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20 Best Small Business Ideas in India to Start Business for 2016-17

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Introducing 20 Best Small Business Ideas in India for 2016 & 2017. Do you want to start business in manufacturing sector? then, you can choose any of these 20 small manufacturing businesses in 2016 & 2017. You can find more 69 Small Business Ideas in India. 1. 9 Small Business Ideas in India for Small Towns - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTdUuQUj7eQ 2. Top 20 Best Small Business Ideas in India for Starting your own business - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ld9hhL3ieo 3. Top 40 Small Business Ideas in India - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_IvoZQkcgs Check this website for finding good business ideas in India - http://www.profitableventure.com/business-ideas-india-low-investment/ 1. Aluminium fabrication - As example, installing aluminium windows, doors, frames among households, government offices, corporate offices, shops etc. 2. Furniture business - You can manufacture office furniture, versatile furniture, luxury furniture any many creative designed furniture's. 3. Paper cup business - You can sell paper cups at local tea stalls, wholesalers, parties, marriage parties, hotels, restaurants etc and make your income. 4. Paper plate business - Paper plates are widely used in marriage parties, hotels, events etc. So, you can start this business in India. 5. Bag manufacturing Business - You can start bag manufacturing business like school bags, hand bags, fashion bags, travelling bags, tools bags etc. 6. Marble manufacturing business - In today's new generation small marble manufacturing business is a great opportunity to start a new small business in India. 7. Hollow cement blocks Manufacturing business is a best and trendy business idea in India. People will love to install them in their houses, boundary walls, shops, malls etc. 8. Cement tile manufacturing business has simple manufacturing procedures and ever growing demand in various markets such a local end consumers, local tile manufactures etc. 9. Paper & Notebooks - This a great business ideas to sell your paper and notebooks to schools, collages, offices etc. 10. Fertilizer or chemical production business - You can start this business with small fertilizer production like food preservation chemicals, cleaning and washing chemicals like phenyl, acid or kitchen & glass cleaning liquid. 11. Leather belt manufacturing - This is nice option to start your small business with small capital and high market demand. 12. Nut bolts manufacturing - This is another compelling market opportunity where you can start this small business and earn good income even in beginning stage. 13. Hand tools manufacturing - You can make some hand tools like screw drivers, shaping tools, scissors, puncher, chisels, hammers etc and sell it in the entire world. 14. Yogurt production business is good small business. Even, you can easily find many customers who consume yogurt in many products and process. 15. Vegetable Processing unit - If you have idea for some investment then, you can buy a drying machine and convert fresh vegetables into dried form. Then, packed it and sold to export markets at high margins. 16. Flour production business - Install flour production unit in your locality and start flour production business. 17. Potato chips production is also good business for small business owners. 18. Jute bags manufacturing business is best option for aspiring entrepreneurs to consider manufacturing and selling eco-friendly jute bags. 19. Diaper manufacturing business is in the hot trend due to high demand in this modern generation. 20. Paper towel manufacturing business is a very good idea and compelling opportunity for aspiring people to start small business in India.
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Part 2 - 20 Small Business Ideas With 2 Lacks Investment in 2017 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ld9hhL3ieo
Akito Yitzu (1 year ago)
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Tintu g thomas (1 year ago)
Young Entrepreneurs Forum
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Prince Thakur (6 months ago)
Chutiya hai Tera baap dega itna paisa
Santosh Patil (5 months ago)
Chutiya Small business idea hai hahahahahaha 😂😂😂
robert vart (6 months ago)
Beautiful Nepal (11 months ago)
Top 100 Business Ideas in India. http://business.top100ideas.com/business-ideas-india/
BravoSonic (11 months ago)
kindly let me know which software/ app do you use for make this video & voice.
Young Entrepreneurs Forum (11 months ago)
Its videoscribe.
rahujian1234 mandu (1 year ago)
India me business?hahaha masti kar rahe ho kya?abhi bi 2018 me bhrastachar jyada hain , accha hua me apna investment leke china chala gaya , make in india hahaha failed ever advertisement.Your new president advertised toomuch about caroro money into the just make in india make in india hahaha out of 1000startups only 6 suceeded hahahaah.And that 6s are not creative business that was like retail business like flipkart and snapdeal hahaa.Lol joking business in india.Even if you're starting small business in india they will laid a taxes over small businesses so small businesses wont come near to mukesh bambhaney , so after laying tolmuch taxes over business they called it make in india what a joke.And even if we have designed own machine from our own patent they are forcing to buy toomuch expensive machines from their companies hahah.Abd afterall you have invested your money into this machines heavy taxes you have to take toomuch permissions that was offline and they will give you printed paper if you registering online and afterall you have to go to their offices like stall , where processes are stucked for 5 years or more time they called it ease of doing business initiative hahaha wht a joke man seriously.In this casw china is leader , on just one click you can open your business without visiting nearer offices.Toomany investers are left to invest in india , this is like india having lots of problems and goverment wont do it because of money was drained by advertising and giving money outside of india and creating jobs in usa hahaha.While indian citizens are specially freshers are roaming without jobs.Means that that president is supporting giving vote to the palestine in outside and in india he is saying totally lie that he is supporting israel.Make fool ppls thats why indian ppls are roaming without jobs nowdays.Because of ppls are dhumb there all ppls.I dont say old parents but new geneeation also.Here in malaysia if milk price is increasing 2 rupees then goverments are changed , and india is selling 72 rupees litre petrol most expensive in this world , while overall crude market peicws are down and if we can see ppls not doing protest a littlebit.Thats why i called them dhumb.
