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What if guys and girls swapped roles at the bar?

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produced by : Brian Thomas smith, Daniel Marcha, Tony Joun, Jay Diaz Share the videos guys ! thanks in advance !
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LifeIsStrangerThanYou (5 years ago)
lol. This is amazing. I'm surprised this doesn't have more views
Archangeluis (5 years ago)
"Raspberry Kamikaze" ROFL!!!
Johnny MD (5 years ago)
So we live in equal gender society!!! Excellent work, I 'm super impressed.
PokeDatHo (5 years ago)
Mother of god.
scrappy echols (5 years ago)
That was pretty good!!!
Kautiepye247 (5 years ago)
Lls ... funny stuff right there
soccerman9906 (5 years ago)
imean she lmao
Deandre Williams (5 years ago)
Cheers to the guy who slapped the chic
MickeysJunky408 (5 years ago)
Hahahaha thats fuckin comedy
outtzider (5 years ago)
This is funny as shit lol.

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