
Crypto Bulldog yep! Not a single ASIC error
Crypto Bulldog (11 months ago)
still going strong at this level?
Robert Germanelo (11 months ago)
Billy Jack I've been running it at 500 for about a week. I've gone from making about .52 LTC daily to .65 daily
Kiefff RC (11 months ago)
Not bad my man. Checkout my page, I've been comparing pools and sharing my numbers. I'm running 3 in my home office that I setup.
R Patel (11 months ago)
Nice setup Clean and simple
Robert Germanelo (11 months ago)

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