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Commodity Trading Techniques

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Hey Traders, I am seeing lots of evidence that commodities are making a comeback. In John Murphy's Intermarket Analysis book...he discusses commodities usually really get going towards the end of the business cycle (and close to market tops). The Trader's Plan did pretty well last year when Copper, Uranium and other commodities went parabolic. Copper is still leading but Gold is looking really strong and all the others are looking to follow suit. I just recently took some profit in miners and some oil stocks but am waiting for several of them to pull back again for possible longer term trades. In this video I am going to show you.... 1. An in depth technical analysis of the dollar and how it is negatively correlated with commodities 2. 5 Commodities that are showing promising signs 3. exactly how I would play each one (enter/exit) 4. Why you should consider over commodities as a 2nd half of 2017 trade 5. 2 commodity trades that I recently took PLEASE DONT GO OUT AND BLINDLY BUY ANYTHING I DISCUSS HERE. Watch this video and do your own homework PS. Learn how to time the bottom in stocks https://members.thetradersplan.com/weekly-reversal-1
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