GeekTeam (1 year ago)
Hi, I am thinking of initiating Nut bolts and fastners manufacturing small plant, But where can i find buyers for my products, or where can get contracts?
small business ideas (1 year ago)
Hi!!! First of all, I appreciate your idea. You need to have a website for your business so that you can reach your product globally.I am using a mobile app to create my website and to manage all my business activities. It is free of cost and it doesn’t need any coding knowledge. would you like to try? Thanks & All the best, Sam.
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ankur bhandari (1 year ago)
please give some more information about chemical manufacturing business. how much capital required for the same.
Masthan Shaik (1 year ago)
devil son (1 year ago)
iam start in leather belt and leather shoes bussines any body ask me for your shop for my belts plzz.contacte me iam sory italk little bit English bhai kese ko leather belt apne dukan pe sales karna chahoge to muje bata na myn dunga and keep with us growth with us plzzz contact me 9940973492
Kamal Dhali (1 year ago)
I might interest diper manufacturering how much expensive
Abhizzz associates (1 year ago)
thanks for your support
SAJID KHAN (1 year ago)
sir i want to start paper cup business sir could you tell me how much many will i have to invest in this business . will i have to take any licence to the goverment and not
world of white wonder (2 years ago)
nice video. is there an online forum/website for Indian entrepreneurs? please upload more such videos. tysm.
Yeah, we've just lauched our forum before 15 days ago. You can join us on http://www.youngentrepreneursforum.com/ and ask your questions. Yes, it is a new lauched but, soon we get popular and we will contribute more entrepreneurs on our forum. Well, thanks for your complements. Also, we will upload good videos as per your suggestions.
ABUBAKKAR SIDDIQ (2 years ago)
Dear all , now i am willing start a ECO-JUTE bag production&sales cum marketing business,i think this is a best scope on coming years..,But i have not any guidelines to this field,my capital 50,000.00 , any bank loan facilities are switch on this field ..my monthly target 20-30 thousands on my home town. so, kindly grant yours best reply.., S.ABUBAKKAR SIDDIQ M.A Whats up : 9043243639 DINDIGUL DISTICT,TAMILNADU STATE .
Rahul Vasani (2 years ago)
I am thinking for paper plate manufacturing, investment kitna karna hoga
Around 2 to 4 lacks is basic requirement for this business.
yash Kadam (2 years ago)
Hi..I am 17 yrs old n live in Pune, can you just tell me any business that I can start at home which will give me the best profit...
david raghu (1 year ago)
Young Entrepreneurs Forum please tell me in detailed about blogging
Awais Rana (1 year ago)
Laundry service is best small business very low cast and high profit you can start with low cast
Me too ,can y'all help me with the blog.
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Mohan Kumar (2 years ago)
any intrest person in furniture office workstation and kitchen worddrubs alluminiam work tottaly interior work now im doning it in Bangalore and i have a small factory any intrest client mail me [email protected]
ashwin malviya (2 years ago)
how to start cattle feed business
small business ideas (1 year ago)
Hi!!! First of all, I appreciate your idea. You need to have a website for your business so that you can get more reach.I am using a mobile app to create my website and to manage all my business activities. It is free of cost and it doesn’t need any coding knowledge. would you like to try? Thanks & All the best, Sam.
chandan singh (2 years ago)
is any one is inerested in agriculture business.i want to export some agri products. plz get in touch [email protected]
PANKAJ Rajpurohit (1 year ago)
chandan singh ji agri. Product buy please contact 9649963763
apple apples (1 year ago)
you tellme may family is agricultural family so iam help me for you
chandan singh (1 year ago)
OK what type of agricultural business
harsh patel (1 year ago)
chandan singh this is my num 9726520216
stefonzo (2 years ago)
Why in India? Why not in Canada?
Siyabonga Mthimunye (1 year ago)
guys I'm looking into getting funding from abroad for a tissue paper manufacturing company in south Africa. the demand is Insane and start up capital doesn't require much. email me if interested
moh'd kassim (2 years ago)
hey jumb
stefonzo (2 years ago)
Make a video or message me on businesses to start in Canada or Europe! I'm 19 years old and looking to start a business in Canada possibly Europe but constantly thinking of ideas to start. Thank you.
Good point. Well, our some videos are specially targeted to India. Also, most of all these businesses are well established in indian states. You can start any of these business in Canada, if you have targeted market and audiance.
ThunDesign (2 years ago)
Ideas are easy to generate sometimes, but budget is a problem
Yeah, you're right. If you are confused about finance and budget then, try to search and analyze how to arrange finance, money and budget for small business startup. There are many options where you can fix this budget issues.
Muhammad Shafiq Khan (2 years ago)
mercedes cars manufacturing..... its a mall business also add in these ideas
rahujian1234 mandu (1 year ago)
Makig toys?
Hmm, yeah it is also good idea. Well, thanks for your suggestion.
Sahil Kaooor (2 years ago)
I have idea I need investor to invest in my startup My startup relates to eco friendly transportation in India Sahil.
Rana Dhuri (1 year ago)
Sahil Kaooor what idea do you have?
Donald Trump (2 years ago)
Hey. I might be able to. Not sure. Hit me at: [email protected] Also, as you already have a startup idea, I needed some some advice and opinions from you regarding startups in general.
Sahil Kaooor (2 years ago)
ok i will aftre some time
Arun Chaudhary (2 years ago)
Contact Me +91 8755948988
Odunayo Peter (2 years ago)
hi can u send me details about your project to [email protected] if interested might invest.
Hanna Andersson (2 years ago)
Great new business ideas even it works in my country. Great work.
BravoSonic (11 months ago)
we are a machinery manufacturing company
Hanna Andersson +919594680887

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